90-the third morning

'Nana, I'm going to log you in a little early today.'

 6 a.m. I call out to Nana, who seems to have recovered from yesterday's fatigue and opens her eyes with a big sigh.
 Nana, who was just biting into a piece of yakisoba bread, gave a puzzled look, then tilted her head as she swallowed the bread as if she were inhaling it.

'Earlier than seven in the morning?

'Yes, it is. I have a little appointment today.'

'For what?'

'You know that guy Saku, your junior, right? He's been busy since then and he's still in Fierce. And I heard that Toka can take some time off today, so ......'

'Are the four of you going to have tea again?

'Something like that.' 

 In the event you're not sure what you're looking for, you'll be able to find a lot more information on the web.
 I'm sure that's what her real name is, Sakira Sato....... If I may borrow Nana's expression, Saku-chan is a boy who is Nana's junior, with whom she exchanged contact information about two weeks ago. She is a student like Toka.
 Like Toka, he's a student who doesn't have a lot of time to play games, but he's still a very strong player who had already reached Pheasus when we met before.

 Whether it's the World Tree Cave or the Ancient Ruins of Flame, it's a long dungeon that makes you want to sigh.
 He hasn't been able to reach Griffith yet because he hasn't been able to take enough time.
 In the midst of all this, an event has started, and he has given up on going on.
 Nana hasn't been in contact with Saku since then, so she probably doesn't know what he's up to.
 She really doesn't care about others.

'Speaking of which, Nana, I heard that Saku is a member of Dragon Fang.

'Oh, ......, you're like Kittenmaru, aren't you?

'Yeah. It's a big clan, so if you're a Feas level player, you're probably a mid-level player.

 Clan "Dragon's Fang". This is the clan that is currently at the forefront of story development, and probably accounts for about half of the top players in this event.
 The clan uses maneuvering to make players search for quests in every nook and cranny of the game, while its elite players explore the front lines.
 It is a well-balanced clan with thick layers.
 The strength of Dragon's Fang was not the overwhelming charisma of the leader, as in the case of Knights of the Round Table, but the stability of the clan, which could do ordinary things on a large scale.

'I'm pretty sure ...... the leader is strong, right?'

'Yeah, ...... though it's a different kind of strength than Arthur or Nana.'

 The clan leader, player Drago, is a straightforward attacker who uses a large sword.
 He is also the MVP player of the party that defeated the first Named in this game.
 That meant that he was a Named Weapon player, just like Nana and Lowe.

'He's definitely going to win the ranking in this event. Because he's been holed up in the game all day except for sleeping and eating.

'Wow, he really is a cripple, isn't he?

'Well, there's not much difference between us either, but we're not as stoic as he is.

 Cripple. It used to be a derogatory term for net game addicts, but it has come to be used in a more casual way.
 Nowadays, it's used to praise or ridicule people who are really into a game, or who are really good at it.
 Of course, I myself am what is called a cripple, and most of the professional gamers are cripples.
 The only thing I can say is that Drago's passion for games is so immense that even I want to turn him away.

'Anyway, let's log in quickly after eating.


 Before she knew it, she had filled her stomach with what must have been at least ten pieces of bread, and with the last one in her mouth, Nana gave a muffled reply.


'......? Why is Drago here?'

 When we returned to Pheas using the return ticket after logging in, we went to the store where we had promised Saku, and there were two players waiting for us.
 There were two players waiting for us: a swordsman with a rather tough muscle body and a female warrior in full battle armor.
 Nana looked at them and compared them, and then looked at me as if to ask, "Why are there two of you? She looked at me as if to ask, 'Why are there two of you?

'I'm sorry, Rinne-san. I'm sorry, Rinne-san. You found me looking forward to it. ......'

'Hmm. Bloom told me earlier that you met a professional gamer named Rinne. I knew he was a big fan of yours, so I figured it out and asked him. Then I heard that he had plans to meet you, so I asked him to let me come along.

'That's fine, but since you're friends with ......2, one of you should at least send me a message.

'I'm sorry, I'll be careful.

 Hearing my words, the woman warrior bowed deeply.
 After holding that position for a few seconds, the warrior looked up.

'Miss Sukuna. It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm the clan leader of the clan Dragon's Fang, called Drago.

'Oh, ......, I thought you were a man. ......'

 Nana said with her eyes wide open, as if she was seriously surprised.
 It is also known as VR professional gamer "Dragon".
 She's not a nekama, she's a real woman.

'Hmm, I've often wondered why people think I'm a man. ......'

'It's your name.

'Oh yeah, ...... a name. ......'

 I left Drago to muse earnestly with his hand on his chin, and turned my attention to Saku, who was slightly deflated and motionless.

'I'm sorry, it must have been difficult for you to get involved with such a strange person.

'No, no! The clan leader has been good to me. ...... Besides, I'm the one who needs to apologize. It's not that I don't appreciate it.

'Oooh ...... Saku-chan macho~'

 While Saku and I were talking in a rather serious manner, Nana was picking at Saku's muscles with a curious look.
 Saku wasn't very tall to begin with, but in this game, he's got a ruggedly macho style.
 Perhaps this was unusual, but Nana was rubbing Saku's muscles curiously.

'Oh, senpai. Please call me Bloom over here.'

'That's a maiden's name for someone who looks so macho.


'Kola, you can't.'

'Oh, I'm sorry. You're cute and I like you.'

 I don't think that's very comforting.
 Saku ...... Bloom must have made this kind of character to enjoy herself differently from her real girlish self.
 Well, it's true that the name is cute, and I thought so too. .......

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one. It's a bit conspicuous for what it is.

 Drago called out to us, and we entered the Fierce cafeteria.