16-against production and contractual arrangements

'That's why it's a rerun.

"First time.
"I've been waiting for this.
"An example of a punctual worker.

 The time was 1:00 PM. After taking a short nap, I resumed the broadcast as promised.
 I was surprised to see about 200 listeners, but I was happy if some percentage of them stayed, since the peak number of listeners was over 10,000.

'Thanks for the first time. In the meantime, I still haven't gotten rid of the despena, so I'll have to replace my broken metal rod and pants.

"Mr. Goldstick ......
"He was a good guy.
"I didn't expect it to break after just one battle.
I heard they were supposed to be very durable.
"Well, it's against a boss, so maybe a little.

 The gold rod that was shattered for the price of the Finisher, and the leather pants with a belt that were lost along with the torn legs.
 Now I needed to replenish the replacements for these two.
 Incidentally, even if the leather pants were broken, the linen pants were automatically attached. There seems to be no s*xy scene.

'Well, the gold bar was broken because of the arts I used. It's like a final act in exchange for a total loss of durability.

'Total loss of durability is laughable.
It's the "finisher" of striking weapon skills. It's famous for not being powerful enough for the weight of the price. In the event you're not sure what to do, you can always ask your doctor.
I'm not sure what to do.
I'm not sure what to say.
I'm not sure what to say.

 In the event you're not sure what you're looking for, there are a number of things you can do.
 It's probably the same person who was on the morning feed. At least I think he's a player, but is it okay for me to play?

'Anyway, I'm going to the armory store. I've got information on a new weapon to replace the gold bar.

 I've got an hour left on my delivery, so I've got plenty of time to shop.
 I'd like to buy some potions and antidotes that I haven't had a chance to use yet, so I headed to the armory to start shopping right away.


'Hello, you must be the Skuna-kun I've heard so much about.


 When I visited an armory, I was suddenly approached by an unknown player.

 He was a nice middle-aged man with short white hair and a beehive wrapped around his head.
 The armor was light armor with a very elaborate design, and I could guess that it was probably player-made, since it was much better than the armor sold in the store.
 At the very least, he's not the kind of novice player who would use the NPC store in the beginning town.
 That's the impression I got from this player.

 Her appearance and name were well known, and she must have attracted a certain amount of attention.
 However, if you talk to me while I'm streaming, it means that your face and equipment will be seen.
 Well, I guess I don't have to worry about it, since I talked to him.
 The current audience is about 500 people, so I don't think it's a big problem.

'Who is this?

'Oops, I'm sorry about that. I'm just a production player named Konekomaru.

'Hi, this is Sukuna.

 The nice middle said his name in a very polite manner, though not in an honorific way.
 But Kittenmaru is quite a cute name.
 As a name for a man who is full of austerity, it might have a gap.

'So, what can I do for you?

'Thank you for talking so quickly. Did Rinne-kun send you?'

'Do you know Rin-chan?

'We've interacted enough to become friends.'

 Kittenmaru turns a visualized menu window towards you.
 On the list of friends, there were indeed the three letters "Rinne" engraved.

'That means you're a ...... frontline player, right?

'Haha, you know what I mean. I'm currently based in the fourth city, Feas. Now, since we're wasting time getting off track, let's get straight to the point. Can you let me make your armor?''

 Kittenmaru, who seemed to be an acquaintance of Rin's, made a suggestion that was exactly what I had expected.
 He took the trouble to identify himself as a production player, and even revealed that he had a base one step ahead of the fifth city, which was currently considered the front line.
 If that's true, then he's definitely a good production player, and it's not hard to imagine that this suggestion would come to him.

'What kind of equipment can you make? I basically don't use full armor or robe-type equipment.

'I specialize in light armor sets. I can work with both metal and leather. The one I'm wearing right now is a work of art that I made myself. As a producer, I have to be my own advertisement.

'Wow, ......, you have good taste.

'The trick is to not be too clever.

 He advertises his work with a confident expression, but I think it's worth it.

 The armor Kittenmaru is wearing is a very conventional leather armor, except for its detailed design.
 It protects what needs to be protected and doesn't get in the way of movement. The armor is made in such a safe way.

 In this game, even if your defense is the same, the damage you take will be different if you have armor or not.
 It is quite natural that full armor is harder than bikini armor.
 In that sense, the set of armor that Kittenmaru-san is wearing has enough protection for leather armor.

'What are the conditions?

'A set of leather armor made of red wolf material. If you can give me some of the materials left over from the production, I can offer you a reasonable price. Especially if you have a soul.''

 The way the words came out so smoothly, it was as if he was a front-line player who was used to negotiating.
 That. The reason why I didn't tell you what it was is because I didn't want to reveal any information in front of a large number of people.
 What Kittenmaru wants is a very rare material that, according to Rin, has only four drops of four types in the game at the moment.

 I'm not sure what to do. It's probably the "soul" of Aria, the lone red wolf.

 Most of the information about named boss monsters, including their existence and the titles obtained by defeating them, has been shared.
 However, Rin-chan told me that the souls are currently treated as secret information by the frontline players.
 Since even Rin-chan is keeping it a secret, there's no way I'm going to carelessly leak that information.

 What I have learned from this invisible exchange is that Kittenmaru-san is a high level production player who knows the information about the soul.
 And he wants to try to produce with it.

 Then, I say.

'It's not bad, but I'd like a little more push if I were you.

 To be honest, I could have accepted the offer under the current conditions.
 But it's a rare item.
 I wanted to get as much out of it as I could, and I was honestly greedy.

'Hmm ......, that's true. I thought it would be better than missing out on a great named material, so I'll just drink my tears and make it for free. I'll also prepare all the other materials you need.

 Kittenmaru's smile never faltered, even as he said he'd drink tears.
 He probably assumed that he would be bargained for, but rather that he didn't care what the price was as long as he could handle the Red Wolf materials.
 Thinking it was a good idea to bargain, I also responded with a smile.

'So the deal is done. So, what exactly do I have to do at ......?

'Oh, first of all, we need to decide on the contents of the contract.

'A contract?

'It's a system to prevent injustice in production by making a 'contract' with set conditions and rewards. For example, it prevents the producer from running away with the items, or it prevents diversion. Other than that, it's to prevent unnecessary consumption of items. On the other hand, the same goes for non-payment of rewards by the client. If you break this rule, you will be branded as a "criminal player", so it has a binding power that cannot be broken easily.

 I couldn't help but be impressed by such a system.

 It may not happen often, but there are always troubles between people.
 I think this system is quite effective in preventing such problems to some extent.
 If a person breaks the "contract" due to unavoidable circumstances, he or she can be forgiven if both parties agree to report to the administration.

 Incidentally, it is said that the most common reason for breaking the contract is non-payment of the post-paid contract.
 Therefore, in order to increase the credibility of the contract, the basic rule is to make an advance payment.
 Of course, if the producer is cheating, the management will confiscate the items and money.

'Since there is no payment this time, the main conditions will be the handling of materials and the setting of deadlines. Even though I have time off, I'd like to have two days to go back to the workshop and make the item. Can I have three days, including the extra day, just in case?

'I'll leave the duration to you. I don't know anything about production. ......'

'Well, thank you for your help. As for the materials, I'll keep them all and return them to you once they're produced. After that, I'll ask you to give them to me from among the surplus materials. You don't have to worry about wasting money, because the number of materials used will be clearly indicated and the production itself will be 100% successful.

 If you don't move the design from the defaults provided in the game, you can make it right away.
 The reason why they don't is not so much because of the production profession, but because they can only produce the minimum possible performance from the materials.

 The equipment made by thinking about the design and changing the combination of materials used will have a higher performance than the equipment made by default.

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're doing.

It's not as if you can just collect the materials yourself, make them and sell them.

 But I still do it because it's fun, Kittenmaru said, smiling again.

'Oh, but if I show up at ...... like this, won't I be attacked by people who want to steal the rare materials?

'Haha, don't worry about it. There are no fools among the frontline players who would attack me. I'm still a member of a famous clan, and I'm a key player in frontline production. Attacking me would be more than just making an enemy of the whole clan. You can't take materials by PKing in the first place.

 Laughing at my concern, Kittenmaru said with a confident look on his face.

'Then I'll leave it to you.

'Yes, leave it to me. I'm sure I can make this equipment live up to its name. 

 After successfully signing the "contract" and receiving the red wolf material from me, Kittenmaru registered as a friend for the last time and flew back to the fourth town.
 After watching the video of his defeat, he rushed through to the city of beginnings in just a few hours and returned to his base.
 Kittenmaru's enthusiasm may have helped him become a front-line production player.


I'm sure you'll be happy with the results.

"Good night.
"Good night.
'I laughed at the sales smile during the negotiation.

'I've worked in customer service for a long time, but it's different from negotiating...'

 I was more nervous than I thought I would be after talking to a man who was presumably older than me, though perhaps not since he was my avatar, so I took a breath and entered the armory store.
 Unlike yesterday's visit, the store was somewhat crowded with the second group of players, who probably had more money to spare.

'Looking at this, I can understand why there are no NPCs. ......'

 As I entered the store for striking weapons, which was empty compared to the store for swords, spears, and staffs, I was fed up with the crowd that reminded me of a train station in the city.
 Well, it's fun to buy armor, so I can understand your feeling.
 I also thoroughly enjoyed it yesterday.

 While watching them with a smile on my face, I visited the one-handed strike weapon section as I did yesterday.

 In fact, I heard that when you reach level 20, the NPC store will add some back-up items as a sign that you are no longer a beginner.
 One of them is a weapon that Lin-chan said with confidence, 'You'll love it.
 It's .......

It's a new weapon that's been released at level 20! It's the 《Super Gold Stick》! It's been about five hours since it was upgraded and it's back!

 The required strength is 50, the attack power compensation is doubled to 30, and the durability remains at 500!
 It's a performance worthy of the superlatives, I'd say.
 It looks the same, but the color has deepened.
 The price is 20,000 Iris. The price is 20,000 Iris, but it's a small price to pay. Since the armor seems to be available for free, I should at least spend some money on weapons.

"Daejeon." "Daejeon.
"What's with the unity?
"The demon's golden rod is ......
"It's the rebirth of the bludgeoning demon girl.

 I've been called a lot of things. I'm not an ex-commando, muscle-bound macho man.

I'm not an ex-commando muscle-bound macho man. You'll cry. Let's make it more demure.

"Bukkoro Demon.
"Angel of Slaughter.
"Bludgeoning demon girl.

'I'm about to lose my mind.'

 I was determined to get rid of these evil and tyrannical listeners.
 All joking aside, as I read through the slowly flowing, unchanging names, there was one that caught my eye.

"Striking demon girl.

 I'm not sure if I'm old enough to be called a demon girl, but at least it seemed like a decent one, since the other names were practically bad news.

I'm not sure if you can call her old enough to be a demon girl, but at least the other names I've seen have been practically infamous.

It's good, right?
"I'll take a beating demon girl.
"Up, dead.
"Oh no.
"↑You reckless bastard. ......

I'm not sure what to say.

 I don't get angry when people mess with my age.
 By the way, I think Rin-chan is also very careless about such things.
 While I resent the listeners who do whatever they want, I also feel comfortable with this moderate teasing.

'Well, now that I've got my weapons and my despena is up, I'll just buy some items and go to the northern plains! Aim for the Cave of Trials!

 With a cheerful voice, I regained my composure and started walking towards the north gate.
 The destination is the Cave of Trials. It's a dungeon that leads to the second town of Dualis at the end of the northern plains.
 With the listeners making a lot of noise, I was about to take a new step forward.