155-a trump card of gold and snowflakes

 It was only a few seconds that Xuehua was frozen.
 First, her tail started to wag, then her eyes gradually moistened, her cheeks turned red, she stroked the gold with her snow-white hands, gently kissed the gold, and then glossily ...... her tongue.


'Ha! What the hell am I doing ......?

 Perhaps possessed by the allure of gold, Xuehua seemed to come to her senses when she was slapped by me.
 The proof of this was that she was trying to pocket the gold from the counter, but wait, wait, wait!

'Don't try to steal it!

'I'm kidding. ...... Tsk.'

'I'm a good listener, ...... aren't I?

'I'm sorry, I couldn't control my greed.'

 As she placed the gold in her pocket back on the counter, Xuehua apologized frankly.
 The fact that her cheeks are still puffy suggests that her excitement has not subsided. But I guess she's cooled down enough to joke about it.

'By the way, I haven't seen gold this pure in a long time. And in chunks. Where did you get it?'

'It dropped when I killed the Siren's Apostle a while ago.

 Strictly speaking, the Gordo wasn't the Siren's Apostle itself, but a barrier to reach Ars Nova, the Apostle, but I don't think I need to explain that much.
 Yukika frowned a little when she heard the explanation.

'The Sirens. I wanted to go there too.'

 From the way she pursed her lips in disapproval, it seemed that Yukika had her own reasons for not being able to attend the event.
 Well, I guess it's more of a disaster than an event for the people of this world.

'Was there a reason why you couldn't go?

'Yeah. I had some warding work to do.

'Warding work: ......'

'It's my day job.'

'You're a necromancer.'

 By the way, her status that I saw just now had something like "Zetsubou" written on it.
 I'm not sure if that's the origin of her nickname or not.

'Could it be that the origin of Yukika's two names comes from her work as a warder?

'There's no mistake. Because 《Zekkai》 is the name of my trump card. What kind of technique it is, don't tell anyone at ...... right now, okay?

'I don't think that's fair!

'Hmm, isn't it more attractive to be mysterious?

 I'm sure the way she smiles with her finger on her lips is attractive, but isn't that because she's a beautiful woman, not because she's mysterious?
 When I was wondering, Yukika lifted the gold nugget again and looked around carefully.

'I'll get to the point. ...... I don't care how little you estimate for this one, 4 million. I think some people would pay 7 million Iris.

'Seven million!

'Yeah. Genuine gold is really precious.''

 The expression on Xue Hua's face was quite serious.
 It doesn't look like she's lying. It probably means that she really thinks so.
 However, seven million is an extraordinary number.
 And that's with 10 drops from Gordo: .......
 As I shuddered at my own assets, Yukika, who was gazing at the gold with fascination, explained to me the reason for the price.

'Gold is a very beautiful material to begin with, which is why it's so valuable, but ...... it also has another use for craftsmen like me who make magic tools. Gold, among many materials, is particularly good at conducting and storing magic power. So, if you use gold as a material for a spell, you can engrave a very powerful effect on it.

'You mean it can be used to make spells?

'That's what I mean. And also accessories.


 I've heard of gold being used as a material for various things in the real world, but it seems to be a versatile metal in the WLO world as well. I guess that means it's useful in every world.

'That's why, if you sell it in a store, it will be sold for about 4 million, but if you want a gold bar of this purity and size, you should be willing to pay 7 million. In fact, I'd be willing to pay more. I'm sure you'll be able to find a gold bar of this level that will go through a store for tens of millions of iris.

I'm sure you'll be able to get more than that.''

 The purity of the gold must be important to them. And the purity of this gold is very good.
 Once again, Gordo has dropped some good stuff on us.
 At any rate, I decided to ask him something that came to my mind while thinking that I would never sell it in a store.

'If Yukika can make a spell using this entire gold, how powerful can she make it?

 It was a genuine question, but at the same time, it was a slightly calculating one.
 Yuehua listened to my question, made a little thoughtful gesture, and then said while patting the gold bar.

'If I can use this entire gold, I think I can carve it into my trump card. But I can always activate it without doing so, and I won't bother using it in such a wasteful way. ......'

 When I heard that answer, I was inwardly excited.
 What I wanted to know was whether or not I could carve Snowflake's trump card. I asked him if he could, and he answered that he could.

'I see, I see, then ......'.

 With a big smile on my face, I took out another gold bar from my inventory and placed it on the counter.

'I'll give you one of these, can you make a spellbook engraved with Snow Flower's trump card?

'...... What?'

 Hearing my suggestion, Yukika looked at the second gold nugget presented in front of her and this time she completely froze and stopped moving.

 After a minute or so of looking at the frozen snowflakes with a look of surprise on their faces, they finally broke free and began to move their mouths in small movements.

'............ nihon, kinkai ga nihon mo ......'

'Oh, you noticed?

'What do you mean...... what do you mean......?'

'No, I didn't come back.'

 While alternately stroking the two gold bars, Xue Hua is constantly questioning.
 It may be such an unbelievable sight, but I mustn't forget that I have eight bullets left.

'Su, Sukuna-chan ......, is this a dream?

'It's real, okay?

'Because there are two gold bars .......'

 The way Yukika's eyes were wandering around was kind of cute, so I took out one more gold nugget on a whim.

'Well, how about another one then?


 Seeing the three gold nuggets lined up next to each other, Yukika screamed and jumped back.
 Her reaction was just like Toka-chan's when she saw a cockroach.
 It's a good idea to take a look at the website and see if you can find anything that might help you.

'...... Who is Sukuna-chan?'

'Just a bit of luck, that's all.

'Even if you can get away with being a little lucky after showing me this bullshit,......'

'But I only got it when I killed an enemy.

 In fact, I had no particular use for it until this day. I didn't expect you to be so surprised, because I only thought I could use it as a cash cow when I was in trouble.

'You know, Sukuna-chan. It's true that there is some high-purity gold in circulation, and there are ways to refine it from existing gold. But that's a tiny amount. I've never seen a gold nugget of this purity and this size. I was being modest when I said that, but it's an item that could easily exceed 10 million Iris if it were to appear anywhere.

'I don't really need that much money.

 The only time I spend a lot of money is when I want to buy equipment or have it made.
 You'll find a lot of recovery items in the event that you exchange them, and the materials that drop from the bosses are enough to cover your needs.
 About 70% of the time I do this because I want to see how Yukika reacts, but I'm not kidding when I say I want her to carve her trump card.


'No, but don't you think it's strange to pay so much for a single ...... technique?

'Yes. It's Snow Flower's trump card, isn't it?

 If you think that you can borrow the trump card of a level 200+ NPC, I think a few million is cheap.
 Even if you don't know what kind of magic it is, if there is a possibility of getting something very rare, you might want to reach for it.
 Especially, even if the gold is valuable to Yukika, it's not that necessary for me. Especially when you consider that the price you offer is so low.
 After a few seconds of staring at each other, it was Yukika who finally broke down.

'Haha...... yeah, I get it. It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.


 Despite her words, Xuehua didn't seem to be disappointed either, perhaps she wanted the gold as a reward after all.
 Yukika pulled two of the three gold bars on the counter towards her and returned one to me.

'You can have two gold bars. One for the material and one for the money.

'You can have all three.

'Don't overcompensate. In terms of fair value, one gold bar is just fine.'

'I see...'

 I put the gold back in my inventory, if that's what Yukika herself said.
 There is a proverb that says 'too much is better than too little'. There was ......, wasn't there?
 Even if you love money, you still have to draw the line. Snow Flower must have such an obsession.

'Then watch me. I'll make it now.'


 I was surprised and shouted loudly, but she laughed at me.
 She didn't think I could make it that fast.

'I can create spells anywhere. That's the privilege of being a top level magician.''

 Yukika smiled and a pale blue magic circle spread out around her.

''Unravel, bind, tie.''

 The whispers melted into the air. At that moment, the gold in Yuka's hands unraveled into countless threads.
 Each time Yuehua waved her hands, the golden threads were woven together to form a sign as thin as Japanese paper.
 What was completed in about a minute was a sheet of paper so small and thin that it was hard to believe it had originally been gold.
 It was a very beautiful talisman, with jet-black patterns carved into the gold.

'...... Hmm, it's done. Yeah, it was my first time making one, but I'm relieved it worked.

'It was my first time, .......'

'I told you, didn't I? You can't get gold like this, so there's no way you can make it.'

'Sure enough.

 When I received the spellbook, it was so heavy that I almost dropped it.
 If this is the case, the entire weight of that gold nugget has been turned into this flimsy spellbook ......?

'As you can see, the spellbook doesn't contain any magic on paper. Everything you see here is woven into this shape from some material. Though, most of them are carved into a light and easy to handle material.

'But I'm surprised at this visual fraud.

'It took most of my MP to reweave the gold too. It was a good experience, though.

 And when I tried to hold the various spells, I found that there were indeed some spells that were unusually heavy.
 In particular, the "Boundary Art Black" was heavy, as it was said to be the strongest protection against even the highest level of magic.
 It may be that the original material is valuable and heavy, like gold.

'Take good care of it.

'Yes, thank you.

 While thanking Yukika for her satisfied yet tired expression, I put the golden spell into my inventory.
 Now that I had it in my inventory, I understood what kind of effect Yukika's trump card would have.

 Contrary to what it sounds like, Zekkai is not a defensive technique.
 However, it was a technique with an effect that could literally become a trump card.

'Now, go buy whatever spellbook you want.

'Okay, then feel free to go to .......'

 Apart from the gold, I have plenty of money.
 I'm going to buy up all the money I can. ......!
 Just as I was thinking that, Xuehua suddenly noticed something, 'Ah! I'm sure you've heard of it.

I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've.

'Now the shocking truth is revealed.'

'Sorry, sorry, I forgot to tell you.

 Isn't that a very important thing?
 No, right? It's true that if you can use spells as much as you want, it doesn't matter what your profession is. It seems that spells don't require much MP to use.
 So I can see why there would be a limit, and I think there would be some kind of limit on the number of spellcasters who can have many. For example, how many you can use.
 I understand that you can't have a lot of them considering the balance, but if you don't tell me ...... before .......

'You have to choose properly: ......'

'It's a test of your aesthetic sense.

 When I said that to her, she took out a gold nugget and started rubbing her cheek and smelling it.
 Hmmm, she's a freak after all, I thought to myself as I seriously considered how to fill the remaining nine slots.