133-A smile

 Because it's the strongest.

 Meguru does not know what Sukuna's intentions were when he said those words.
 However, there is something that Meguru, who is not very familiar with Sukuna, could understand.

'...... So this is the real Sukuna-san.

 He has good eyes.
 You have good hearing.
 Athleticism, reflex speed.
 Or his throwing accuracy, or his relentlessness.

 If you ask people about Sukuna's strengths, you'll get a variety of answers.
 That's how many listeners have been fascinated by Sukuna's overwhelmingly divine player skills and his various specialties.

 However, Meguru, who had been watching Sukuna's feeds without fail, was shocked to see Sukuna fighting in front of her.

 He's smiling. It's not a smile that spills out unintentionally during a battle, nor is it the crazy broad smile of the giant dragon battle, but a pure smile that says everything is so much fun that it can't be helped.
 No matter what time of the day, she exudes a supernatural atmosphere and is not a player Sukuna who is out of touch with the world.
 Meguru felt that she was a real person.

 The smile on her face was as innocent as a child's when she had just said that Sukuna was the strongest.
 There was a girl there with a smile so charming that it took his breath away.

'I guess it means that something happened at that time.

 Meguru had also noticed that Sukuna's mood had softened over the past two days.
 Her delivery had been relatively calm, but now she was expressing her emotions more clearly.
 Fortunately, he didn't get angry or sad, though he hadn't been seen yesterday or the day before.
 I thought that she was genuinely laughing a lot now.

 Meguru thought that something must have changed in Sukuna during that outburst.
 The trigger was Rinne's death, and the trigger itself was not a good one, to say the least.
 In fact, Sukuna's tears during the outburst were so cold and sad that even now, it is frightening.
 Even so, Sukuna, who rarely smiled during delivery except during battle, has started to smile more often since then.

 And now, Sukuna is playing with the golem, looking more happy than anyone else.

'In terms of laying waste to monsters with a smile, I think I might have become more vicious than before.

 There's a difference between silently disposing of mooks and beating up bosses with a smile.
 Meguru smiles, feeling that both are not so different when put into words.

 He couldn't see the true meaning of Sukuna's words. She doesn't even know what the word "strongest" means, and in a way it seems like she's just going through the motions as usual against the boss.

 However, there is no doubt that something has clearly changed in her.
 And that's probably a very good thing.

'It's a little treasure to have seen that smile in person.

 I regret that I can't leave an archive of the play from my point of view.
 But he convinced himself that it was the shock and excitement of seeing it firsthand.

'Meguru-san! It's time to go!

'What? Isn't it too early?

 In the event you're not sure what you're looking for, there are a few things you can do.
 Skuna, who was happily beckoning to him, was naturally unharmed, which also shocked Meguru.

 The Volcano Golem's second form is clad in red-hot lava armor that explodes upon the slightest impact.
 The magma armor worn by the first form was fluid and had the effect of causing slip damage when it flew apart, but the lava of the second form has cooled and hardened a bit, allowing it to serve as armor.
 However, the second form's lava has cooled and hardened a bit, so it acts as armor. This simply increases its defensive power, and as I mentioned earlier, it explodes when physically impacted, so unlike magma that just splashes around, the lava mass attacks as a clear counterattack.

 This is a very fast and powerful weapon, and if you don't take off from the beginning and run away, you will fall prey to the bursting armor.
 And while you're knocked back by the bursting armor, you'll be hit by the golem's firepower punch.
 Or, while you're trying to avoid the bursting armor, you get kicked away or pressed.
 The second form of this monster, the Volcano Golem, is designed to torment melee players to no end.

 The only way to disable the bursting armor is to hit it with an ice attribute. For some reason, the armor doesn't explode because the lava cools down quickly.
 This is the reason why Meggle prepared an ice mace with ice attribute .......

 Skuna, who had no skills, no arts, and no weapons of any attribute, easily stripped the golem of its bursting armor.
 If you look closely, you can see that only about 30% of the second gauge's HP has been removed.
 In other words, Sukuna must have used some method to fight it, prioritizing the removal of its armor anyway.

'How did you do that?

'Hmm? What?

'The way you stripped the armor. It's only been about five minutes, remember?'

'I didn't do much. I just used a projectile to detonate it.'

 Continuing with these words, Sukuna pulled out a throwing knife from his waist pouch.


 She threw the throwing knife at the golem, which had lost most of its armor but still had the will to fight.
 The knife, which flew with great force, hit the remaining armor on the torso and reflected, hit the armor of the arm that had been swung down to attack Sukuna and jumped up, and the wind pressure of the swung arm caused the trajectory to deviate and it snatched the armor on the back and fell.

 Bob-boom! In the event you're not sure what you're looking for, there are a number of things you can do.

'You aimed at them, right?

'Yes. I used a more reflective iron ball earlier, but they all rolled away and fell into the magma.

'Oh, I see. ......?

 In short, it seems that the explosive armor was continuously induced to explode by ricocheting the projectile against the armor.
 Since the slightest physical impact would cause the armor to explode, Meguru certainly gave some thought to using such a method to induce detonation.
 In fact, he even asked his archer friend to help him in his third attempt.
 However, no matter how much it exploded and peeled off, it was difficult to peel off all the armor of a 10-meter golem, and he couldn't target it that closely, so he quickly switched to attacking it with the ice attribute.

 Even though the armor-clad golem was moving slowly, it was not so sluggish that you could let your guard down.
 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're going to do.

'Can I be a little surprised?


 You can find a lot of things that you can do to make your life easier.

'No, um, yes. So this is the real thing. ......'

 This is probably a scene that should be praised, but it's too unrealistic to praise.
 I've seen it many times and thought it was amazing each time, but I really wonder what this throwing skill is.
 Meguru wanted to seriously think about the 'demon girl scuna tool theory' that was very hot these days.


'What is it?

'It's dangerous to be idle.


 Meguru crouched down to avoid the golem's fist that attacked her with a trajectory that seemed to crush her head.
 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're doing.
 And it's a fight against a boss that has beaten him three times. This is not the time to be careless.

'I'm sorry, thank you for your help.

'It's a boss battle, so we have to be careful.

'Yes, you're right.'

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 However, she was the one who had fought the giant dragon. In the sense that it was easier than a raid battle, this monster might indeed be that kind of opponent.

'Oh, I feel like I'm being poisoned.

 It was Meguru herself who relied on Sukuna to defeat this boss, whom she had defeated three times.
 But this demon girl is frighteningly dependable. Even though he's defeated this boss many times, he doesn't feel like he's losing when he's fighting with Sukuna.
 I've never used any of my skills or arts in this fight. With pure player skill and status alone, they overwhelmed a hidden boss that Meguru had struggled to the death against.

'Let's steal what we can, shall we?

 I can't help you at all with the throwing, but I can help you with Sukuna's maneuvering as a hitman and a child.
 It's not necessary to do exactly the same thing.
 You don't have to do exactly the same thing. It would be great if I could steal even the essence of Sukuna's strategy.

'Whoa! It's glowing!

'Ah, it's transitioning to its third form.

 The golem's entire body glowed red as Sukuna stripped off all of its armor.
 Normally, the morphing of the gauge transition would be forced to occur when the second HP gauge cracks, but the second gauge is still half full.
 This time, however, the second gauge was still half full, so it must have been triggered earlier because the armor had been stripped off.

 His entire body was red-hot, and a pulsating light was flooding through the cracks in his torso.

'From here on, it's pure fisticuffs!

'I'm good at that kind of thing!

'Rather, is there anything you're not good at!


 While engaging in a mysterious and incomprehensible conversation, he uses his ice mace to catch the golem's attack, which has suddenly increased in speed.
 The armor must have made it lighter, but the power of the attack has increased.
 Even though he had guarded himself, Meguru was attacked head-on and was forced back several meters, unable to kill the momentum of the attack.
 This is the third form of the Volcano Golem.
 Fast, hard, and heavy. It's a powerful form that combines the simple elements of strength.

'This is the kind of thing that excites me the most.

 The only emotion in Sukuna's eyes as he smiles is happiness.
 It's really reliable. In the event you've got a lot of time, it is possible to make use of a lot more than just a few of these.