17-one's first dungeon

'You're Sukuna, aren't you! I was watching your morning feed!'

'Oh, thank you very much. Let's do our best for each other.

 I shake the fifth handshake in total with the young elven player in the linen shirt, and we part ways with a wave of my hand.
 I was currently walking leisurely along the road that led to the northern plains.

 Perhaps it was the fact that it was a holiday afternoon, but the northern plains were far more crowded than the southern plains.
 It was impossible to get a monster pop just by walking along the road.
 There's no reason for me to go after Boa now, so it's okay if I say so.

 Rather, it seems that the players in the northern plains aren't that serious about it in the first place.
 The field was so calm that I was often asked to shake hands with people who knew me.

 Incidentally, the name of the boss monster in this field, as told to me by Rin, was "Doldra, the Immovable Demon Boar". It is said to be a party boss of over 40 levels.
 It's said to be a real disaster that appears at random and destroys everything before leaving.
 However, it is said to appear rarely. A report of its appearance once every three days seems to be enough.

'I heard from Rin-chan that there's a Doldra. I wonder if he'll appear.

 When I muttered such a thing because I was too bored on the way to the Cave of Trials, the listeners responded to the name.

'What's with the dragon-like name?
"Named boss of the Northern Plains.
"It's a huge boar, 10 meters long.
"It's a huge boar, 10 meters long.

'That's scary.

 I didn't hear anything about that, Rin-chan.

 After about an hour of walking and chatting, we came across the entrance to a large open cave.
 The hollow, which seemed to be tens of meters long, seemed to be a mere cave rather than a dungeon, and if it weren't for the tattered sign that said "Cave of Trials", it would have been an ordinary place.

'Let's go to our first dungeon!

 Passing through the crowd of people, which was sparse compared to the grassland, I stepped into the dimly lit cave.

 Like the entrance, the inside of the cave was quite open, and thanks to the dim light sources on the walls, I could keep my vision clear.
 It was more like a tunnel than a cave.
 The scaffolding, which was well maintained to the extent that it could be used as a scaffolding, also contributed to this impression.

'According to Rin, this dungeon is suitable for an average party level of 10. If you're a solo player, you can do it in about 15 if you bring enough recovery items. That's a lot of time!

"Ikiriri Onimusume
"Don't raise the flag
It's not fair to be at 21st level.
It's a legitimate reward for defeating the boss.

"It was an accident, and I don't blame you.
'Are there any kinds of monsters that come out?

'Oh, bat monsters and goblin monsters. The bat monsters are called 'bat' and 'giant bat', I think. They're flying monsters with erratic movements, and many people seem to have a hard time with them. ......'

 As I was answering a listener's question, I saw the monster's reaction in my detection range, so I pulled out the throwing knife on my belt and played with it with my palm.
 It was hard to see because of the dark and protective color, but I could see a bat monster perched on the ceiling.


 I flicked the knife between my fingers like a dart, and it pierced the bat's neck before it could react.
 I caught the knife that had fallen from the shattered monster and put it back in my belt.

'It's easy to defeat it if you do it like this, isn't it?

'How did you do that?
"A pervert who knows how to use projectiles.
"PS is the way to go.
"Please use a more civilized method.

'Actually, the speed isn't that great, so if you get used to it, you can beat it easily. It's like this.

 The three bats that seem to have drifted in from the player in front of me are knocked down with the metal rod at a brisk pace.
 There's no way they can withstand a throwing knife that would kill them instantly, so they scattered easily.

'Worst case scenario, you can just swing your weapon or use range magic to wipe them out. It's a waste of MP, though.

 The bat is the weakest in the dungeon.
 Even if it bites you, it's so weak that it won't do much damage to players who come here.
 It's not poisonous, so it's not a scary opponent if you handle it calmly.

'It's the goblins I'm afraid of. Basically, they are weaker than Wolves, but there are three higher species. There are hobgoblins, goblin mages, and goblin archers, and there's usually one of each in a pack.

 By the way, there are about five to seven of them in a pack. If there are any long range players in the mix, they can certainly be troublesome.

But it seems that the party in front of you has already killed most of the enemies.

No wonder there are no enemies.
"It's saturated with players now.
It's like the first to go wins, even if they have to.

'If you're under level 20, there's not much of a despena, so I think it's a good idea to move on as soon as you've raised a certain level. It seems that there are few things that can only be found in the city of beginnings.

 As you move forward, take your time and knock down any bats that come at you.
 I got the experience value that matches the level 3 display, which makes me feel sad.


 Before you know it, you've reached the boss room without encountering any goblins.

 This dungeon was so straightforward that I'm not even sure if I can call it a dungeon.
 Isn't there any fun in searching for treasure? No, I guess not.

'It looks like the people in front of us are fighting, so we'll have to wait a bit.

 The miscreants who took my goblin. I was joking, of course, and they made my life easier.

'Do you usually play games, Skuna?

'Well, I used to play games every day about six years ago. Lin likes games, right? We used to play together. We haven't done it much lately, though.

 Settling down in front of the boss room, I took the time to respond to the viewer's comments.
 If I had been alone, I could have just waited idly.

'How old are you?'

'The same as Rin. We've known each other since childhood.

'How can you move so much? Do you do any sports?

'I don't know why. I can only say I can do it because I can. ......'

'Do you like striking weapons?

'Aren't they easier to use than swords? If I had to guess, I'd say I like the way it feels when you hit it.

 I'm going to answer some random questions one by one.
 There are only about 300 people watching right now, whether they've gone to play or are watching other streams, so it's not hard to keep up with the comments.

 And then, the door that had been completely closed opened by itself.
 It seems that the boss battle is over.
 Either way, it's my turn now.

'Well, let's go...'

 As I dove through the door, I found it slowly closing behind me.
 No escape, I guess that's to be expected.
 Anyway, considering how light the penalty is in this game, there's little point in gathering information while retreating.

 The boss room had a corridor of several dozen meters from the door, and a hall at the end of the corridor.
 In the middle of the space, which was quite large, about half the size of a schoolyard, the boss was waiting with his head on the floor.

 He was about two and a half meters long. Its red muscles were eye-catching, and it had two horns on its forehead.

'Red Ogre, level 13. ......'

 To be honest, after fighting Aria, I can't deny that I feel a little downgraded.
 However, it's still a boss monster. It's best not to let your guard down.

 I pulled out the super metal rod on my back and ran towards the roaring ogre.

 In the time it took me to get here, I've gotten used to the crazy physical sensations of being seven levels higher.
 Grinning as my body moved much more smoothly than it had when I fought Aria the Red Wolf, I slammed my metal rod against the Red Ogre's swinging club.


 Gong! With a loud thud, our weapons clashed against each other.
 Although I was at a disadvantage when I raised my weapon, there seemed to be no difference in muscle strength to the extent that we were competing.

'You're stronger than I thought, I was a little underestimated.

 But still... Unfortunately, I'm not fast enough by far.
 I dodged the club that was being swung down again, and put all my strength into the Red Ogre's shins and drove the metal club into it.

It's a good thing I'm not Benkei.

 The reduction was roughly 10%. If you take into account the use of skills, you'll probably be able to defeat it in six or seven more hits.
 Even taking into account the game's usual insanity, there seemed to be plenty of time.

 Ten minutes later.

'I'm getting too strong, aren't I ......'.

 Surrounded by many comments, I watched as the boss turned into a polygon and exploded.

-- "Dungeon Boss Monster: Red Ogre

"Dungeon Boss Monster: Red Ogre Defeated
Dungeon: Cave of Trials has been cleared.
You have cleared the way to the second city, Dualis.
"You have obtained bonus status points.