4-default setting

 I was in a meadow the moment I felt my consciousness float up to the surface.
 The first thing that surprised me was the 'smell'.
 The scent of flowers and grass. The scent of soil. A scent that made me feel that I was standing in the middle of a meadow.
 It was a system that I hadn't seen in any other game I'd experienced in the past two days.

'Welcome to 《WorldLive-ONLINE》'.

 Just as the information I had gathered beforehand, a voice called out from behind me.
 I turned around to see a woman in a dark blue nun's uniform.
 She is known as the Navigator. The navigator is a tutorial character who always speaks to players who land in this game for the first time from behind.

'I am Iris. I've come to give you a signpost.

 With these words, he handed me a card that looked like an iron plate.
 This is called a menu card, and is an item for displaying menus for players who cannot think.
 In this world, it is said to be a substitute for an ID card or wallet to enter the city.

If you think 'menu', you will see a menu screen. The menu screen should be projected. If that doesn't work, just rub the card twice and the menu will appear.

'Oh, ......, there it is.'

 The menu screen that appeared with an indescribable sound was apparently made of a hard material like the screen of a smart phone, and the operation feeling was similar to it.
 Well, maybe it's better than being asked to operate a translucent hologram.
 There were no menu items on the screen yet, just four words in the middle: 'Initial Settings'.

'Let's start the settings. Please select your race first.

 When you press 'Preferences', two items appear.
 Human, and Subhuman.
 For subhumans, there seemed to be a tree that opened up from there.

 I opened the subhuman section and looked for one of the races that I had discussed with Lin.
 I was overwhelmed by the amount of races, even if I knew them well enough.
 So I scrolled once and couldn't find it, so I went back and scrolled again, and finally found and selected one race.

 It was the "Demon Race". It's a peaky race with a very unbalanced performance.

'When you have chosen your race, please choose the shape of your avatar.

 In response to the navigator's words, an avatar that must be mine appeared on the menu screen.
 Black hair, red eyes, and a small horn on the forehead.
 He is 155 centimeters tall, just like in real life. Her sadly modest body is also unchanged. I want to cry.

 I'm not sure if I'll be able to do that. I wish I was as tall as Rin. .......

 I managed to overcome the temptation and only changed the length of my hair from short to semi-long.
 Lin said she left her hair as it was, so there's no need to mess with it that much.

'When you have finished sculpting your avatar, please choose two skills. Currently, the most popular skills are the 'one-handed sword' skill and the 'lightning magic' skill.

 It seems that the game will politely tell you what skills are popular among the players so far.
 It's a fantasy world, after all. I can certainly understand why you would want to use a sword, and magic would be a dream.
 But I wasn't going to choose it.

 Or rather, I can say that half of it is not a choice.
 Specifically, magic skills. I had completely abandoned this item when I started this game.
 The reason for this is that the magic-related stats of the Demon tribe are extremely low.

 To put it simply, the three statuses of MP, which is necessary to activate magic, Intelligence, which is related to magic attack power, and Magic Defense, which is related to magic defense, are extremely low, and on top of that, the growth correction boasts an unbelievable cut rate of -75%.
 This means that if there are 20 points that should be raised by leveling up, only 5 will be raised.
 In return, you get a large increase in strength for attack, sturdiness for defense, dexterity for critical rate and production, and agility for agility.

 In short, a peaky character that is all about physics.
 That's what the "demon race" is all about.

 That's why I ignored the magic skills that I couldn't choose, and took the "striking weapon" skill that I had already decided on.
 You're saying I shouldn't use a one-handed sword? I'm not very good with blades. .......

 It's not that I'm an ogre with a metal rod, but I'm more comfortable using a club or a bat than a sword.
 Rather, Japanese people living in the present age would definitely be more comfortable with striking weapons.
 After all, you can fight reasonably well just by hitting someone, and all of the weapon can be used for attack.
 Swords can be broken by hitting the belly, and cannot be cut unless the blade is upright.
 I'm sure the game doesn't require you to have a beautiful sword, but for someone like me who isn't used to playing games, it was more convenient to have easy weapons.

 The other is the "throwing" skill.
 The demon race is almost completely immune to magic.
 This means that they lack the means to attack at long range.
 This skill is to compensate for that. In the worst case scenario, they can use a rock as a weapon, so it might be useful in case their weapons break.

'After choosing a skill, please assign the initial points for the status.

 I tapped the screen as I went along, and the status screen opened up in a row.

--The status screen opened.

Race: "Demon Race
Money: 1000 Iris
HP: 39
MP: 0
SP: 26

Strength: 13
Sturdiness: 13
Dexterity: 13
Agility: 13
Intelligence: 0
Magic defense: 0
Luck: 10
Status points remaining: 10
Striking Weapon: Proficiency 0
Throwing: Proficiency 0


 Looking at this, I was able to get a rough idea of the increase in the Demon Race's status.
 Thirty percent. Thirty percent. That seems to be the increase compensation.
 This apparently means that HP and SP also have an upward correction.
 If there is no status correction at all, the base values of each should be 30 and 20.

 By the way, SP is stamina, which is consumed by using skills, attacking, dashing, and evading.
 Unlike MP, SP recovers quickly and automatically, but if you use it randomly, you'll get stuck in battle.
 In other words, you have to keep in mind that "WorldLive-ONLINE" is a game where stamina management is essential.

 Aside from that, the initial values of the magic statuses were as we knew before. An initial value of zero is a refreshing level.
 Luck, which is also called Luck in some games, remained untouched at its initial value.

 At any rate, I gave half of my status points to Strength and half to Dexterity.
 It is said that the more dexterity you have, the more flexible your avatar feels.
 When I tried to bend forward, I found that my body was much more tense than the real me. It seems that the addition of 5 dexterity points will not make any noticeable difference.

'After deciding your status, please choose your initial equipment.

 I think this means that you should choose a beginner's equipment that matches the skills you have acquired, so choose a club.
 If you look at the club's status, you'll see that it's categorized as a "striking weapon.

'After choosing your initial equipment, please select your name.

 Name. I think it's an important part.
 I suppose some people would name it "Zekigage" or "Jet-Black Fallen Angel" or something like that.
 This is the birth of a black history.

 I have rarely played games voluntarily, but when I do, I always give them the same name.
 It was a gift that Rin came up with when she was a little girl, using all the knowledge she had just learned.

 Sukuna. That's my player name.

 Fortunately, none of the preceding 10,000 players, nor any of the second group of players who finished the tutorial before me, used this name.

 When I chose a name, the menu screen disappeared without a sound.

'Sukuna the Traveler. I wish you well on your journey.

 With a smile and a loose wave of her arm, a magic circle flew to her feet.
 After a moment of darkness, I was blown into the midst of the commotion.
 The City of Beginnings. In a sense, I had finally set foot in such a nameless city.