91-Drago and Linne

'Drago, why are you in Fierce? Aren't you supposed to be working on Zeronor?'

 I asked Drago as we sipped our morning coffee at the cafe.

'There were some circumstances that brought me to Pheasus just before the event. The difficulty level of this event won't change no matter where you start, whether it's in Feas, Griffith, or Zeronor, right? It's a waste of time to travel, so I've decided to stay here this time.

'Hmm ......, well, even I would do that if I had to leave. So, why did you come all the way to Broome?

'I wanted to have a little chat with Ms. Rinne. What do you think of this event?'

'...... Well, I don't think there's enough information about the dungeon.

 To be honest, I didn't really care why Drago was in this city, but I could somehow decipher the intent of her vague question.
 The difference between the information released in advance and the information of the dungeon we are currently attacking. To put it bluntly, the management of this event has clearly narrowed down the information.

 The same goes for the Monster House, which has been making the threads scream since yesterday. This is an element that was suddenly added without any announcement.
 It's not that we didn't anticipate the existence of monster houses when the event was labeled as a dungeon event, but the fact that there were no reports of monster houses appearing on the first day certainly made everyone assume that there were none and let their guard down.

 Although the addition of the monster house is certainly an improvement in efficiency depending on how you look at it, I think it's a pretty bad idea for normal players.
 After all, in this game, if you get despena'd, you're basically limited to 6 hours of status.
 During the event period, it seems to be reduced to two hours, but even so, once you've been despatched, you can't dive dungeons for two hours.

 If this was an unannounced addition, people would have been wary.
 However, the addition of this element was unannounced, and there are quite a few players like us who have been caught in the monster house.
 In our case, Nana destroyed all of them by herself, so we were able to avoid the problem, but there are many players who were affected by it.
 On an unimportant note, the number of views on Nana's Monster House video exceeded 100,000 in one day.
 It seems that players who were aiming for the rankings were using it to gather information about what kind of monsters would appear and how many monsters would appear, rather than how they attacked.
 In the first place, it's not too helpful as a strategy video. It's a PS-obsessed ghost.

'I'm relieved that we seem to share the same understanding. My personal opinion is that the difficulty of that dungeon will probably increase at least twice more.

'One is 'The Tenth Knight', right? What's the other one?'

'In the process of destroying the monster house, I came across a document that you probably haven't gotten your hands on.

 A stone slab was held out to me to look at. Since it is called a document, it must have some kind of text on it.
 I frowned when I saw what was written on it. It was the first of several factors that I had expected to be troublesome, if not the worst.

'I hope that's what you mean by adding traps.

'Mm. In that sense, the content of the tablet may have already begun with the addition of the monster house. It's also a kind of dungeon trap.

 In that sense, the reason why Drago used the term 'at least twice' is because he is not sure how many times the dungeon structure will change.

 Currently, the only traps you can find in dungeons are the basic booby traps, the abnormal state traps, and the monster house traps.

 There are a number of additional elements that could be added, but for example, in this dungeon, I think that traps that span across levels, such as pitfalls and jumping floors, would work to the player's advantage.
 For example, in the case of this dungeon, traps that span levels such as pitfalls and jumping floors may work to the player's advantage, but they may also be effective traps for players who are not good at reading maps or memorizing directions.
 In cave dungeons, there are few landmarks, so it is easy to lose track of your position when you are suddenly sent to another level.
 As I was turning my thoughts to ...... other possibilities, I noticed Drago looking at me with a smile on his face.


'Hmph, I'm still in love with how quickly you construct your predictions.'

'Predictions are just that, predictions. Yesterday, I put Nana in danger because of my lax judgment. ...... I'm not done yet either.

'Ms. Sukuna. I've seen the video from yesterday, but the atmosphere is very different when you're fighting and when you're in the middle of peace like this.

 Drago muttered curiously as he watched Nana chatting with Bloom over a parfait at a table some distance away.
 In fact, I myself have been quite surprised at how Nana's mood changes when she enters combat.
 As far as I know, Nana is not the type of person who gets excited.
 Or, more accurately, she's not the type of person who would ever show her agitated emotions.

 Until I started playing this game, I had never seen her laughing in a rage like that.
 Well, to begin with, laughing itself was a very rare event. In the past, Nana was so emotionless that no one but me could read her emotions.

'I'd like to fight her at some point, but ...... I'm not a good match for her. The only people who can compete with her in this game are her peers like Arthur and Shuuya, or in my clan, Nemi. If you don't have at least a speed-type status, you're out of luck.

'I heard that Lowe had a pretty good match.'

'The Murder Princess? When the hell did she fight?

''I think it was two days after we defeated Aria. You know, there was an incident where a black dragon rampaged in the swamp. It seems to have happened in the middle of that.''

'Hmmm ......, you're a person who never stops talking, Sukuna.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.

 The 《Murder Princess》 is still at the forefront of PKing, but recently she's been leveling more vigorously and PKing more often.
 He is a troublesome opponent. He has a high status, and a polite and vicious fighting style. In particular, magicians can't do anything about it, and tanks get hit by abnormal conditions.
 The fact that Nana, who had a level difference of more than a double score, was able to handle that was strange in itself, and it was difficult to maintain your normal composure against a PK player who was genuinely trying to kill you.

'Is that all you're saying?

'No, one more thing. There's one more thing I'd like to bring to your attention, though it's uncertain. I saw it on the strategy thread, but actually--'

 As I listened to the story told with a serious expression, I couldn't help but put my hand on my forehead as my concerns increased.