15-Log out and share information


 I got off the VR machine, stretching out my body that had stiffened up from lying down, albeit only for a few hours.

 Perhaps it was because I had been concentrating to an unprecedented degree just a moment ago, but for the first time in a long time, my head felt fuzzy.
 I don't think I've ever been this tired, even when I was working like crazy.
 I don't think I've ever been this tired even when I was working like crazy.

 As I walked toward the living room, my footsteps pattering, I could smell the delicious smell of the food.

'Rin-chan, what are you making?

'Nana. You've fallen. An early lunch, or maybe a late breakfast.'

'Wow, beef stew. How long before it's ready?

'About ten minutes.

'Then I'll get the dishes ready.

 Rin-chan is putting on an apron and stirring the pot.
 I'm sure she was cooking in anticipation of me logging out.

 She took the dishes for two people from the shelf and put them on the table.
 Since I prefer bread with my beef stew, I prepared some cobbled bread, and since Rin-chan eats cereal, I remembered to bring out some milk.

'Bon appétit!

 Their voices overlapped, and we began to eat our late breakfast.
 In addition to beef stew, Rin had made gratin, and the whole meal was westernized.
 I like all kinds of food, Japanese, Western and Chinese, but I often eat Western food because it is high in calories.
 That's why I'm partial to Western food, and knowing that, Rin's cooking repertoire is also naturally biased toward Western food.

'Anyway, congratulations on defeating the Named Boss Monster. I've been watching the feeds. I'm glad I invited you.

 Said Lin with a smile.
 That happy time of battle was definitely thanks to you inviting me to play this game.

'Thank you, Rin-chan. You've always cared about me.'

'You don't need to thank me for that. It's really nothing compared to what you've given me.'

 Even though it was a congratulatory speech, the atmosphere became somewhat damp.
 As if she sensed this, Rin immediately changed the subject.

'So, how was Aria's result?

'I took a scrapshot of ......, or this one. Take a look.'

 The screenshot of the game was transferred to the terminal I held out to her.
 Rin-chan looked at it with a curious face, then nodded in agreement and set the terminal down.

'So, do you have any questions for me?

''That's right, Rin-chan, you talk fast. Do you know what a named item is, Rin-chan?''

'Yes, of course. I don't have it myself, but one of my friends does.

 It seems that there are players who have gotten the Named item, just as I expected.

'I didn't see anything on the official page about the rarity of the Named item. What is that?'

'I'll explain about Named, including that. Named boss monsters, including the "Aria" you fought, are boss monsters of each field whose information is withheld from the official pages. Even though they are withheld, you can easily find out about them by playing the game. There are different kinds of named monsters, and according to my research, they can be roughly divided into three types.

 According to Rin, there are three categories of named boss monsters: solo, party, and raid.

 First of all, when you meet them, the options of 'escape' and 'raid' are systematically blocked. The common name for this is "warding".
 I didn't notice it, but it seems that the Warding was also activated in the battle against Aria the Red Wolf.
 There are three types of wards that Rin mentioned earlier, and they can only be used by a certain number of people.

 For example, Aria, the lone red wolf, is a solo-only monster with wards. That's why it's impossible to escape.
 Even if you do escape, I don't think you can escape against a monster with that kind of agility and infinite stamina. .......

 If you're in a "party" category, you're limited to six members of the same party. Similarly, a "raid" is limited to 5 parties and 30 players.
 As for the "warding" of named boss monsters, I was told that this rule is correct at present.

 In other words, "warding" can be thought of as creating a boss room on the field.
 In other words, the "warding" is like creating a boss room on the field.
 If you think about ...... if you were to be speared at the last minute in a battle against a red wolf, it was a system that made sense.

The first time you kill a Nameless, it always drops an item called a "soul". This is the first kill bonus. This is the reason why the heated Last Attack War ended at ......, but that's okay. Anyway, the "Rare: Named" bonus only applies to the soul itself and the armor that uses it. You can't find it on the official site because the officials are hiding it, and the top players are also hiding the details, so you might not be able to find it on the strategy information summary.

'Hmm ......, that means it's an extremely rare item.'

'Hmm, I guess so. You're not wrong.

 Seeing that I've given up thinking about it, Lin-chan has a look on her face that says, 'As expected.
 A rare item that can be used for armor. It's rarely obtained even by top players, and it's a definite drop for the first time you kill it.
 If that's all you know, that's all you need to know.

'Oh, that's right, Rin-chan. I think it was written on the screenshot earlier, but you also got status bonus points when you defeated it.

'Oh, that's right, you did. How many?'

'Thirty, I think. That's six levels.''

'30......Yes, even solo Nameds get points. There are only two types of Named that have been defeated so far, but all the members who participated in them have gotten the same amount of bonus as Nana. But only for the first time.

'One-time bonus ......, of course.

 If you get status points every time you kill a monster, you'll be the strongest player in the world.

'I heard that there was no such thing after the first time even if you killed two kinds of monsters, not to mention from the same monster. But maybe you can get it if you're a nomad with a different classification. I'll throw this information to the clan for consideration.

'I'll leave that part to you. Mmm, beef stew is delicious.

'Of course it is. It's my cooking.

 Since I've heard at least what I really wanted to hear, I devour the beef stew while it's still hot.
 I like beef stew. Of course I like regular stew.
 I like stews in general, but these two in particular are non-negotiable.

'Oh, as for the reward for the namesake, I don't mind revealing anything other than the soul. In the first place, Wallow's specialty is distribution, so it doesn't make sense to hide too much information. Of course you can hide it, but''

'Even though it was sudden, I also broadcasted it loudly. At first there were only about 100 people, but then there were over 10,000. By the way, what is Wallow?

'A crude abbreviation of WLO. It was popular among the distributors, and it stuck.

 WLO, Wallow. I don't know much about English, so I don't know the exact pronunciation, and it's just a feeling. I guess it's all right if it reads like that.

'Oh yeah, it's made of red wolf. I'm sure there will be a contact with a production player as early as this afternoon.

'Huh? Why?

'Because it's from a monster that's never been killed. And it's of high quality because it's from a nomad, and it's in bulk because it's a solo kill. It's a producer's fate to want to make something from a material he's never handled before.

 It's the same as a gourmet looking for a good meal," Rin says.
 I'm sorry, but that analogy is not so easy to understand.

'I see, ......, what should I do?

'I think you can leave it to a player of your own choosing. The only players who can handle named materials are high level front line players at the moment.

 If you don't have enough production level, you can't use materials of strong monsters.
 It's a common but understandable reason.

'All right . I'll decide for myself. I don't think I should be forced to do everything.

'I'm all for it, aren't I?

'Haha, I know.'

 I smiled at her and she winked back at me.

'Oh, yeah, six hours of despina means you're now level 21. In fact, in the city of beginnings, ......'

'Heh! Well then... ......'

 Even though the conversation was all about WLO, we enjoyed a relaxing time until the noon feed.

 At 12:00, I watched as Rin logged in to do her broadcast, and then went about cleaning up the dishes and taking in the laundry.

 After finishing up the mundane chores, I logged back into WLO a little before one o'clock.