7-Speaking of ogre, it's still a gold bar.

 We continued hunting until we reached level 10, and after somehow gaining another level on the way back, we returned to the city of beginnings.
 It had been less than five hours, so we could still play.
 The only problem was that our inventory of items had run out before we got there.
 We had no choice but to throw away some of the cheaper materials and return home.

 The wolf materials seemed to be worth a fair amount of money, so I left only the materials that Lin specified and sold the rest to the NPC store.
 As a result, the status of my menu card showed that I had more than 30,000 Iris, which was quite a large number compared to my initial capital.

'I've saved up a lot of money.

'After all, the Wolf is good value for money. It's much better than the boa, which is hard but doesn't lose much material. That said, the wolf is far more dangerous.

 Bores are small monsters that live in the northern plains, and they are basically inactive and friendly.
 It's usually a beginner's first fight.
 It's easy to defeat if you attack properly, but it can be quite a struggle for first-timers.
 They are also tough for their level.
 Once you get used to it, it's like a sandbag, Rin-chan sniffed.

 Back to the topic at hand, we are in the eastern part of the city.
 This is the so-called shopping district.
 It's lined with item stores, all of which are lined with players.
 I think the peak of the influx of new players has passed, but the crowds are still so thick that it's almost dizzying to watch.
 Surely, looking at this, it would be better to leave the city of beginnings as soon as possible.

'Now that we're back in the city, we'll want to get some armor.

 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'm not the only one.
 I was brought to a building that was so large that I could see it from a distance.

'This is the armory of the city of beginnings. It's like a commercial complex. On the first floor, there are stores for each weapon, and armor is on the upper floor. I know you want to start with the weapons, but let's look at the armor first. I'm not going to make it with a set of linen clothes.

'Well, it's not armor, is it?

 The [Linen Clothing Set] is just a piece of clothing that has a tremendous amount of durability as beginner equipment, but has no corrective effects as armor.
 By the way, durability is a status that determines whether the item will be lost or not, and is different from defense.

If it's the physical status of the demon race, there's nothing you can't wear in the equipment in the city of beginnings. If the weight of the equipment exceeds a certain level, there will be a downward correction to your agility, so choose carefully.

'Okay. There's no shopkeeper or anything, is there?

'When it gets crowded, we don't have time to deal with each person individually. It's a bit tasteless, but sometimes it's better to handle things systematically. Unmanned NPC stores are a feature of the city of beginnings.

 There were a good number of players besides me who had come to choose armor, but not as many as in the crowded city.
 When I looked at the price tags, I saw that the cheapest items cost 2000 or 3000 Iris, and the most expensive ones cost anywhere from 5000 to 8000 Iris.
 Even I, a level 7 player who hunted a lot of Wolves, didn't have 5,000 Iris, so I guess there simply aren't enough players with enough money to buy armor.

 The reason for the lack of players was simpler than I thought.

 Nevertheless, I decided to examine the armor, grateful for the availability.

 In WLO, there are five parts of armor that can be worn: head, torso, arms, legs, and shoes.
 In addition to these, there are also accessories, but I won't go into that.
 There was one piece of equipment that I wanted first and foremost as I fought the Wolf so far.
 It's the arm gear. To be more precise, I want something like gauntlets.

 I'm currently focusing on hit-and-away and counters, but I'd like to be able to push the enemy by daring them to bite my arms and legs.
 For that, I want gauntlets.
 I'd also like to buy gleaves for the legs if they're available.
 I'm also interested in equipment for the torso and head, but I wanted to protect the limbs, which are the easiest to target and use as shields.

The bottom two are the "tanned leather basket" and the "tanned leather glebe. ......

 Each of them cost 500 Iris. They are among the cheapest items in the store.
 The brown skin doesn't seem to be Wolf's, but I'm not sure what it's made of.
 Thinking that it might be from a boa, I put them back on the shelf, as their protection seemed inadequate.

'The Teppan series. It's a bit pricey, but I think I like it.

 It looks not so different from the 《Tanned Leather Series》, but it has iron plates sewn in everywhere, and it also covers a larger area of the body.
 Even if you buy the basket and glebe together, you'll still get "4000 Iris". This is four times the price of tanned leather, but considering the amount of money you have, you can afford it.
 I first bought these two pieces of equipment and tried to equip them from the menu.
 The torso was still a bit weak, but I thought it looked a bit better.

'Oh, basket and greaves? They look pretty good on you.'

'Thank you. I feel a little stronger.'

 Accepting the honest compliment from Rin, who had left me alone to do some window shopping, I searched for my next piece of equipment.
 The head is important. But I don't want to wear a full-face helmet.
 After much deliberation, I decided to go with a simple helmet made of iron sewn onto a headband called "Tetsu no Hachikin". The price was "3,000 Iris".

 The rest was the body and legs. The gleaves protect the legs to a very high level, but they are still considered shoes.
 As for the armor, I spent a lot of money.
 It was "chainmail" at a price of "6000 Iris".

 As for the legs, they're more of a padded suit than equipment, and I don't think we can expect them to be effective as armor at this point.
 There was a pair of "leather pants with belt" with a holder for two throwing knives, so I bought it. It was surprisingly expensive, costing "1500 Iris".
 In the end, I spent 14,500 Irys on armor.
 There are many ways to hunt wolves.

'Lin, I don't know.'

'Oh, I see you've decided on chainmail. It's expensive, but I think it's a good decision.'

'It's cheaper than iron armor, and it's lighter.

'Skuna isn't a heavy warrior, so it's fine. It's also nice that you can see her face thanks to the metal bowl. They're expensive, but they're popular with the girls.

'It's a little hard to wear a rugged helmet, isn't it?

'Well, there are also hats and equipment, so you can look for something else in the future.

 By the way, Lin seems to be equipped with a hat.
 A light brown fluffy robe, pants made of soft material, and leather boots. Her arms are equipped with gloves instead of baskets. The witch's triangular hat goes well with such a wizard-like outfit.
 Even after all this time, it was still a good looking piece of equipment.

'You have a lot of money left over, don't you? Let's look at the weapons.

 The club on his back looks like it's floating in the air when he looks like a player with his armor in place.
 With no reason to refuse, I went downstairs with Rin to the weapon shop.

 Among the stores specializing in swords, spears, bows, and other weapon types, we find a store specializing in striking weapons.
 My skill level in "striking weapons" is currently 25.
 I've heard that it goes up to about 100, and from there on it only goes up slowly, but I don't see any derived skills at the moment.
 I thought about waiting a little longer to see the derived skills and then changing, but I gave in to the temptation of the weapon shop.

'Wooden bat, nail bat, metal bat, ......, why are there three types?

 Although the equipment is called a bat, it's a little thicker than baseball equipment.
 It is thinner than a club, but the familiar handle is attractive.
 The price of the most expensive metal bat is "2000 Iris".
 Not bad, but I didn't want to wield a bat in a fantasy world, so I gently put it back on the shelf.

 The next thing I saw was a "metal rod". Speaking of demons...


Item: Golden Rod
Rarity: Common
Required Strength: 20
Attack Power: +15
Endurance: 500/500
Category: "Striking Weapons", "One-handed Mace
A simple metal rod. Because of its simplicity, its durability is unsurpassed.

--It is as thick as a club.

 Not as thick as a club, but a bit longer. It has a spine at the tip to increase its killing power.

 It was made of metal, of course, because it was called a metal rod. It is not as heavy as it looks, as it is not packed inside.

 The attack power is slightly higher than that of the metal bat, so it is heavier. Incidentally, the required strength value of the metal bat was 5.
 I decided to buy this bat for its appearance as well, since it was within the range where my strength, including armor, would not reduce my agility.
 The price was "8000 Iris". I'll take good care of it.

'Lin, look at this! A gold bar!

 I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I've got a weapon that I was expecting to get when I chose the demon race,' Rin-chan said with an amused smile.

'...... Well, I knew Skuna would buy it. I'm sure the demon people with striking weapons will buy them. And it's strong enough to be worth the price.'

'It's pretty heavy, but it feels good. Also, the durability is really high.

'Well, if you just look at the attack power, it's not much different from a 2000 Iris broadsword. The reason it's so expensive is because of its outstanding durability.

 The cudgel boasts an unbelievably high durability of 5,000, perhaps because it is the initial equipment, but the metal rod also boasts an outstanding value of 500.
 The metal bat, by the way, has a durability of 200, which is still quite high.
 The attack power of the metal bat and the metal rod is only slightly higher than that of the metal rod. For the price, they are not so different.
 However, the durability is 2.5 times different.
 That's probably the reason for the price difference.

 Well, whether it's a metal bat or a metal rod, it's much stronger than a club, just with a more modest attack power than other weapons.
 They were reliable only because they could not be broken by a small amount of force.

'What do you say? Do you want to go shopping some more?'

'Hmm, I want to hunt now that I've changed my gear.

'So enthusiastic. Then I'll show you the tool shop. You'll need potions and such sooner or later.'

'Oh, wait a minute! I forgot there's something I want to buy.'

 I called out to Rin, who was about to head for the tool shop, and headed for the store that sold throwing weapons.
 Since I had bought leather pants with a belt, I wanted to wear a throwing knife.
 I bought two of them and put them on my waist, which made me smile a little.

 After that, we went to the NPC's tool shop, bought some thin herb-flavored potions, and went hunting again.