28-Lawless wetlands

 Once we put our gear back on, we decided to explore the "marshlands of Lores" in the eastern part of Dualis in the afternoon.
 As a swamp, our feet were basically inundated with water, and the main monsters were of the "Frog" and "Lizard" families.
 In terms of strength, these monsters are well over level 10, so they are much stronger than wolves and goblins.

 Nevertheless, the level of the monsters themselves is much kinder than in the Demon Forest, where the average level is over 20.
 The swampy area is mostly ankle-deep in water, though there are some trees growing in some places, so the enemy for players who reach here may be the terrain rather than the monsters.
 Even so, it is less vicious than the field leading to the Demon Forest because of the open view.
 If you don't have a physiological aversion to reptiles and amphibians, it's an appropriate difficulty level for one of the fields around the city.

'So here we are in the marshlands of Lores...'

"The frogs are huge.
"Wetlands: ...... Wet: ...... I got an idea!
"Up, up, up.
"My feet are drenched and it looks cold.

'Surprisingly, it's not cold. It's not as cold as you might think, but it's just as uncomfortable.

'It's lukewarm ......, a bit like cold water.'

 Before we left the city of Dualis, we resumed our transmissions and stepped into the swampy area a little to the east of the city to report on this indescribable feeling to the comments.
 Toka-chan usually wears a relatively wizard-like outfit, but this time she has changed her robe to a short cloak like Rin.
 She says she doesn't want the hem to get wet. I know exactly how you feel.

'Well, I guess it's time to introduce the equipment! Here's the one you've been waiting for!


'Holy shit!
"Holy shit!
"I've been waiting.

 The comments have been rather lively since I said in town that I'd be revealing the equipment later, but now that it's finally here, everyone's responding well.
 However, there's no transformation bank like with magical girls, so you just switch equipment by quickly operating the menu.

'Yes. So, this is the new equipment! It's the 《Red Wolf Armor, Solo》!

"I see.
"It's a kimono!
"Looks like a kimono.
"Holding an Imperial charm.
I'll put up a warding or something.

'No, you can't put up wards.

'There are professions you can stretch?

'No way.'

 When I held a leaf that had fallen instead of a talisman, someone wrote the comment 'Pompoco'. I'm not a tanuki!
 I'm not a tanuki! The brainy yin-yang master Sukuna was born.

 But that's beside the point. Well, I guess the listener response was generally favorable.
 Thanks to Kittenmaru's taste. Or maybe it's your wife's taste, but at least I like it very much.
 It combines high defense and agility, and doesn't mind slowing down. And I found out when I came to the swamp that this equipment is slightly water repellent.
 I wondered if this was what it meant to be weak against fire and strong against water, and we began to walk through the swamp.

 At first, we targeted a monster called "Amalfrog Lv. 12" that we saw. Amalfrog......A tree frog, perhaps?
 It doesn't seem to be a very belligerent monster, and it seems to remain inactive until you get close enough to touch it.
 At any rate, I approached it and hit it with my metal rod, and it lost about 10% of its HP with a strange feeling of resistance.

'You're tough.

'I think frog monsters have high HP and some resistance to blows.

'd*mn, swordsman preferential ......!

 I bemoaned the absurdity of this world as I flicked the tongue attack with my bare hands.
 As you can see, it seems to be slow, and I was able to defeat it easily by hitting it hard with my arts, but I didn't understand its weaknesses, and I thought that its resistance to blows was unexpectedly troublesome.
 Nevertheless, the Super Kinbou is an excellent durability weapon. It's good for endurance games.

'Are you okay with frogs, Toka-chan?

'I can handle all living things.

'That's strong.

 I myself don't understand the feeling of being sickened by living things, but there are certainly people in the world who think that things that are bad are bad.
 I think frogs and toads are cute. They don't bite. I can't touch them because they get weak.

 By the way, an amafrog is a tree frog of 30 centimeters in diameter. At this size, it is a different creature.
 Because of its beautiful yellowish-green body color, which is not discolored from being in the water, it's hard to hide or conceal.

 Still, when I saw it attack a player earlier, it seemed to have taken a lot of damage from a single blow, so it must have a high attack power.

 After hunting Amalfrog for a while, we came across a slightly wider land.

'I wonder what that is.

'What is it?

 I landed and walked around, and found a swamp a few meters long in the center.
 When I threw a stone into the swamp, it was entangled in something that grew out of the swamp and disappeared.
 Seeing the ripples on the surface of the water, Toka-chan and I looked at each other with delicate feelings.

 After watching for a while, I saw something surfacing on the surface of the swamp.
 The name on the screen is "Bullfrog Lv22". The original name may be "Bullfrog," but it's a normal level.
 It's almost the same as me, whose level has been slowly increasing since this morning, and has reached 23. Moreover, it must be resistant to blows, as usual.

 We stared at each other for a while, but the balance was broken by a Bullfrog that suddenly jumped out of the swamp.

'Big, big.

'Wow, ......'.

'It's huge!
'It's a two-meter frog!
'It's not good!
"Looks strong.

 I didn't recognize it because I only showed its face, but this frog is the second biggest monster I've fought after Aria and Red Ogre.
 Even Toka-chan was taken aback.
 The bullfrog moved its head slightly and suddenly spat out a cannonball of mud.

'Whoa, that's dangerous!



 I looked towards the scream and saw that Toka-chan had been flipped over in midair.
 While I was evading the mud cannonballs, Toka-chan had been entangled in the tongue of the bullfrog.

'Hey, sister, help me!

'd*mn, you pornographic frog!

 Ignoring the rather peach-colored listeners, I charged at the bullfrog to save Toka-chan.


 After that.
 After winning a fierce 30-minute battle with the Bullfrog, we were faced with a further ordeal.
 That test was the 《Tonosama Frog Lv25》. The four-meter-long monster was rather dull in comparison to its appearance and name, as it only repeatedly rushed forward like a bullet, but its firepower was just too much.
 Toka-chan was hit by a direct hit, and almost fell into a death penalty, and I was blown away and flew through the air.
 I was blown away and flew through the air. Although we managed to defeat them, we were soaked in water and mud and had a rough time.

'I don't want to go to the swamp for a while. ......'

'It's true . The last time I went there, it was a much easier area. ......'

'Well, there's always happenings in the game. It's good that you're getting some good shots.''

'Hey Lynn, ......'

 It's night. We've just finished the delivery and are eating dinner with Rin, who has also returned.

'Hmm, the swamp was hell for Nana, wasn't it?

'That's true. There are a lot of people who are resistant to blows, and there are no lizard types that are easy to defeat.

'You could say that. We've been exploring for about four hours, but the Lizard didn't seem to show up even in front of the other players.''

 Yes, there were supposed to be two kinds of monsters in the swamp, the Lizard and the Frog, but they didn't appear at all during the broadcast.
 The listeners were confused about this, and the other players I had a chance to talk to also said they hadn't seen any today.

'...... So, the Lizard didn't appear. The rate of appearance changes with the weather, but it was supposed to be sunny today, right?'

'Yes, it was.'

'It's not raining, but there's a lot of frogs ...... and fewer lizards? That sounds like something.

 After listening to our conversation, Ling-chan worried seriously, and then returned to smiling as if to switch.

'Well, it's no use worrying about it. You're going to the Demon Forest tomorrow, right? Be careful with magic, okay?

'I know, I know~'

'Xu, Nana-sama has no magic resistance at all, right?

'The red wolf costume doesn't have any magic resistance either.

 The dungeon that I will be challenging from tomorrow onwards, the Demon Forest. The dungeon that leads to Trillia is said to be full of monsters that use magic.
 Due to my occupation as a "child", I have no magic resistance at all, and combined with the low resistance of the demon race, I now have magic defense as thin as a piece of paper.
 Still, I was looking forward to tackling a new dungeon.