85-the sound of a dragon and its beauty

'You're so lazy.

 Even as I said this, I gently pulled the covers over Nana, who was sleeping on the sofa, not even breathing.
 It was past nine o'clock in the evening when I finished the delivery. We took two breaks for lunch and snacks, and ended up spending 12 hours in the dungeon.
 As for why Nana is sleeping on the couch again, she fell asleep while I was eating dinner, taking a shower, and giving her a hair dryer.
 Now she is sleeping comfortably with a rather disheveled face.
 I didn't feel like waking her up, partly because she had been having trouble sleeping lately. I'll just take him back to his room later.

'We managed to collect all the maps: ......'

 Instead of 20 ...... as I had imagined, the final number of maps collected in the exchange was 21.
 That's 20 from the labyrinth level and one from the plains level that I visited first.
 All the maps I could trade were inputted into my mind, and I completed the route to get through each map as fast as possible.
 I've also memorized the locations of tasty monsters like jewelry boxes, as long as I can find them.

'...... There are still five bosses to defeat, and I still have only fragments of information on the Siren Knights. Even if you integrate the lines of all nine knights, there's still a lot you don't understand. ......

 As if to clear my head, I write down the information I gathered today on my tablet.
 If I could remember everything by myself, I wouldn't need to do this, but information is only meaningful when it is shared.
 There's no harm in writing down your memories as data, not only to show to Nana, but also to show to other players when the need arises.

 The biggest topic of discussion at the event is the mystery of 'what is a Siren'.
 In the end, the nine knights, including Mirage and Hush, did not leave us with any more information than that they were knights in the service of the Sirens.
 If I had to pick one, I would say that thanks to Nana, we now know that they are enemies of the Creator God.
 A number of considerations are given, but none of them make us think that we are getting to the heart of the matter.
 What I can vaguely see is that this event is not just an item gathering event.
 To be precise, for the player, it's just collecting materials, but for the NPCs, it's not.

 Unlike those of us who didn't return to the city and went around endlessly, there were many players who returned to the city and had conversations with NPCs.
 According to these players, 'gates' like the one in this event occur irregularly in the world of WLO, and they seem to be a kind of disaster for NPCs.
 You have to enter the gates and kill the enemy, otherwise after a week's time, the gates will be flooded with monsters.
 The NPCs with finite lives had to make the rounds that we're making now, and it was like hell.
 So, for now, it's all right if the player defeats the monster inside the gate. The event will have a happy ending, they say.

'It's not going to be that easy, is it?

 There's definitely 'something' going on.
 And it's probably something that happens at the end of the event.
 I don't have any proof, but my intuition, having played many games, tells me so.
 I don't know if there's anything I can do to prepare for it, but if I keep going around, I won't be at a disadvantage no matter what happens.

 In any case, thanks to Nana's good mood throughout the day, we were prepared to go around the Labyrinth of Stardust efficiently.
 On the other hand, the fact that Nana has fallen asleep like this is probably due to the fact that she has been maintaining a high level of tension that would normally be unheard of.
 We can examine and refine the information we learned tomorrow.
 The event would last for seven days.

'I think I'll go to bed, too. ...... Hmm?

 Just as he was about to carry Nana into the bedroom, his phone rang with a ringtone.

 It was around 10 o'clock in the evening, and if she was calling at this hour, she must be a very close friend or a mysterious sales person.
 The words "Ron-sister" appeared on the screen. The moment I recognized it, I reflexively pressed the call button.

'Hey Lin, how are you?

'Yes, Sister Rong is looking good.

 I was relieved to hear her cheerful voice echoing in my ear, feeling that she hadn't changed a bit.
 Sister Ron, also known as Takashou Ronri. It is the name of our cousin, who is more free than anyone else and more dependable than anyone else.

'But what's the matter with you all of a sudden? It's unusual for you to call me.

'Can't you just say that you wanted to hear the voice of your pretty sister?

'No, that's why you should call Nana.

'What are you talking about, Rin is also my precious sister.

 I know that the gentle voice is not a lie, but it is also true that Ron sister loved Nana more than me.
 No, it wasn't jealousy of Nana. Rather, I was competing with her in the direction of 'I love Nana more than you do'.

It's not like I contacted her just to play with her. ...... Hey Lin, Nana's sleeping now, right?

'Yes, she is. He's sleeping soundly.

 It's not that she's sleeping soundly or soundly, but she seems to be sleeping much more comfortably today than she has in the past few days.

Ran told me you dragged her out. I haven't seen you in a long time, but all you talk about is Rin. I'm sure he's the same.

'Have you met my brother Ran? He's too busy to meet with me.'

'That's because you're in Japan. I met him in America too. It's not a lie that I'm busy. I just forced you to make time for me.'

'That's just like my sister Ron.

 The fact that she forced her brother to make time for her, a man who makes millions of dollars a second, shows a clear hierarchy.
 Well, it's just that Sister Rong has the upper hand because of her seniority.
 Besides, Sister Ron herself is an influential person in the world. In short, Sister Ron and Brother Lan are also business partners.
 Well, I'm sure she's not doing anything anymore. She's a completely free person who's escaped the troubles of the world.

"I watched today's feed. I'm relieved to see that you guys are as close as ever. I'm glad to see you guys are still as close as ever. Nana's feeling better than ever.

'Yeah. Thanks to my sister Ron's care at that time.

 The day Nana shed her tears. The day her parents died.
 It was my sister Ron's place where I caught her wandering in a daze and left her.
 Because I knew that if she stayed with me, she would become irretrievably dependent on me to fill the hole in her heart that was missing completely.
 It was really painful for me not to be there for her when she was suffering the most.

 But it made me the Nana I am today. She used to be dependent only on me, but now she is able to communicate with others normally.
 I am very grateful to my sister Ron for that.
 Well, she says, "I didn't do anything".
 She insisted that Nana had recovered on her own.

But he's getting better, but he hasn't changed in any fundamental way. It's a straightforward, straightforward, small world, and you're still stuck in it.

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

You can find a lot of people who are looking for the best way to get the most out of their life. I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.

'I know. That's why I'm here with you.'

'That's fine. I didn't call to accuse you. It's also true that I wanted to hear your voice after so long. But you really should be careful. I'm sure Nana is even more of a monster than usual now that she's closer to her old self, but she's also unstable. Depending on how you handle yourself, you might not be able to recover. Don't push yourself too hard.

'Yes, thank you.

 In short, Ron is worried about you. Nana and I are too. We're worried that we'll both go under.
 That day of tears we regretted. I kept my distance because I didn't want her to suffer like that again.
 Nana's heart will surely crack if she remembers.
 But maybe that situation is inevitable now.
 Nana will always remember what happened, and the wounds she's been hiding will be opened.

 We will proceed with great care and caution.
 I am the only person in this world who can support Nana's heart without any exaggeration.

"Oh, yes. I'll be back in Japan soon. I'll be back in Japan soon. That ......WLO thing you guys are doing? Can you prepare one for me?

 As I was making up my mind, Ron's sister brought up a completely different topic.
 However, the content was something that I didn't feel the need to take the trouble to do.

'Why are you asking me? You can get as many as you want through your sister, right?

It looks like you can't buy it from overseas at this point. You can ask someone in Japan, but the quickest way to do that is to ask Rin, right? I'm asking you because you're my cousin.

'Hmm, I see.

 Unlike conventional MMOs, conversations in VRMMOs rarely end with just chatting.
 This naturally leads to verbal conversations, which can lead to fatal discrepancies in language.
 In order to avoid this, most VRMMOs have separate servers for each country.
 Well, in the real world, highly accurate translation machines have already been developed. I think it's only a matter of time before similar functions are added to VR.
 Anyway, I understand why sister Ron can't afford WLO.

'I don't mind, but you'd better call me before you come to ....... And make sure you take a bath.

'You always make sure you're well groomed, don't you?

 This agitated cousin doesn't seem to understand the reason why I took the trouble to warn her.

'I don't care if Nana says you stink.


'Hmm, call me when you're coming over.

 Nana has good eyes and ears, but she also has a keen sense of smell.
 I hung up the phone, leaving my sister Ron, who choked on her words, perhaps because she remembered this or perhaps because she imagined the scene.