50-a nostalgic game



 We sat upright on the carpet, just the two of us.
 The pressure of Lin's smile caused me to look away for a moment.

'I'm not mad at you, you know.

'Oh, really?

'I'll groom you while we're talking, so come here.

 I wondered if grooming was something that people did for other people.
 I felt that way for a moment, but Rin was smiling and tapping her knee, so I had no choice but to leave my head to her.

 I'm not angry. She certainly wasn't angry.
 But I've known her long enough to know that. Right now, Rin-chan is in a very bad mood.

'You're still so annoyingly smooth.

'Even you, Rin.

'I'm making an effort to keep mine that way. Don't compare me to Nana with water and soap.'

 That's rude. I use a good rinse-in shampoo.

'That's the point, really.'


 I guess she knew what I was thinking, because she gave me a pin on my forehead.
 Rin-chan looks more pained than I do, but I don't want to point it out to her, because she'll be poking and prodding me.
 Perhaps because of her dexterity, Rin-chan is extremely good at tickling.

 She seemed to want to play with her hair in earnest, so she closed her mouth and became quiet. I didn't resist, because it felt good to have my hair combed.

 For a while, I was in silence while she combed my hair and I was melting with the feeling, when she suddenly threw a bomb.

'I heard that you were kneecapped by another woman today.


 I couldn't help but let out a strange sound as she gently played with my hair while keeping a gentle smile on her face.
 As I fumbled for an excuse, Rin stopped her hand with a smile, perhaps amused by my appearance.

'Just kidding. I'm not going to get mad at you for that.

'You scared me.

'I guess that's the kind of reaction you get from a guy who's been caught cheating on his wife.

 As she pecked me on the cheek, I calmed my beating heart, which was beating a little faster than usual.

'I'm sorry about that.


 I was on my knees, when suddenly I was lifted up from under her armpits and placed in her bosom.
 The softness of Rin's breasts, which I hadn't felt in about a week, made the back of my head quite happy, and the hand on my stomach tightened.



'Ehehe, you've advanced one city today, right? Isn't that a good pace?

 Hmm, he's in a strange mood. You were definitely in a bad mood earlier, but now you're in a good mood.
 He's had his ups and downs, but he doesn't smell like alcohol, so it's not like he's drunk. .......

'I'm going to be out of town the day after tomorrow for an errand. The day after tomorrow, I'll be away from home. So I'm soaking up the nana stuff while I can.'

 Oh, I see. That means you're in spoiled brat mode. That's probably why she's acting strange.
 She never shows this kind of thing to other people. Only in front of family and me, I think. Because she's the youngest, she's actually a very spoiled child and very good at taking care of herself.

 She said she had something to do, but I think she was really uncomfortable with me being on her lap.
 That's just another way of expressing my irritation.
 If you don't let him digest it, his mood won't go away for a while. I'm sure of it because there was a time in junior high school when he didn't talk to me for about two weeks.

 I can't see very well, but if I put my hand up and pat her head, I can hear a very distracted 'eh'. This is no good.
 Hey, stop tickling my stomach just because you're excited!

I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.

 It's a great way to make sure you don't get caught in the middle of the action.

'That's right. It's not a new game or anything, it's a regular RTA event. I've been invited as the world record holder.'

'Wow. I remember that game, Clo-Clo. I haven't played it.

'It's a single player game.

 Clo-Clo. It's an abbreviation of a game title that's probably most memorable for Rin-chan, if not for me.
 It was the name of the game that made Rin-chan achieve a feat that was said to be legendary and memorable.


 Pro Gamer Rinne.
 She is the absolute ace of the pro-gaming team "HEROES" and a super gamer who knows every genre of games.
 The first time she made a name for herself as both a player and a billboard was not in a big game tournament, but in an RTA (Real Time Attack) of a certain game.

 Clock Lock - Actors - Heroes of Time Lost.

 That's the name of an action game that is still being called the biggest open-world game of all time, more than a few years after its release.

 What makes it the biggest ever?
 It's simple and straightforward: the sheer size of the field.
 It is designed to be an open-world game in which you can go straight to the last boss and defeat it in the shortest possible time, but it takes three hours to run through the shortest distance in the fastest possible time.
 It's physically too far, and it takes more than two and a half hours to move through the game, including the tutorial.
 The way the final boss battle is called a "digestive game" is breathtaking, and the highlight of the player's skill lies in the movement itself, using bugs and subterfuge.
 The map's aspect ratio is said to be five times larger than that of conventional open-world games, and the overwhelming density of the game's story, which is claimed to have taken more than ten years to develop, means that the average completion time exceeds 300 hours.

 Rin's name was sold to a certain regulation that was considered to be the most difficult RTA of the game.
 It was a 100% RTA, where the goal was to complete the game by collecting all the challenging elements.

 The reason why it is said to be the most time-consuming RTA even though the regulations for RTAs are getting gentler nowadays is not the overwhelming amount of game time .......
 The reason why it is still considered the most time consuming RTA is not the overwhelming amount of game time, but the rule that prohibits timer stops due to sleep.
 You can sleep, you can rest. However, the timer will not be stopped during that time. With this rule, this RTA became a hellscape.

 One of the first Canadian players to participate in this regulation took 168 hours to complete it, and his record was officially recognized. It took him a whole week, but he said he slept for 40 hours.

 Rin, who was a junior high school student at the time, took 79 hours, 22 minutes and 37 seconds to complete this regulation.
 Without sleeping or eating, the then-junior high school student set this record, which has never been surpassed to this day. I just got a confirmation.
 It's an overwhelming time compared to the second-place time of 95 hours and the third-place time of 97 hours.
 Incidentally, Rin fell asleep for three days after the RTA was over.

 The absolute champion of the Kuro Kuro RTA. This is the origin of Rin's career as a professional gamer.
 It was not an explosive spread, but rather a core and minor beginning.
 However, using this as a springboard, Rin-chan used his time and connections to make his name known around the world.
 Of course, it was Rin's playing skills, but I think it was even more important that she used her family's connections.

 Rin is now one of the top gamers in the world, but it all started with Clo-Clo.

 Probably, the event I was invited to this time is also small in scale. At least, it's not a huge game festival.
 Even so, the reason why she stayed and participated as a guest was because the game was very important to her.

'By the way, the production team of Kuro Kuro is also involved in the production of WLO.


'Well, it's only one of the top guys, though. I'll go see him tomorrow.

 Is it safe to say that the production team is involved? .......
 I mean, you just said you were going to see him. Do you know him? I see.

 By the way, Kuro Kuro has sold 2,000,000 copies worldwide, which is quite a hit for a non-series game, but it is said that even half of the purchasers couldn't complete the game due to the sheer volume.
 The most common reason for the low rating is that it takes too much time to play, so the quality was perfect. It's just that today's busy people don't have the time to play it.

 I've heard that it's a little over 300 parts to watch a live action video.

'If anything, 300 is about the middle of the game.

 That's what Rin-chan said.

 I was in a nostalgic mood, thinking that it had been a long time since I remembered, when I suddenly noticed a coincidence.

'Come to think of it, there was a character with the same name as Kuro Kuro in ......WLO, wasn't there?

'There are so many characters that it wouldn't be surprising if they were the same, but was there a ......?

'Yes, I'm sure of it.

 I don't know why, but that character, who was not involved in the main storyline at all, left a very strong impression on my memory.

'Melty Bloodheart'. The vampire of the beginning and the end, or something like that.

 It was the world's only named single vanquisher, as told to me by Amber.
 The strongest vampire NPC, the Melty of the Heavenly Eyes. Somehow, I couldn't help but be curious about the connection between these two beings.