156-chat with someone on Sunday

'Okay, bye!

'Yeah, come again.

 After spending about an hour buying the spellbook, I left the store, which was gradually becoming crowded with other customers.

 Of course, there were residents of the village, but there were also a few players. Maybe they had come because I was distributing the news, or maybe they were just looking for the store to be open.
 In any case, I was satisfied enough to buy exactly the 10 spells I wanted.

'But this is it, isn't it?

 What I took out of my inventory once again was the spellbook for the "Zetsubou" that I had just had made.
 It looks like a mere golden talisman, but it weighs as much as a block of gold. It was so beautiful that I couldn't help but be entranced by it.

'Hey, isn't it beautiful?

"Beautiful, but I can't get my hands on it.
"I saw the violence of the gold.
'I saw the violence of the gold.

'You can't deny that you're an adult. ......'

 I showed off my spellbook to a listener, and he called me an adult. It's hard for me to deny that I'm not a hard worker.

'When I put down the third gold bar, he said, "What? You said that.

'They look alike.
"You look exactly like him.
"It's scary how much they really look alike.
"It's not fair to play the recording.
"Is this what you call copying vocal chords?
I'm not sure.

'It's pretty easy to copy vocal cords.'

"Lie B.
"Lie B.
"Lie B.
"Lie B.

'You don't have to be so united.

 I think it's not that difficult to imitate someone's voice. You know, there are some comedians who imitate voices exactly on TV. All you have to do is to imitate them with a little higher precision, and anyone can do it with practice.
 When I said this, a listener laughed at me. I don't understand.

 As I was walking through the village at dusk, being teased about my shopping and making jokes about it, I saw Kuroyosan coming from the road.

'Good evening, Sukuna-san.

'Good evening. What are you doing here?'

'I'm patrolling the village. The number of foreign travelers increases around this time of day, so I'm keeping an eye on the village to make sure there's no trouble.

'Is there going to be trouble?

'Yes. It's mainly the youths of the village who are full of blood and challenge the travelers from other countries to battle.

'Oh, so it's the demon tribe that's causing trouble.

'I'm ashamed to say this, but ......'

 Kuroyasu said, blushing slightly.
 'It seems that the demon tribe likes to fight, and if they see a fresh player, they might want to challenge them to a fight?

'I was just wondering, how old are demons considered to be young?

 Amber was over 50 years old and still called herself young. But the lady who let me chop wood before we went to Snow Flower's store, who was estimated to be over 100 years old, seemed like an old lady in the neighborhood when we talked.
 When I asked her a question that had just occurred to me, she looked at me with a puzzled expression, and Kuroyasu smiled and answered.

'Well, you're an adult when you're over fifty, so if you're over eighty, you're an adult on your own, aren't you?

'Eighty, huh?

 Well, I'm between amber and a lady, so I don't think there's anything strange about it.
 But I don't think there's anything wrong with that, because Amber is just an adult in the demon race. If you think of her as a new college graduate, she might be a young person in her prime.
 When I was slightly shocked by Amber, who was relatively younger than I thought, Kuroyagi started talking.

'Mr. Sukuna is currently fulfilling the requests of his village, isn't he?

'Yes, I'm only chopping wood.

'No, it's very helpful. It's a good thing that I sent out requests for the outside of my village, but it seems that my strength value is a bottleneck, so I've been troubled by the fact that I've only been able to handle other requests.

'Over 300 is a bit much. But, Kuroyoudou can do that easily, can't he? Wouldn't it be okay if Kuroyoku did it for you?

 It's my hunch, but Kuroyou has a much higher status than I do. He's probably higher than even Yukika in terms of level.
 If you ask me who is stronger than Amber, Amber is barely stronger. I think that's how strong he is.

'Yes, if you ask me if I can do it, I can. But if I do everything, everyone in my village will become lazy. I'm only in a position to protect the safety of the village.

'It's like a whip of love in Kuroyagi's own way.

'It's not really a whip, but ...... to be honest, I'd like all the residents of this village to be able to chop wood easily.

'No, no, no, that's just not possible.

 No, if it's a normal firewood chopper, anyone with demon status can do it, but it's a firewood chopper for moonlight trees.
 The barrier of 300 muscle strength is high for both players and NPCs.

'No, I'm serious about that. If you don't have at least that level of strength, you won't even be able to resist the coming holy war.

 With a faint glow in his eyes, Kuroyagi said this with a serious expression.

 The abrupt change in atmosphere was unintentionally overwhelming.

'Holy War ......?'

'Yes. It's a battle for the survival of the world that involves everything in this world.

'Haha, the fate of the world, huh?

 I think, while lightly escaping reality, that the story has suddenly become big again.
 This is probably not a flag for the quest, but rather a foreshadowing of the events to come.

 In other words, it's like the "Labyrinth of Stardust" event. An event for us is not necessarily a good thing for the inhabitants of this world.
 In fact, that event was like a kind of disaster caused by the Sirens trying to invade this world.

 In other words, isn't it possible that the current story is about the Sirens' invasion becoming more active, or the main body coming to attack us?
 He seems to be the kind of guy who would just throw in a monster that powerful, even if it's just for the sake of invasion, and if the invasion starts in earnest, I think it could involve the whole world.

'For more details, please ask the village chief after the curse is lifted. The time of the end will surely come. It was the village head who predicted that, right?'

'Does Kuroyagi know the details too?'

'No, sir. But his prediction has never failed.'

'He's always right.

 Well, that's certainly worthy of trust.
 After all, it's a prediction based on the overwhelming achievements of my own sister who I've known for many years.

''Anyway, ever since I heard that prophecy, I've been training the warriors of this village. I don't want them to die without being able to do anything if the Holy War really happens.

 I was deeply moved when I saw Kuroyou speaking so compassionately, I felt that he cared about this village very much.
 It is because he loves this village that he is able to ......?

'That's why we have training every day, so please come and join us, Sukuna-san. I'm sure we'll be a good inspiration to each other!

'Don't suddenly go into recruiting mode when you were being sincere!

 I thought, 'Oh, this is going to be serious. I was just trying to get into the mood!

'Hmmm, what are you talking about, Sukuna-san? If a holy war were to come, the demon tribe would be happy but not scared. We demons are a group of born fighters, you know.

'That's a terrible thing to say!

'It's true. Now, if only you would make an effort to raise your level a little more patiently, you should be able to easily obtain the status of being able to chop wood. ...... You see, the demon tribe is momentary or lazy.

 I'm not sure what to make of it. I'm not sure what to make of that.
 If that's true, then the seriousness of Obsidian and Amber may be more heretical than the rest of the demon race.
 Since they are a race that can be strong, why don't they get strong enough to hunt monsters and chop wood?

 I mean, if you look at it from that point of view, isn't the fact that the villagers leave a lot of requests for chopping wood just because they leave it to others?

 I suddenly feel like chopping wood. .......
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