26-named skill


Red Wolf Armor
4-piece set
Rarity: Named PM
Defensive Strength: +50
Agility: +50
Required Strength: 5
Named skill: 《Wolf King's Gallop》.
A battle armor made from the materials of Aria, the solitary red wolf.
It gives the wearer lightness and speed, and the red wolf's speed never fades.
The Red Wolf is always waiting. The Red Wolf is always waiting for someone strong enough to defeat him.

This equipment will not be lost. This equipment will not be lost. When its durability is exhausted, it will go into "waiting for damage.
The Named Skill is a unique skill given to equipment. Named skills are unique skills granted to equipment.


Camellia of the Moon Solo Performance
Rarity: Named PM
Named skill: 《Aria of the Red Wolf》.
The soul of the red wolf resides in this hair ornament.
The scarlet petals sneer at the moon, and play a song without end.

This equipment will not be lost. This equipment will not be lost. When it loses its durability, it will enter the "waiting for damage" state.
Named skill is a unique skill given to the equipment. Named skill is a unique skill given to equipment. You can benefit from it regardless of your skill level.


'Oh, ......'.

 I looked up at the performance and couldn't help but wonder.
 Where should I start? Let's start from the top.

 The four-piece set is just what I've heard, so I guess there's nothing to say. It's a set when you put it on. When you take it off, the same.
 There's also nothing to say about the rarity: Named and PM.
 This is purely because it proves that the armor is produced using not only named materials but also "souls".

 The problem is the performance of the armor.

 The iron plate + alpha combination that I have been wearing so far, in fact, had most of its defensive power from chainmail.
 Together, they provide +20 defense.
 The gauntlets and greaves added a small amount of compensation to dexterity and agility, but this was of little consequence, as the increase was less than one level.

 Now, speaking of the Defense value of the Red Wolf Armor Solo...
 It's +50. Let me repeat that. +It's +50.
 In other words, it's a piece of equipment that boasts more than double the defense without the use of any metal.

 At this point, it makes little sense, but agility +50 also makes little sense.
 This is roughly equivalent to 10 bonus status points per level.
 In purely level-up terms, it's just under 40 for the "demon race" and 50 for the human race. The amount of increase is literally an order of magnitude too great.

I don't know. It was the first time for me to make a rare armor, so I was surprised at its performance. Rather than that, all the people who have defeated Named have made weapons in the first place. I didn't know what kind of performance it would have when made into armor.

 It was beyond my imagination.
 It seems that it was not only me, but also Kittenmaru.
 I'm not a producer, so I'm not sure if I'm imagining things correctly, but since Kittenmaru-san, who plays as an equipment producer, says so, I guess my feeling isn't wrong.

'How bad is this equipment in reality?

'If a front-line player has custom-made equipment, even a light warrior like you can have equipment that exceeds 60. However, I have never seen equipment with agility compensation of that value. You'll be able to get a lot more out of it.

'Oh, I haven't checked the ...... skills yet.'

'Tap the skill to see the details.'

--I don't know.

《Wolf King Gallop》
Named Skill
The heir to the Red Wolf's will, there is no one who can stop his progress.
You gain extra resistance to agility reduction.

This skill is always in effect.

--This skill is always active.

'Resistance to Agility Reduction: ......'

'It's a good countermeasure against debuffed enemies.'

'It's not bad, considering that equipment with resistance tends to be of low performance in general. However, there aren't many enemies that will debuff you with agility reduction. ......'

 That's what I thought.
 Even in the good old RPGs that Rin and I used to play, the basics of buffs and debuffs are attack and defense.
 On top of that, buffs related to swiftness are strategically important, and the less important they are, the better.
 Besides, in most cases, you can offset the loss of speed by increasing it.
 Well, it's still a good resistance for me, because I need mobility.

'However, it's a seamless composition with high defense, broken agility correction, and resistance. I'm proud to say that I've been able to create a product that is worthy of your appreciation.

'Yes! I love the way it looks, and most importantly, I love the fact that it corrects my agility!

'I'm glad you like it. By the way, the basic property of cloth-based equipment is that it is weak against fire and thrust, and strong against water and blow. It seems to be an equipment that won't be lost, but be aware that armor also has a set durability value.

'I didn't know there was such a setting. ......'

 It seems that the resistance that Kittenmaru is referring to is the resistance to durability. It's a cloth, so it's weak against burning but strong against getting wet, or something like that.
 It seems that both the red wolf costume and the hair ornament will not be lost, but they may be broken.

 I heard later that armor, unlike weapons, does not disappear even if it is lost. This is because it would be a problem if they were suddenly transformed into their inner form.
 Instead, the armor loses all its properties and disappears after you log out. It's an elaborate specification in a strange way.

 As we were talking about the uses of the red wolf armor, Kittenmaru opened his mouth.

'Skuna, take a look at the other equipment as well. I'm sorry to say this, but that's the one I'm really interested in.

'Oh, yes.

 Kittenmaru frowned slightly as he said this.
 I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
 Go back to the Red Wolf Costume section and select the Named Skill from the description of the Moon Camellia Solo.


《Monologue of the Red Wolf》
Named Skill
Inexhaustible stamina inherited from the soul of the Red Wolf.
Dance on the battlefield, before the moon hides and the camellia flowers fall.
Doubles the wearer's death penalty and halves SP consumption.

This skill is always in effect.



 I stopped thinking.