118-Battle of the Apostles: Awakening

 Rinne's final spell burns the giant dragon to the ground with a roar.
 It destroys the earth, and the plume of dust blinds us.

'...... This is no good.

 In the event you've got a lot of time, you'll be able to take a look at the web site and find out more about it.
 You'll notice. The giant dragon has not fallen yet.

 The most powerful thunderbolt that can be unleashed at the moment is powerful enough to shave off the entire HP gauge of the giant dragon.
 At the time of Drago's "Starlight Slasher", the original HP gauge was just over 2.5. From there, Sukuna and the others had shaved off about 0.5 HP in their four and a half minute onslaught to protect Rinne.
 And from there, another one and a half. The blow that Rinne delivered shaved off the last of the third gauge and the entirety of the fourth gauge.

 The remaining HP gauge of the giant dragon was exactly one.
 In other words, Rinne and his team were able to cut down the giant dragon's HP until it reached the final gauge.

 If they had been able to turn the raid a little better, it might have worked as a trump card.
 At least Drago, Erumi, Leo, and the stray players.
 If they had survived and dealt damage, we might have been able to defeat them.
 But this raid was falling apart too fast. It was impossible for only four people to cut down more than half of the HP.

 The HP gauge had been cut down. Then, the next step would be a wave attack that would burn the field to the ground.
 And this time, two of them had broken the HP gauge at the same time.
 I'm not sure what I'm going to be able to do.

 Thinking about it, the giant dragon had hardly moved from the center until now.
 The first time and the second time, it was standing in the center when it scattered the wave motion.
 And even now, the giant dragon is standing in the center of the field.
 If the giant dragon's gauge shifting behavior is the same as before, then...
 If Rinne is in the position she is in now, she will probably not die if she puts up a barrier, even with the wave's distance decay.
 Even if you take into account that the power of the attack increases by two gauges, you should be able to withstand it if you are at the edge of the field.

 However, that's only for Rinne alone.
 Sukuna, who was suffering from a 30-second post-move rigidity penalty due to the recoil of 《Meteor Impact》, would not survive at this rate.

 The moment she came to that conclusion, Rinne ran to Sukuna's side.
 Unlike last time, this time the wave would probably come after the charge.
 There was a sound. A creak, creak, creak, like something creaking. It's much louder than the small sound the first time, which only Skuna could hear.

 Knowing this, I run to Sukuna as fast as I can while the giant dragon is charging its energy.
 I almost stumbled several times on the way due to the rolling debris, but I ran through and held Sukuna in my arms.

 She's so light. That's right. Even though Linnea's status is specialized in magic, she's still more powerful than the real Linnea.
 Laughing to herself at such a joke, Rinne took Sukuna as far away from the edge of the field as possible.

 As far away from here as possible. I'm trying to keep you alive.

'Ling, sweetie?

'It's okay, it's okay.'

 Rinne replied in a gentle voice to Sukuna, who called her name in a strange voice after her actions.
 Linnea's MP was still a bit low, but once the electric barrier was put up, she would only be able to shoot one more spell.
 Even if she drank an MP potion, it would recover much slower than an HP potion.
 And even if you survive, you won't be able to recover in time to overcome the onslaught of the giant dragon that will be hating on Rinne.
 And Sukuna will try to protect such a useless Rinne even at the cost of her life. Rinne knew that.
 Because that's who Nanaka Niyado is.

 Then what should Rinne do in the end?

 To disperse here, so as not to be a burden on Sukuna.
 She was daring to protect Sukuna with her life.

 The electric barrier and the electric shield. Linnea cast two defensive spells on the stuck Sukuna.
 The current giant dragons might be able to penetrate the waves that the single electric barrier had been able to withstand in the past.
 So Rinne cast two spells on Sukuna. Her MP was completely drained, and she was a complete wreck.
 With two spells on top of each other, Rinne stood over Sukuna as if to protect her. In order to protect Sukuna as much as possible, so that Sukuna would not be damaged.


'Wait, Rin-cha ......!

'You take care of the rest.'

 At the same time as the two defensive spells covered Sukuna's body, a tremor ran through the field.
 With the roar of a giant beast, a wave of energy that burned in all directions spread out.

 The wave motion was like a wind calling for death.
 It wiped out the HP of Rinne, who stood defenseless.



 A voice leaked out for no reason.
 Rinne is dead.
 So stunned. So easily.
 She died defending me.

--It can't be helped. She was just too strong for him.

 Someone muttered that in my mind.
 Yes, I had no choice.
 It was just me and Rin.
 Thirty people to fight.
 There were only 15 of us.

 I don't have a choice.
 I don't have a choice.

--It's just a game. Isn't it?

 Yeah, it is.
 There's plenty of life in this world.
 Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's a game.

 And so you mutter to yourself.
 To gain an impossible conviction.

 I stand up for no reason and look at the giant dragon that killed Rin.
 As I stand there in a daze, the giant dragon is pooling its breath.
 It's the same breath that I just sacrificed two players and Kagewumi to finally stop.
 It will vaporize you in an instant if you let it go.
 I know, but I can't move my body.
 I can't put my strength into it. My eyes are turning bright red.

--Hey, what do we do?

 Someone is muttering something, but I can't even hear it anymore.
 My heart was sinking to the bottom of my disappointment.

 I'm dying.
 I'm dying.
 They're all dying in front of me.
 I can't reach them. I can't protect them.
 I want to protect you but I can't.

 I thought it was okay.
 Because the only thing I really wanted to protect was Rin. It doesn't matter to me what happens to the other players.
 As long as Rin isn't dead, that's all that matters. As long as I can protect the small world I want to protect, that's all that matters.

 I forced myself to believe that.
 Because I couldn't move unless I did.
 I kept chipping away, chipping away, chipping away, chipping away.
 At the end of all that grinding, I couldn't protect what I really wanted to protect.

 Then what am I, what is the purpose of my power?

 All my life, I've entrusted the trigger of a power that could scorch even me to the ground to Rin alone.
 All for the sake of protecting Rin.
 And only when Rin said it was okay.
 I've used the extraordinary power that resides in me as violence.

 The WLO world was a place where that was allowed.
 That's what this world was to me.

 Then what about me?
 In a world without Rin.

 How the hell am I supposed to use this power?

 My vision is turning bright red.
 I'm scared.
 My heart is creaking and falling apart.
 I'm scared.
 The urge swallows everything.

 Red. Red. Red, red, bright.
 The impulse that filled my heart was burning through my mind like ...... scorching magma.


 No, it was me on that snowy day.
 The me who was standing there with tears in her eyes.
 She murmured sadly.

 I know this feeling.
 I know the name of this feeling.
 How could I have forgotten?
 How could I have remembered?

 It comes back to me as a distant memory.
 What I forgot was the urge to destroy.
 The emotions of the day my world was destroyed.

--If I don't do something, they'll kill us all.

'No, no. ......'

 The overflowing emotions make you speak out unintentionally.
 Without even realizing it, I surrender to the emotions that take over my body.

 Memories flash back, memories that I had forgotten.
 Before my eyes, the memory of losing everything comes back.

 I couldn't protect it. I couldn't protect it. I couldn't even protect what I wanted to protect.
 My father, my mother, crushed, red, gone. .......

 So I thought, I don't want to lose anything anymore.

 Now that I've remembered that much, I know the true nature of the feelings that have burned in my heart throughout this battle.

 And I love the feelings that still well up in my heart.
 It's been a long, long time since I could remember.

 The day my mom and dad died.
 I was covered in tears, and this dark but pure feeling I had wasn't sadness.

 It was about an unreasonable world.
 And for myself, a helpless person who could do nothing to protect it.

 It was a crystal-clear anger.

--You know what to do, don't you?

 Yeah, I know what to do.

 It's okay, I got it.

 It's easy.

 Don't even think about it.

Just-- just destroy it all.

 The voices of me and mine overlap.
 I felt as if a piece that had been missing for a long time had fallen into place.


 I'm not sure what to do.
 The giant dragon stopped attacking, just as it had done when it had released its shockwaves, and quietly stopped its movements as if to dissipate the heat.
 Seeing such a desperate scene, someone who had been watching the battle to destroy the apostles gulped.

 In the City of Beginnings, in Dualis, in Trillia, in Pheas, in Griffith, in Zeronor.
 Even in all the cities that had nothing to do with the events after the Seventh City.
 The battle to defeat the apostles was projected by the Eye of God like a monitor in the air.

 Perhaps it was for entertainment, or perhaps it was to encourage people to evacuate.
 In particular, the residents of the city up to Zeronor, who might be affected by this battle, were watching the scene with bated breath.

 The remaining HP gauge of the giant dragon was one full gauge.
 And the only player was Sukuna.
 Even Skuna was unable to move, probably due to the shock of Rinne's death.

 In the midst of this, the giant dragon begins to move again, even before Sukuna does.
 A huge light pools in the mouth of the giant dragon.
 The Breath of Extreme Light. The worst of the attacks, which had just cost two players their lives, are now aimed at Sukuna.

 A raid with only 15 players. It was an impossible fight.
 It would soon be over, and the giant dragon, Ars Nova, would descend upon the city of beginnings.
 The players, the listeners who watched the official live broadcast, and the residents who watched the battle to destroy the apostles in every city.
 All of them understood that this battle was a dead end.
 All of them unconsciously clasped their hands in anticipation of the tragedy that would occur in the city of beginnings.


 As if to ridicule it all.

 The darkness that overflowed from beneath her feet swallowed Sukuna.

 A chillingly dark and heavy darkness enveloped Sukuna's entire body.
 With a creaking sound, the darkness dyed Sukuna's avatar.
 Its horns grew redder and longer.

 The white of her eyes is now black, and her bloodstained eyes are darker and deeper.
 A snap.
 With a small sound, a black crack appeared on her white skin.
 The cracks spread throughout the body, and the darkness leaks out of the cracks and dissipates.

"Ah, ha!

 A prodigal voice spilled out.
 The demoness laughed quietly as a feeling of elation enveloped her entire body.
 His appearance was reminiscent of a legendary demon god.
 The avatar of Sukuna was transformed into the most suitable form to activate the skill.

'What the hell is that ......?

 The murmur of the NPC boy who had been watching the battle in the city of beginnings spread through the hubbub.
 It was the voice of every player's heart, and it was the same for the inhabitants of this world.

 The transformation must have lasted less than ten seconds.
 The original avatar of Sukuna was still intact enough to recognize her as her, even after the transformation.
 And as the giant dragon's breath was about to be released, Sukuna's gaze wavered.

 But above all, it was the one that sent shivers through the hearts of those watching.
 I'm not sure what to make of it, but I think it's a good idea.

'Sukuna ......, you'.

 Amber, who had been preparing for the worst in the city of beginnings, was upset when she saw Sukuna's appearance.
 I had heard about it from Melty. But it's also true that I was optimistic until I actually saw her with my own eyes.
 I felt ashamed that I couldn't even see through the darkness that this girl Sukuna was carrying.

 I fell into the abomination. It's the power of the demon gods themselves, the power of disaster that avenges the world.
 Or I might have to kill her with my own hands. Amber clenched her fists tightly.
 It is the power itself, the power of disaster to avenge the world.


 A system announcement sounded in the ears of people all over the world.
 It was the sound of a bell announcing the end, and a song celebrating the birth of disaster.

Emotional value of player "Skuna" has exceeded a certain level.
Search: Check the race of the player. You have met the activation condition of the race-specific skill.
You have activated the Bad Skill "Rage of Forgetfulness".
Alert: Abandon Activation.
Alert: The player's emotional value has exceeded the threshold.
Search: "Demon's Blessing" confirmed.
Search: "Demon's Factor" confirmed.
Search: "Demon's Dance" confirmed. Cancel the limited release of the upper limit and the cool time of all arts.
Results: All erosion conditions have been met.

Alert: Erosion by the world's seven deadliest plagues, Lars, is occurring.
Target player: Sukuna
Release time: 5 minutes.
... , -,---,---------------

Hazard: Initiating Deadly Skill "Rage Outrage".

 And the overrun begins.