While enduring the wind pressure, we were stunned by the giant dragon that landed on us.
 There was a white flash of light.
 By the time I thought that, there was a big hole in my side.


 Before I could lose my temper, I jumped back to the right following a bad premonition, and a ball of fire with a diameter of two meters passed by.

'It's going to be a mess.........'


'Row ......'.

 In the event you're not sure what you're looking for, there are a number of things you can do.
 It's likely that Lowe was hit by a similar attack to the one that hit me.
 Perhaps he was distracted by the fact that I had been attacked first, but even Lowe, who has a much higher status than I do, could not even handle the attack properly and was blown away.
 It looks like he's not dead, but unlike me, who was able to take a good hit, Lowe, who was blown to pieces, is not going to be able to recover for a while.

 I'm not sure if the dragon that bears the name of Apocalypse has made that decision, but its golden eyes glinted as it pointed its hate at me.
 True dragon of reason. I don't know what that word means, but the pressure I feel is tremendous.
 If you look at it simply, I think the being in front of me is a named boss monster. But is the existence in front of me really that simple?

 Because I can't see the level. What? That doesn't mean it doesn't have a level, but at least it's the first time I've heard that it can't be seen.
 It's possible that there is too much of a difference in levels. It could also be an event battle.
 But either way, it's a hopeless story.
 The HP bar given to the dragon in front of me is well over ten.

'Less than a minute left ......'.

 It seems that the blow did not do as much damage as it looked, and as far as the HP is concerned, the remaining time of the [Hungry Wolf] skill is more than two minutes.
 Fortunately, there is little pain, but I can feel a gaping hole.
 However, a part of my stomach was obliterated, causing bleeding from the loss and the resulting slip damage.
 However, I was already worn out from the fight with Lowe, and with the slip damage doubled by the effects of the Hungry Wolf skill, I had very little time left.

 Now get the situation straight.
 There's no way you can win.
 There's not much time left.
 There are no allies.
 And he's the only enemy.

'Don't think you'll die so easily.

 I muttered to myself in desperation as I pointed my metal rod at the jet-black true dragon who was looking down at me with testing eyes.


 I understood it within two seconds of starting the fight.
 I'm incompatible with this guy.
 It's the closest thing I have to an opponent.
 In conclusion...
 Apocalypse the True Dragon of Reason was a magical dragon.

'It's too much of a f*cking game!

 You'll have to dodge fireballs of several tens of centimeters in diameter as they gouge the earth like machine guns, using your agility boosted by your equipment and skills.
 The number of shots is five per second. You'll need to be able to find a way to make sure that you don't get caught.
 With the amount of HP I have left, even a glimpse of it could be fatal. This fact raises my concentration.

 Although Apocalypse made a flashy entrance, it has been sitting there without changing its posture since it landed.
 It stopped using the mysterious flash that it had used at first, but the occasional fireball mixed in with it was a deadly nuisance, and it seemed to be mocking me as I struggled to avoid it.

 Clearly I was being played. I didn't like it, but I didn't have time to blame them, and all I could do was run away.

'......? What ......?

 After 20 seconds of dodging, the magic circle of fireballs that Apocalypse was deploying around me changed its appearance.
 What came out was a spear of light. The moment I saw it pointed at me, I immediately pulled back my right half of my body.

 At that moment, the spear of light passed in front of me with a squeaking sound. I see, that flash of light was the result of this spear being shot out at high speed.

This is not the time to be saying that!

 Ten of them in total. That was the number of spears Apocalypse had aimed at me.
 It was a complete coincidence that I was able to avoid the first one.

'd*mn it!

 I can't evade it. He'll kill me for sure.
 I dared myself to lose like this, without even being able to persist.
 I shouted in frustration, and a moment later...

 The world lost its color.

 When your concentration reaches its limit, the time you experience may increase due to your overly accelerated thoughts.
 It's as if the world has slowed down. A feeling of omnipotence that pervades my body. When this happens, you can't stop even if you wanted to.

 In sports, this phenomenon might be called the zone. Or maybe it's something else.
 But that doesn't matter anymore.
 There is only one thing that matters.


 My consciousness clearly saw the approaching nine deadly blades.

 Not all of them fired at the same time.
 They shifted as if to drive me away.
 The first, a light spear flying directly in front of me, is flicked away with a metal rod.
 The second is a spear that will decapitate you. The third is a fang at the end of your crouch. And a fourth to pierce those who try to walk through it.

 There's no way around it. The fifth and sixth spears are crushing the left and right. You can only deal with one of them.  
 I throw a metal bar at the route of the fourth spear to cancel it, and the upper and lower spears somersault through the middle as if they were falling down.
 I dodged the seventh spear by twisting my body with both hands on the ground, but the eighth spear, as if I could not avoid it any longer, pierced me, who was floating in midair for a moment and could not move.
 The rapier that flew at me flicked the light spear away, and I managed to land. At the same time, I completely abandoned the remaining one and touched the menu.

 As expected, before the last one could pierce me, Lowe jumped into the air like a gust of wind, sacrificed his arm and flicked off the light spear.
 At that moment, I thought I saw Apocalypse look slightly surprised.


 Yeah, I know.
 That's why I was getting ready.
 I changed my gear in the few seconds I believed Rowe would earn it, and I leapt with all my status.

 I shifted my angle, using the gold bar in midair as a springboard. It became a red bullet and flew through the sky.
 Of course, I don't have the skill to run in the sky, so that's just a metaphor.
 Grasping one end of the two-handed club firmly with both hands, turn around.

(Sorry, Haruru. Please forgive me.

 With my thoughts stretched to the limit, I choose one of the arts, feeling sorry for myself.
 Shouting half in desperation, I cut the strongest card I had.


 A massive blow that destroys the weapon itself.
 With the centrifugal force of rotation, I slammed the two-handed club made by Haruru into Apocalypse's horn with all my might.


 GIGYING! The whole body of the true dragon shook with a roaring sound.
 One dot. I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I'm pretty sure it's a good idea.
 The moment I saw this, my concentration was completely broken and my entire body relaxed.
 I had completely used up all of my strength in just a few tens of seconds of battle.

 The disadvantage of starvation, slip damage.
 There's also the damage from falling.
 He was going to die anyway, and he was satisfied to have taken a hit.

 As I thought this, I realized that I didn't feel any floating sensation when I fell.
 I'm floating. Or perhaps I should say that I was 'standing still'.
 I, Lowe, and the world itself were fixed in a state like being tied to a metal rod, unable to move even if we wanted to.

 In the midst of such a shocking phenomenon, a further shock struck us.

The time in space was stopped. Now, their bodies are free from the interference of time.

 The dragon in front of me spoke.
 No, I hadn't realized that the monster had AI as well as the Red Wolf, but whether it could talk or not was a completely different story.
 Inwardly, I was surprised to death, but there was no way to express it in the still space.

 In a world where everything stopped, only Apocalypse was moving.
 It was not a sound that shook the air, but a strange tone of voice that seemed to reach directly to the brain.
 It's not the same as before, Shinryu looked at us with kind eyes, and suddenly sent a single dark-colored magic circle towards the sky.

'Son of man, and son of demon. It's your reward for shattering my horn, even if it's only a piece. I'll show you a part of the truth of magic, Truth Magic.

 The dark-colored magic circle that reached the sky gradually spread out, parted and overlapped, transforming into a laminated magic circle, and before I knew it, it was like a lid covering several hundred meters of the sky.
 The magic circle creaked and creaked as it tried to expand, and Apocalypse quietly released it.

"Fall Down.

 With the dragon's words, time moves forward again.
 The magic can be described in one word.

 The sky is falling.