92-a variety of weapons

'Well then, I'll see you three again.

 Perhaps because he had told them everything he wanted to tell them, Drago quickly stood up and walked towards the labyrinth again.
 He really is a genuine cripple, or something.

'I'm sorry, you two are out of the loop.

'It's fine~'

'It's fine!

 Drago wanted to talk alone with me, so I had asked them to move to a table some distance away.
 I was somewhat apologetic, but they didn't seem to mind at all and replied that they were sorry.

'There's still time, let's have some more tea. You seemed to be having fun, what were you two talking about?

'Like talking about this?

'Ah, mainly talking about armor. The red wolf armor is already well known, but the Kagewo is a new weapon, isn't it? It's good, isn't it? It's blacker than black.''

 The two pointed to the Kagehou, which Nana had asked Haruru to create and complete.
 It is a product that eliminates all resources such as visuals and built-in mechanisms, and brings out only the pure strength of the material.
 It is indeed strong. If it were only about pure firepower, it would be comparable to the Named Weapon immediately after its creation. Of course, it doesn't have any special abilities, so Kagewumi is lower in overall strength.
 However, if you take into account its durability, which is practically indestructible, there is no player who can surpass Nana in terms of survivability.

 Until Nana's weapon was created, overheavy metal was a waste metal to say the least.
 It is ridiculously heavy, so its use is limited, and the skill level required to refine it is high, and it uses valuable materials.
 The cost of refining is terrible, and forging takes a very long time. It is difficult for a player without patience to even form a weapon.
 If you try to make it, you will find that it has no advantages other than a slightly higher attack power and sturdiness.
 It was supposed to be a waste product that only a few freaks would use.

'It's a really good weapon only for Kagehito. ......'


'I was surprised when I heard about its performance. I think I'll have them make me a heavy metal shield or something.

'Come to think of it, you're a big shield user, aren't you?

 You'll be able to find a lot more than just a shield.
 You'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of them.
 Don't get me wrong, shields are not considered armor in this game. Of course, they are basically used for defense, but they are also a type of striking weapon.

 The shield bash is one of the most obvious ways to attack. By attacking while rushing, you can deal damage while defending yourself.
 Especially if you do it with Bloom's large shield, the weight of the shield can also make it very powerful.
 Although it is very difficult to handle, it can be used in a stable manner, and depending on the materials used, it can be used to gain an advantage over various types of magic.
 The disadvantage of this weapon is its sluggishness, but if you use it well, it will more than make up for it.
 It is one of the three most popular weapons used by tank players.

'I want to tank hard. I'm not a very flexible person, so I'm doing the most standard large shield tank.

'Oh, that's good. Aside from future fads, there's always a good reason why fads come and go. Large shield tanks are good because they're strong all-rounders.

'Is that so? I feel relieved when Rinne-san says that.

 There's no lie in what you just said.
 In fact, a large shield tank can be a powerful wall, and while it lacks a bit of firepower, its defense is undeniably the best in the game.
 There are relatively few tanks in the game, so a player who can tank properly is a valuable asset.
 He must be a very good player himself, because he can easily tank even Pheas, which is a barrier for beginners.

'I don't like it because it's hard to break.

'Don't say something you don't mean...'

'That's terrible~'

 Nana, who didn't seem particularly shocked, understood that it was really only a joke.
 In the first place, striking weapons are more advantageous to shield bearers than blades.
 The reason is purely the difference in the strength of the impact that the weapon itself can generate. No matter how you look at it, a slash or a stab is inferior to a blow in terms of pure impact.
 The energy generated at the moment of impact is greater in a purely heavy striking weapon.
 In the first place, striking weapons themselves have higher pure power because they cannot have special effects such as cutting or stabbing.
 And if you can pass the impact well, you can do some damage even on a shield.
 This is a characteristic of heavy and sturdy striking weapons.

 Instead, a slash will cut or bleed you, a stab will penetrate you, and it is easier to aim at a vital point than a bludgeoning weapon.
 It's just that Nana is stupidly good at aiming at vital points, and it's hard to aim at vital points with striking weapons that have a large impact but a small effective range.

'It seems that striking weapons are getting more popular these days. Maybe it's thanks to Sukuna-san.

'I hope you're right. I really want to use a variety of weapons, but this is the one I feel most comfortable with. But I haven't used a two-handed club in a long time.

 Seeing Nana like that while holding Kagewo, we couldn't help but chuckle.

'Sukuna-san, did you ever use a two-handed cudgel?

I've been using it outside the distribution and broke it in a day.

'You should take better care of it.

'My opponent was strong, and I used the ...... finisher. That's why I broke it.

 It seems that Nana was using a two-handed cudgel the day she fought Lowe.
 It's an amazing story that she received a transformable two-handed cudgel and broke it immediately, but the blacksmith Haruru who still makes weapons for Nana is also quite impressive.
 Even if I were the maker, I'd be stunned to see him destroy it on the same day.

 In addition, as far as I remember, it was said that Haruru was an expert in sword making. ...... The fact that he can refine and forge overheavy metal means that he is at least quite skilled in making striking weapons.
 In the event that you've got a lot of money, you'll be able to use it to buy a lot of things.

'Nana doesn't hesitate to cut her finisher when she's cornered, does she?

'It's an unbelievable art to get at the beginning of a weapon skill. But it's also very bold of you to discard the weapon so easily.

'Hmmm ...... Well, a weapon is a weapon. If you lose it, you can always hit him.

 For Nana, who trusts her own body more than any weapon, that aspect may be true.
 Even so, this game is basically stronger with a weapon than with bare hands. After all, their reach is far greater, and they can also be used as shields.
 The 《Barehanded Fighting》 skill has been given a high skill performance in consideration of such disadvantages, but even so, the disadvantages of being weaponless are much greater than you might imagine.

'Didn't you also have a bare-knuckle fighting skill?

'I raised my proficiency a bit. That skill has a lot of arts from the start, so it's easy to use.

'All the arts are released from the start.

 The bare-knuckle fighting skill is a skill with 10 arts.
 This is the only part of the skill that doesn't change until the end of the game, regardless of your skill level.
 And all 10 arts are free from the start, and can be used at will.
 As I recall, Nana was actually using some of the arts in the delivery, including the "Tenfold Cherry Blossom", the most powerful bare-knuckle fighting art.
 Since the beginning of this game, the most powerful "Tenfold Cherry Blossom" has yet to be unleashed.
 That means that the greatest 'trump card' of the bare-knuckle fighting skill has never been used.

You can find a lot of people who are interested in this kind of thing. I'd like to improve my bare hand fighting too.

'Oh, I see. I haven't seen many players fighting with bare knuckles, so I'll be looking forward to Sukuna's delivery.

'Well, I need to level up more, so it might be a while before I can do that. At least a week or so.

'Hopefully you'll have enough levels by the last day of the event. Well, the bottleneck is that there's no one to shoot at. There aren't any monsters that can withstand the Tenfold Cherry Blossom.

 The three of us sighed ...... and then laughed together.
 I couldn't help but laugh as our movements came together for no reason.
 Just talking about weapons and skills can be a lot of fun.
 This was also a fun thing to do because we were all passionate about the same game.