127-to be imprisoned

'I can't say how it happened, though. ......'

 I muttered to myself on the cold stone pavement.
 It's my fault. I know that.
 But couldn't you have made it a little more ...... compassionate?
 This is so-called .............

'I'm in a dungeon'.

"Grass." "Grass.

'Don't laugh!

 Yes, I was now in a jail cell in the city of beginnings.


'I'm finally off the log-in limit.

 As I ate some pastries for breakfast, I reported my uncontrollable happiness to Rin.
 Yesterday, I enjoyed playing Zero Wars for the first time in a long time, but I still had too much power because I didn't move my body.
 Well, VR games don't change the fact that you can't move your real body. It's the feeling that counts in these things.

'Yeah, I know. You can't wait to dive in, can you?


'We're having guests this evening, so you should be done by six or so.


'I'm going to relax a bit more and then dive.

 She said sleepily, leaning her back against the sofa and closing her eyes.
 It's only six in the morning. If you've been playing around with the demons, you'll know that she's a home-based gamer and her mornings are generally slow, so she probably just wants to sleep.
 Without waking her up, I quickly lay down on the VR machine and started it up quickly.

 And so, about 20 minutes after I woke up, I quickly logged into WLO.
 I was rolled around rather roughly on the cobblestones, and had the indescribable experience of kissing a cold stone.

'The charge is a one-sided attack on an NPC.'

"There's no excuse for this.
"I can't get away with it.
"Didn't it go unanswered?
"The name icon is orange.
"Hey, criminal.

'd*mn, I have no excuse'.

 The point is that the attack on the little girl ......, or Melty in disguise, was treated as a crime.
 Or maybe he hurt an NPC in the aftermath of the fight with Amber.

 The battle with Amber was a consensual battle, so I don't think that counts.

'I guess this is just another experience.

"You look good in your prison uniform.
I'm not sure if that counts.
'It's empty.

'Don't play with people.

 'It's not like I don't have breasts too!

'Do you want to check the results of the raid battle in your spare time?

"Come on, come on.
"Oh, by the way, you were MVP.
You got the last attack, right?
You also got the last attack.
Two-fifths of it.
"You're a runaway distributor.
I'm not sure what "runaway" means.

'Hahahaha ......'

 I'm not sure what to do. I'm not sure if it's because I'm not a big fan of the game, but I'm sure it's because I'm not a big fan of the game.
 Nevertheless, now I feel a strong sense of gratitude that it brought back memories and emotions that I had forgotten.
 In any case, all the tremendous anger I had at the time had been poured out, and I was honestly satisfied to have defeated Ars Nova.

 The most important thing is that the Zekken Ketsu is the most powerful bare-knuckle fighting skill. Now I could feel the excitement of being able to hit him with it.
 In all likelihood, that blow struck while in a state of "rage outburst" would have blown away the giant dragon in a single blow even if its HP was at its maximum.
 The power of [Zekken] is equal to [Tenfold Cherry Blossom] in its fully connected state.
 Without any offensive buffs, 《Jyujyuzakura》 was able to remove 80% of the gauge.
 Since the dead skill buffed his strength by 10 times, 10 times that amount of damage is equivalent to 8 gauges.
 Even with detailed calculations, it was clear that it had the power to kill with a single blow.

 There is a part of me that wants to see that kind of violence again. However, I was also sure that such a day would never come again.

'Well, I'm not even in a decent status right now.

'What's up all of a sudden?
'After all this time, you're still the same as your avatar.
I'm not sure what to do.
"This is a good thing.

'Hmm, I've been cursed by the price of that runaway.'

 Yes, it's not as bad as that time, but my avatar still has black cracks all over its body.

--I'm sorry.

Status Abnormality: Demon Erosion
A curse that punishes those who have fallen victim to evil, and proves that their bodies have been dyed by the power of demons. All status values of magic skills are reduced to 0 and the maximum HP is halved. In addition, all arts cannot be used and all skill effects are nullified. It is said that the Law of Liberation lies in a place with a strong connection to demon gods.

--And so on.

 Well, this is how I am cursed.
 In other words, I have zero MP, Attack, and Defense, and my HP has been reduced by half.
 Personally, I think it's more merciful that my physical skills are not sealed.

 It's a shame that you can't use the gravity attribute of darkness. You need to use MP to activate it.
 I don't know where ...... is, but I honestly felt that I should solve it when I can.

I'm not sure about that, but let's see the results.

"That's not the point.
"I'm too disinterested in my appearance.
I'm comfortable with the Prisoner style.
I think I might even use the iron ball prisoners often wear on their feet as a weapon.
"I hope you get better.

'I guess so.

 The first thing you want to look at is experience and Iris. But I can see your status even without logging in, so I at least know your level.

'At any rate, my level went up from 77 to 86.

"Oh, shit.
No, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
"Is this the ...... MVP of ......?
"It's gonna break the balance.

 Yeah. Whether it was the MVP bonus for the raid battle boss, or the huge amount of experience I originally had, this was the second biggest gain from defeating the giant dragon.
 By the way, Iris got about one million. It's not a small amount, but it's a bit of a letdown since Gordo's experience was so great.
 Still, the huge amount of experience more than makes up for it, though.

I'm grateful for that, because leveling is getting quite difficult. Well, I guess the next step is to get the event ranking reward before the ...... raid boss reward.

 Yes. Rin and I have been working endlessly to get into the event ranking.

'On Server IV, I'm in second place and Lin is in first. In terms of the number of pieces, it seems that there was a difference of two pieces, but ...... Rin-chan still looks good in first place.

It's a shame.
I don't care who's in first place.

"I knew it.
"Well, the rankings were officially released two days ago.
'Awesome enough.

'Well, the rewards themselves are the same up to about 5th place. The only difference is the title? I'd be happy with 4 revival potions and accessories.

 In the event that you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
 That was the revival potion that was the highlight of this event.
 Originally, only the top players in the event ranking would have received this ultra-rare item, but with the distribution of this item, it seems that users had their hands wrapped around their heads.

 In addition to the handouts, the top ranking players also received revival potions for their ranking rewards, so they didn't waste their time going around.
 By the way, the rarity of the revival potions is Epic. It was a genuine rare item, even higher than high rare.

 As for accessories, I got a pair of earrings called "Stardust Earrings". It increases your agility by 20 when equipped.
 This item was distributed to the top 100 players in the rankings, and is one of the most powerful accessories.
 This is the third accessory I've received, joining the choker given to me by Wanda and the hairpin given to me by Drunkard.
 I'm going to take good care of it.

 There are also attribute crystal vouchers, rare mineral vouchers, and so on.
 It looks like I'll be able to exchange stardust shards for another week or so, and I've gotten a lot of things through this event.
 I got a lot of money from Gordo, got a lot of normal to rare items from the shard exchange, got rare items from the ranking rewards, and gained experience from the raid battles.
 And above all, .......

'Named's "soul". It was a drop.'


'She's a raid named, isn't she?

 Is it an MVP reward or a last attack bonus?
 I'm not sure how I got it, because the reward was thrown into my inventory.
 However, it is undoubtedly true that the giant dragon was a named boss monster.
 In addition, I got exactly 30 bonus status points for defeating the Named.
 Since I had already completed the solo and raid, all that remained was the party Named.

 However, the souls of these Named were a little different from other Souls.


Item: Apostle's soul, Diva
Rarity: Named
A soul with great power that is rarely dropped by the Siren's Apostle.
This item cannot be used to create new armor, but can be used to strengthen it. This item cannot be used to create new armor, but can only be used to strengthen armor. The armor strengthened with this item will be forced to become Rare: Named.


 I don't know how to describe it, but it's like a mass-produced "soul". It doesn't inherit any of the characteristics of the giant dragon Ars Nova, it's just a mass of power.
 In addition, it is a material for strengthening, not a formal material for armor. Of course, if you use it to strengthen your armor, you'll still be able to use it to make a name for yourself.
 But it's a nice item for me.

'I think I'll use it to strengthen my red wolf armor.

"I see.
'Hmm, that sounds good.
'Shouldn't it be a weapon?

'Yes, I have the darkness now.'

 To be honest, there's plenty of room for weapons.
 Simply because the more powerful the material and the more money you spend, the stronger the weapon will be.
 However, there are reasons why this is not the case with the Red Wolf Armor.

 First of all, I have not been able to obtain even one material that can strengthen the Red Wolf Armor.
 Even the materials of the High Rare class have not been compatible with the Red Wolf Armor. I don't need to talk about anything less than that, and even if I did, I would have too few Red Wolf materials to strengthen it.
 In such a situation, I really wanted to use this item I got for the red wolf costume. For me, it is my favorite equipment that I can no longer part with.
 Incidentally, the "Camellia Monologue" was not included in this enhancement, as it was unenhanced from the start.

'That's why I have to ask Kittenmaru-san again.

I'm not sure what to do.
"But I'm an old man.
"Gap Moe?

'I'm curious about the origin of the name.

 Kittenmaru's name is Pheas, or maybe he's already up to Griffith.
 But you don't have to catch up right away because you can ask him via friend message now.
 Well, I just logged in and haven't even sent a message yet.

'As for the rest, I got a lot of materials for Ars Nova. I also got a few titles, though they don't have any significant effects.

 The souls were a bit of a disappointment, but the materials were specific to Ars Nova.
 You can get a lot of useful materials such as shells, scales, claws, fangs, and horns, which makes me want to make something with them.
 Well, I guess I'll give this to Haruru to make into a weapon. I've already asked her about the weapons she wants to use yesterday.

 As for the titles, I got five: "Traveler of the Starry Skies", "Apostle Slayer", "Hero of the City of Beginnings", "Loved Child of the Demon God", and "Seven Great Disasters".
 The Traveler of the Starry Skies is a reward for the top five in the event ranking. It didn't have any particular effect, and was like a prize for excellence in the event.
 The two "Apostle Avenger" and "Hero of the City of Beginnings" were, of course, rewards from the Apostle Defeat Battle. Both of them have the effect of raising the sensitivity of NPCs, but that's all there is to it.

 The two titles "Demon's Beloved Child" and "Seven Great Disasters" are related to "Runaway Rage.
 It seems that 《Devil's Beloved Child》 raises the sensitivity of NPCs of the demon race considerably. I couldn't find the conditions for obtaining it, but it's obviously a Runaway-related title. They announced something like that, didn't they?

 The Seven Deadly Disasters is a bad title imposed on those who activate the Deadly Skill. When equipped, it gives NPCs an intimidating feeling and lowers their likability.
 However, it also has a powerful effect of increasing all stats by 1% when equipped, making it a rather annoying title.

 By the way, after the battle the day before yesterday, a major update came in, allowing only 5 titles to be equipped.
 It's not a bad idea, as it prevents you from having a black pot, but it's also a bit depressing to think that you'll now have to examine not only your equipment, but also your titles.

'Well, that's about it.

'Not bad.
'You got a lot of stuff.
'You cut a lot of stuff out.
"This demon girl is getting stronger and stronger.
"What about the rare skills?
'Well, you always have them.

'Oh, there was a rare skill, too. Let me see. ......'

'Hey, excuse me while I'm having fun.

 As I was having an idle conversation with a listener, I was suddenly approached from behind.
 I turned around to see a nice middle-aged man dressed as a knight.

'Who are you?

'I'm Kyle. I'm the head of the neighborhood watch in this town.

'Well, well, well. I'm Sukuna.'

 When I shook his hand through the cage, the handsome man who called himself Kyle firmly shook my hand back.