51-a second encounter

'Okay, I'm off.

'Have a good day.

 In the entrance hall of the apartment building, I sent Rin off with a gentle hug.
 There is an armored car parked right there, but it's probably the very armored car that Rin's father spent hundreds of millions of dollars to have built.
 I waved at it until I saw it get into the car, and then turned back on my heels when the car was out of sight.

 Now, I know what I have to do today and tomorrow.
 My ongoing task is to catch up with Rin, but I got some important information from my interaction with the Onin players yesterday.
 For example, the location of the demon village. I also learned a lot about rare skills. I'm not going to go to ...... regularly, but the forums looked interesting to me.


 The boundary wavering in all directions, the large shrine and the precincts.
 When I logged in, I seemed to have been kidnapped by the ghost world, where I met Shugen Doji again. I felt a sense of compulsion.

'I see you've met Amber.

 Shugen appeared with a smirk on his face, still dressed as he was when I first met him. In other words, he was using my avatar, the one with the missing belly.

'Why don't you heal your injuries?

'It can't be helped. It's quite difficult to make a copy while sealed up. It's more efficient to reuse what you've already made. It's called ecology.

 You treat the human body like a tool.
 What, so from now on I'll have to see my battered figure every time I'm kidnapped by a drunkard ......?

'If you don't like it, you'd better hurry up and unseal me.

'A seal, huh .......? Is it true that the drunkard can only interfere with the children?'

'No, it's not. It is essentially impossible to interfere in this world from the astral world. By using the loophole of my profession, I am barely able to interfere in this world.

 But you seem to be able to do things like kidnap me.
 Well, as long as the drunkard himself is at the top of the child existence, I guess it's not his place to interfere.

'So, you know about Amber, don't you? I heard that he can't interfere with it, so I thought he was just looking at the world through a child.

'I am free to look at the world from time to time. On the other hand, I'm sure that's why the demon tribe made it impossible for you to interfere.

'You mean you only have to allocate one status point to intelligence?

'Yes. I don't like it at all. Amber was a more gifted demoness than I. ......'

 The drunkard closed the fan in his hand with a truly vexed look on his face.

 Yes, I have been listening to Amber's story, and I thought she was deified, but I guess Amber's muscle strength value is out of the ordinary.
 I think that Amber's strength is not inferior to that of Drunkard.
 Because a child is a profession specializing in 'physical skills', not a profession specializing in muscle power.
 Well, even so, if you look at it from an overall perspective, Amber's assertion that they are not even close to Shugen is not wrong.

 Besides, isn't the reason why he had to be manipulated in the first place because he was looking into the world? If you think about it, it may be your own fault.
 No, but if I could look into the world, I would.

 Having said that, the drunkard asks me to sit down.
 After pouring a large cup full of something that looked like sake, she too sat down loosely on the ground.

'Phew ...... So, it's Sukuna. I'm not sure if you've seen Amber's "final ceremony"?

'A ceremony?

'It's the inner workings of the Oni no Mai. What, you haven't heard about it?

'No, I haven't.'

 He drew the word 'end of ceremony' on the ground with sake.
 The sense of profundity that comes from the letters is blatantly obvious. There is even an image of a man risking his life to fire it.

'How did Sukuna explain the demon dance?

'It's a skill that inspires you, consisting of five dances.

'You're not wrong. But Amber didn't explain the key part.

 And so the drunkard sighed a little regretfully.
 The "demon dance" skill is a skill exclusive to the demon race, and its content is dedicated to 'self-strengthening'.
 Amber said that if you learn all five dances, which are acquired by exceeding a certain muscle strength value, you will be able to obtain the power of warriors.
 If you only look at the simple effects, it seems to be similar to the Hungry Wolf skill.

'All right, Skuna. It's no exaggeration to say that the Oni no Mai is only for releasing the End Ceremony. The way in which it sprouts is up to the demon, but ...... all of them are profound techniques that can be used as trump cards to kill. In the event that you have any kind of questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.

 I'm not sure what to make of it.
 That is to say.
 It means that there is a possibility that you will be able to develop a one-hit-kill technique with enough firepower to destroy a castle.

'If my teacher, Amber, has not told me anything, I will keep my mouth shut about Amber's final ceremony. I'm sure you'll get a chance to see it.

'You asked me to talk to you. ......'


 I stared at him, and the drunkard laughed and drank to cover it up.

 Now that we're here, I have a few more questions I want to ask you.
 I'm not sure how much time we have left, so let's just ask what we can.

'Drinker, do you know what Requiem is?

'You mean the requiem, right?'


'No, I'm kidding. You're talking about the Requiem of the Celestial Center, one of the Seven Star Kings, right? Of course I know it.

 Seventh King. There's a new word again: .......

'Now that Aria has been defeated, a battle with Londo and Fantasia is inevitable. You could say that they're already marked. Well, if you're the kind of person who enjoys fighting the strong, you don't need to worry about it. ......'

'The Rondo and Fantasia you just mentioned are the black and white ones, right?

'Hmm. I wouldn't recommend fighting either of them alone. Especially for the white wolf Fantasia, there is a reason why you can never defeat her alone in the first place.

 The black one is Rondo, and the white one is Fantasia.
 It's great to hear the explanation here about the two wolves that Amber explained to me yesterday, the black wolf of the group and the white wolf of fantasy.
 Yesterday, I heard on the bulletin board that there is an existence that seems to be a black wolf not far from the sixth town, so in some cases it may be enough to look for the white wolf.
 I heard that the information itself can be obtained in the fifth town, so I'd like to ask again if I can get there.

 But what does it mean that you can never defeat it by yourself?
 Is there something I have to do with someone else at the same time, or is it purely a monster with overwhelming mass?
 For now, just keep the drunkard's advice in a corner of your mind. In any case, once you join up with Rin, there won't be much need for you to fight alone.

'While we're on the subject of the Seven Star King. Listen carefully, Skuna.

 As I groaned, trying to decipher what the drunkard was saying, she placed her cup on the ground and began to speak with a serious expression.

'The land of beginnings, which had stopped, is now operating, and the world is beginning to move. The stagnation has already been lifted as the famous monsters are walking around the world. The Seven Star King's image was defeated too quickly by your hand, and they have begun to move slowly. There's still time, but the flow should continue unabated.

 Wait, wait, wait. That's a greedy set of worldview settings, isn't it?
 Let's see, the operation of the place of beginning is probably a function that summons players, the embryo of the world is the start of the service, the named monster, Aria is my ...... goof.

'After I've shown you the way, don't focus too much on breaking my seal. The first thing you need to think about now is to continue to improve your own power. The more powerful you and the other children and all the other demon tribes become, the more you will be able to help me break the seal.

 The drunkard's words were difficult for me to judge whether I should nod easily or not.

'But I made a promise to Amber, and .......'

'I don't know how you feel about that. But you know how many decades he's had to endure before this machine came along? I don't mind if he waits a little longer now. In fact, he must be thinking the same as me when he's trying to teach you the demon dance.

 I've only been playing this game for about a week.
 I've only been playing this game for about a week, though I'm sure I'm mistaken because I'm spending so much time here.

 I've only been playing for about a week. Both of these quests are probably about as difficult as you'd expect to find in a triple-digit level game.
 The last time I was here, I was told about the realm beyond the Doji, and in any case, I need to level up and strengthen my skills first.

 Besides, this is a game. It would be a shame to throw away all the other elements that you might enjoy just because you have a special goal.
 As long as you are having fun and growing, you will naturally get closer to your promise to the two of you.
 As I became aware of my impatience, I felt as if Shugomi's words had settled into my heart.

'Huh, you've got good eyes. It's a shame we won't be seeing you for a while. ......'


'I used too much power in too short a time to interfere with you. Therefore, you need to conserve your strength a bit.'

'Oh, I see.'

 If you go to the trouble of saying it, then...
 I guess that means it's time to go.

 The moment I thought that, me, the drunkard, and everything in the precinct began to dissolve and turn into particles of light.


'Yes. I wonder when we'll meet again.

'Well, I'm not sure when. You don't need my advice now that you have amber. ...... Oh, there was one last thing I had to tell you.

 In the midst of their almost complete disappearance, the drunkard was about to say one last thing.

'Tell Amber I look forward to seeing her.

'Ha-ha-ha, got it. See you.'

 No more words were spoken.
 The astral world dissolved into particles of light and disappeared.