76-one's career as a blacksmith

'Hmmm, ...... not so good, ......'

 I stand the prototype in a corner of my workshop and sigh.
 Although I had secured the specifications as requested by the client, the sword turned out to be neither more nor less than that.

 As a businessman, I suppose there is nothing wrong with that. However, I am a forging craftsman. What I want to make is always a weapon with the highest and best specifications.

'I'm not interested in making swords. ......'

 It may be unbecoming of a smith, but I don't really like making swords.
 It's not that I don't like it, but I just don't feel like doing it. When I make a sword, I try to take it seriously, but if you ask me if I put everything into it, I'd say no.
 Somehow I managed to suppress my sigh and hammered on the last order of the day.
 Although the performance of the system is slightly improved by this action, to put it bluntly, if you specify the materials and activate the skill, you can create a reasonable product in a flash.
 The reason why I don't do that is my own obsession.
 I believe that wielding a hammer in front of a furnace is the work of a smith, even if I know that it can be produced instantly.

 However, there are times when I use a method that is commonly called "simple production.
 This is because, with simple manufacture, you can reproduce a weapon that has been made once. It is like a recipe for cooking. If you prepare the exact same materials, you can create a weapon with the same performance as the one you once created. The same is true for armor and accessories.
 Conversely, if you have not created a weapon before, you cannot use the simple crafting method. If you want to expand your repertoire as a smith, you have to wield a hammer in front of the furnace.
 Even so, for items such as throwing items, where quantity and uniform quality are important, it is better to mass produce them by simple fabrication.
 Although it's not my field, I've heard that potions can be unprofitable unless you use different production methods for development and sales.

 It took me about ten minutes. I hung up the large sword I had made on the shelf and left the workshop.
 Even in my house, where most of the space is occupied by the workshop and warehouse, I have at least a space to rest.
 I had more than 20 production orders today, so I've been pounding steel for nearly four hours straight, and I'm exhausted.

'Hmm, ...... even though the event is coming up, ...... I'm tired of all this uninspired production. ......'

 I want to make a bashing weapon.
 I've been thinking about it for a long time.
 It reminds me of a player I met about a week ago.
 It was the first time I killed a Named player solo. He was a demon of player skills, using a minor race of demons, preferring to use striking weapons, and mastering the unpopular skill of throwing.
 I remember that even I laughed when I saw him using a playful item called "bronze" that I gave him as a test in battle.
 After that, he seemed to use the iron balls I sold him even better than the weights, and I can't think of a better time to be a smith.

 It was a bit of a shock that the Kugelschreiber was destroyed in less than half a day, but the one we fought was the "murder princess," one of our top customers.
 In addition, I heard that she had fought an unidentified Named, so I didn't think to blame her for that.
 She still seemed to be using her masterpiece, Meteor Impact Type Zero, a little bit, and she also showed off her Heavy Metal Gauntlet well enough.

 I can think of a lot of weapons that would suit her. A melee weapon like a blackjack, or a special weapon like a nunchaku or a tricep.
 Since she seems to have taken the two-handed cudgel skill, making a simple, sturdy "stick" is also a good idea.

 A two-handed mace, not a hammer type like Meteor Impact Zero, but a legitimate mace type would look good. No, on the contrary, a weapon like a weight would also look great. It would be very interesting to have him wield it with both hands.
 A whip would also be nice. I'm sure she'll handle it with ease. It's a technical but very flexible weapon, and the whip is easy to cut with.
 If you can get that skill that was just discovered, I'd like to make a "twin club", and if you can get that, I can make a "thing" ......!

 But most frustrating of all is that her favorite weapon is a store-bought metal rod.
 If I could give her my own special metal rod instead of those mass-produced ones, she would be able to fight much harder and more beautifully.
 That's right, today I will design a metal rod. It should be more destructive than the light steel alloy metal rod she's using now.
 How about using impact steel and fire materials to create an impact at the moment of impact?
 The endurance consumption will increase, but the destructive power of each blow should jump by almost double. You can secure durability by placing heavy metal at the core of ......, but if you do that for every blow, the speediness of the battle will disappear. I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out.

 As I was scribbling down the specifications on the blueprint, I heard a knock at the front door.
 There were no visitors scheduled, though. Thinking that, I went to the front door and opened it.

'Well, well, well. ...... Well, well, well, here comes the man-in-waiting. ......'

'What are you talking about?

 The person standing at the end of the door was a black-haired demon wearing a red rust-colored kimono.
 To be honest, I couldn't contain my excitement at the appearance of the player who had been stirring up my fantasies.

'Well, okay, ...... long time no see, Haruru.

'Yeah, it's been a while,......, Sukuna-san.'


'In other words, you want more than one weapon for the ...... event, is that correct ......?'

'Yes. I've got all kinds of materials.

'Oh, you can also bring in your own materials ......, that's a bit cheaper .......'

 Last time, we had to charge a lot of money because we took care of all the materials and processing, but if you can prepare the materials, it's a different story.

'Good. I've brought this much today.

 I waited expectantly as he fiddled with the menu card with a smile on his face.

'This is it.

'...... Oh my god, .......'

 The amount of material that Sukuna-san presented was so large that it would be a weight problem for him to carry alone.

'More than 40 heavy metal ingots...... how could you bring them......'

'I've only increased my strength since then. But it was still heavy.

'Whoa ......, that's a bold move ......'

'Also, do you think you can use these materials?'

 Sukuna's focus was on the two attribute materials.
 The crimson jewel and the water dragon crystal.
 Although I have knowledge of both, I probably can't use the crimson jewel right now. The Crimson Jewel is a key item for combining metal materials with fire materials, and does not itself possess the fire attribute.
 No, of course, it would be a different story if Sukuna had fire materials, but according to my information network, no fire materials powerful enough to use this item have been found at present.
 If that's the case, then the red metal that was mixed in with the other materials will be enough, and the rare item should be left behind.
 On the other hand, water dragonglass is not useless because it has high water attribute, but it is incompatible with metal materials.
 When I explained this, Sukuna-san showed me some new monster materials.

'Do you have any that I can use?

'It's not impossible, but ...... to be honest, I think it's best not to use it right now. ......'

'I see. That's fine then. It's a rare material, so I wanted to ask Haruru about it.

 Perhaps he hadn't expected so much, but Skuna-san didn't show much disappointment.
 I can understand why you would want to use a rare material as soon as you get it, but unlike an all-in-one named material, this kind of material is not complete in itself.
 However, unlike the all-in-one named materials, this kind of material is not complete by itself. Well, the named materials are only excellent materials if they don't have the key "soul".
 Her hair ornament is probably the embodiment of the Soul, but I'm curious as to what kind of effect it has on her.

 I myself made the Mellow Rapier, a fine sword of temptation. I know how much of a crazy effect the Named "soul" has.
 Considering that the recipe for the simple production was not refined, production using the 《Spirit》 must have some special meaning.
 However, when I made it, no hihiirokane appeared. The same is true for the other two, and I wonder if it's a difference between weapons and armor, but it was quite a strange story.
 However, the higher the rarity of a material, not just metal, the more powerful the effect.
 It is not strange to want to know what kind of effect was given to the highest grade of metal, Hihiirokane.

'Well, ......, I have a few suggestions for you this time. ......'


 I've been fantasizing about a lot of things until just now, but if Sukuna-san is actually going to come and leave such a large amount of material for me, there are some things I'd like to try.

'Yes,......, there are many striking weapons that I would like you to use,......, but this event is a dungeon event, so.... ...I can't make anything too long... ......'

'Yes, you're right. It's not impossible to use it, but it should be small enough to hold in one hand.

'So, you see ......, I'm going to use the heavy metal you brought this time to refine ...... "Over Heavy Metal"... ...'

'Overheavy metal?

 Overheavy metal. It is an ultra-dense heavy metal that can only be refined by melting a large amount of heavy metal, which is dense and heavy even by itself, and removing even fewer impurities as much as possible.
 The refining process requires a high level of "smith" skill, and if it fails, only garbage will be produced.
 If you can refine two or three of them using 10 Heavy Metal Ingots, you are good. If you want to make a weapon, you need to collect 20 heavy metal ingots, and because it is much heavier than heavy metal, almost no one can carry it.
 However, its durability and attack power increased dramatically, and aside from its extreme weight, it was the most suitable material for striking weapons at the moment.

'It takes two Heavy Metal Ingots to make one Overheavy Metal. ...... I have a refining success rate of about 50%, so ......40 would be good if we could refine 10 Overheavy Metals in total. If you can refine 10 overheavy metals, you're good. ......'

'Is that enough to make a weapon?

'If you have five, you can certainly make one. ......'

'Yes, then please. I'll leave it to Haruru.

 Very easily, Sukuna-san transferred the heavy metal to me.
 I hadn't even signed the contract yet.

'Um, Sukuna-san, ...... is there a contract with you?

'Oh, I forgot. Hmm, but you can't refine overheavy metal for sure, right? Then it's fine if it can be refined.'

 That's true. However, don't they have insurance against ruining all the heavy metal?
 Contracts are not necessarily made only when the armor is created. It is only to confirm the agreement of both parties.

'Hmm? What's wrong?'

 She looked at me with such an expression that she didn't know why I was puzzled.
 Maybe she's the type of person who doesn't think too much about doubting people. Rather than trusting unconditionally, she is the type of person who can quickly give up and cut the other person off if they betray her.
 That's why I can make friends with strangers without hesitation. On the other hand, he probably doesn't care much about cutting them off.
 If you take him seriously, he will treat you as a very nice person and become a good friend. He has a good sense of humor and is not a bad person.
 However, if you lose trust in him, the connection will be broken. In a sense, he is kind, but in another sense, he may have a very dry mental structure.

'Anyway, I want you to make a gold bar. Other than that, I guess it's just a matter of a few over-heavy metals.

'Yes, I think it will be ....... ......'

'Ok. Then, can you send me a message when the refining is done?

'Ok, ...... let's communicate via message again about the detailed weapon creation, ...... the delivery of weapons is also fine via message... ...'

 When I said that, Ms. Sukuna tilted her head.

'Hey, is it possible to deliver weapons via message?

'On the contrary, why did you think I couldn't do it ......?

'No, you see. That girl came all the way to Dualis the other day for Lowe's. I thought I had to meet her in person to deliver it.

'Oh, ...... he's a bit special, you know ......'.

 I understood the reason for Sukuna's question, but as for the murderess, she was set to not accept messages in the first place. By the way, you can send messages from there.
 That's why I have to go out of my way to send and receive messages from outside Dualis.

 How do you determine the timing of delivery? If you ask me, I just decide the timing of the delivery when I see him. Also, since we're friends, I can tell if you're logged in or not.
 'If you're logged in, you're not busy anyway, right? I can't remember the last time someone said that to me so nonchalantly, and at that time I lost all my strength.
 I don't mind him because he pays well and delivers materials, but he's the type of player I'd rather not play with if there's no profit in it.
 Well, it's one of the good things about the game that you can get involved with people like that.

It's a good thing that you can get involved with people like that. If so, you shouldn't stay too long in the Dualis,.......'

'I don't know. ...... Yeah, I think I'll go back to Fierce as soon as possible then.

'Please do so. ...... Oh, but, ...... throwing weapons, if you're out, please refill them. ...... I'll take your money, though. Hey ......'

'Hmmm, I have a lot of money.'

 Sukuna said happily, and bought most of the throwing items I had prepared.
 To be honest, he was the only one who would buy them, so I didn't want to have any left over.

'Well, I'll see you next time!

'Take care, ......'.

 Skuna-san, who had bought me a weapon in addition to many other items, waved cheerfully and left in high spirits.
 Looking at her back, I had a feeling that today would be a very good day.

'Well, ......, let's start refining the over-heavy metal while looking for the third group of promising candidates. ......'

 Work is work. I raised the temperature of the furnace to more than double the usual level and threw the ingot of heavy metal that had been given to me into the furnace.