128-release and next goal

'Well, to put it simply, you're released.'

'Wow. ......, are you sure you want to do that so easily?

 Kyle explained this to me as we walked down the long stone corridor, having been led out of the prison in handcuffs.

'Don't worry, it wasn't my intention to detain you in the first place. I just wanted to keep you in a safe place in case you started to act up again.

'I see. ......'

 It's true that this place will buy me at least a few minutes of time, even against me in that state.
 In the first place, 《Rage Runaway》 was a skill that I could only use for five minutes. Even if it activates again, if I can gain a few minutes, it might be worth a fortune in itself.

'You certainly went out of control and brought chaos to the city of beginnings. If it weren't for those two heroes, it could have ended very badly.

'Ugh. ......'

 When an NPC who lives in this city says that to me directly, it's quite hard for me to restrain myself.
 To be honest, I still can't shake the feeling that I was dreaming about the time when I was out of control.
 Remembering, mixing ...... up all my emotions and digesting them as destructive impulses.

 I have no regrets about releasing the shackles that have kept her (Chikara) asleep since she was a child. Thanks to her, for the first time in my life, I knew the feeling of being in great shape.
 But I need to reflect on that.
 I was indeed about to become a demon that threatened the people of this city.

'But you still haven't harmed the people of the city of beginnings. And if it weren't for you, the apostles would have descended somewhere else in this world. Or it might have been the city of beginnings.

 I see. Unlike us who knew the details of the event, the NPCs didn't know which city the apostle would attack.
 When I heard Kyle's story, I suddenly thought of such a thing.
 Although Kyle-san in front of me seemed to be quite skilled, it would be impossible for him to defeat the apostles by himself.
 In that sense, I may have accomplished what I needed to do.

 I did destroy the fountain, though.

'As a result, there were no casualties and only a little confusion. Then there's no reason to keep the heroes who risked their lives to defeat the apostles in this place any longer.

 The handcuffs were removed with a clunk.
 Mr. Kyle led me out of the jail in a calm tone throughout.

'Thank you for protecting this world. I hope the next time I see you, you won't be in a jail cell.

 The city of beginnings, lit up by the bright morning sun.
 Kyle said this with a fresh smile on his face, and then went back inside the jail.


'Congratulations! Decriminalized!



'You should be a little more pleased.

 Dressed in my red wolf costume and carrying darkness on my back, I was sightseeing in the city of beginnings for the first time in a long time.
 The orange name for the criminal player has safely returned to the green for normal.

 In all seriousness, it seems that Amber and her team had a bit of a hand in this. It seems that the detention was not for any deep reason, but just in case he started to act out again.
 In any case, I think it was a good story to deliver. In fact, the situation was quite tasty.

 But why do NPCs and players sometimes look at me like I'm a criminal when I'm a criminal?

"You've gone too far.
"It's more of a face thing.
"It's like a cursed birthmark.
"You've got cracks all over your face.
"Honestly, it looks painful.

'What, your face too? You can't see your own face.

 You can't see your own face.' When you caress your face with your hand, you feel that there is indeed a slight groove.
 That's right, I've got something you can use in this situation.

'd*mn, my sealed power is ......'.

'Stop being so real.
"You're really cursed.
"Take care of yourself.
'Grandpa, you've already released the power that was locked away.

'Why are you being so nice all of a sudden?

 Well, I can't blame you for the avatar's appearance.
 Let's just give up what we have to give up.

'I heard that the way to lift the curse lies in a place related to the demon gods, does anyone know?

"I don't know because I haven't played yet.
"What about the demon village?
"What about the shrine we talked about a while ago?
"Isn't it the shrine at the end of Up? I was talking to Master Amber.
The only place I can think of is the demon village.

'Well, I guess you're right. The village of demons and the shrine at the end? I thought the demon village was at the end of Griffith.

 Griffith is the fifth city. Griffith is the fifth city. In other words, it's a city further than Pheas, which is my current highest point.

 In between, there are two huge labyrinths, the "World Tree Cave" and the "Ancient Ruins of the Flame", and we need to spend half a day to tackle them seriously.
 Fierce itself is quite far from the city of beginnings, so even if you're serious, you'll have to spend a whole day to reach Griffith.

 On the other hand, it seems that the Shrine of the End is located in the "Forest of the End", the largest dungeon in the world, just beyond the south gate of the city of beginnings. ......
 This is the place mentioned in the prophecy I heard directly from the drunkard, and I need to reach it in order to proceed with the extra quest, "The Shrine of the End, the Hidden World of Demons", which I had almost forgotten about.
 According to the drunkard, it's the entrance to a magical world full of powerful enemies, so if you're going to take it on, you'll have to brace yourself.
 This seems to be connected to the extra quest "Onihime and Shoukei Kitan" that I received from Amber, both of which end up with the demon god Shugen Doji.

 In fact, I could have challenged the demon's ghost world at level 50 if I wanted to.
 The reason is that the level of proficiency of the "Doji" is over 30, which is the line indicated by Shugen, and as long as it is over that level, I could challenge him at any time.

 But at that level, I was so busy with events and stuff that I didn't have time to go through the extra quests.
 I hadn't even been able to deliver them properly. I've been mentally unstable, so I haven't had much time in the last two weeks.

 If you ask me what I'm doing now, I don't have much time for that either.
 This is because the "Doji" may finally evolve to the next level ...... when it reaches 70, or level 90, in vocational proficiency.

 The drunkard said at that time that he would show his power to the world after reaching level 90.
 I don't know if this means that there will be a quest when you reach level 90, or if you need to get some kind of title, or if you just need to kill monsters.
 I just know that as soon as you reach level 90, something will happen. Maybe it's an evolution, maybe it's a trial. Either way, it's almost there.

 In addition to that, it's hard to challenge a demon world full of strong enemies when your skills and arts are sealed by a curse.
 You can of course go and see if you feel like trial and error,......, but if you get a despena for that, I'll be in a status halved state for 12 hours and you won't get any experience.
 You see, 《Tsukitsubaki no Mondo》 doubles the despena. I've never felt the effect because I rarely die, but it's a nasty demerit.

'I'm curious about the Shrine of the End, but I think I'll go for the Demon Village this time!

"At last!
I've been waiting for you!
"Are you free, Himiko?
"I'm bored to death.

'Oh, Himiko-san, thank you.

 This particular comment was made by one of the players of the demon race, Tophen Himiko.
 I met her on the forums for the Onin race, and we've talked occasionally over the forums, but recently she's started to leave comments on my streams.
 In WLO, you can play the game while watching the stream, but if you comment on the stream while playing, your account will be linked and your name will be displayed.
 Ordinary listeners are free to hide or show their names, but players can easily identify them.

'Is it safe this early in the morning?

'No one's logged into the village, they must be bored.
"I'm so lonely.
I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.
"It's practically a collaboration.
"Why don't you just make a call?
"Please understand that I just want to be a listener.

I understand.
"I understand.
"I know.

'But we probably won't get there today. It's too far away.

'You don't use your wings?
'Yes, I do.
'It'll only take a second to get to Pheas.

'Really? What's that?

 When I asked the listeners about the name of the 'wings' item, which they naturally mentioned, they seemed to be referring to the 'Traveler's Wings', one of the store items added in this major update.
 The effect of this item is that it allows you to travel to a town you've visited before when you use it within the realm of human existence, such as a town or village.
 You can't use it in fields or dungeons, and you can't fly to them, but you can cut off all movement between towns, so it's a slight improvement over the problems of WLO, where movement was difficult.
 By the way, the price is 30,000 Iris per unit. It's very expensive for a store-bought product, but it's not a problem if you have my financial resources.

'Do you want to buy a hundred of them?

'Well, you're rich now, aren't you?
'Let's sell the gold.
'Ten million and ten gold bars.
'That's good.

'I mean, why don't you buy some too, Himiko? You can go back to some town, right?'

 I'm not sure if you've ever heard of this, but I'm sure you've heard of it.
 She has been trying to get out of the village seriously every day, but has been dying and getting a penalty.
 Here's a suggestion for her: .......

I'm not sure what to make of that.
I'm not sure what to do.
I'm not sure what to make of it.
"I've got 5,000 Iris to begin with.
"It takes a lot of trial and error to hunt a single monster.

'Hahahaha. Let's buy 10 or so for now. It'll make moving around a lot easier.

 I bought ten Traveler's Wings at the NPC store, which was still unmanned, and took out one of them.
 Although they are called wings, they look like a bunch of white feathers with decorations. It doesn't weigh much, and it says that you can go to the city you want by throwing it after specifying the city you want to go to.
 As it is a rather rare item costing 30,000 Iris, the Traveler's Wings are non-transferable. Even if I go to the demon village, I can't save Himiko.

'Now that I know that I can come to the Shrine of the End if I want to, let's get to Pheasus!

 Maybe it's because I didn't cover all the contents of the big update, or maybe it's thanks to it, but anyway, I found out about the existence of some items that I'm grateful for.

 Grateful for this fact, I threw off my traveler's wings to warp to Pheas.