5-The Devil and the Crab

 Five wolves are attacking a girl.
 Two of them pounce on her from the front, aiming to bite her in both arms.
 In the meantime, one of the wolves moves to the back in case it fails, while the other two hold the perimeter as if on alert.

 The seemingly seamless formation, however, did not catch the girl.
 The girl took a large step to the right and slammed her right club into the wolf's spine, which was unprotected because it was in the air.
 Ignoring the wolf, which snapped with a crunching sound and fell to the ground, she threw the club backhanded at the other wolf, which was trying to keep its distance.

 The club flew straight at the fleeing wolf's leg, and the wolf, stopped in pain, was trampled by the girl who was already close behind.
 The poor wolf was picked up by the club and returned to the polygon.

 The three animals that were supposed to cover the two wolves had no way of stopping the violence that had taken place in a matter of seconds.
 While they were upset, a rock struck the other one who was trying to get behind them.
 As he cowered, a girl was standing in front of him, and a club swung down with both hands struck the wolf in the brain.

 One is dead, two are dying.
 The other two, who were supposed to be hunting but quickly became the hunted, abandoned their confusion and launched a suicide attack on the girl.
 They aimed at the torso and rushed at her with a time delay.
 Even if they are evaded, they strike at the end of the attack, and the first one turns to dust with pure violence as it is knocked down.
 The remaining one, no longer able to stop, pounced on him, and when his jaw was snapped up and he was unable to move, he was crushed and scattered to the polygons.

'You didn't start out with five of them. ......'

 The girl who had slaughtered the three dying ones that had lost their mobility with a gurgling sound muttered regretfully among the flying red polygons.

'You're still too out of humanity. ......'

 I, Rinne, watched with a resigned smile on my face as my best friend (Sukuna) showed me such a horrific bludgeoning play.


 Player name, 《Linne》.
 That's my name in this game.
 My efforts to finish the initial setup as fast as possible in order to get this name before anyone else did were well rewarded.

 Today is the first game day I've played with Nana in seven years.
 I'm so excited that I can't sleep, but I can smell Nana's scent from my bed, which makes it even harder to sleep.

 I want to play this game with Nana.
 No, I want to let Nana play this game.
 I couldn't stop thinking about it, and when I called her, I didn't expect her to be unemployed.
 I offered a prayer of thanks for my divine good fortune and hurriedly made the necessary arrangements.
 Thanks to the fact that I had been talking about it for a long time, I got Nana's approval, and now I had the time to enjoy playing games with her.

 Honestly speaking, I didn't care about making her a professional gamer.
 As soon as she said she would play games with me, I was ready to support her for the rest of my life.
 However, it is true that it is not a good idea to make special friends with a mere civilian in an official distribution, even though you have been smelling her presence for a long time.
 I was only talking about how it would be nice if I could pull Nana into the VR division to cover that up.

 However, I didn't bring Nana into the VR division just for the sake of calculation.

 Nana is, if you will, a "real cheat".
 Her physical ability is not that of a human being to begin with.
 Even if you cut corners on your physical measurements, you can still get the highest rank.
 In terms of exercise, it can do anything at a glance, and it has the dexterity to do whatever it feels like doing as long as it uses its body.
 His eyesight is as good as a telescope, and his dynamic vision is outstanding. Seriously, he has such cheat specs that we wonder if he is even human.

 On top of that, his physical strength is extraordinary.
 No one can work more than ten hours a day, seven times a week, for years on end.
 And most of her work is either customer service or physical labor. Her fatigue is not comparable to that of a desk job.
 She does it all without a care in the world and smiles without showing a trace of fatigue.
 I am probably the only one who knows the reality of this, but if anyone knew, they would say it was impossible.

 I digress, but yes, Nana is uncommonly good at games, if not in the intelligence department.
 And one of the aptitudes required for a full-dive VR game is "athleticism," which is uncommon.

 I know this.
 I know that Nana is constantly suppressing her overly high physical abilities, and that she feels stressed by it.
 After all, she was working like a maniac because she had too much physical energy.
 Knowing this, I missed her part-time life because I couldn't find a way to relieve it in my daily life.

 Nana said with a sad look in her eyes that she didn't play sports because it made her feel as if her extraordinary abilities were insignificant.

 But... In this game, Nana can live freely.
 Physical abilities defined by numbers create equality.
 As long as there is a base of equality, it is just a matter of 'player skill' from there on.
 A world where Nana can live freely as she pleases.
 I was convinced that 《WorldLive-ONLINE》 was the only world that could make that possible.

'Well, let's do the Wallow again today. Today, as announced, I'm going to do it with Nana, who will be my rear friend and colleague from today.

"I've been waiting for this.
I've been waiting for this.
"I'm so happy, so happy.
"I'm so happy!
It's not a video, it's a subscription.

 The number of concurrent connections had been over 10,000 before the start of the broadcast, but now it's up to nearly 50,000.
 The number of simultaneous connections has been over 10,000 since before the start of the broadcast, and now it's up to almost 50,000. Usually it's around 30,000, but I guess today was a different story.

 Today is not the long-awaited day with Nana at ......, but a time for gameplay.
 It was going to be a serious broadcast, since it was also the unveiling of the game and I promised to show her the town of the beginning.

 While I was a little happy to see the excited comments, I decided to put up a precaution.

'I know you have a lot to say about my friend, and the fact that he's been an unknown until now. I'll give you my seal of approval that you're the real deal. I'll let you know how it goes in today's episode.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa.
"Well, let's see what you got.
"Are you power leveling?
"I love you, Meijin-sama.
"I hope I'm not wearing colored glasses.
"Is Nana a girl?

'I'm not power leveling. I don't need to. Nana's gender is ....... I got an email. She's already in the square.'

"You're done with the initial setup?
"That was quick.
"If you're a friend of Linnea's, you've probably done the initial build in no time.
"But it takes a lot of time to make avatars in this game.
But it takes a long time to make an avatar in this game.
"But this game takes a lot of time to make avatars." "Maybe he didn't play around with it." "Rinne himself finished the initial setup as fast as he could to get his name.

 I'm going to pick out the parts that interest me from the comments that are flowing fast.

 The comment board of the distribution is flowing fast in a window that only I can see.
 For players who have been granted permission to live stream, this feature has been added, and at the same time, a treasure ball is floating around the player to indicate that the player is filming.
 The focus is limited to a radius of a few meters from the player, and beyond that, only the player's face can be recognized.

 So, for example, if you want to keep your information private and don't want to be seen by the streamer, you can stay a little bit away from the player whose treasure ball is floating around.
 There are also private settings for each individual, so in the worst case you can still do that.
 You will always be the person in the mosaic in every distribution, but you can say that your privacy is protected.

 However, it's been less than 10 minutes since the second service was launched.
 There were a few players from the second group who had finished the initial setup and were moving in, but it was still early.

 As I was walking around the fountain square in the city of beginnings, looking for Nana, I suddenly spotted a black-haired demon tribe sitting on the fountain.
 No doubt. That's Nana. Because the avatar is just as it is in real life: .......
 It's hard for me to say, since I don't play with avatars due to my role as a distributor, but the netiquette lesson I gave her didn't seem to have much effect on her.

'That's the black-haired demon girl, isn't it? Nana!

'Lin-chan! Wow, that's some impressive gear.'

'Well, two weeks is enough time for this. Nana, what's your PN?

'Sukuna. It's a very important name that Rin gave me.'

'Wait, ......, that's right. I'm still Rinne in this game, so you don't have to change my name.

'You're cute.
"Hey, Rinne!
"Rinne is Rinne: ......
"Sukuna-chan hshs.
"Rinna-chan is Rinna-chan ......
"Isn't it Rinsk?
I'll ban anyone who laughs.

'I'll ban anyone who laughs.

"Hee hee.


'So, ......, this is Nana, or Sukuna.'

'Uh, is that a camera? I'm Sukuna. I'm new here, but I'm looking forward to working with you.'

'I've been authorized to deliver, so I'll be delivering tomorrow on my own.

'Nice to meet you.'
'Nice to meet you.'
'Nice to meet you!
'Thank you.
"Compared to Lin, you're a lot smaller.
I appreciate your politeness.
"The black-haired hinny demon girl ...... is a good .......
"Seriously, such a cute girl's initial equipment is a club?
"Really, it's grass.
"A club for a demon.
"It's a cudgel.

 It's not a bad start.
 Anyway, it seems you really chose a club.
 Even before I started, I had said that I would choose the cudgel because it seemed easier to use.
 The cudgel is durable and has good attack power, but it's just not very good looking.
 What about a club in a fantasy world? To be honest, it was not a popular weapon.
 In fact, the performance of the club is the same as the beginner's sword, only the weapon's attributes are different.

'Anyway, let's go hunting. It'll be harder to find a monster pop when it's crowded.''


'I'll explain about the city of beginnings as we walk.'

'It's so heartwarming.
"Like sisters.
'They're more like brother and sister.
"There's a big difference in equipment.
"Rinne, you're at the south gate.
"I thought the proper level for the south was 6.
"The wolves are too strong.

 I said no power leveling.
 In fact, it wouldn't be fun for me to weaken them and let the Skuna finish them off.
 However, I decided that the best place to show the listeners what Sukuna was capable of was in the south.

 There are gates on the east, west, north, south, and west sides of the city of beginnings, and the grassland fields have different ecosystems.

 For example, in the north, there is a calm grassland with low difficulty and mainly inactive fish called "boa", and in the west, there is a slightly dangerous grassland with horned rabbits called "horn rabbits".

 The next town is in the north, in the grasslands, and there are some dungeons along the way.

 In the south, there is only a wide area dungeon called the "End Forest" at the end of the grassland, and the stage is a dead end.
 However, the level of the mooks is much higher than the other gates.
 Specifically, the wolf demons called "Wolves" are strong. They're even stronger than us, but they crowd together.

'Well then, I'll start hunting them now. I'll basically stay out of it. You're free to fight as you please.

'Understood. Hey, Rin-chan, are the stones that can be used for the throwing skill from around the corner okay?

'They have very little attack power, but yes.

'Let's pick up a few.

"Pick up some rocks.
'Do you have throwing skills?
"Blows and throws.
'Not exactly a mine, but it's rare.
"Striking weapons are practical. It's just that the initial equipment doesn't look very good.
"It's the mace after it's derived that's the real deal.
"Are we really going to hunt south?
"You came here on your first day and went crazy, didn't you?
"You went crazy on your first day here.
That was traumatic.

 You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few of them.
 It's one of the strongest mobs in the grasslands, the Wolf.

'Sukuna, Shome......'

'Yes, I can see you.

 I guess I should say I'm impressed.
 Skuna, who had caught the enemy's shadow much earlier than me, stepped forward to protect me.
 The Wolf's level was randomly chosen between 3 and 5. The wolf in front of me is a 4, which is in the middle of the range in terms of strength.
 Wolves are characterized by their speed and attack power.
 Instead of being vulnerable to damage, they specialize in attack, making them a formidable challenge for the modern Japanese beginner who is not used to fast-moving beasts.

 In the face of the wolves, who were charging in a straight line without hesitation, Sukuna took a throwing stance.
 She swung the stone in her hand and activated her skill with a light touch.


 The stone that flew with the light of the skill hit Wolf right between the eyes, shaving off a little HP.
 But what was fatal for Wolf was not the damage, but the fact that his movements slowed down because he was frightened.
 In the event you have any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can call us at our own web site.

 In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the web site.
 He rolled on the ground a few times, and when he tried to get up, it was after a follow-up attack had been launched.

 The wolf is shaken by a blow that splits his brain, and he is hit in the brain again without missing a beat.


 After hitting the brain three times with a gurgle, a two-handed swing using the skill hit him directly, and Wolf was killed and turned into a polygon.

'Fu ...... Oh, I leveled up.'

 The air in the comment board was chilly, although the sight of Sukuna's cheeks tearing up with happiness almost fooled me.

'You're lying.
"Too much intent to kill.
I'm not sure what to make of that.
"It's amazing that you can hit a projectile before that. It's totally PS dependent.
"It's a demon.
"You're a demon. You're a demon.
"This is not a level 1 move.

 That's all I have to say.
 He wasn't fighting to kill a monster, he was fighting to kill a wolf.
 Instead of being frightened, they even seemed to be enjoying it.

'Rin-chan, I've leveled up.

'Yeah, yeah. Congratulations. Have you decided how to allocate your status points?'

'Half for strength and half for dexterity, the rest will stay the same.

'So ...... is it still hard to move?'

'Not really. Well, at this rate, I'll be back in shape sooner than I thought.

 For a low-level avatar, the gap between Skuna's abilities and the real thing was huge.
 To make up for it, she's probably increasing her dexterity value.
 Dexterity status is very important in this game.

'How about you, listeners? This is Nana. You know what to expect, don't you?

"It moved like a beast.
"But only a wolf.
"I love bludgeoning demon girls.
"There are a few of these out there, but I could definitely see the potential.

 There were still some negative comments from the comment board, but when they saw Nana wipe out the pack of five wolves that had attacked her, they all flipped their palms.