86-The Trap, the Returning Devil

'Lin, there's nothing in the next room.

 During the first dungeon invasion on the second day, Nana, who had been running in front of us, clearing the dew, suddenly stopped and said, 'I'm not sure what to do.
 The combination of detection skills and auditory comprehension. Perhaps because she has already begun to learn the way, Nana's spotting is becoming more and more accurate.

'What do you mean?'

'Up until now, you've seen monsters and dropped items, right? There are probably no traps in the next room.

 Nana's expression was still squishy, but her tone was more firm than yesterday.

 The Labyrinth of Stardust is not a roguelike dungeon.
 The map is not a randomly generated map, but rather just 10 randomly arranged floors of 21, there are no stairs in the rooms, and the rooms themselves are simple cave dungeons.
 The larger cavities on the map are just what we call 'rooms' for convenience.
 However, if you actually go to the 'room', you will find monsters and items, so it should be a special place compared to the passage.
 The fact that there is nothing there suggests that Nana senses that there is some kind of danger ahead.

'What do you guys think?

"What do you mean?
"I think it's a trap.
"Rare chance.
"Rare Mons too.
"A trap.
"Chikuwa Daimyojin.
"Of course it's a trap.
"Hey, there's something weird going on right now.

 It's true that I, too, would be on the lookout for something if I knew what it was beforehand.
 For example, traps, as many listeners have mentioned. There are traps in this dungeon, but so far I haven't paid attention to them because I've avoided them after my Nana got caught in them.
 If Nana, who's been caught in a lot of traps, says there don't seem to be any traps, then it's at least unlikely that there are physical traps.
 Based on the information on the map in his brain, the next room he enters is very large. There is another route to the stairs without going through this room, so you may want to turn around and use another route.
 Or a rare strong monster appears. In such a case, it's better to continue.
 In this case, if it is a trap, you can choose to avoid it, or you can take the possibility of a rare monster.
 It's a difficult decision to make, but Nana and I are not afraid of anything.

Let's move on. At worst, we can start over.'

'Hmm, okay. I'll take the lead then.

 And I'll regret this decision.

 The moment Nana stepped into the room, a large number of monsters appeared by warp in the empty room.
 In the wide, spacious room, monsters sprouted without stopping. The number of monsters in the room exceeded 50, and even reached 100.

 In roguelikes, it's called a "monster house.
 In roguelike games, it's called a "monster house.

 When I saw the monster house, my slight hesitation to pull out or move on caused a fatal loss of time.
 With a crack, I sensed that something had been activated.
 Before I could see what it was, Nana pushed me backwards.


'Rin-chan, wait for me for a moment.

 The moment Nana said that and smiled softly, the terrain of the dungeon changed and the passage to the room closed.
 I see, that sound was a trap to block the escape.
 Nana heard the sound and understood what was going to happen, so she pushed me backwards to protect me.
 The trouble was, this monster house was the type that blocked the escape route.

'How about ......'.

 I'm confused. I can't think straight.
 As for the timing of the monster's appearance, as long as there are no traps in the room that indicate an alert, it's not strange that the monster appears the moment you step into the room.
 However, considering the timing of the blocked exit, it would not have been impossible for the two of us to escape if I hadn't spent so much time worrying about it.
 This was a complete mistake on my part. I sent only Nana to her death, a fatal mistake.

 I want to go save Nana, but the inner walls of the dungeon cannot be destroyed by magic or items.
 Is the entrance on the other side closed? It's a long shot, but maybe it's open.

'......! Do what you can, Rinne, even if it's futile.

 Pan! I slapped my cheeks with both hands to cheer myself up.
 I hurried back the way I came to get to the entrance on the other side of the room.


'Ah, ......'

 Sukuna was very relieved now.
 It was because she was able to protect Rinne.
 Because she was able to bring someone she cared about out of the dead zone.

 There were over a hundred monsters in front of her.
 No matter how large the room is, it still feels cramped with this many monsters.
 If it were a normal Sukuna, he would have been thinking of such trivial things.

 As Sukuna swayed, Kirabit, who had jumped out of the crowd of monsters, attacked him.
 Without even looking at it, Sukuna launched herself at the ceiling with her shadow stitch, and as she hit the ceiling, she crumpled up and knocked away the falling glitterbits.
 It's a great way to make sure you don't get caught in the middle of the action.

'Haha, ugh, ehehehe...'

 Laughing. Laugh. A debaucherous smile on his face.

'I had a lot of fun playing with Lin.

 She wasn't talking to anyone. But Sukuna's voice echoed loudly in the large room, caressing the wary monsters.
 Yes. Right now, Sukuna was feeling very shaken.
 She was deprived of her happy time playing with Rinne, that's all there is to it in words.
 But it also means that Sukuna has been deprived of the only time in the world that he can truly enjoy.
 Sukuna is smiling because it is the only emotion she remembers.
 Whether she's in a good mood or a bad mood, Sukuna doesn't know how to digest these wavering emotions except by laughing.

'Hey ......, you're ready to be destroyed, right?

 With the uncontrollable urge to destroy intact, Sukuna plunges into the crowd of monsters.
 In a trap designed to ensnare the player, the unbounded monster bared its fangs.

 Skuna's Shadow Stitch has enough power to be used even beyond the Fifth City (Griffith), if only he could wield it to the fullest.
 Overheated metal itself is the highest grade metal available at the time of the Feas, as long as you have a blacksmith who can refine it.
 While the average required strength value of weapons at the time of the Feas is less than 50, even one-handed weapons have a huge required strength value of over 200.
 As long as you can meet those requirements, the Overheated Metal weapon will give you the results you deserve.
 The firepower of the Shadow Stitch is no longer just a mass of violence in the dungeons of the Fierce level, and thanks to its outstanding durability, it is almost impossible to break.
 Therefore, Sukuna's strategy is.
 Therefore, Skuna's strategy is to use the power of his weapons to overwhelm the enemy.

 For starters, he disabled seven monsters in the first ten seconds of contact.

 Crush their heads.
 Crush their arms.
 Break a leg.
 Crush their eyes.
 Take away their weapons.
 And they dare not kill.
 It takes away your mobility, your ability to think, your cards.
 Because of the waste of a move to kill, Skuna did not force to kill monsters except those who used magic.

 The difference between this and the outbreak in the Demon Forest that Amber saved me from a while ago is that the monsters here are not just wizard monsters, unlike there.
 In the previous outbreak, Skuna was exposed to one-sided violence, where they surrounded her and shot at her, forcing her to move around endlessly and forcing her into a situation where she couldn't take any damage.
 For Sukuna, magic was deadly. Even the weakest spells can be wiped out by two shots, and Sukuna's magic defense status is so depleted.
 But this time, thanks to the lack of monsters with long range attacks like magic, Sukuna doesn't have to dodge all of their attacks.
 If they would close the distance between themselves and get into close combat, Sukuna was confident that she could handle as many as she wanted.

 The sound of blows echoed through the large room that had become the battlefield.
 Each time a simple thud, gulp, or crunch sounded, the monster's screams echoed.

'Haha, that feels good ......!

 Sukuna was feeling comfortable in this hellish battle, and the ecstasy on her face never faded.
 It had been less than three minutes since the battle began.
 However, more than ten monsters had already lost their lives, and nearly twenty monsters had been destroyed and were unable to move.

 Even under such circumstances, or perhaps because of such circumstances, Sukuna was trying various things just for the fun of it.

 You can catch a flying Kirabit as if it were a throwing knife and throw it with the Kirabit.
 You try crushing the limbs of a metal bear and using it as a shield.
 You throw a hobgoblin into the mouth of a jewelry box that you thought was trying to catch you by surprise.
 You try ripping off the wings of a butterfly magi you haven't seen in a while and knocking it to the ground.
 I dared to use the throwing knife itself in melee combat, and laughed when I saw it break after three swings.

 The brutality of a young child's ignorance.
 Sukuna was simply exhilarated by this kind of behavior.
 It was as if she was returning to her true self.
 Sukuna was truly enjoying the sensation of releasing the impulses she had been suppressing.

 Skuna twisted the metal bear's neck with muscle strength that didn't match its appearance, and threw it as a magic shield that flew from behind as it disappeared with all of its HP lost.
 The Hobgoblin Mage, who had fired the spell as a complete surprise attack, had no idea that it would be blocked in such a way, and was momentarily confused.
 In the meantime, Sukuna, who had closed the distance behind the metal bear that was already turning back into a polygon, grabbed the hobgoblin mage's head with her bare hands and slammed it into the ground.

'Fragile and fragile.

 Monsters of the magic profession have low physical durability. He crushes its throat with a thrust of his shadow stitch, and then blasts the Petit Golem that was closing in from behind with a swift kick.

''That's 30 and 41.

 It's a good idea to keep an eye on the number of people you've killed and the number of people you've disabled.
 I've been fighting monsters that are easy to hit and destroy as much as possible, while crushing the magicians first.
 The petite golem he had just kicked away was a surprisingly difficult enemy among the monsters he had fought in his frequent rounds.
 After all, it has a simple amount of tough HP.
 Its movements are slow, but its blows are heavy, and its defense is naturally high. It was the opponent I had been most careful to keep my distance from in the crowded battle we had just had.

It's not like it matters when the area is this big.

 You can find a lot more than half of the monsters have been disabled in 10 minutes, and even the monsters are not able to get close enough to Skuna.
 Most of the long range attackers have already been destroyed, and the remaining ones have been blinded or throttled, and are in no condition to cast magic or arrows.
 This is a contradiction in terms, since the monster should always have the numerical advantage, but even if multiple monsters attacked, it would work in the Sukuna's favor.

'Hey, aren't you coming?

 As a result of defeating so many monsters in a short period of time, Sukuna looks around at all the monsters in the large room with damage effects and red polygons representing death.
 If you attack them carelessly, you'll end up like all the other monsters that have fallen so far. It's a good thing that you've got a good idea of what you're doing.
 I'm not sure if you've heard of it or not, but I'm sure you've heard of it.
 He simply breaks the limbs or crushes the eyes and throat to stop them from moving, but there are still nearly 40 monsters lying on the ground.
 If we don't take care of them when we can, we can't deny the possibility that we might lose our footing unexpectedly.
 In any case, now that the monsters were at a standstill, there was no better way to pass the time than to dispose of them.

 In the event you've got any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, we're here to help.
 The Hobgoblin High Archer. It's the highest-ranked monster in this monster house, and appears before Griffith in the field.
 He desperately endured the humiliation of having his own people ruthlessly buried and used as shields, hiding behind many monsters, hoping for just one chance to catch Skuna off guard.

 He drew his bow, which was more powerful than the goblin archer's, and was about to fire a skilled shot that would weave through the monsters.
 A silver weapon pierced the line of fire that had passed through it for a moment, just a little too quickly.
 The hobgoblin high archer was startled by the sudden loss of the right half of his vision, and unconsciously shot the arrow he was holding in the wrong direction, shooting the hobgoblin ally in the back of the head and through the brain.

'I've been on the lookout for you since the beginning, haven't I?

 Slipping through the crowd of monsters standing to protect him, Skuna gouged out the left eye of the confused hobgoblin high archer.
 In the pitch-black darkness, the hobgoblin high archer regretfully meets the same fate as his compatriot.

'Fifty-one and twenty-eight... Yeah, we're getting low.

 After defeating the High Archer and looking around, Skuna knocked down the legs of the petite golem that had come close again, then stomped on it as if its head were embedded in the ground.
 She smiled at the petit golem, which was twitching its limbs, and swung her Shadow Stitch a few times to remove its HP.

'Well, I guess I'm done.

 Looking at the crowd of monsters that no longer seemed to have the will to fight, Sukuna stretched out.
 Her HP gauge was down only about 30%, and it was hard to believe that she had dealt with 111 monsters.
 His only chance to win the battle had been crushed beforehand, and there was no way he could beat Sukuna, who had raised her level during the fight.

'Yeah, that was fun, I guess.

 Sukuna said with a much more refreshed smile after defeating the last remaining Metal Bear with a "smack" than she had before she started fighting.
 Total battle time, 25 minutes. In just that amount of time, Skuna was able to annihilate the monster house.