138-The Moon Wolf and the Moonlight Jewel

'Hmm, you're not the type to be cowed by such a thing, are you? Otherwise, it would be impossible for you to defeat the Red Wolf.


 Perhaps his excitement was showing on his face, Shirayou looked at me and said so as if he was satisfied.
 It was a battle against a Named who was the same kind as Aria, or even higher in level. There was no way I wasn't looking forward to it.

'Although, I'm not sure if it will actually be a fight.

'Eh, .......'

 How can you be so quick to put a damper on it?

'...... Don't get me wrong, it's not that you're not strong enough. It's just that due to the nature of the moon wolf, you don't know if a battle will occur.''


'He has an incredibly gentle nature. He's the exact opposite of the Red Wolf you fought, you could say the exact opposite.

 Oh, I see, that's how it is.
 I thought they were all belligerent opponents like the ...... wolf clan, but if you think about it, wolves themselves are not ferocious animals.
 Well, it's silly to think of real wolves as the standard, but it seems that named class monsters are loaded with intelligent AI, so it's not strange that they have their own personalities.

'Hmm ......'.

'You have a sullen look on your face. Don't misjudge me, what is your purpose?'

'The lifting of the curse, sir.

 Including the golem I fought around noon, I have a huge appetite for battle right now. It's like a hungry beast.
 If I were to bite the bait of Nocturne the Moon Wolf that was thrown at me, I would be shocked if I was told that I was actually an opponent who couldn't fight.

'I understand your feelings. But listen to me first.


 Being rebuked by Shirayo, I reluctantly took a stance to listen to what he had to say.

'Nocturne the Moon Wolf. He has a higher attribute of light in his body called the moonlight attribute. This is an extremely sacred power. ...... Even the curse that eats away at your body has a cleansing effect so powerful that it can be lifted in an instant in his hands.

'Is it similar to the moonlight attribute ...... and the hellfire attribute?

'In the sense that it's a higher attribute. But more powerful and rare. Hellfire is only fire.

 Fire is such a cruel thing.
 Well, I've fought it, and I can tell you it was like that.

'Therefore, my first goal is to have Nocturne the Moon Wolf lift the curse directly. He's a very kind person, so I'm sure he'll at least listen to me.

'You're negotiating, aren't you?

'Yes, humans always start with dialogue.

 The first question is: Can you talk? That's the first question. ...... Well, I think it can speak normally.
 Well, at least it's intelligent enough to understand what I'm saying. I'll take that as a yes.

'However, even the Moon Wolf is not so good-natured that he'll do you a favor for free. So, I have a secret plan for you.

'The best-kept secret: ......!

 After rummaging through a nearby cupboard, Baiyou rolled a reasonably large moon colored jewel in his hand.
 It looked vaguely familiar,......, but it was almost the same shade as the jewel set in the center of the 《Moon Camellia Solo》.

'This is called the "Moonlight Pearl". It's a gem made by refining a special ore called moonlight stone, which can only be obtained in the depths of the Lost Forest, with the secret techniques of the demon tribe.

'Wow, it's really beautiful.

 Compared to the Moon Camellia Solo, that one is darker in color, but this one is a little lighter, so the color is very clear.
 The clarity is so high that you can see through the depths.
 Moonlight Pearl. When he tried to touch it, he felt the darkness in his body fade away as if he didn't want to touch it.

'The Moon Wolf is very fond of this. Once a year, he offers it as a token of appreciation for watching over our village.


 I see, it's a bit of new information, but the Moon Wolf is watching over our village, isn't it?
 Isn't that what we call a guardian deity?
 As if to leave my doubts behind, Shirayou continues to talk with a bit of happiness.

'Perhaps if I give you this, the Moon Wolf will be willing to lift the spell. Two words.'

'Two words?

'That's how valuable this is to the Moon Wolf. Due to various reasons, Gekurou himself doesn't have the means to obtain it.

 Two replies, that's like a quick answer.
 It's certainly beautiful,......, but what does Gekuro find so valuable about this jewel?
 There is a sense of the sacred, but the jewel itself does not have the same power as the Crimson Jewel or Gravity Jewel.
 It's a monster that only appears on full-moon nights, and I can think of many reasons why you can't ...... get it.

'Anyway, I've figured out how to break the spell. But you're not going to give it to me for free, are you?

 In this world, it's basically give and take if you want someone to do something for you. It's not so easy when you're as close as Rin-chan and I are.
 In fact, I wouldn't trust free service. Nothing is more expensive than free.

 Trust comes only when there is a mutually satisfying benefit. That's the way it is.

'Well, you know exactly what I mean. If you had asked me to give it to you for free, I would never have done it.

 Bailou, who had put the Moonlight Pearl back in the cupboard, threw out a luxurious metal bracelet instead.

'What's this?

'That's why Kuroyosan brought you here, isn't it?

'Is that the Onigoto's bracelet ......?'

'Hmm. First, I'll lend you the bracelet. To be honest, it's almost useless because no one uses it. If you don't suppress that demon energy, everyone in the village will be too frightened to move, and it's necessary.

'Ugh. ......'

 Oh, look closely, there's a relief of a demon lantern on it.
 It's elaborately crafted. Earlier, you said that polishing the jewel was a secret technique of the demon tribe, but I wonder if the demon tribe has many craftsmen.

'For one week until the next full moon, please help the people of this village. You can fight demons, play with children, do as I ask and gain my trust. Then I'll be happy to entrust you with the Moonlight Pearl.

'You're so out of line.

 In short, you're asking me to do something that's often done in games, which is to do errands and gain trust.
 Well, I was going to take my time looking around this village anyway, so I guess it's a good thing.
 Hmm, but I still wanted to fight the Moon Wolf.

'Hahaha, take your time. This village is fun in its own way.'

'Yes, thank you.

 With a bright smile on her face, I also gave her a loose thank you.


'The moon wolf is kind, huh? I've made a gag that I'm really proud of.

 In the event that you have any kind of questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.
 He thought to himself that he had told a big lie.

'Oh, isn't it true that if I give you the Moonlight Pearl, you'll undo the spell with a simple reply? In that sense, you're right, aren't you?'

 Just as Sukuna had left, Kuroyagi appeared without a sound.
 At his teasing words, Byakuya gave him a blank stare.

'It's no fun if the person you're fighting isn't stronger. It's just that I have a thought process like a battle fanatic. Well, for better or worse, you and Sukuna have a good personality match.

'Yes, I've only touched on it a little, but that name and that personality. It's as if the two legends were inhabited by a single demon.

'I agree with that opinion. I know it's a coincidence, but when I heard that name from Amber, even I was frightened.

'You don't know anything about her, do you? There are only a few people in this village who know her name.

 The two oldest members of the village know far more about the world than Amber does. We love Amber's ignorance as a young maiden, but we have no intention of making fun of her.
 In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that. It's not like I had to explain it to you.

'The Bracelet of the Demon Lamp is a treasure of this village, and it cannot be borrowed without asking your sister. It would be more convincing if the village head sister explained it to me than if I just told it to her on the street. Why did you lie about the trash? The Demon Lamp is a symbol of the demon gods, you know.

'No, it's true that no one could use it. In fact, I didn't expect him to be able to equip the bracelet so easily.

 Yeah. The bracelet of the demon lantern is one of the treasures of the demon tribe.
 It's almost a sacred tool that was once actually worn by demons.
 But it's also true that no one has ever succeeded in equipping it.
 It was expected that only children, who are the same as the demon gods, could equip it, but even when other children who visited this village tried it, they could not even equip it.

 But when other children who visited this village tried to wear it, they couldn't even get it on. Sukuna wore it easily, as if it was just a bracelet, and Baiyou was rather surprised.

'She's a child, the one who defeated the two famous ones. I guess that means she has enough muscle strength and level.

'Well, it's true that even if she wore it, it would only suppress the demonic energy. I just lent it to you, and I'm sure you'll return it to me.

'Sister, that's a flag.


 Oh, I have a bad feeling about this.
 Obsidian gently pressed his forehead with his hand.
 Black Yoh and White Yoh, the two oldest members of the village, were watching over the village of demons in good company today.