126-#Zero Wars 4 First Time Play

'Hmmm... it's basically the same survival game as before, but there are more weapons, the concept of armor has been added, and you can now use special moves that are limited to one shot.

"The challenge factor has increased tremendously.
"Trophies are hard.
"There's also a story.
There's also a story." "If you're playing casually on, the changes are about the same.
It's a lot of work.

 Gathering information about Zero Wars 4 on Rin's computer, which she's borrowing for distribution.
 The game screen is right in front of me, but I can't tell what kind of game it is just by looking at the help.
 The most basic parts of the game are the same as the original.
 Kill the enemy. Survive. It's as simple as that.

'Oh, yeah. The weapons you pick up change slightly depending on your character. If you're a long-range type, you should pick up a long-range weapon, and if you're a short-range type, you should pick up a short-range weapon. But if you have a system like the first generation, won't that make you the best at medium range weapons that can handle at least the distance?

"It's versatile.
"Exgear will turn it upside down.
"Longer shots are stronger in the early game and shorter shots are stronger in the late game, so they're all pretty much the same.
"I love the Mega Launcher.
"There are four stages, and each one has its own characteristics, so it's not as bad as it seems.

 I see, that's what the exgear is for.
 I'm going to start with a character with a good balance, because a character with medium range seems easier to handle.

'Let's go with this initial character for now.

"Initial character (released after ED)
"The strongest character.
"It's good for beginners.
"The beginning, middle, and end of the game are seamless.
"Exgear is too strong.
"So that's Rinne's data, huh?

'They say you can do whatever you want as long as you don't delete your data, so it's fine.

 There are two types of matching for solo players: normal and random.
 Zero Wars is basically a game where you jump from a plane to an island, pick up a weapon, and start a battle.
 Normal is a normal mode where you can choose your own drop point, and Random is a mode where the drop point is completely random.

 Basically, weapons are in buildings, so in a normal match, you can either land in a building where you won't be confronted by enemies and get ready safely, or land in a fierce battle zone like a city center and kick enemies around.

 The advantage of the former is that your first move is safe. You can prepare yourself well and go into battle carefully.
 The disadvantage is that the safe zone is usually at the edge of the island.

 In survival games like this, the survivable area gets smaller and smaller in order to end the game in a certain amount of time.
 In most cases, a circular exclusion zone is displayed on the map, and if you enter the zone, you will take slip damage.

 So you need to escape from the compression of the exclusion zone while killing other players, but the most dangerous part of this kind of game is when you're moving.

 If there's an obstacle, fine, but sometimes you'll have to run unarmed through a grassy field.
 The center of the exclusion zone is usually in the middle of the island, so you have to survive the enemy attacks while moving there.
 The first part of the game is safe, but the last part is hard. This was the advantage and disadvantage of the former.

 On the other hand, urban battles are extremely dangerous because they are fierce battles, but the benefits of survival are great.
 If you kill an enemy, you can take their items, and if you win the urban battle, you can take all the items in the city.
 You can start the game in the middle of the game with the most powerful equipment, so the risk is high and the reward is high.
 Furthermore, the city itself can be used as a fortress or a guerrilla base, and can even become the center of a no-go zone in some cases.
 In any case, the risk is higher than landing anywhere else, so this is an option only for those who are confident in their abilities.

 On the other hand, in Random, everything seems to be random, unlike in Normal.
 Only after you spawn will you know the stage you're fighting on and where you are.
 This is a game for advanced players, but since it's a random game under equal conditions for everyone, it seems to be interesting.

Let's try it randomly for now.

"Calm down.
"First time playing, random is reckless!
"How can you do that when you don't even know what stage you're on?
'Do you know the controls?

'I guess I'll learn as I go.

 Choose random match and wait for a match.
 It's been a long time since I've played a game like this, and it made my heart skip a beat.


 First time playing #ZeroWars4.

 It was just a coincidence that Catalina, a girl living in the UK, happened to see the broadcast.
 The VR remake of Zero Wars was going to be used in the upcoming tournament, so she decided to watch a few streams and gather some information for the upcoming release.
 Among the Japanese titles available, I noticed a title that was particularly uninspired.

It's rare to see someone playing ZeroW for the first time nowadays.

 Catalina said in fluent English, leaning back in her familiar gaming chair as she clicked the watch button.
 Zero Wars 4 is a game she's used to playing.
 There have been many TPS survival games in the past, but with the rise of VR, there are only three that have survived.
 If you're a gamer, there's not many people who haven't played them.

 That's why I was intrigued by the element of playing the game for the first time. Still, I thought I'd watch a few minutes of the game for the first time, and then go watch a more meaningful broadcast by an advanced player.

'So, you're a member of Heroes. Is there a girl like her?

 Catalina was a little surprised when she saw the profile of the streamer, who seemed to be in the middle of a match and was playing with a controller with a slightly distracted expression.
 If you're a consumer FPS player and have participated in tournaments, you're no stranger to the name HEROES.

I'm sure you've heard of them. Then it might be her. Let's see. ...... Her name is ......NANA......Nana. Simple.

 In the event that you're not sure what you're looking for, you'll be able to find out more about it here.
 It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your time and money.

 There's no way there's a gamer in the world who doesn't know the name Rinne, let alone HEROES.
 Professional gamer Rinne. At just 21 years old, he is a super player with a lifetime winnings of $15.72 million.
 Of course, that's in US dollars, but if you convert it into Japanese yen where she lives, it's roughly 1.6 billion yen.
 Naturally, this is the Guinness record for the most money ever won by a female professional gamer, and it's far ahead of the second place.

 She is the only woman to have won that tournament. That level of honor is to be expected, of course.

The number of listeners is still small, but it's good that there are so many comments. You look pretty good for a first-time player, though.

 The random matches in Zero Wars 4 are chaotic, with everyone from beginners to super-experts jostling for position.
 In a normal match, advanced players usually descend to the city center, and beginners proceed cautiously from the safe zone, so the fight is often more orderly than expected, but in a random match, it is rather common to see extraordinary upsets.

 Many players like to dive into random matches for that reason. When I was playing Zero Wars 4, Catalina also threw herself into random matches about half the time.

The only weapon I got was a short gun. But you've picked up a bulletproof barrier and a throwing knife.

 She looks at Nana, who has spawned in a large grassy field and is having trouble finding a good weapon.
 Nana's character, Zekto, is a balanced player who specializes in medium-range weapons. The short rifle is categorized as a short-range weapon, but it does not cause any special enhancements.
 The short rifle has a short range of about 20 meters, but its firepower is high. Its rapid-fire performance isn't great, but if you land a headshot, you can shatter the bulletproof barrier. A weapon that can kill with just two shots is rare in Zero Wars, so there are many players who are obsessed with its firepower.

 However, that's only if you're using a short-range character.
 Even if that is the case, there are other weapons that are easier to use. In that sense, the short rifle was a weapon that was rarely used.

 So, while picking up items, Nana reached the outskirts of the city.
 Would they be in contact soon?
 As Catalina was thinking about this from experience, Nana, as expected, ran into a player in a building.
 She was confronted by a medium-range player with a Gatling-type weapon. Not wanting to get caught in the crossfire, Nana jumped into a nearby room.

"That room is a cul-de-sac!

 Catalina smiled happily at the comment, which had gained momentum since the battle began.
 There is an overwhelming advantage to the Gatling over the short gun.
 After all, the Gatling is a rapid-fire weapon. The Gatling is a rapid-fire weapon, and even if your aim is a bit poor, it has enough rounds and power to push you over the edge.
 The short rifle, on the other hand, has neither rapid fire nor range. If you're in an alleyway room that Nana just jumped into, the range is almost irrelevant, but if you're in a small room with a Gatling, you can hit it with a random shot.

 In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

"What ......?

 Three gunshots. That was the end of the battle.

"That was a ...... shot, right?

 At first, Nana fired a bullet at the exact moment when the enemy was about to make a strong attack, and scored a headshot.
 This is not something you can't do if you listen to the sound, so Catalina just honestly felt that she was good at it.
 The barrier must have been a little worn down to begin with. The enemy player, whose bulletproof barrier was shattered by a single blow, became impatient and tried to move away from the entrance of the room to regain his position.
 Seeing this, Nana smiled slightly and fired two shots at the misplaced wall.
 A second or so later, a kill score appeared on the screen.

"Ricochet ...... and a headshot with a deviation ricochet?

 In theory, it's certainly possible.
 The short rifle that Nana picked up is one of the few ricochet weapons in Zero Wars. Whether it's because it has a shorter range or simply because it's more powerful, short-range weapons that fire real bullets like the short gun have a special bullet movement called ricochet.
 The range itself remains unchanged at 20 meters. Even though there is a slight power decay, two headshots will certainly be enough to kill you.

 It's just that...
 But that would be a miracle beyond the scope of the word "lucky".
 To put it another way, even one headshot is a miracle in itself.
 And he did it with only two bullets, two shots in a row.
 Since something so miraculous had happened, it was no longer a miracle, but something that he had aimed for.

 What was more shocking than anything else was that Catalina had seen this superb technique before.

...... So, it was Nana who taught Rinne how to do that.

 Yes. This is the last scene in the tournament where Rinne solidified his fame.
 Both of them have wounds and are in a desperate pinch.
 At the end of that last-ditch fight, Rinne won with his current technique.

 However, what Rinne did at that time was a different game, and a much more extraordinary dream shot.
 Some players say that it was a lucky shot, but even if it was lucky, it was Rinne himself who shot it, so in the end it was just a victory for Rinne's ability.

You can find a lot of people who are interested in this kind of thing.

 You'll be able to find a lot of people who are interested in this sort of thing.
 If anything, he seemed more happy to have taken the enemy's Gatling.

 In Catalina's field of vision, she could see Nana taking the Gatling, a medium-range weapon, from the enemy and laying waste to them.
 First of all, she has good hearing. She seems to be listening to the sound well, and she crushes all of the surprise attacks first.
 In addition, she seems to have good eyesight. She is able to overlook the shadows of enemies so small that even she might miss them, and she is able to get around them without letting them take advantage of her.

 She looks dangerous, but in fact her calculated maneuvering is truly reminiscent of Rinne.
 Compared to Linnaeus, there is a lot of wasted movement, but the accuracy of his shooting is simply unparalleled.
 Even the Gatling rarely misses. Even with a sniper rifle, he was able to make a one-shot headshot without a scope.
 At close range, he uses a shotgun, and sometimes a short rifle as well. Switching between weapons was smooth, and he used the weapon of the range he needed, when he needed it.
 I laugh at the idea that this is a first-time game. No, it's probably really the first time you've played this game.

I see. I remember now. That's right, that was the first Zero Wars. ......

 As she watched Nana win the final tiebreaker, a memory popped into Catalina's mind.
 In the past, Linnaeus wasn't that famous, and his RTA world record in Clo-Clo was all the rage in some circles.
 However, when he won first place in the monthly solo rate match in Zero Wars, and then achieved 156 undefeated matches in a pair match the following month.
 The mysterious "SKN" player that Rinne had been paired with for so long. The player Linnea was paired with at the time was a woman, and the players at the time referred to her as

"Witch of the Bullets". Yeah, now that I think about it, she looks just like her.

 She was always protecting Linnea, and her shooting accuracy was always perfect. Even when Rinne was down, she was always there to win, and was the true key to our winning streak.
 Catalina, too, watched and studied her maneuvers for a while until she had holes in her. It's a monster's playing that was said to be the best solution in Zero Wars, so it's bound to look familiar.

"Oh, yes, you do. So that's what it is, Rinne.

 It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your game.

I'm looking forward to the fight.

 I'm glad I didn't miss it.
 I'm really glad I watched it.
 I'm going to subscribe to the channel so I don't forget. I might be able to use it to gather information before the fight.

 With this thought in mind, Catalina's channel subscription was notified to the SNS, and Nana's number of foreign channel subscribers increased a bit after this day.