25-The name of the equipment is...

 I sent a text message to Rin-chan that I had met up with Toka-chan, and she informed me that I didn't have to come back for lunch.
 She said that she just wanted to check the progress because she was worried about whether Toka-chan would be able to get there or not, and that there was no need to interrupt the transmission if they were safe.
 However, I had to suspend the transmission for another reason.

'I'll resume around two o'clock, so if you're free, please come back and watch.

'I'll be waiting for you with my sister Suk.

"Good night.
"Otsu." "Otsu.
"Otsu Curry.

 I cut the feed when the comments had finished flowing. At the same time, the crystal for recording cracked with a snap.
 I didn't know this because I used to cut the feed when I logged out, but this is how it disappears. .......


'Thank you for your time.

'No, no, you're more tired than Toka-chan from Trillia, aren't you?'

'I was just resting at the teahouse.

 That's what I thought.

'But, why did you interrupt the delivery? Isn't the unveiling of the new equipment good for the delivery?

 Toka-chan's question was right, and I myself thought it was a waste, but this was Kittenmaru's advice.

'It's better not to distribute it,' he said.

'Heh, ...... is also a chance for the producer to raise its profile, so is there a function that should be hidden even if it wipes it out?

'I don't know.

 The 《Spirit of Aria, the Lone Red Wolf》, which was the first reward from the Nameless that I defeated.
 This "soul" item is the equivalent of an extremely rare drop from a Named boss monster, but it drops only when you defeat it for the first time.
 In particular, the Aria I defeated was a solo Named, which only solo players can challenge, so all of its rewards went to me.
 I left all of it in Kittenmaru's hands, and now he's making me a set of armor.

'Well, we'll just have to go there for now. He said he was at Dualis' workshop, so let's go there.''

'I understand!


'Hey, thank you for coming.

 At the workshop in Dualis, Kittenmaru-san greeted me with a smile.

 Kittenmaru-san is a member of the clan Dragon Fang.
 The size of the clan itself is not known to me, but it is said to be large enough to have branches in each town, with facilities that can be used by each player's progress.
 The one we visited was also a facility for production players, and was large enough to allow several players to produce at the same time.

'Well, my production doesn't take up as much space as blacksmithing.

 What Kittenmaru-san showed us was a room where we could hand over our equipment.

'Still, I didn't expect you to come too, Toka.

'Hey, do you know Toka-chan?

'No, I don't.'

'Oh, look, Tooka, you're a distribution player too, right? It's just that I'm the one who knows.'

'I see.

 I was convinced by Kittenmaru's deeply moved expression as he spoke.
 Toka-chan is also in a position to be known by many people.

'Well, let's not waste time talking about it. Let's have a look at the whole equipment first.

 When Kittenmaru said this and operated the menu card, something wrapped in a large cloth appeared.

'I can say without a doubt that this is one of the best pieces of equipment I've made. This is the Red Wolf Armor Solo, made from the materials of a lone red wolf!

 Underneath the cloth that had been ripped off with a crisp sound was a mannequin and a set of equipment that had been wrapped around it.

 If I were to give an impression at first glance, it would be that of a Japanese kimono.
 It was not a quiet kimono, but an image of a yin-yang master or something like that.

 The overall ground color is black. It looks as if a scarlet kimono made of aria material has been placed on top of it.
 The sleeves are cut off so that they do not interfere with the movements.
 Although the original kimono is not divided into upper and lower parts, this one seems to have a structure that deliberately separates the upper and lower parts, and the lower part in particular is quite short, as if the emphasis is on ease of movement. The upper part of the dress was also too thin to be called a kimono, and it was tied up around the waist.

 Her feet were black sandals on scarlet tabi socks. However, the heels were reinforced with laces so that they could be properly fixed to the feet, and they did not seem to come off during use.
 The hands are equipped with gloves. However, they are not armored like gauntlets, and are as thin as gloves.

 Finally, a camellia hair ornament with a moon colored jewel embedded in the center. The jewel, reminiscent of Aria's eyes, and the camellia flower made of scarlet metal were a beautiful match.

'Wow ......, that's cool.

'I'm glad to hear you say that. I was actually going to make an armor, but after discussing it with my wife, I decided to make it this way.

 Kittenmaru reacted happily to my unintentional words.
 Yes, Kittenmaru-san was an armor maker who made light armor. This is more like cloth equipment, I suppose.
 However, since it is made according to the system to some extent, it might be lumped together as leather armor.

'The original red color was more like rust, so I settled on a more chic look than I expected. The black cloth and fibers used for the base material are from a monster called the Dark Wolf that appears around the fifth city, Griffith. It's not as good as the one used by Aria the Red Wolf, but it fits in really well.

 Kittenmaru said with satisfaction as he fiddled with the menu card and sent me the certificate of materials used, the equipment, and the leftover materials.
 I skimmed through them and confirmed that there was no difference between the number used and the number left over.

'Then, please tell us which materials you want to give away at .......'

'Oh, that can wait. Why don't you try it on first? That's what this equipment was made for.'

'Ah, yes.'

 There was an irresistible pressure in his words.
 I selected the equipment given to me from my inventory and equipped it.
 I think it's a really great system to be able to equip armor you've never worn before with the touch of a button.

 Instead of iron plate and chainmail, the red wolf armor wraps around my body.
 The first thing I felt when I put it on was that it was as light as a feather.

 The steel plates were basically just reinforcing the leather gear, so it was a reasonably light piece of equipment.
 Even so, the red wolf armor was still 'light' compared to the linen clothes and pants that he had been equipped with at first.
 Incidentally, the size seemed to be player-dependent, and it was sized exactly as my avatar's.

'Yes, it looks very good on you. I didn't expect it to fit so well, even though it's a special equipment made for you.

'Yes, it's very nice!

'Oh, really? I've never dressed like this before, so I feel a little fluffy.

 Both of them praised me with open arms, and I scratched my cheeks.
 I've always been so focused on ease of movement that I've never given much thought to visual appeal.

 By the way, Rin is more like me, but she never buys her own clothes.
 Basically, everything is custom-made.
 Toka, on the other hand, is usually a fashionable girl. She spends her allowance on fashion. The amount of her allowance is enough to make your eyes pop out of your head.

'Anyway, what kind of material did you use to make this hair ornament?

 As I was showing off my equipment, responding to Toka-chan's request to see it from various angles, she suddenly asked me.
 It is true that this camellia hair ornament contains something that is not found in other equipment in many ways.
 There was no metal in the Aria's materials, nor was there anything that looked like a jewel. I've never seen or heard of scarlet metal, even if it was prepared for headgear.

''There's a bit of a special circumstance regarding that, but you can have a look at the name of the ...... equipment.''

 《Red Wolf Armor, Solo》. As I had noticed when I equipped it earlier, this equipment is actually divided into two parts.
 The one below the neck is called the "Red Wolf Costume", and the hair ornament is called the "Camellia Moon Solo".
 In other words, the name of the equipment that Kittenmaru called is taken from here.

'Actually, that hair ornament was naturally created when I selected the Soul of Aria, the Red Wolf of Solitude, as a material.

 Kittenmaru said.
 At first, he was also making a headdress that looked like a headband.
 In addition, he also used the function of 《set production》 to increase the performance of the equipment at the cost of its versatility.

 《Set Production》 is a method of raising the performance of equipment by making all five parts of the equipment into a set of equipment.
 The advantage is that you can make stronger equipment, but the disadvantages are that you need a lot of materials at once, and that you have to attach and detach equipment in sets.
 In other words, it is not possible to make and combine equipment little by little, and it is not possible to attach and detach one part at a time, so it lacks versatility.

 However, when I tried to produce it by incorporating the Soul into the materials, the finished product appeared as two separate pieces of equipment: the Red Wolf Armor and the Moon Camellia Solo.
 The Red Wolf Armor was created as a set of four pieces of equipment, and the Camellia Monologue was created as a separately replaceable piece of equipment.

'Personally, I think that the soul resided in the hair ornament rather than the Red Wolf Costume, which was made from Aria's materials. The scarlet metal was made of a legendary metal called "hihiirokane". Of course, we don't know how to get it, and it's currently just an item mentioned by NPCs. Just like the orichalcon used in Sukuna's accessories.

 His finger pointed to the 《Certificate of the Famous Solo Avenger》. Come to think of it, it might have said something about it being made of orichalcum.
 I think it said something about it being given by the gods. I'd forgotten about it since it never helped me, but it might actually be pretty tough.

'Well, there are only three precedents for production using souls, and I don't know who made one of them in the first place. It's not like I'm worried about something that only has two actual examples.

'That's true. I mean, if you don't know who made it, what about ......?

'We know exactly who made it. We just don't know who made it. The player is also a mysterious person.'

 The answer was satisfactory, but I had the feeling that Kittenmaru was slurring his words.

 Anyway, the answer to Toka-chan's question was given.
 Now it was time to check the performance.
 Without suppressing my excitement, I called up the equipment details screen from the menu screen.