A large shield in one hand and a one-handed sword in the other.
 Both of them are enhanced versions of the "Stardust" series, the event weapons available in this event.
 The two weapons are reminiscent of stars twinkling in the dark of night, and Nana is fighting on the front lines.

'Yo, ho, yes, dame.

 With the dexterity of a one-handed sword, he cuts the connection between the arms of the petite golem. Even though he is moving so freely, the way he passes the blade is delicate, and I admire the fluidity of his movements.
 However, even though he could usually catch or pass off attacks with his metal rod, he was not able to do so with his one-handed sword, or perhaps it was because of the large shield that was inserted in some places that he was not as fast as usual.

 It was a very different style of fighting from her usual style, but Nana still seemed to be enjoying it.
 She seems to like the fact that she can use her large shield to block magic, and she seems to be leaving magic monsters behind.
 You can't believe you're surrounded by more than a dozen monsters, and the way she fights off all the attacks with a single large shield gives the impression that she's using the shield much better than I thought.

'I didn't understand much until a while ago, but I finally understood what Rinne was saying. That's certainly not a good example.

'Is that so?

 It seems that Bloom and I had different impressions of Nana's appearance.
 I was impressed to see that Nana was more steady than I had expected, but Bloom didn't seem to see it that way.

'Skuna-san, you haven't received a single scratch yet. That means you've been able to handle all the attacks from those many monsters. As you can see, Rinne, a tank's agility status won't allow him to do that. You can't do that with a tank's agility stats.

'...... I see. You're right.

'He can probably see all the monsters, can't he? Even when he was working part-time, he could see everything in the hall. ......'

 Tank. Also known as a wall, this style of play is an essential part of a well-balanced party.

 Every monster has hate, a value that allows the monster to choose who to attack.
 When you attack a monster, its hate value increases, and the monster's target is shifted to the player who attacked it.
 Healing and buffing are also hate gaining actions, as well as interfering with a monster's actions.
 In this way, monsters' hate is changing rapidly during the battle.

 You don't need to worry about the hate management if the monster is just walking around, but if it's a boss battle, it's very important to manage the hate.
 In a boss battle, you need to use powerful arts and magic to cut down the high HP.
 However, the more you use powerful techniques, the more hate you will accumulate.
 In particular, if a healer is killed, the party will collapse. The tank's role is to prevent this by making sure that only he or she receives hate.

 To prevent this from happening, the tank is responsible for making sure that only he or she receives hate.
 Naturally, you need to be durable to take all the monsters' attacks. The most common configuration is to allocate a lot of status to sturdiness, magic defense, and HP.

'Still, you know, Skuna's way of parrying. I think that might be helpful.

'I'm sure Nana thinks it's easier to pass than a metal rod.'

'Haha! I'm sure you'll find it easier than the gold bars, though parrying is much harder than just defending yourself.

 As Bloom says, Nana's parry is a very difficult technique.
 Basically, parry refers to the act of repelling a flying attack. The important thing is not to catch the attack, but to repel it.
 If you only catch the attack, only the recoil will be returned to the opponent, but if you repel the attack, you will get a larger recoil and can break the opponent's stance by deflecting the direction of the force.
 This ability to break your opponent's stance is one of the most powerful aspects of Parry.

 The disadvantage is that you need to be able to accurately repel the opponent's attack, so you need to be able to see through it.
 The downside is that you need to be able to see through your opponent's attacks, and if you are less powerful than your opponent, you will be overpowered.
 In any case, it is difficult to determine the parry in a battle against a person or in a melee, so it is basically a technique for monsters with a fixed attack pattern.

'Originally, Nana can remember perfectly the movements she saw once. And with her athleticism combined with her physical ability and dexterity, she can trace them accurately.

'I see. ...... Is that why she was so good with a knife when she was working?

'Probably so. And because you can memorize them perfectly, the more you fight, the more you can store up your opponent's attack patterns and kill them. And by combining and improving the moves you've memorized, you'll be able to adapt to any situation. 'An evolving monster' is a cliché, but it applies well to Nana.

 Although she doesn't use it often, Nana has mastered a few self-defense techniques.
 Because that girl was also my bodyguard.
 Since the day of the dog attack, Nana has been both my best friend and my bodyguard.
 Even in situations where an adult bodyguard could not stay with me, a person of the same age and gender could always stay with me.
 For this reason, Nana was secretly asked to be my bodyguard by my parents.
 Well, that was just a precaution.

 In reality, it was because Nana wanted to be with me more than anything else.
 Being around me, who has been in danger since childhood, there is a great possibility that even Nana could be harmed.
 In order to reduce this possibility, my parents made Nana learn self-defense.

 It was at this time that I discovered Nana's talent for learning things just by looking at them.
 It's a talent that sounds like a copyist in a comic book, but in fact Nana can do it.

 Now Nana is able to see the movements of almost every monster in the dungeon in all of her rounds.
 Which monsters can move and at what speed.
 How powerful are the moves they use, and what effects do they have?
 In addition, it instinctively determines which monsters will come forward first when surrounded, and other algorithmic aspects, and derives the optimal solution.
 All that is left is to deal with them in order. Nana is probably fighting in that way.

'So you're saying that Sukuna-san understands the movements of all the monsters on ...... and can handle the attacks of that many monsters?

'Yes, that's true. But even though she's stable, she's still not suited to be a tank.''

'Is that so? It looks like she's a good combination of a wall tank and an evasion tank. ......'

'At first glance, yes. But that's because Nana doesn't have the same durability as Bloom, and she has a fatal weakness against magic. As you pointed out earlier, Nana isn't taking any damage, but in essence, she's trying to avoid taking damage herself. It's not a way to protect your allies.

 However, this is not a problem with Nana's fighting style.
 Bloom asked Nana to teach him how to use the shield, not to show him how to fight as a tank.
 Therefore, what Nana is doing now is merely a demonstration of 'how to use a large shield'.
 In the first place, Nana doesn't have the hate management skills for a tank, so being able to nail a monster's attack is quite admirable.

It's just like Nana to only do what she's told. I'm sorry, did I disappoint you?

'No, what Sukuna-san showed me is enough. What I originally wanted to see was how to use the big shield. Well, that guy is amazing after all.

 I felt a little nostalgic when I saw Bloom with a smile on his face and a look of pure admiration and joy in his eyes.

 I remembered the days of trial and error, when he had worked hard to achieve results as a professional.
 In the past few years, I've prioritized my relationships with top players and haven't had the chance to play games with kids like Bloom, but I haven't seen eyes like this in a long time.
 I want to be strong. I want to be good. It's the kind of desire that comes from someone who takes the game seriously.

 Nana is a girl who is absolutely strong from the start. She's the type of girl who naturally gets stronger and stronger, so she's probably never struggled with such barriers.
 Toka, too, is a child who enjoys playing games at a somewhat lower level, so I'm sure she's never felt the way Bloom did.

'...... I guess I'm just getting started.

'What's wrong with you?

'Mmmm, I think I can still grow up.'

 He pats Bloom on the head, who tilts her head with a question mark above her head.
 The look in Bloom's eyes reminded me of something I hadn't felt in a long time.
 Suppressing a little bit of excitement, I greeted Nana, who had finished destroying the monsters while we were chatting.