33-Murder Princess 2

 The "Hungry Wolf" is a super-enhanced skill that lasts only 300 seconds, which translates to only 5 minutes.
 In the event that you have any questions regarding where by and how to use it, you can contact us at the web site.

 I'm not talking about an increase in the penalty or a decrease in defense performance.
 The biggest disadvantage of this skill is not its superficial disadvantage, but the fact that it does not adjust the user's perceptual ability at all.

 It is the same as the red wolf that Sukuna once fought, who was so fast that he could only perform monotonous attacks.
 As long as it is not a programmed machine, even if you are given specs beyond your control, you will not be able to master it.
 If you were given a high status, you would have no trouble if you could handle it easily.
 It is easy to be fooled by the superficial disadvantages of this skill, but it is a skill that is more powerful when you get used to it.

 This is assuming that you are a normal player.
 In VR games, it is not uncommon to gain physical abilities that are incomparable to those of the real world, and with training comes 'familiarity'.
 If this skill is used for the first time, it is possible for a high level player to handle it without being overwhelmed.

 And there is one exception here.


 Recognizing the fact that her foot is now much more powerful than before, Sukuna smiles a little.
 Then, the moment he stepped forward, he exploded with a doubled agility.

 The opponent in front of him had played his trump card. It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your time with your family.


 GING! The sound of metal clashing against metal rang out sharply.
 He took the first step backwards, and the second step back came to crush Lowe's head.
 It was clear that he had been caught off guard for a brief moment.
 However, the fact that his head could have been wiped off in such a short time made Rowe's heart beat faster.


 I'll kill whoever catches my eye.
 You kill small fry with a one-sided blow.
 She doesn't hesitate to use deception or surprise attacks for the sake of killing.
 All of this is pleasurable to her.
 But now, in front of her opponent, Lowe felt a sickening sense of pleasure.

 The metal rod and the rapier are locked in a fierce battle, but Lowe seems to have the upper hand in terms of physical strength, even with her skills enhanced.
 But the equilibrium doesn't last. As Sukuna suddenly let go of her weapon, Lowe's sword, which he had put all his strength into in order to prevent it, lost control and swam through the air.



 It's not that I'm not a good person, but I'm not a good person. As soon as she let go of it, she spun on the spot and shot it out with a spinning kick with her momentum.
 As before, the damage itself was not so great, as it was an unskilled attack.
 However, he was still blown several meters away by the kick.
 He then shot down the throwing knife with his rapier, and threw a sharp thrust towards his unseen back.

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

 The metallic sound that rang out again indicated that the surprise strike against Skuna had been caught in the center of the metal bar.

'How did you know that?'

'Would you believe me if I told you that I have a maiden's intuition ......?'

 Even as he spoke lightly, Gagan! But as the sound suggests, all of them were blocked by the metal bar.
 But even though it hadn't been more than a few dozen seconds since the fight began, Lowe noticed a change in Sukuna's appearance.

'Heh, that skill ...... consumes HP, doesn't it?

'Well, yeah. But if you don't use it, you won't be able to beat Lowe.''

 A skill that sacrifices HP is something Lowe remembers.
 It would have been a waste of time to even have a conversation.
 And yet Skuna came on board.
 That means there's a reason for it.

'Watch your head.

 Hearing these words, Lowe quickly backstepped and nearly dropped his rapier due to the impact of the iron ball that hit him in the shoulder.
 You've been hit, Lowe thought. I don't know when he threw it, but it was a trap set above his head before he knew it.
 Sukuna had taken Lowe's backstep into account when he called out to him.

 As Sukuna came after him, Lowe stopped keeping his distance.
 I don't know what effect it had on him, but he realized that Sukuna's agility was much higher than his own, which was more than 6(0)(6)(0)(0)(0)(0)(0).

 Since he was losing in agility, it was not advisable to fight at a distance.
 If so, it makes sense to take advantage of his superior muscle strength and bring him into close combat.
 Fortunately, the Skuna has a time limit. It will only be able to maintain this level of effectiveness for ten minutes at most.

 There are several hypotheses that can be made, but there are three major possibilities that come to mind immediately.
 It lasts until HP is exhausted, at which point you die.
 The effect automatically stops when the HP reaches 1.
 The reduction stops when HP is reduced to 1, but the effect persists.
 In any case, it's not hard to imagine that you're at least dying when the time comes.

 The problem is Skuna's good eyesight and reaction time.
 As if to ridicule the time it took Rowe to get used to this status far removed from the real world, this demon is controlling the avatar with perfect control.
 If you're in the middle of a fight, you're not going to get through.
 If an attack is blocked, and a powerful attack is launched to take advantage of the gap, Lowe, who has not allocated any status to defense, may suffer fatal damage.
 I'm not sure what to make of this.
 Lowe's hand was incompatible with this prey.

 However, as a PK player, Rowe is determined to kill the target once he has decided on it.
 Poking a snake in the bush is not a reason to give up PKing. It's not as if we haven't had this kind of situation before.
 You have to make sure you kill the Sukhna as well as the other 66 players you've killed so far.
 It doesn't matter how ugly or nasty you are, as long as you're the last one standing.

(It's not funny.)

 I just came to see what's wrong with the marshes, and I was going to PK my way home, but I ended up drawing a hell of a horse.
 I reconfirmed my cards and looked at the approaching demon.

 Sukuna is not the only one with a trump card.
 He certainly has the means to kill them.
 That's why Lowe has chosen a thorough endurance battle.


 Rowe's choice of an endurance battle was well within my expectations.
 I'm not sure how much higher my agility is, but Lowe has all the stats except for agility.
 I was at a disadvantage because I had to use the starvation wolf in order not to die instantly, and if I took even one hit, I would lose the time to use the starvation wolf.

 Besides, there is SP in this game.
 The faster and bigger you move, the more you'll be drained, and the more you'll be forced to keep attacking because of the time limit of the Hungry Wolf.
 And there was no way I could be overconfident that the girl in front of me, who was probably far more experienced at playing against people than I was, didn't know how to deal with an opponent who was faster than she was.

 Judging by the cards she had shown and the damage from the two kicks she had landed so far, she was definitely a speedy swordsman with a thin defense.
 He's not very good at handling his body, but his dexterity is probably quite high, as he is the fastest swordsman in the world.
 He should be able to handle close combat with ease.
 You've been walking a tightrope of distraction, but from here on out, you should assume that your attacks won't be able to get through unless you purely break them.

 Sword fights rang out in the swamp. I did not use the two-handed club in this battle.
 To put it another way, the two-handed cudgel is a difficult weapon to use in combat. To be precise, it is not suitable for attacking in high-speed combat.
 If you look at the weapon as a whole, the two-handed cudgel is certainly capable of producing firepower no matter where you hit it.
 However, when it comes time to fight, it is the two ends that are used in the end.
 The attack range of that weapon is very effective when it is used for arts like "Cleave", which hits the entire stick, but it is useless in other cases.

 On the other hand, in melee combat, where you have to stop and hit each other, it can be very powerful.
 It will also be useful in monster battles as well.
 For now, however, you'll have to keep up with Lowe's evasion and attack at the same time.
 Considering the fact that he would be using a throwing weapon as well, he wanted to avoid having his hands full, so he had no choice but to block his new weapon.

 The metal rod that he swung down with a right-handed stance was flipped.
 She dodged a backward kick by backstepping, but a stone she flicked with her finger grazed her cheek.


 In the event that you have any kind of questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.
 The thorns of the metal rod blocked the attack, and I took another step forward to deliver a sideways "slam".
 Even Lowe couldn't avoid it and caught it with his sword, but it must have hit him lightly or his HP was reduced.

 Less than two minutes had passed since the battle began. I had just over 60% of my HP left, but Lowe had only taken about the same amount of damage.
 Considering Rowe's reaction time, I can't use arts that have too much of a gap, so I inevitably use the lightest and fastest "Slam," but it still doesn't result in a clean hit.
 If only there were some trees here,......, but this is a flat swampy area. It was difficult for the throwing items to have any effect beyond a check.

'Hmm, at this rate, who's going to die first?

'I'll kill you.

'That's a nice offer.

 An exchange of techniques, evasions and words. Thanks to my superior speed and agility, I appear to be the aggressor, but the reality is quite harsh.
 Lowe was much more skillful than I had imagined. If you think about it, she was also a player who had defeated a named boss monster. She must have the appropriate player skills.
 I should say that my attacks were being passed rather than passed through. It was the result of Lowe's skill, throwing away some HP to avoid a clean hit.

 An intense time passed. The sword fights gained momentum and echoed through the swamp as if they were playing music.
 I was being chased, Lowe was being chased. From the outside, it might have been as if we were dancing.

 I don't know how to say this, but I was in a happy mood at that time.
 As in the battle with the red wolf, it was fun to use my brain to plan a path to kill the enemy.
 This is the world that Rin has invited me to. Something I couldn't do in the cramped real world. It's a world I jumped into for just that.
 It's not enough. I haven't used it all. My limits are not here. Faster, faster, sharper attacks!

 Before I knew it, Lowe and I were both laughing.
 We were laughing, forgetting that we were killing each other.

 That's why.
 Because we were so focused on each other.
 We couldn't see it.

 With a roar, despair descended on the swamp.


 It came with a roar.
 The swamp shook. As if it had been hit by a missile, a crater was formed at its feet.
 Yes, the monster had appeared from the sky.

 A huge body clad in a jet-black shell.
 Sharp claws that could cut through anything.
 Its eyes glittered with gold, and the mere flick of its tail sent a storm of wind through the air.
 Everyone knows of its existence.
 A symbol of fear. Or an incarnation of the devil. And an absolute powerhouse that has been used to disgusting extents in creations of all ages.

Apocalypse LV, the True Dragon of Reason?

 It was the attack of the dragon.