27-hidden meaning

 SP is an important factor in WLO.
 It can be said that SP is the biggest Achilles' heel of vanguard combatants.
 Walking does not consume SP, but attacking, evading, using arts, and many other actions in combat do.

 However, SP is consumed in many situations, such as attacking, evading, and using arts.
 You'll need to stand still for a while to recover, but you won't run out of SP if you're skillful in battle, and if you're in a party, you can share the responsibility for recovery.

 However, this is not the case in large boss battles where you are forced to use a lot of arts.
 If the range of the attack is wide enough, you will lose a lot of SP just by evading it, and there are situations where you cannot avoid using your arts.
 Arts in particular consume a lot of SP, so if you want to perform a high-powered special move, you'll have to go in with your back against the wall.

 When Sukuna fought the Red Wolf, it wasn't its speed that made him suffer more than anything else, but the unending series of attacks it unleashed from its inexhaustible stamina.
 That's right, the reason why the purely physical Red Wolf Aria is considered more powerful than anything else is because of its overwhelming lack of resting time, which makes SP insufficient when it goes on the offensive.

 With the exception of a few players who can counter an attack in time, the basic strategy against Aria is to evade the attack and then close the distance to attack.
 However, if you take that strategy, you will be drained of SP in three ways: SP to deal with the red wolves running around, SP to go attack, and SP for the attack itself.
 As a result, you don't have enough SP, and you lose. That's the end of the road for most players who get hit by Red Wolf.
 If you are a wizard, you will die because you can't handle the physical attacks.

 Therefore, the counter strategy taken by Sukuna in the battle against Red Wolf was the best choice 'if you can do it'.
 Incidentally, Aria the Red Wolf, who seems invincible when explained in this way, has a fatal weakness as a boss: her HP is low.
 If you raise your level, improve your status, prepare your equipment, and learn the attack patterns, you will eventually be able to defeat her.


'This is ......'.

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what's going on in your life.

'What kind of performance did it have?


 I think he was curious about my reaction, so he visualized the menu so that Toka-chan could see it when she came to ask.
 She peeked at the contents, looked around slowly, and then froze as well.

'Hahaha, both of you are reacting well. Don't worry, I'm not dreaming.

'No, no, no.'

'But you know what? This is not something that should be shown in a broadcast. It's an effect that benefits all players equally, different from the destructive power of the three named weapons created so far.

 We couldn't help but agree with Kittenmaru as he spoke with serious eyes.
 Halving all SP-consuming actions. It simply means that only players who have it equipped can perform double arts.
 It's not really accurate, because there's a delay after the move, but it's a simple way to describe it.

'...... If this equipment had not been made into armor, the effect might have been limited to "halving the SP consumption of arts. But at any rate, the equipment was completed. Fortunately, the details of the player's SP and equipment are not visible to others, so please keep that skill hidden for a while longer. At least until comparable equipment appears in this game.

 Toka-chan and I nodded at his words.
 Eventually, there would be players who would defeat Aria the Red Wolf and obtain the rare drop of Souls.

 Or, as a result of defeating other named monsters, there will be people who will make equipment with equivalent performance - such as MP halving.
 Four types of named boss monsters have been defeated in two weeks. According to Lin-chan, one of them has been defeated even after its first defeat, so it's not impossible that one of them has been defeated.

'Of course, I'm not saying don't use them. Just make it fuzzy. I'm not saying don't use it, but just make it vague, like it's an equipment that reduces SP consumption.

I'm sure you're right. ...... I don't want to be a cheat or a stickler either, so I'll do that.

 I've decided to accept Kittenmaru's suggestion gratefully.

 In light of what I've just said, it's possible that other players will get the same thing, but for now it's still in the realm of 'eventually'.
 In this game, which is still in its infancy, it is certain that there are too many benefits for first-time players, which can easily lead to jealousy and envy in online games.
 I didn't want to add fuel to the fire, either.

'Thank you. As an apology, my wife has asked me to give you this accessory.'


 Kittenmaru-san responded to my words with a smile and fiddled with the menu, transferring one of the items to me.
 I said yes to his announcement, and opened the details screen of the item I got.

--The item I got.

Choker of the Dark Wolf
Rarity: High Common PM
Dexterity: +5
A jet-black choker made from the material of a dark wolf.
It has the effect of sharpening the wearer's senses.


'My wife wanted to give it to you as a gift, and I made it out of leftover dark wolf material. It doesn't have much effect, but I hope you'll take it.'

'Since it's so special, I'll take it gratefully.

'Wow, it's a choker ...... with a wolf pattern carved into it.'

 As soon as I put on the accessory, Toka-chan checked out the design.
 When I traced it with my hand, I found that there was indeed some kind of pattern carved into it.
 The player's ingenuity was evident in the intricacy of the design.

'Well, that's all I have to say.

'Then, which materials should I give away?

'As for me, .......'

 We both smiled evilly for no reason, and then resumed the negotiations that had been interrupted instead of talking dirty .......

 Then, for roughly five minutes.
 I'm not sure if this is a good idea, but it's a good idea.