93-Bloom's request

'Nanaka-senpai, awesome ......'.

 Bloom, who had cut down Kirabit with his one-handed sword, said as he looked at Nana, who was surrounded by monsters from afar.
 I also felt that I had to laugh at Nana, who was drawing magic with one hand and taking on a dozen or so hates at once.

'Bloom, name.

'Oh, sorry. But Rinne-san also calls Sukuna-san Nana, right?'

'I don't mind. Because it's me.'

'That's unreasonable ......'

 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.
 This is the fourth monster house battle.
 At Bloom's request, Nana took a large shield and faced the monster pack.


 It all started when Toka overslept on her appointment.

'She's really ...... stupid,' he said.

'Didn't the servant wake you up?

'A servant? ...... Are you waiting for money, Toka-san?'

'Well, yeah . They're my relatives.'

'I see.

 My relatives. Bloom's eyes were slightly vacant and he was shaking his head, as if he had realized everything with those four words.
 I have never hidden my origins, and it is no secret that my family is very wealthy.
 Toka and I both have bodyguards at all times, and she lives at home so she has servants.
 She is a very spoiled child, so she leaves all the housework and morning preparations to her servants.
 However, Toka's servants are also supposed to be good, so it is reasonable to assume that she just forgot to tell him about her appointment or that she was in a state that she would prefer not to happen.

 The important thing now is that we don't know when she will come.
 It would be tasteless to just wait for her to come, and it would not be good to project and distribute the bloom.
 This is very troublesome, but I can't collaborate with unknown listeners in my streaming.

 The reason is simple. Because I'm famous.
 There are some restrictions on collaborations, as I'm trying to make money off of my streams.

 Thankfully, I get requests to collaborate with me every day, no matter which game I'm playing.
 I'm sure there are many reasons for this, from the simple desire to get close to idols, to using them as a springboard to sell your name, to simply experiencing how good you are.
 No matter how many conditions you drop, at least being a "distributor" is an absolute requirement for collaboration.
 Also, if you are famous enough to not degrade my reputation, or if you are good enough, there is nothing to say.

 I'm sure you'll agree with me that it's a bit expensive, but it's something I had to do considering the hate that would be directed at Bloom.
 People's jealousy is a scary thing.
 That's the reason why I gave Nana the title of distributor and professional gamer.

 On the other hand, if you are one of the top players of the game, you are allowed to collaborate with the top players.
 This is because friendly competition with top players is the essence of being a professional gamer.

 Especially in versus games such as FPS, TPS, and gaming, fighting against strong players is a big part of your growth.
 Therefore, such strong players are tolerated by listeners.
 This is not limited to games. This is true in all areas of life, ancient and modern.

 If you are strong, you are forgiven.
 This is a common truth in all games.

 Well, that's just an extreme theory.

'But how shall I pass the time?

'We don't even know if he'll come in the first place.

 While Nana and I were groaning, Bloom opened his mouth, looking a little nervous.

'Oh, um, Sukuna-san uses a lot of weapons, doesn't he?

'Well, yeah.'

'Could you possibly use a ...... large shield or something?'

'Large shield ...... hmm, maybe I can use it.'

 Nana thought about it for a moment and then said without any hesitation.
 There is no weapon that Nana cannot use. Swords, spears, swords, hammers, and even dark weapons are weapons that Nana can use as if they were arms and legs.

'Recently, I've been stuck on how to use a large shield. ...... My seniors in the same clan are in the city ahead of me, and I haven't had a chance to learn from them. ...... Just show me how to use it in your own way, Sukuna. I'm good.

'I'm good. What about you, Lin?

'I'm not busy anyway. While waiting for Toka's response, it's fine to dive into the dungeon for a round or so without streaming. I mean, it's not like I'm obligated to deliver it.

'Really? Yay!

 Nana readily agreed to Bloom's offer, saying that she was having trouble using the large shield.
 He threw a confirmation to me, but if Nana's junior is having trouble, I'm willing to help.
 I gave my permission as a matter of course.
 Bloom was happy, and Nana was a little flustered at that.

 As I thought when we met at a real cafe the other day, Nana seems to be quite concerned about Bloom ...... and Saku.
 I think she is more like Toka in terms of distance.
 Both of them adore Nana unconditionally as if she were their dog, and I think that's why Nana cares for them so much.
 Nana is very indifferent to human relationships, but she returns favors to favors and indifference to indifference. She does not treat people who show favor or trust to her in any way indifferently.

 However, there is one problem with that.



'Nana's fighting style isn't much of a role model, so just think of it as something like that.'

'......? Yes, sir.

 Nana can handle all kinds of weapons. However, it is only Nana's own style.

 There is no such thing as a kata or school, but rather an unconventional fighting style that Nana has constructed to facilitate her movements.
 There is no kata or school of thought, just an unconventional fighting style that Nana has constructed to make it easy for him to move. It's called the "Nana way," but in most cases, Nana's movements are based on his sense of movement, dynamic vision, anticipation, and reading, as well as his physical abilities, making it "unhelpful" as is often said by listeners and anonymous message boards.

 Of course, if you show Nana a video of a model move, she can fight in a perfectly traced form.
 However, without such a model, Nana will only fight in a way that is easy for her to move.
 In that sense, she is completely unsuitable as a fighting model. If you want to trace Nana's fighting style, you need to have at least the same level of athleticism.

'You'll know it when you see it. Now, let's go to the dungeon. Let's do our best to collect the shards today.

'Yes, sir.


 After receiving their cheerful replies, we headed to the dungeon for the third day.