18-Second Town and Occupation

 The second city in WLO, Dualis.
 It's a little smaller than the city of beginnings, but that's not a bad thing.
 Aside from the structure of the city, there didn't seem to be much difference in the appearance or the streetscape, and once I presented my menu card and entered the city, the scenery didn't change much.

 It was almost five o'clock, and the sky was completely dyed with the color of sunset.
 Even though it was easy to get out of the city, the distance from the plains to the Cave of Trials was simply too great. It was unavoidable that it had taken us a long time.

'Ha, ......, it was an endless journey!

'It was almost a walk'.
'The woman who became too strong'.
'Is it a sightseeing tour or something?

'I'm trying to create an atmosphere that people had a hard time!

 Yes. To be honest, it was easy. It was all the fault of the party that took my goblins in the Cave of Trials. Maru.

 Oh, by the way, the bonus status points for the dungeon boss was 5 points.
 I guess this is a reward for clearing the dungeon. I didn't get any other materials.

'Even though I've gotten too strong, Rin said she's level 47, so I guess I'm not ready yet.

 Going to the front lines was my supreme mission until this morning.
 I was told by Rin-chan that the quickest way to show your ability as a professional gamer is to be on the front lines where there is a lot of attention.

 The reason I say "was" in the past tense is because I had achieved tangible results in defeating the Red Wolf Aria.
 Currently, there is no need for a forced march to the front lines. The priority has been lowered to as soon as possible.

'Anyway, today's plan is to acquire a profession. Oh, professions are those that can be registered from level 20. I heard that you can do it at ...... in the second town, so let's look for it.

 In WLO, you can set your profession from level 20.
 It refers to your status and skills, but Rin-chan said it would be better to actually go there and listen to the explanation.

 There's no 'job registration office' in the city of beginnings, and currently you can register in 'even-numbered cities', i.e. the second and fourth cities.
 Since I was over level 20, I decided to register as soon as possible.

 As I walked down the street humming a tune, I felt the eyes of some of the viewers of the morning broadcast glancing at me.
 I chatted briefly with the person who had the courage to come and talk to me, and decided to ask him about the Employment Registration Office.

'Oh, which way is the registration office?

'Oh, there's a plaza straight ahead, and that's the big building on your left.

'Thank you very much.

 He was a good-looking young man of human race. A one-handed swordsman with a shield is quite a well-balanced composition.

 Shields are handy. It can be used to catch or pass, and it can also be used to hit.
 To put it bluntly, the fight against the red wolf would have been much easier with a shield.

 However, if you equip a shield, you can't use the arts of the two-handed system ......, that is, the arts of the "striking weapon" skill.
 I can't afford to equip a shield when I haven't developed my "one-handed mace" skill at all.

I think I'll hold out a little longer and use a two-handed striking weapon.

'What's wrong with you all of a sudden?
I'm scared.
I don't believe you've seen the young man from earlier on .......
'Don't be hasty!

I'm not planning on doing that! I'm not sure what to do with it.

 I think your thought process is going in a strange direction.
 Well, I've been muttering to myself too.

 While we were exchanging such misunderstandings, we arrived at a town square.

'I think there's ...... on the left, is that it?

 There was a building with the words 'Employment Registration Office' written in Chinese characters.
 Feeling a bit confused, I went under the wide entrance with no particular door, and found a line of counters and receptionist NPCs, just like a government office.

'It doesn't matter which one I line up at, does it?

'Let's go to the old man's place.
'Let's go to the old man's.' 'The beautiful woman's!
'The cute receptionist is better for the picture.

'Yeah, let's just pick one.

 When I went to one of the counters, which was not so crowded as to be empty, a beautiful NPC lady greeted me with a smiling face.

'Welcome, this is the job registration office ......, what?

 I was just thinking about how beautiful she is, when suddenly she froze.
 What, a bug?
 The NPC of the sister froze for a while, then restarted and bowed to me.

'......, I'm sorry. I didn't expect to see that proof in this city. ......'

 The woman is showing you a 《Certificate of the famous lone vanquisher》 hanging from her neck.
 It's not very big, and it doesn't get in the way of fighting, so I wore it as a necklace.

'Oh, this ...... is it really that great?'

'It's not that great! It's a proof that I alone defeated the world's recognized champion!

 The first time I saw her, I thought she was a cool beauty, but she seemed to be excited like a meek idol fan.
 I wonder if this is what it means to increase the sensitivity of an NPC.
 But there was one word that caught my attention.

'The world's recognized champion, ......?

'It's a monster with a name. Monsters whose names are engraved in the world are said to test one's strength with the power of Warriors. For example, the Red Ogre, the dungeon boss of the Cave of Trials. That's not a name, it's just a race name.

 That being said, it's true that the Red Ogre had no name.

 I was able to kill him instantly, so I don't have much of an impression of him, but it was a while ago, so I do remember him.

 Anyway, carving a name in the world, huh?
 Eventually, the monster I was fighting would suddenly carve its name into the world and evolve, saying 'It evolved into a named boss monster.

'So that's how it's handled. ...... Oh, it's a job registration...'

 Since I was able to ask what I was interested in, I changed the subject to get to the main point.
 In the event that you have any kind of questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the web site.

'Mmm, excuse me. You are registered as a professional. Please take out your menu card.

'Here you go.

'Thank you, sir. Confirmation of level 20 achievement: ...... Yes, what you see here now is the current occupation available to you, Sukuna-sama.'

'Which one is it ......?'

--I'm sorry.

A profession that focuses on physical attacks with weapons.
It has an increase in strength and sturdiness.
Condition: You must be proficient in one of the weapon skills to 20 or more.

A profession that specializes in physical attacks with striking weapons.
When equipped with a bludgeoning weapon, the crusher's strength and stamina are increased and the weapon's attack power is increased.
Prerequisite: At least 50 proficiency in weapon skills with the striking attribute.

A profession specialized in dungeon exploration.
You can learn "Trap Disarming" and "Lock Picking" skills and your dexterity is increased.
Prerequisites: Dexterity and Agility of 50 or more, and proficiency of 10 or more in the "Detect" or "Conceal" skill.

A special occupation for demons who have abandoned all magical skills (MP, intelligence, magic defense). You can't change your occupation.
Bonus status points are no longer allocated to magical skills, but are instead given to physical skills (strength, stamina, agility).
Increases sensitivity to NPCs of the demon race.
Conditions: You are a "demon" player and you have not allocated any bonus status points to MP, Intelligence or Magic.


'I was under the impression that you could choose these things rather freely. ......'

I've never had a problem with that.

 It's like bureaucratic work, or maybe it's just natural since it's a game.
 Well, no matter what you say, it's still a job I can take.

 Of these four, the Warrior and Thief can be cut.

 As far as I can tell, the Warrior should be taken by players who want to use a wide variety of weapons.

 For example, a dagger and a two-handed sword, or a mace and a one-handed sword.
 For better or worse, you can't have it both ways. I don't think there's anything wrong with that, but I'm not going to use anything but striking weapons.
 The Thief is a scout's profession. It doesn't suit me as a vanguard combatant.

 So I'll have to choose between the remaining two, but what should I do?

 The "smasher" is probably something like a swordsman or a wizard.
 Instead of being a profession corresponding to a single weapon attribute, it seems to have a slightly stronger compensation than a broad profession like warrior.
 If it weren't for the other one, I'm confident that I would have chosen this one in no time at all, it's a profession that fits me well right now.

 The problem was with the other one, the "child.

'Excuse me, what's the special occupation?

'Oh, you have a special occupation displayed?

'Yes. It's called 'Doji'.

''The 《Donji》...... is a special occupation that can only be chosen by demonkind who have abandoned their magical skills. To be honest, there are very few people who choose it.

 That was quite a surprise to me.
 As there are almost no magic-using monsters around the city of beginnings, most of the players of the "demon tribe" who arrive here would have met the requirements to obtain the "child".
 There's no reason to allocate a limited bonus to a magic skill that you don't use, unless you're a balance-conscious player, or you're a demon and a wizard.

 And if you find such a sharp job when you decide to register it, it's human nature to want to ignore some disadvantages and choose it.
 Special, special. It's an instinct to be attracted to such things.

 Perhaps she looked so surprised, but when she saw my expression, she asked me a question.

'I was wondering if you've just arrived in this city, Sukuna-sama?

'I've just arrived.

'I see. Then do you know about the dungeon that leads to the third city, Trillia?

''No, not at all.

''Then it can't be helped. Beyond the north gate, after passing through the wilderness field, there is a large forest. Commonly known as the 《Magic Forest》, it's a magic-focused dungeon where all the monsters that appear use magic. Most of the people who come to register here reach level 20 there.

'Oh, ...... I see.'

 With the sister's explanation, I was able to resolve most of the questions I had.

 In other words.
 Unlike me, who came to this town without ever experiencing magic thanks to the benefits of the Aria War, normal players come to register after they've had the fear of magic firmly ingrained in their minds.
 Because this town can be reached by a solo player in level 15.
 It is rare to be in the vicinity of the city of beginnings until you are over level 20.

 And especially, since the demon race has low magic defense, the magic attacks of monsters in the right level range will be a threat.

 If I say that my level of 21 is the same as the initial value of a level 1 human being, you can imagine how low it is.
 If you dive into a dungeon full of magic in such a state, you can imagine how bad it will be.

 Even if you still didn't allocate any bonus points to magic defense.
 If you were to ask me if I could accept the "Doji's" condition of not giving any bonus points to magic defense, there was a good chance that I would think that there was no need to take it if there were other excellent professions.
 Even I am torn between this and the "smasher.

'What is the public's opinion of this?

'Well, I guess. It is true that it has a high compensation as a profession, and can further develop the advantages of the demon race. However, as you can see, the disadvantages are great, so the inhabitants of this world, whose lives are limited, rarely choose it. That's why, if you get to the point of acquiring and mastering the 《Dohji》, the demon tribe of the world will look at you with envy. ...... I don't recommend it.

'I see. I'll go with 'child' then.

 Are you sure you want to be a "child"? Yes.
 Are you sure you want to do that? Yes.
 There's no do-over. Are you sure you want to do this? Yes.

 I brushed past the triple confirmation screen and selected the special occupation "Child.
 Then, I handed the menu card with the word "Child" engraved on the status to the lady.

'Huh? Oh, it's already been selected. ......! Did you hear what I said?

'Yes, I was listening. But don't you think ...... is special?

 My sister was in a panic, but I listened to her and decided there was nothing wrong with it.
 Peaky is fine. I'm all for sharp jobs.
 I originally chose the demon tribe because I wanted to dodge everything and beat them up.
 Rather than thinking that you can balance ...... your magic and defense, you should have the determination to screw everything up by force.

 If anything, I feel like I'm losing out on a lot of things by not choosing a special profession here.
 If there are few, that means there are a few, and we don't need to be so lax as to shy away when there are pioneers.

'And look, sister. I'm strong enough to have this.

'Ugh ......'.

 When I came here and smugly showed her the Certificate of the Famous Solo Defeater, she lost her momentum.
 I know it's not meant to be used in this way, but as long as you can't show your strength through your level or status, there's no item more useful than this.

 Thus, I got a job as a 《Dohji》, a special occupation for the demon race. Thus, I got a job as a 《Dohji》, a special occupation for the demon race.