67-the master of a round table

'I was worried about you, you know.'

I'm sorry.

 I made my first apology to Toka-chan, who looked like she was about to start crying, and once again felt sorry for what I had done.
 It was the first time I had slept for more than a whole day, so I was actually quite surprised.

'But I envy you, Sister Lin, for being able to watch Sister Suk sleep.

'......? What do you mean?

'Aren't you aware of it? Sister Suk, you never sleep when there's someone awake around you. Sister Lin said it wasn't so bad when she was little.

 At Tohka's words, I tilted my head.

'Didn't you once choke your brother Ren in his sleep when he came to wake you up?

'Hmm, I don't remember that.

'If you were asleep, there's no way you'd remember. ....... At that time, he was still only defending himself in his sleep. At some point, no one but Sister Lin could see Sister Suk's sleeping face. ......'

 Hmm, it's true that it's been a long time since I've slept unprotected in front of anyone other than Rin-chan.
 Well, in the first place, I haven't been with anyone for the past few years.

 By the way, the name Ren-sama that Toka-chan is referring to is the name of Rin's real brother. His real name is Takajyo Renya.
 He's so cool that even Rin calls him 'the best looking brother'.

 His influence is so great that even when he was a child, just walking around the neighborhood, he would find himself in a crowd before he knew it, and he spends most of his life in disguise to avoid trouble.
 By the way, it's not a metaphor to say that he is extremely good-looking, but he is basically a person whose specs except for his looks are disappointing.

 However, he is very kind. His generosity of spirit is probably the best among Rin's siblings.
 If he lived a normal life, he might be caught in a scam or something, but that is the Takashou family. They are taking all possible measures to protect him.
 He is now concentrating on acting, and is so famous that even I have seen him on TV in the street.

 Incidentally, Mr. Ren is the second son. His eldest son, Takashou Shiran, is a superhuman who is said by Rin to have 'all the stats'.
 He is a very capable person, with a schedule that seems to be set up every second in real life.
 I haven't seen either of them for about 10 years now. Both of them are quite old.

'I wonder if Ron-san is doing well.

'Sister Ron is ...... I'm not sure either. I think she's still traveling around the world.

 The person who can be called an older sister to all three of us, including Rin, is the person I just mentioned, Ron, aka Takajyo Roronri.
 She is the daughter of Rin's father's sister and is a cousin to Rin.
 She was a mysterious person who would suddenly disappear and come back with a lot of money and rare animals.

 I remember that I had only met him just before I started living alone. Thanks to meeting Toka-chan, Saku-chan, and other people I never thought I'd meet, my nostalgic memories come flooding back.

 It's been a long time since I've seen her. But now that I'm with Rin, I'm sure we'll meet again sooner or later.
 The falconer's family, parents, siblings, and relatives, all love Rin-chan very much.

'So, you were Shuuya's guest today, right?

'Yes, he's been invited by the Round Table. I've already contacted them, so I'll take you to the clan house.

'Thank you. ...... Hmm? Are you sure you're not lost, Toka-chan? Are you okay?

'No, I'm fine!

'I'm getting a little nervous.'

 Suddenly I remembered that Toka-chan had no sense of direction, and I felt uneasy, so I asked her, but she looked away slightly.
 Thus, with some uneasiness, we headed for the clan house of the clan "Knights of the Round Table".


'So, Nushi is a Skuna, huh?

'Ah, yes.

 In front of the young beastman girl who crossed her arms with a smug face, I was at a loss for a response.

'I'm Arthur, the leader of the Clan Knights of the Round Table. It's nice to meet you!

'I'm Skuna. I see, you are the leader.

 In terms of height alone, she looks like a schoolgirl. It seems that she is the leader of this clan, even though her body is much smaller than that.
 Although I was a little surprised, I used the honorific expression for the big people, based on the theory of honorifics, and was met with a "cross" mark in front of my face.

'Honorifics are fine. You're the same age as Rinne, aren't you? Then I'm much younger than you! Gahahahaha!

'I'll do it then, A-chan.


 You seem to be surprised, but I wonder what you're surprised about.
 However, if she is much younger than you, she might really be as small as she looks.
 The target age of this game is much younger, because it is not a horrible game where blood is spilled.
 Well, even if you're not of that age, you can set your avatar's appearance as you like.

'Well, that's okay. Let's just allow Nushi to have a special one.

'......? Thanks?

'Gosh. But what do you know, Sukuna is really not intimidating. I can sense the aura of the strong, or something like that.

'Aura: ......'

 Maybe it's because her equipment is made of cloth. Aria's equipment is a rust-colored kimono, so she looks surprisingly chic.
 Or is it because she's not very tall? I've never had a problem with short stature, but it's true that big people can be intimidating.
 It doesn't make me happy when people say I'm intimidating, but when they say I'm not intimidating, I don't know what to say.

'Arthur, the strongest of the Round Table, is the least intimidating.

'Miss Toka! If you say that, you're finished! And please share your height with me!

'No, you can't, it's my identity.

 When Aa and Toka, who are no taller than 140 centimeters and over 190 centimeters respectively, stand together, the imbalance is overwhelming.
 There's a huge difference in height. Well, there are hardly any men who are bigger than Toka-chan, so Toka-chan is the one who is out of scale.

'You two get along well, don't you?

'Because Miss Toka is a definite supporter to have in your party! I hired her for a while before I came to Fieas.

'I owe her for teaching me how to read the map so carefully.

'Oh, I see.

 I know what you mean, Aa-chan. I was also indebted to Toka-chan for the armored mount gorilla battle.
 But what Toka-chan says somehow disturbs the timeline. ...... Has it been that long since Toka-chan was able to see the map?

You can see what you're thinking. I and Toka are 'riaomo'. It's like the relationship between Nushi and Rinne.

'Oh, I see. So you're saying that you were taught how to read a map a long time ago.

'Hmm. We met about six years ago at .......'

'Oh, I think that's enough.

'What? I've been working on this story for a long time, and it's really moving.

'By the way, Arthur-san is two years younger than me.'

'Oh, so you really are quite a bit younger.

I'm sure you've heard of it, but I've never heard of it.

 I'm not sure if it's because Toka-chan and I were a little mean to her, but she reacted with some reluctance, while Toka-chan was somehow pleased.
 She seemed to be resigned rather than disgusted, so it might have been one of her familiar jokes.
 I didn't understand why Toka-chan was happy, but since she seemed to be happy, I didn't want to interrupt her.

'That's enough standing around talking. Now that you've visited our clan, let's show you our home.

'By the way, what's your distribution?

'There are distributors among the clan members, you know. There's nothing to hide, so do what you want.'

'All right, let's distribute.

 After getting permission from A-chan, I used the menu card to start streaming, and stepped into the clan home of the Round Table.