150-at the end of a life-and-at the end of one's strug...

 The first time I screamed, I was a beehive, and I thought.
 The first thing I should do is to take away the enemy's weapons.
 Knives and firearms are not enough for me to win, and I need to get a gun from a soldier.

 The second time I tried, I didn't even have a survival knife on me. Of course, I died in a daze.
 Isn't the difficulty level of this military combat simulation a bit strange?

 The third time, I was in just a jersey, not even camouflage.
 The fourth time, the stage switches from the jungle to the city.
 The fifth time, I succeeded in getting a gun for the first time and killed about 100 people.
 From the sixth time onward, I was able to rob the gun without fail, but I couldn't compete with the quantity.

 He kept trying for seven hours. On my 22nd attempt, I finally came close to hunting down the last soldier.


 I kept killing soldiers, dying, and restarting, and my tension was broken by the level of difficulty, so I threw my out-of-bullet assault rifle at the last soldier I had cornered.


 Gush! The muzzle of the rifle pierced the soldier's face with a sound.
 He followed it up with a dropkick, and as a result, the assault rifle pierced the soldier's head.
 This is the thousandth man.
 Out of the corner of my eye, I saw "Game Clear! appeared at the edge of my field of vision, and I fell to the ground, unable to land on my feet.

'Oh, ......, I'm so tired.

 I can't even move my arms and legs anymore.
 It was my 22nd attempt, and I had finally killed all 1,000 of them.
 I've been trying for a long time without a break, and I just wanted to rest.

'Noooooo......, I'm back.'

 As I crawled on the ground groaning, the scenery suddenly returned from the city to the VR dojo. I guess this is the original stage.
 As I lay on my back, thinking that this is better than the concrete in the city, I suddenly felt the presence of people in the dojo. I wondered if someone had just logged in.

'Good work.


'This brings back memories. I haven't played it recently, but it's been updated a lot.'

'Have you played it before, Rin-chan?

'As a tester. I set the difficulty at random, so it was pretty hard, right?

 As I said this, I grabbed the hand that was held out to me and got up.
 Looking at Rin-chan's bitter smile, this simulation must have been quite an arduous task.
 I even tried to die and finally cleared it. .......

'Well, as for me, I'm glad I was able to convince myself that Nana would definitely be a force to be reckoned with.

'For the upcoming tournament?'

'That's right. This simulation can be used to practice VR shooting. Although, I've never seen a game where the opponent has a team of a thousand people.'

'What the hell is that?

 A team of a thousand players, isn't that a war game or something?

'Where's Toki-san?

'Your mother was at work a while ago. It's a weekday, so she had to make time for me.'

'I see.

 After all, it was a sudden visit, and she spent a lot of time with us since this morning.
 Even though it was a rough treatment, my aversion to hurting people was undeniably gone, and I should be grateful.

'So, did it work?

'Well, I've gotten used to killing ...... people, haven't I?

'Hmm, that's noisy.

 Maximum results with minimum effort.
 I'm well aware of such a highly efficient way of killing.
 Since Lin-chan is laughing as she says it, she doesn't seem to think that it's even a little bit dangerous.

'Well, let's go down now. Light and Ron are waiting for dinner.

'Oh, it's that time already? Oh, it's just dinner time.'

 After visiting the tomb in the morning and talking with Ron, we had been fighting for seven hours straight, so it was just time for dinner.
 As for me, I skipped lunch, and because I had been fighting with my head all the time, I was frankly hungry.
 I wanted to eat soon. So I did as Lin urged and logged out.


 As we ate a meal that was three times as large as breakfast, we talked about what had happened today.
 By the way, I was the only one who ate a lot of rice, while the other four of us ate less.

'What, Nana-sama ......, have you already cleared that one to one thousand?

'Yes, I cleared it just now.

'Well ......, it took me two weeks to clear that difficulty level.'

 Took me two weeks to clear that difficulty level.
 It was a simulation that took me over seven hours to complete, even though I was in great shape, using my full abilities and my best weapons.
 When I played it, I thought that it was clearly not difficult enough for a normal person to complete.

 All in all, I feel that Toka-chan is a really talented girl.
 She's smart and good at sports. She always excelled in her practical subjects.
 Unlike Rin, who is completely useless at sports, and me, whose diapers are not so good, Toka-chan has a very high average of overall ability.
 And today, I also found out that she has a further plus: she has a high aptitude for full dives.
 She is literally an honor student. That's why she tends to be a little less impressive than the other children of the Takashou family, who tend to specialize in a single skill. .......

'It took me almost a month, so you should be proud of yourself. I'm not a fan of that kind of thing that forces you to do something with a lot of stuff.

 Rin-chan frowned as she said this. Well, Rin's motor skills are atrocious, so even if they're a little better in virtual space, she's probably not very good at that kind of thing.
 In fact, I also had a hard time until I got the hang of flying around the city.
 Once I got the hang of acrobatic movements, it was much easier, and that's probably where Rin got stuck.

'I'm confident I won't be able to clear it at all.

'Ron, I don't think you should say that with a smug look on your face.

'Because my identity is in my weakness.

 Mr. Ron laughed as he opened his big mouth and chewed on the meat.

'So, did the simulation pay off?

'I'm okay with killing people now.'

 Hearing Toki-san's question, I remembered the time when I was doing the simulation and told him that I was used to killing people in the virtual space.

'Oh, and ............'.

 One more thing.
 I was at a loss for words when I tried to say something I had noticed during the simulation.
 Probably not a bad thing, but ...... I wasn't sure if I should tell him that fact or not.

'Hmm? What's going on?'

'Uh ...... no, it's nothing. Don't worry about it.'

'Really? Well, I won't ask too many questions.'

 Lin-chan let me off the hook for my blatant deception. I could feel her trust in me, and it made me a little happy.
 Toka-chan, however, was not so sure.
 Perhaps it's because she's at an inquisitive age, but she was a little more interested in the conversation.

'Nana-sama, if you say so, I'm curious about it!

'No, it's really not a big deal.

'No, no, you've grown up to be able to act in a suggestive manner. Toka, the mature thing to do here is to not ask. ......'

'You always act like you're the oldest, Ron-sama! Even though you're the smallest!

'Hey, geez, that's war!

 Ron-san, who is shorter than me, and Tohka-chan, who is over six feet tall.
 Isn't that war 100% Ron's to lose?

 Even though I was thinking that, I didn't dare to go into it because I noticed that Ron had digressed.
 Rin-chan and Toki-chan also gave me a quiet look, and then devoted themselves to their meals, refusing to say anything.

 In the end, Ron was defeated by his height, and lay down on his desk with Toka proud of her victory. Nameless.