119-Battle of the Apostles: Violation

 The god of the demon tribe once destroyed three races in a fit of rage.
 The Heaven-Winged who danced in the sky.
 The vampires who rule the night.
 And the dragonborn who ruled the earth.
 The destruction of the three races that had held the supremacy of the world had a profound effect on the world, and a girl called Onijin went to sleep in the name of sealing.

'Oh, that's right. It's a nostalgic memory. I didn't expect you to reach it.

 Saying this, the drunkard loves the passion that dwells within the Sukuna.
 He knows better than anyone the pain of having something so precious taken from you.

'Destroy everything as you wish, as you wish, as you wish.

 The demon god said, and quietly tipped his cup.


'Kuhuhuhuhuhuhu, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

 A demoness who has shifted to a runaway state laughs.
 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.

 There are several unique skills of the demon tribe, but two of them are the most famous.
 One is the "Demon Dance," a rare skill that goes without saying.
 The other is the "Wrath of Forgetfulness," a bad skill that is synonymous with the demon race.
 Anger, disappointment, and sorrow will cause you to forget yourself, and instead of gaining powerful buffs, you will fall into a state of complete loss of control, a skill that can be called the greatest characteristic of the demon race.
 In the demon village, it is said that the onset of this skill is a sign of coming of age for the demon race, and it is one of the most common sights. The reason why Amber was allowed to be exiled even after destroying half of the demon village by this is because this was the daily life of the demon tribe.

 And one more thing. The worst exclusive skill, called a contraindication even among the demon race.
 It's one of only a handful of deadly skills in the world.
 There was a cursed skill that wouldn't stop until it destroyed everything in its path.

 That's the Dead Skill, Runaway Rage.
 It is a skill of destruction that was once created by a demon god when he was angry and sad enough to destroy the world.

 The aura of darkness that surrounds its body is one of the benefits of "Runaway Rage," which brings both tremendous advantages and disadvantages to its user.
 The current Sukuna, who has fallen into a runaway state, has inherited the power of Absolute Destruction that the demon god once possessed in his body.
 It is the power to literally destroy everything.
 In the face of this power, the resistance of indestructibility is useless, and even immortality turns into a finite life.
 It is an absolute power that tramples down attack, defense, and even reason.

 But this is just a byproduct.
 The essence of this skill lies in its endless runaway.


 Dead skill is a forbidden power that corrupts the user's soul.
 It manifests at the end of a tremendous rage and destroys the object of the rage.
 Even the countless disadvantages that eat away at the host after activation are but obstacles that fade like a light in the face of rage.
 This was the original effect of the "rage runaway", and it would have been the same for Sukuna if she had been consumed by anger.

'Haha, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

 Laughing as if it were broken, Sukuna's eyes are dyed red and black, and his loud laughter echoes a voice that does not resemble the devastated battlefield.
 He laughs. Laugh. He was laughing like a madman, enjoying himself from the bottom of his heart.

 She regained what she had been missing.
 I remembered a memory I had forgotten.
 I lost so many of my friends before my eyes.
 And I lost the love of my life right in front of me.

 It must have been anger that triggered it.
 So tremendous was the rage that the system judged it to be, that it even opened the door to memory.
 And through the accumulation of many factors, Sukuna was consumed by "rage run amok.

 Because he had pulled the trigger by force, the destructive impulse that Sukuna had been suppressing since before he met Rinne had awakened.

 Normally, Sukuna would never have unleashed it.
 Because it was the very force of herself that had hurt her mother, hurt her father, that Sukuna had avoided.
 Even on that snowy day, he'd locked away his memories to keep it from waking up.

 But it's too late now.
 I lost my friends right in front of me, and Rinne died at the worst possible time when my mind was in turmoil.
 The last line of Sukuna's resilient spirit, which had endured the loss of her parents, had been severed.
 There was no longer any hesitation on Sukuna's part.
 Now that Rinne was lost, there was nothing in this world that she wanted to protect.
 Sukuna no longer had any reason to stop the destructive impulse that had been unleashed.
 For the first time in her life, she surrendered to the demon that dwelt within her.
 A rapture that surpassed anger filled all of Sukuna.

 So this power is only to bring ruin to your enemy.
 Turning her horrifyingly debauched eyes on the behemoth, as if she wanted everything in the world, Sukuna stepped out quietly.

 She stepped in and pounced.
 The mere movement turns into a rush with bullet-like speed due to the agility that has been 'boosted' five times.


 With a childlike smile, the night darkness swung gently and swiftly, and then boom! I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.
 Arts《Throw Bomber》. It's a striking weapon skill that doubles the power of the blow in exchange for halving the swing speed.
 The slow swing, which would normally be a disadvantage, can become an inevitable blow if you swing down with Sukuna's current status.
 It's not that I don't like it, but it's not that I don't like it.


 Without pause, another roar. As the giant dragon's body sank after being struck from above, Sukuna spun in the air once more and struck it with the "Slow Bomber".
 The giant dragon must have endured two heavy blows in a row, because it lost a lot of HP and lost its stance.

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for and what you can do to help.

'Hey, it's a little early to go to sleep...'

 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it, but I'm going to have to.

'Aaaaah ......, you can make a good voice!

 GOGGAGSHASH! It's not that I don't like it, but I do.
 In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.

I'm not sure what to say.

 As if it was waiting for that, Sukuna used the "Instant Change" to switch the Night Darkness into the event weapon, the "Stardust Mace", and struck back at the flying left arm attack with the "Meteor Impact".
 DOGSHAA! and a dull, heavy sound like a blood bag being cracked echoed through the field.


'Ahahahahahahahaha! Isn't that interesting!

 That was the sound of the giant dragon's left arm bursting. It's not a level of part destruction. It literally popped.
 A blood-colored effect enveloped Sukuna, and she laughed as she spread her hands wide to absorb it.

 The Stardust Mace, an event weapon with an attack power of Trillia's store-bought level even at its maximum strength, has a somewhat unique weapon status, having the same durability as the initial weapon.
 Its value is 5,000, a number that even Kagehito would greatly overlook, and which would normally mean that it is simply unbreakable.
 But as Haruru once told me. The Finisher has a hidden effect.
 It said that the true attack multiplier of the 《Finisher》 was 300%, that is, the original arts multiplier of 3x, plus 10% of the remaining durability.

 This characteristic is naturally inherited by 《Meteor Impact》, the fully upper-compatible art of 《Finisher》.
 600% + (5000 x 0.1)%, or 1100%. In other words, the "Meteor Impact" of the "Stardust Mace" is 11 times more powerful.
 What's more, Sukuna's current Dead Skill, the world's most powerful skill, has given her an incredibly powerful buff to all her stats.
 Even if it was a raid boss, the only natural result would be that his arm would be blown off.

 This time, the giant dragon screams clearly at his left arm, which has been crushed almost to the point of missing parts, and Sukuna smiles as if he is tearing it apart.
 In exchange for a single weapon, the giant dragon's left arm was completely crushed and popped, rendering it useless.
 The urge to destroy was being satisfied. The giant dragon breaking down in front of Nana's eyes fills her heart.

'Haha, hahaha! It's not enough, it's not enough!

 In the event that you've got a lot of time, you may want to take a look at the following.
 In the event that you are not able to move due to the 30-second post-technique rigidity caused by the meteor impact, the runaway Sukuna will wrestle you down as if it were nothing.

 Yes, the essence of "Runaway Rage" is endless runaway.
 Endless is not a metaphor or anything, the activator of this skill is 'not bound by the cool time of all skills, or the rigidity after the move, and the consumption of SP is completely nullified'.
 In other words, the current Sukuna had become the incarnation of destruction, able to unleash her arts at will and run around without limit.

 It was a 'barrage' of 'strikes' by the super-heavy metal rod of Yoigami. It's a great way to make sure you don't end up in a situation where you can't get out of it.

 In response to this tyranny, the giant dragon enlarged its right arm and reamed out its surroundings.
 It's a great way to get rid of a lot of the stress and anxiety in your life.

'More, more, more, more resistance! Or else, or else! It'll all be over soon!

 I'm not sure if you'll be able to find a way to make it work, but I'm sure you can.
 The two horns that had already been broken off by Drago's hand shattered into tiny pieces.
 The phenomenon produced was so destructive that the earlier blow that blew off his arms seemed so gentle.
 A roar echoed across the battlefield, as if the giant dragon's neck was about to snap.
 With a sound so tremendous that it could even be described as an explosion, it scattered shock waves and cracked the skull of the giant dragon.

'Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

 It was too one-sided an overrun.
 Everything was shattered and crushed, and it seemed as if the giant dragon no longer had any room for resistance.
 More than 80% of the giant dragon's remaining HP had been lost in less than two minutes of the overrun.
 The gauge, which should have been long, entered the danger zone and turned red.
 While the demons who saw it were thinking about something crazy like 'how should we destroy it in the end?
 In the face of the clear fear of death, the giant dragon had its final awakening.


 Every muscle in his body bulged.
 Charge the energy and become the demon that brings destruction.
 What is released after a few seconds of rigidity is a dome-shaped energy wave that diffuses over a very wide area with itself at its center.

I'm tired of seeing that.

 Skuna, who had been watching the wave from an extremely close distance, boringly waved the darkness to cancel out all the energy around her.
 But in that moment of blinding, Sukuna felt a vibration beneath his feet.


 The giant dragon that was supposed to be right in front of her had moved to the edge of the field before she knew it.
 For a moment, Sukuna was disappointed, thinking that it was going to run away, but his face immediately turned joyful.

 The giant dragon shrinks its enlarged body at once.
 It's like a spring that's just about to fly out, just waiting to be unleashed.

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I think it's a good idea. It's not very interesting at all!

 In the event that you've got any questions regarding where by and how to use it, you can contact us at our own web site.
 The one that Sukuna activated was 《Oni no Mai》. It was 《Shiki 5: Dance of the Children》.

 The "Outburst of Rage", which has the effect of pseudo-reproducing the power of the demon gods like "Absolute Destruction", opens the upper limit of the "Demon Dance" to a limited extent, allowing the use of all the dance forms, from the first set to the fifth.
 Although only the final form is not allowed, Sukuna is still allowed to use the "Dance of the Child," which should not be allowed.
 This is what the drunkard once said. The "demon dance" is a skill that is only for shooting the "final formula".
 The fifth type was a special dance with such an effect, as if it were the embodiment of that.

You can find a lot more information on the web at .......

 In the event that you have any kind of questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the web site.

 But he had no alternative weapon, and his hands remained empty.

 The end is near.
 The giant dragon's body rose to an unprecedented size. It shrinks to the very edge.
 The huge amount of energy that had been used to release the wave motion was now circulating throughout its body, and the giant dragon was clad in blue light.
 In addition to that, its physical strength has developed to the point that it can jump up to the sky with its huge body.
 With these, the giant dragon fired its own body like a cannonball with the greatest instantaneous force.

 It was easy to predict this outcome when the giant beast expanded.
 He could have ducked if he wanted to.
 But Skuna didn't choose to do that. It was more like a convenience, and the smile on her face was incredibly soft.


 Even as the giant dragon rushes towards her, Sukuna's smile does not fade.
 However, Sukuna gently clenched her fists, which were cracked in the darkness.
 There was no longer time to change weapons to intercept. But he couldn't use the Tenfold Cherry Blossom. It's a special art that increases the power in a series of attacks. It's a huge damage source, but the first hit is weak. It cannot be used for interception.
 In the first place, the true "Tenfold Cherry Blossom" shows its maximum power only when it is combined with the 54 consecutive super-strikes from "Soryu". If you hit it with a single shot, you cannot expect much power.

 Yes, the original starting point of the Tenfold Cherry Blossom is the Ssoryu. In other words, it starts with the second fist.
 If that's the case, then what is the last one of the 10 arts prepared for the Bare-Handed Fighting skill from the beginning? The answer will now be revealed.

--You don't need a stance, you don't need a spirit, a will, or a heart. I just saw one at the end of the barrage.

 The god of war, who is said to have created the "bare knuckle fighting" skill, said this in reference to that art.
 Yes, that's it.
 The ultimate bare-knuckle fighting skill, and its final special art.
 Everything in this skill is for the sole purpose of unleashing this one blow.

'Zekken Yui'!

 It is a fist that twists the body, steps forward, and is simply struck with all one's might.
 When activated, it doubles all physical status and unleashes an extreme move.

 This is the final art of the "Bare-handed Fighting" skill.
 After using all the arts from 《Souryuu》 to 《Jyuzakura》, this is the most powerful blow that can be used only once.
 The power of 54 consecutive strikes is unleashed in a single fist, making this the ultimate art.
 It is called "Zekken Yui". In terms of the power of a single blow, it was an unreasonable fist that boasted the most destructive power of any art.

 No matter how powerful the enemy.
 No matter how heavy or hard the opponent.

 It subdues and destroys everything.
 And the price of its power is that it devours even the attacker himself.

 The recoil damage is equal to the damage inflicted, and strikes the user, Sukuna.
 But Skuna does not fall.
 Because of the blessing of the Fifth Dance, she danced.

'Bye-bye, it was fun.

 The two attacks don't even cross each other, and Sukuna's "Zekken" just pushes back the giant dragon's rush with pure power, and the impact pierces the heart, gouging out all of the giant dragon's remaining HP.
 After less than five seconds of battle, the giant dragon was blown away and slammed into the ground, becoming a polygon and disappearing under the wind pressure.
 As if the fierce battles of the past had been a lie, the battle to destroy the Apostles ended in a rout.

'Kuhu, hihihihi, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

 Skuna's loud laughter echoed throughout the field where there was no longer even a shadow of a living being.
 We killed the giant dragon.
 But it's not satisfied.
 The urge to destroy is unfulfilled.
 A never-ending craving is devouring Skuna's heart.

 Perhaps it's because the battle is over. A warp portal appears and envelops Skuna's body.


 Sukuna smiled debaucherously as she saw it.
 Let's destroy it.
 Let's destroy it.
 Let's destroy them all.
 There are so many toys worth destroying just ahead.

 Sukuna smiled happily, happily, happily.

--Dead skill, Runaway Rage.
--Two minutes until end.

 In the city of beginnings, a disaster with a will was about to befall.


"System Announcement".
The event battle "Apostle Defeat Battle" has been cleared.
《Survivor: 1》
MVP Player: Sukuna
《Last Attacker: Sukuna》
All players who participated in the "Apostle Defeat Battle" will receive a defeat reward.
A special reward will be given to all players who participate in the event.
The entire dungeon event "Labyrinth of Stardust" will now end.
A major update will be released four hours from now.
Players who are currently logged in will be forced to log out.