70-scorched rock cave

 A lump of rock comes at me with a rumbling sound and a speed that belies its appearance.
 I timed it just right, and bounced it back with my "Home Run" weapon skill.
 After three repetitions of this action, the rock shattered into polygons.

'Well, it's hard. But it's certainly efficient.'

'Yes, it is. It's a bit of work, but the experience is really good.

 I breathed a sigh of relief as I checked the results with Toka.

 A few kilometers northwest of Fierce.
 It's not a huge mountain, but it's a place where you can find a lot of people.
 Not a huge mountain, not a volcano. It was like a 500-meter-high mountain that was burning up endlessly.  
 The earth was pulsating as if it were blood circulating, radiating high heat.
 It was, as it were, a place with cracks in it, like charcoal smoldering red in a shichirin.
 The temperature was probably no more than 60 degrees Celsius. As soon as I made eye contact with Toka and sipped the cold tomatton, I strangely felt no heat at all.
 Thanks to the cold Tomatton, I could move freely for up to four hours.
 The pyroclastic cave we wanted to visit seemed to be a cave in a part of the scorched earth, visible after a short walk around the perimeter of the perpetual scorched earth.

 The cave itself was not so different from the permanent scorched earth in terms of temperature, but it was still hotter than outside.
 Now that I've eaten the cold tomatong, I can say that when I was outside, it was a cool room with an air conditioner, and now that I'm in the pyroclastic cave, it's hotter than under the blazing sun.
 I don't mind the 60-degree heat, but Toka-chan seems to be enduring it, and she seems to be having a harder time now than when we were outside.

 Anyway, there's really no sign of life.
 If you use your detection skills, you can see that there are monsters that mimic the ground or rocks, but for example, the rock monster that I just blew up, Dodrock, seems to be an inorganic creature that has some kind of life in it.
 If you ask me what it is, it's nothing, but I thought it was kind of a lonely place.

 Incidentally, Dodlocks basically only roll and lunge. Anyway, they're hard, but striking weapons don't have the concept of sharpness, so if you hit them as hard as you can with the Homerun, you can kill them in three or four hits.

'Ooh, I got a Heavy Metal drop!

'Heavy Metal, I think it's the heavy steel my sister used for her gauntlets?

'Yes, yes. I wanted to make some weapons for the event, so I thought it would be a good idea.

 The smith who sold me the weapon in Dualis was Ruru. She told me that heavy metal can be found in the vicinity of Pheas, but I had no idea that the Pyroclastic Grotto was the place where it was produced.
 Oh, and speaking of Haruru, ...... "Meteor Impact Zero" might be a better match for this stage.

 The "Golden Stick" that I have now is certainly strong. It's light, easy to handle, and has more than enough durability.
 However, perhaps because it is made of light steel, it lacks a little power, as I felt in the battle against Mount Gorilla.
 The Meteor Impact, a two-handed mace, is a little bigger than a metal rod, so it's not easy to wield in a cave, but you can do anything about that.
 As I switched equipment using the menu card, a heavy weight came to rest on my back.

'Sister, is that the weapon you were using in the Demon Forest?

'Yes, it is. I'm sure you've been watching the feeds, Toka-chan.


 I wonder if she really only watches it when she has time.
 I was a little worried about Toka-chan's schoolwork.


 Dogon! The dodolock blew up with a bang.

'Your shout is loud.
"I like swinging a hammer.
"Up in arms.

'It's not that loud!

 It took me two shots to kill it.
 It's easy to kill them and the experience efficiency is half of Gorilla's. The material drops are also delicious. Indeed, this is a good hunting ground for blow weapons.
 By the way, the drop rate of heavy metal is about one tenth. There are a lot of dodrocks, so it's not difficult to collect heavy metal, but there was a problem.

'Heavy metal, even in ingot form, is very heavy.

'My inventory is overwhelmed. ...... I don't think I can hold it anymore.

 The capacity of an inventory is not a number, but a weight. And that capacity is simply determined by muscle strength.
 In that sense, the person with the largest inventory in the world may be Amber.
 Anyway, my inventory is more than twice as big as Toka's, but after killing dozens of them, my inventory is getting heavier and heavier.
 At any rate, I decided that it would be better for Toka-chan to have it, since she's the one who'll be supporting me rather than me who'll be doing a lot of work during the battle, so she's keeping the dropped Heavy Metal for me, but it looks like it's already full.



 A rock snake with stone scales jumped at me from the cracks running everywhere, and I blew it away by slamming it against the wall.
 It may be a surprise attack, but all the monsters in this game are made of stone, so you'll hear it gurgling as it approaches.
 It's like your stealth bonus is always being negatively adjusted.

'It's a surprisingly good hunting ground, but it's surprisingly unpopular.

'Maybe it's because it's not very tasty for non-striking weapon users, even though it's tasty for striking weapon users. It may be a unique field. It seems that magic does not work except for water or ice. ......'

'There are only subtle drops except for heavy metal. I wonder if heavy metal is not popular.

 I'm having a lot of fun because I want to collect heavy metal for the future, but for those who don't need it, it's just an annoying item that unnecessarily overwhelms your inventory.
 Still, I wouldn't be surprised if it's somewhat popular with striking weapon users. .......

'It's not going to be popular. You don't have to worry about it because you are wearing a very light and high defense named equipment, but ordinary vanguards are also quite heavy in armor weight. I'm sure you've heard of it, but I've never heard of it.

'I see. I forgot about the lightness of this armor.

 The main selling point of the red wolf suit is its enhanced agility, but another selling point is its lightness.
 It is one of the lightest of all cloth-based equipment. It doesn't take up much muscle power, so I only have to think about the weight of the weapon.
 In addition to that, the status of the demon race is combined, and I can finally carry Meteor Impact. A weapon made of pure heavy metal requires such a high muscle strength value.
 If you think about it, unless you are a demon player or a player with a very high level of strength, heavy metal weapons might not be an option for you.

'If I think about it, I'm probably the only one with named armor, aren't I?'

'At the moment, yes. But after your sister killed it, two more were confirmed to have been killed. I heard that both players have made weapons. ......'

'Weapons... ......, they were certainly strong...'

'Does your sister know the owner of the named weapon? I heard that the effects are kept secret.'

'Oh, ...... a bit.'

 By the way, when Lowe and I fought, he wasn't delivering.
 Lowe, the murderess. She's the only PK player I've fought so far, and we've fought briefly as enemies and allies.
 The Mellow Rapier she carried had a very special effect of lowering her resistance to abnormal conditions.
 To be frank, I think this effect is more powerful against monsters than against humans, but it's still fresh in my mind that I was forced to fight a tough battle due to my skill level and pure level difference.
 Apocalypse's intrusion has put a damper on that, but she's still an opponent I'd like to settle at some point.

 However, she won't be able to participate in the event.
 Since the path to the dungeon will be built in each city, she will have to come to the city to participate in this event.
 Maybe they will build them outside the gates, but even so, if PK players appear, a fight will be inevitable.
 That might be a good idea for the game.

 Named boss monsters. Maybe it's time to challenge it again.
 Remembering the battles with Aria and Lowe, I thought that even if I didn't say it out loud.