116-Battle of the Apostles: Starlight


Item: Evening Darkness (Yoyami)
Rarity: High Rare, PM
Attribute: Gravity
Required Strength Value: 295
Attack Power: +139
Endurance: 506/506
Category: "Striking Weapon", "One-Handed Mace", "Dark Weapon
When the night falls, the world itself hangs its head.
Is it man or demon that loves the darkness of night, or the fangs of a beast that melts into the wind?
Death to all who live and blessing to the sleeping baby.
Let us play the night that never ends, so that the sun never rises on the world.


Item: Kage Nui
Rarity: Rare, PM
Required Strength: 208
Attack Strength: +82
Endurance: 1870/2005
Category: "Striking Weapon" "One-handed Mace
Even if the blow is dodged, its impact can sew even shadows. A heavy blow that melts in the darkness of night, it is a blow of destruction that cannot be endured.

--We're not going to duck.

 Although Haruru had spent two whole days skipping out on other requests to create the Nightfall, there was little difference in appearance between it and the Shadow Stitch.
 The only differences between the two are their color and size.

 However, its performance is tremendous. In particular, the required muscle strength and attack power have increased to such an extent that it is almost laughable.
 On the other hand, the durability has been reduced. Compared to Kagewumi, which had a durability of over 2000, it is only about 500, so the difference is obvious.
 Still, the durability is much higher than that of ordinary weapons.

 Nevertheless, even with these upgrades, it is clear that the performance of the Yoigami is an extension of the Kagewumi.
 Because of this, the Yoimami is already very comfortable in Sukuna's hands. It's also a great way to make sure that you're getting the most out of your investment.
 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for and what you need to do to get it.

 In the event you're not sure what you're looking for, you'll be able to find out more about it here.
 It's faster than the first gauge. However, the attack itself was large, making it easy for Sukuna to avoid.
 From here on, he must use all his nerve to hold this monster here.
 Drago made eye contact with me when I got off the giant dragon's back.
 He's probably trying to set something up. Knowing this, Sukuna concentrates on keeping the hate he has gathered.

 Suddenly, a chill runs down Sukuna's spine.

 Leaping on instinct, Sukuna saw the place where he had been standing destroyed by 'something invisible' that attacked him a few moments later.

I wonder what happened?

 Skuna landed on the cracked scaffolding and pondered the phenomenon caused by the giant dragon.
 (What happened?) I didn't get a good look at it because I evaded it almost reflexively, but where did the attack come from?

(Probably near the head. (Probably near the head, which means the eyes, mouth, or horns?

 I looked at the destruction marks and calculated the angle of fire. The position of the giant dragon has already changed, but Sukuna guessed that the attack was probably fired from around the head.
 It's true that Sukuna's attention was focused on both arms because he had been interrupted mainly by the striking and cleaving movements of both arms.
 It was a little different from eye guidance, but it was definitely guiding his consciousness.
 It's not that I'm deviating from the system's chains, but this giant dragon is still smart enough to put together a fight.
 I'll fight with that in mind from now on.
 Thinking this, Sukuna saw the giant dragon's mouth waver slightly.

'I see.

 As he moved away from the giant dragon's mouth to avoid standing in front of it, something invisible pierced the place where Sukuna had been.
 Seeing the attack that left the same destructive marks as before, Sukuna was convinced.
 That mysterious attack was probably some kind of breath.
 There were several possible reasons for its invisibility, but the simplest one was that it was releasing the air itself as breath.
 Just as the wind is invisible to our eyes, we cannot catch it with our eyes.

 It is also possible that it is emitting mysterious energy.
 It could be purely magical, or it could be something that should be called a 'wave motion' as the name of the giant dragon implies.

 In any case, it is a nasty technique.
 There must be a preliminary movement for the attack, but we don't know it at the moment.
 I could barely dodge it because I could see the dust in the air wavering, but I doubt it will work more than once.

I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.

 The first thing to do is to relearn the attack movements of the giant dragon.
 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

''Shoot through, pierce, the claws of the eagle lion that runs through the blue sky.

 Drago, holding the Sky Sword Azure, activated his buff skill.
 Rare skill "Gryphon's Claw". It was an activatable buff skill, similar to the "Hungry Wolf" skill that Sukuna had obtained against the Red Wolf.
 Its effect was to "double the damage of the attack immediately after activation, up to a total of three times.
 So, from now until three shots. Drago's sword fights turned into the power of destruction.

 Seeing Sukuna shave off almost a whole HP bar of the giant dragon with 54 super-strikes, Drago was frankly amazed.
 It had been said for a long time that the "bare-knuckle fighting" skill was for use against boss monsters, but he hadn't expected the firepower to be that high with the "tenfold cherry blossom" skill.
 The raid boss's total HP was only 1/6 of the raid boss's total HP, and he was able to cut it down by himself. I have to say that it was pure monster firepower.
 And when Drago saw this, he thought to himself.

I'd like to try my hand at maximum firepower with everything I've got.

 Was it gamer's nature, or just simple curiosity?

 I'm not sure if it's because I've never had the chance to use the most powerful sword that's been synonymous with me, or if it's because I want to put it to use here.
 In any case, now is the best time for you to take advantage of the hate that's focused on Sukuna.
 You'll be able to find a lot more information on this topic on the web.

'It's not like me, .........'

 Drago muttered, and swung his big blue sword to start recharging his MP.
 It is the most powerful art that Drago can use right now, which can be obtained with a proficiency level of over 800.
 It requires the use of his MP to activate, and takes a few seconds to activate.

 A blue light surrounds Drago's entire body and illuminates the field.
 The light is so extreme that even the giant dragons are momentarily frightened.
 In the center of it, Drago swings his greatsword down. With all his MP, he unleashes his most powerful art.

''[Starlight Slasher]!

 A massive sword pressure filled with destructive energy runs through the earth.
 Yes, this art is not a melee art.
 It is an art for long-distance attacks, slicing through everything in the line of sight of the downed greatsword.

 The giant dragon hesitates for a moment in the face of the oncoming slash.
 In the event that you've got a lot of time, you may want to take a look at the following.
 The giant dragon, which had been led to the front by Sukuna, who had noticed Drago's signal, had no choice but to face the slash head-on.


 A direct hit from Drago's most powerful arts caused the giant dragon to let out a clear scream.
 The two horns that had grown on its head were snapped off by the blow.
 The HP gauge had been wiped out by 50% with just one blow, and the giant dragon's HP had finally been reduced by less than half.
 Even though it wasn't as powerful as Sukuna's attack, Drago felt a certain sense of accomplishment as he was able to unleash a tremendously powerful attack.

 Still, Drago, and all the members of the raid party, were not letting their guard down.
 The second HP gauge had been broken. Then, everyone was on the lookout for the 'surge' to come again.
 Sukuna had retreated to the edge of the field as fast as he could after guiding the giant dragon against Drago's attack, and Tetsuya had gone to protect his attacker, who had no means of defense.
 Soramaru, anticipating the maximum firepower that his clan leader would unleash, was also calling out for stray wizard players to evacuate in advance.
 It may have been unexpected that the second gauge was instantly broken by the onslaught of Sukuna and Drago, but everyone was still trying to prepare for the next attack.

 However, as if to ridicule everyone's caution.
 The giant dragon, 'without any preliminary movements', scattered waves of destruction from its entire body.

'What the ......!

 I'm not sure who in the raid party said those astonishing words.

(Oh no, I can't guard in time. ......)

 Drago realized that he couldn't guard himself with his greatsword in time and shut his eyes.
 The storm of destruction laid waste to the field, destroying everything in its path.


 You're not dead.
 That was the first thought that came to Drago's mind when he opened his eyes.
 His HP was down a bit, but the damage was too low for a wave to have hit him at close range.

'...... You're a very caring person~'


 The one standing between Drago and the giant dragon as if to protect him was Erumi, the swordsman of the Round Table.
 It was the first time I had ever seen such a thing. It was clear to Drago.

'No, it's me, isn't it? ...... You shouldn't do anything you're not used to. ......'

 Drago could not reply to Erumi's self-deprecating words.
 What a jerk. How can I end up doing nothing in this situation? Erumi laughed at her own inadequacy.

 Leo was dead. That fact had given Erumi a tremendous shock.
 First place at the round table. That title might be temporary, but at that moment, Leo was the strongest of the Round Table, aside from Arthur.
 Erumi had always worked with Leo because she believed that he could cover for her unrestrained nature.

 In a way, Erumi was even more upset than Sukuna was at that time. And Erumi had no one like Rinne to calm her down.
 What's more, Leo, who usually played that role, had already died.

 It was as if she had been in a dream.
 It was as if he was in a dream all the time, even while Sukuna was striking repeatedly and Drago was striking a killing blow.
 But just before the giant dragon unleashed its wave of destruction, Erumi, who was wandering around the field, happened to be near Drago.
 She had a bad feeling about this, so she moved to protect Drago, who was closest to her.

'I'm sorry, I can't do anything. I'll leave the rest to you~'

'...... Ah, okay.'

 Drago nodded vigorously to Erumi, who laughed weakly and then disappeared as if a bubble had broken.
 But fate was too cruel to trample on the girl's wishes.

 Drago grabbed his sword and was about to stand up when he heard what sounded like a scream from Sukuna.



 His surprise was short-lived.
 Drago's body was torn apart by the giant dragon's claws, which broke free from the rigidity that had lasted only a few seconds.
 Drago, whose avatar was equally divided by the number of claws, disappeared without even leaving a word.
 The only thing that spoke eloquently of Drago's death was the celestial sword that fell to the ground with a clang .......