19-proficiency and money thrown

'I'll come back if I have any more questions.'

'Yes . I'm looking forward to seeing you again.

 After being seen off by the receptionist (Ms. Nadia), I left the registration office.

 After that, Ms. Nadia explained to me about the proficiency of the profession.
 I was almost confused by the words "level," "proficiency," and "mastery," but I did my best to listen to her even though I felt sleepy.

 Proficiency is a number that gives you one point per level, starting from level 21.
 If you remain unemployed after level 21, your proficiency will be pooled until you register your profession, and then it will be assigned to you the moment you register.
 If you register at level 20, you get 0 proficiency. If you register at level 30, you get 10 proficiency, which is poured into one profession at a time.

 By raising your proficiency, you can learn arts and improve your status, but the most important thing is that a certain amount of proficiency will open up a "higher level" job.
 For example, if you raise the proficiency of a "Swordsman" to 30, it will evolve into a "Swordsman". A "wizard" will become a "mage".
 Since you gain 1 point of proficiency per level, this means that if you raise your proficiency to level 50, these two professions will evolve into higher level professions.

 Also, it seems that once you've gained proficiency in one profession, you can use it in another profession.

 For example, the "Sharp Edge" art for swordsmen.
 It has a simple effect of increasing the cutting power of a weapon, but once you've mastered it, it can be used by wizards as well.
 It seems that if you raise the proficiency of different professions to a certain level, you can derive a higher level profession such as 《Magic Swordsman》.

 As for 《Dohji》, Nadia said that she had not seen any higher-level jobs at present.
 However, she also said that there must be one.
 She said, "The derivation is [? and the registration office does not know the details. He said, 'There is a frame, so there must be a derivative.

 There are other players who use "Doji" as their profession.
 There are other players who have made it a profession, and the fact that it is not known at this point suggests that there may be some special conditions other than proficiency.
 It may be that your magic defense is too low to gain enough levels, and your proficiency has not reached the required level.

 To summarize.
 The proficiency of a registered profession increases as you level up.
 If you raise your proficiency level normally, you will be upgraded to a higher job when you reach a certain level. This is the case for professions such as "Swordsman" and "Mage".

 If you change professions, your proficiency will be added to the new profession, and in some cases it will be derived from a special higher profession.
 This is a profession like "Mage".
 It doesn't matter to me, as I can't change jobs, but it's worth remembering that there are such things.

 I am currently a "child" with a proficiency of 1, as you can imagine from my status.
 Currently, I have three physical skills, i.e. Strength, Stamina, and Agility, each of which has a 5% increase in status.

 But that's all there is to it. In the first place, there are no arts that can be imagined from the occupation of "child".
 It seems that I need to look again at the benefits of increasing proficiency.


 It was around six o'clock, and it was dark enough to see stars in the sky.

'It took me a long time. ...... I wonder what I should do in this kind of place in the delivery. Please comment if you like.

 It's impossible to play with the listener in mind all the time, as I did this morning during the fight with the Red Wolf.
 There will be long boss battles in the future, and there will be scenes like this one where you will be forced to listen to explanations or simply roleplay.

 I'm a novice at this as a distributor.
 It might be a good idea to ask Rin, but I'm sure that her style of delivery is also based on the things she has accumulated.
 In my own way, I've decided to solicit the opinions of the listeners.

"Play first.
"No, no, no.
"More violence.
"I love Nadia. ......
"If you respond to my comments once in a while...
I'm not sure if you've heard of it or not.

'I see, ......, so I guess I'll just do what I want.

'I'll just do what I want to do at ......?
"As you wish.
'I knew the bludgeoning demon girl was different.
I know Sukuna-tan has a kind heart!

'What is my reputation among everyone ......?

 It's funny. Why in the world did I become such a violent image?
 I'm such a kind-hearted girl.
 ...... No, it's tough on girls. I can't be that young.

'I thought I'd hunt some more, but ...... it's getting dark and I'm going to stop streaming for today. I haven't bought a sub function for night time streaming yet.

 The city is still bright with lamps and streets, but outside the city, darkness has already taken over.

 In fact, WLO's distribution function is charged.
 It costs 1,000 yen per month for the privilege of broadcasting for three hours a day.
 If you have unlimited access like me and Rin, it costs 3000 yen per month.
 This cost is the key point, and is the reason why not everyone is broadcasting.

 There are various options, and there is a function to secure the listener's view when broadcasting at night.
 This only makes the listener's view brighter, but not the player's view.
 Therefore, the listener may see the monster's surprise attack, but the player may be killed without noticing.

 By the way, a subscription with full options costs about 10,000 yen per month. Expensive.
 It's a trick that only profitable gamers can pull off, but Lynne can make many times that amount in a single session.

 So, how do you make money?
 Since the beginning of the streamer profession, there has been a function that directly supports the streamer, apart from the number of viewers of the stream.

 This is commonly known as "throwing money".

 The name actually differs depending on the distribution site, but you can always get through to people by referring to it as "throwing money".
 WLO's partner site, 'Rivers', has a fancy name like 'Live Ticket'.
 In most cases, the management takes a percentage of the support amount, and the rest is transferred to the distributor.

 The point of this support is that it is not 'just donating money', but there are also benefits for those who throw money.

 For example, depending on the amount of support, your name will be listed in the supporters section of the distribution.
 For example, if you leave a comment along with your donation, it will be displayed without flowing out.
 Most importantly, you can get your name remembered by the streamer by supporting a large amount of money.
 Many famous streamers make money in this way as well.

 Rin-chan makes more than a few million dollars a month from her streaming alone, and in addition to that, she makes a lot of money from corporate projects, professional activities, and ...... anyway.
 It seems that I've also been getting a few donations during this episode.
 I'm not sure if they've done that before, but I didn't have time to pay attention to it.

'Tomorrow, ...... won't start early in the morning. I think I'll start around 10am. I'll send out an announcement, so please subscribe to my channel if you want.

"I subscribed.
I forgot.
I forgot." "Thank you." "Early mornings are tough.
I can't watch it because I'm at work. ......
I can't watch it because I'm working. ......
You're the epitome of a distributor who never forgets to advertise.

 I'm glad to see that the number of subscribers to my channel is increasing steadily.
 Tomorrow is Sunday, and I thought I'd be working ......, but I work seven days a week too.
 I've been working 7 days a week too. In the service industry, holidays are the main thing. Working on holidays doesn't necessarily mean you're a corporate animal.

'Well, thank you for your time today. Good night.'

"Good night.
"Good morning.
"Who just made tea?

 Thanking for the kindness of being able to log out anywhere in the city, I was sent off by the comments and logged out.