6-weapon skill

 After killing five Wolves, I heard the sound of leveling up again.
 Now that I have six points left, I'll assign three each to Agility and Dexterity.
 I want to be able to attack more accurately and quickly.

 You'll be able to beat it with its high physical status, but you'll never have enough agility for the future.
 It's okay if you're as fast as the wolf, but the name of the lightning spell sounds fast, right?
 In the event you're not sure what you're looking for, there are a number of things you can do.
 It's a good thing you're safe.

'I'm glad you're okay.

'Yeah. Well, I got some experience out of it, so I guess it's all good.

 Wolf. I feel like that's a good match for me.
 It may be fast, but its defense is too thin. Now that I'm a little stronger, I can easily disable it by striking its vital points.

'The comments on the distribution are quite lively, aren't they?

'Oh, that's good to hear.

'The response has been generally positive.

 I don't remember doing anything to make such a good impression yet, but Rin is right.
 I'm sure it's true.
 Since only the viewer and the distributor can see the comments on the feed, I could only think so.

'What are you going to do after this?

'I guess I'll just keep hunting for now. We want to be able to get beyond the grasslands before the second wave of volume floods the city.'

'Uh, competition for resources, right?

'Something like that. Fortunately, there are almost no magic monsters in the Forest of the End, so if we can get there, I think it will be a good hunting ground for Skuna.

 It may seem difficult to say that they are competing for resources, but the point is that if 10,000 people try to hunt a monster that only has a hundred of them, they will be competing for it.
 If you think of a special sale in a supermarket, it may be easier to imagine.
 Even in a vast field, there is a limit to the number of monsters that can appear.
 The appearance of a monster is called popping, and its reappearance is called repopping.

'If you go a little further, the wolves will swarm you like before. Normally, I wouldn't recommend it because it's dangerous, but from what I just saw, it seems to be more efficient.

'Yeah. I think we can handle up to ten of them as it is.'

'That's encouraging. Let's go then.

 As a result of our discussion, we decided to proceed further into the southern plains.

 By the way, I've been the only one fighting since a while ago, but I wonder what kind of fighting style Lin-chan will use.

 I wondered about that for a bit, but if Rin, who was at least two weeks ahead of me, joined the fight, I would have nothing to do.
 Leveling for now. Then I'll catch up with Rin.

 We'll talk about it later, I thought, bracing myself.

--We don't.

 I backstep and dodge the wolves jumping at me from both sides at the same time, and hit the one on the left in the back as hard as I can.
 Ignoring the one that bent over, I threw a rock at the wolf on the right.
 Immediately after landing on the ground, the wolf was unable to react to the flying tool and became frightened, and I, who had closed the distance at the same time as the throw, directly "slammed" the club into the wolf's brain.


 I was surprised to see Wolf explode with one punch for the first time, but that was not the case.
 Another wolf jumped at him from behind just as he stiffened up for a moment after using the skill, but as soon as the stiffness was lifted, he swung the club back as hard as he could.
 Unfortunately, the club didn't hit him directly, but it seemed to hit his arm, and he stomped on the knocked-down wolf with his foot, blocking its movement before bludgeoning it to death.
 Finally, the wolf whose spine had been broken and whose movement had been blocked in the first place was defeated with a 'slam'.


 It's amazing what games can do these days.
 It seems that even the inside of the monster's body has been carefully designed.
 So if you attack its jaw, its brain will shake, and if you crush its legs, it will stop moving.
 As long as you have HP left, you won't die, but if you use a sword or something like that, you'll probably get a critical hit on the neck and die instantly.

 It's because the battle is over.
 I received experience and a notification of level up.
 This is my sixth time, so I'm now at level 7.
 After assigning your status, you check your status again.


PN: Sukuna
Lv: 7
Race: "Demon Race
Money in possession: 4880 Iris
HP: 120
MP: 7
SP: 65
Strength: 35
Sturdiness: 28
Dexterity: 48
Agility: 41
Intelligence: 3
Magic Defense: 3
Luck: 22
Status points remaining: 0
Weapon: Cudgel
Head: None
Body: Linen shirt

Arms: None
Legs: linen pants
Shoes: leather shoes
Striking Weapon Proficiency: 10
Throwing Weapons Proficiency: 7


 My dexterity is growing quite nicely, thanks to the fact that I've been pouring half of my level-up into it.
 Compared to the first time, it's much closer to the way I wanted it to be.

 Agility is also quite good, thanks to the constant increase from level 3.
 Muscle strength is also not bad. I don't feel the need to increase it in this area where there are only wolves, so I'll just keep working on it.
 I also seem to have accumulated a modest amount of money.

 The problem is the skill level.
 I don't understand the criteria at all.

'How high can I raise my skill level? ......'

'It's officially announced, but the base is 1000. The rest depends on the object. I heard that it's only after you derive a skill that you can really use it.


'For example, the One-Handed Mace skill, the Two-Handed Mace skill, and the rare Two-Handed Cudgel skill are also derived from striking weapons. For example, the one-handed mace skill, the two-handed mace skill, and the rare two-handed club skill are all derivatives of striking weapons. The first weapon skill you can choose is powerful when you master it, but there's also a fun way to derive it.

 There seems to be a surprisingly detailed set of weapon types.
 In some games, they could have been grouped under "mace" or "hammer".

 Incidentally, a two-handed club is probably a weapon used in martial arts called "stick fighting".
 It is like a spear without a tip, and a simple one looks like a stick at a glance.
 A simple one looks like a stick. It cannot slash, but it excels in basic actions such as striking, thrusting, dispelling, and parrying.

 In terms of simple power, the mace is superior because it concentrates power, but the club is superior in terms of overall usability and length.

'I see. It's also possible to expand the [Striking Weapon] skill, but I guess that means .......'

'To be frank, striking weapons are a bit special. Whether you have a mace or a club, you can still use the arts of the "striking weapon. ...... Ah, you mean the techniques you learn with skills. You can use them. But the maximum proficiency is only 500, and you can't learn the high-powered arts that other skills have. That's why everyone is switching.

''Hmm ......, well, I guess all sword users start with one-handed swords, so I guess that's how it is.''

 I'm not sure what to make of this.
 This does not mean that striking weapons are unfair.

 In fact, the techniques ...... learned with the [Striking Weapon] skill? In fact, the skills learned with the <> skill can be used with any striking weapon, so there's no harm in upgrading it.

 Even if you need a special move against a strong opponent, a simple move is always useful against a small fish.

 The "Slamming" skill, which can be held with both hands and swung out, is just as useful.

'By the way, using the "one-handed mace" skill as an example, it seems to be released at about 30.

'Oh, so it's a numerical release.

'It's said that sometimes there are special conditions. It's the same for the [sword] skill.

'That's so romantic.

 Sword. I wonder if it can do Iai?
 I think it would be exhilarating to be able to slash and dice the enemy, but I think I might break it if I handle it wrong.

 On the other hand, striking weapons are good. All you have to do is just bang them with force.

'After all, striking is the simplest form of violence.

'What are you saying out of the blue, ......?

 Hearing the words that escaped my lips, Rin-chan looked at me with the eyes of a dangerous person.

 After that, we went further into the plains and enjoyed the resource-filled Wolf Festival before returning to the city of beginnings.
 Although I had achieved level 10, I heard that the listeners of Rin's broadcast had given me the nickname "Bludgeoning Demon Girl".

 I think I'm going to be a little more demure now. .......