41-grappler's square

'So that's why I'm going to the Demon Forest...'

"Wakokotsu." "Wakokotsu, what's the meaning?
"First time.
"I've been waiting.

 As I stood at the front gate of Dualis and made a nonsensical statement, there was little reaction from the listeners.
 No, yes, it was my fault for saying such a thing at the beginning of the broadcast slot.

'First of all, I'm sorry I couldn't deliver yesterday. In fact, I got caught up in the magic of that video and have been in despena since noon. ......'

'Oh, that.
"There you are.
"I thought you might have been.
"I knew it.
"What's that video?
Go check the official forums.
Thank you.

 I'm not sure what to make of it.
 I'm not sure if you've heard of it, but I'm sure you've heard of it.
 However, the reaction from listeners was sympathetic. I'm sorry to say this, but you must have suffered a lot of damage. .......
 I hope the people who were involved in it will benefit from it in some way.

But I've gotten some new gear and raised my level a bit yesterday and the day before. I think I'll fight with my fists today!

 I show you the heavy metal gauntlets that cover my arms. I'm getting used to the weight.

"Grappler Skuna.
"I was born to be a man!
"Oh, ...... knuckles?
It's too heavy looking.

 I really want to agree with the opinion that it looks too tough. I really agree with the opinion that it looks too tough. It looks like a rocket punch.
 It looks as if all the arm parts of the power suit are made of solid metal, and because it's jet black, it looks really heavy.

I heard it's made of 'heavy metal. And I'm a real maiden.

'Yes, you're a Han woman.

'Stop laughing at me, Han woman, stop laughing.

'This is impression manipulation, no doubt.'

 If you keep saying things like that, my anger will reach its zenith. ......!

'So let's go to the demon forest. I don't want to be a frog anymore. ......'

'They're blow-resistant.
"It's a scuna.
"I'm a blowhard.
I want to see two-handed weapons.
I want to see two-handed weapons. Throwing weapons.

 Yeah, those frogs are hit-resistant, so they're not very pleasant to hit.
 It's easy to kill them because they're not very agile, but I've gotten a little tired of that squishy feeling in the past two days.

'I'll use the two-handed weapon soon. I'm just trying this one out today. Oh, a goblin.

 I caught a glimpse of the goblin in the distance and ran to close the distance.
 My agility, which was far too high for this field, quickly closed the distance to a few dozen meters.


 I slammed my fist into the back of a goblin that was not looking at me, perhaps trying to hide behind a rock.
 Thud! With a thud, the goblin is blown away, slammed into the ground and vanishes with a look of incomprehension.
 I watched the goblin with my fist raised in the air, and quietly lowered my fist, feeling a little happy at the feeling that was more pleasant than I had imagined.

'This feels good.

 The impact through the metal rod was also exciting, but the weight directly on my arm was irresistible.
 I don't feel much of a problem closing the distance with the boost from the red wolf armor, and the agility-reducing effects of the gauntlets didn't affect my senses as much as I thought.

'I want to try a little more ...... where are the enemies?

 If I use my skills to detect them, I can see the location of a couple of monsters.
 There are no monsters that use magic around here yet, so it won't be a problem to go at them all.

'Let's hunt them one by one.

 The closest monster was a rabbit.
 Basically, the only attack patterns of rabbit monsters are rushing or jumping and rushing.
 Because of their small size, it's difficult to hit them normally, but if they float on their own, you can use ...... here.
 Pow! And then, with a loud popping sound, a large swinging right exploded as a counter.
 The next target will be the one that is in the right position.

 The next target is behind a rock in front of you on the left.
 I'd like to use a throwing item to scorch him, but the gauntlets covering my fingers are making my throwing accuracy very poor.

'...... Oh, there's this...'

 When I looked for items that I could use, I found one of the throwing items I bought from Haruru yesterday that I could use.
 Holding the sphere covered with black cloth in my hand, I pulled out the stick and threw it softly so that it would surely pass through the upper side of the rock.
 The sphere flew in a mountainous direction and burst when it reached the top of the rock, scattering white powder all around.


 It must have been the goblin that had been hiding, for it suddenly cried out in surprise at the powder that had fallen from above.
 I took the opportunity to run out of the way and hit the goblin, who was wobbling behind a rock, with a triple combo of body, river, and uppercut.
 There was no way the goblin could cope with the surprise attack, and its life was cut short in a daze.

'This is the flour ball strategy.

 According to Haruru, it's a kind of grenade item that explodes 10 seconds after the fuse is pulled out.
 It's too poor to be called a grenade, but it can be used in this way if you're creative.
 Incidentally, Haruru said he would make pepper balls eventually.

"Is it flour now?
"Is there such a thing as flour?
I thought it was a bad medicine.
"When did you make that?

'I bought it from the girl who made this weapon. I wondered if there was any use for it, but it looks like there is.

 However, it's not something you can throw head-on, so you'll have to think about how to use it.
 By the way, flour balls are not sold in the game. It's just a white flour-like powder that Haruru calls flour for convenience.

 You can also cook in this game.
 Rabbit, wolf, and frog also drop meat, so cooking may not be so difficult if you have the skill.

I'm not sure if I'm doing a good job with this gauntlet though.

'What's with the ......?

'No, I feel like I can do this ...... more efficiently. No, no, no, no, no, not that way.

 When you fight with only yourself, you need to change how you attack according to the size of the enemy.
 There are two problems: one is the simple reach problem, and the other is the means by which you receive the enemy's attack.
 A good example of the reach problem is the fight with Rabbit. The point is that punches cannot reach the opponent's feet.
 And then it occurred to me.
 Why don't I just use a kick? I thought.

 I had been distracted by the gauntlets on my hands, but I had been using kicks since I had been using the metal rod in the first place.
 Forcing myself to do acrobatics using the metal rod as an axis was not bad, but I was more used to using all four limbs, and in that sense, I could say that I could move more easily.

 As a test, I tried to kick a soccer ball at a horned rabbit hiding in the grass, avoiding the corner.
 To put it bluntly, it was blown away with a force far greater than that of a fist. The difference in levels is terrible.

'Hmm, like this. No, maybe like this. Oh, this might be good.

"Slaughtered with a heartwarming call.
"The return of the bludgeoning demon girl.
Oh, no, no, no, no.

 Monsters are dying with the sound of blows. Perhaps seeing such a scene, the listeners started to tremble while I was not looking.
 For a while, I was practicing bare-knuckle fighting, ignoring the listeners and the strategy, but later, when I saw the comment section, I was a little puzzled.