48-Oath to Amber

 Absolutely dead.

 Like a meteorite falling on your head, you feel an overwhelming sense of hopelessness.

 What? To what?
 To the shaking of the amber. .......

'What did you look like? What color were her hair and horns? What did she wear? Just the way he spoke. ...... No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! But I want to know! I'm curious!

 I'm not sure if you've ever heard of this, but I'm sure you have.
 I guess you could say that. It's like your whole body is being shaken ...... and your internal organs are shifting ...... and you're dying .......


'Huh! Sorry!'


 I was slammed down on the floor, unable to move because my hand was quickly removed.

'Sukuna? Don't die, Skunaaaaaa!

 No, I'm not dead. .......


 I got up after telling the bar owner that I was fine, and sat back down on the floor, dizzy.
 I sat back down on the floor, dizzy. Hmm, I feel like I'm still shaking.

'Sorry, sorry ......'.

'Oh no, ...... is good. ......'

'I think you're dizzy. ...... Yes, Skuna, come here.'

 I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not. It is a kneeling position.
 When I borrowed her kneeling pillow as she asked, a soft sensation enveloped the back of my head. It feels really good.
 Well, a lap pillow is really a thigh pillow, isn't it? I wonder why it's called a lap pillow.

'The demon god I saw was a temporary form of me.

'Oh, I see. I'm happy and disappointed. ...... So, I guess you don't really understand Sukuna after all.

'I don't know anything about her appearance.

 The drunkard I met that time was a detailed mirror image of my avatar, so I don't know what she looks like.
 The only thing I know is how to get there.

 What? When I think about it, I wonder how Amber tried to break the seal of the Drunkard. I've been led directly to her, but I'm sure she's never met me.

'Oh, by the way, you said that Amber was also going to ...... revive the demon god, did you have an idea?

'In a manner of speaking. Do you know why the demon gods were sealed away by the creator gods?

'I have no idea.

'The demon god once got so angry that he destroyed three human nations and turned them into scorched earth. According to a theory, he lost something important to the bad guys of the human race. This was before he became a god, when he was an ordinary demon.

 I'm sure you're not the only one who has a problem with this.

I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've seen it before. In other words, ......'.

'There's a clue in the Forest of the End.

That's what you're saying.

 So, the demon tribe has been told that the drinking cup is sealed in the forest at the end of the world.
 I wonder if the proper way is to gather information from NPCs who know about it, like Amber, and then go to the shrine in the Forest of the End.

'I think the forest at the end is the one I was told to go to by the demon god.

'I see, so the lore isn't wrong.

'What I was taught was--'

 I put my hand on my chin and told Amber as much as I could about what I knew.
 I have to find the shrine in the forest at the end of the world, I have to be at least level 50, the hairpin on my head is the key to the world called the afterlife, and there are powerful enemies in the afterlife.

'To go beyond the afterlife, I alone am not enough. I think I'll definitely need Amber's help.

'...... Haha, you are a light that shines in the darkness. I've given up on my dreams and now I can see them again.

 Amber then turned her head slightly and smiled.

'I entrust you with the power of the strongest demon in this world. In order to break the seal of the demon god.

'Yes, I'll do my best to make Amber's dream come true, for my own sake.

 What is important is mutual benefit. It's a far more trustworthy contract than gratuitous service.
 That's the kind of promise that was made between me and Amber.
 Because we'd only been together a few hours.

'Sukuna. Can I have a little more time after this?

'I'm totally fine, what's wrong?

 Before I could finish my check and leave the bar, I was stopped by Amber.

'Sukuna has the skill of bare-knuckle fighting, right? I thought I'd teach her the Oni no Mai.


 Amber smiled fearlessly at my reply and said.

'It's a martial art left by the demon gods that only the demon tribe can use.


'Hmm ......, every day is so intense ......'.

 A few hours later. I've been trained by Amber for a long time, and I've finished the game and returned to reality.
 Rin is still playing. I could cook a meal, but I can't cook anything elaborate.

'Well, maybe I'll check the forums.

 Feeling a bit bored, I decided to check out the official WLO forums.
 If you have a player ID, you can look at it from various terminals, and of course you can look at it from within the game, but only in safe areas like towns.

 The reason why I decided to watch it is that I had been playing the game for a long time without turning it off, including the secret conversation with Amber.
 Although the amount of comments was decreasing, there were more listeners than when I started hiding in the Demon Forest, and I was in the top 10 of the category in the streaming ranking.
 So I thought I'd share the information with you if you're aware of it anyway.

'Well, there's the demon tribe ......, there's the dedicated message board'.

 WLO is a game where you can choose from a wide variety of races, but the ratio of races among players is extremely skewed, with 40% being human.
 The remaining 30% are beastmen, 10% are elves, and the remaining 20% are occupied by various races, but this is due to the fact that races other than elves, beastmen, and humans are quite specialized.

 For example, the demon race specializes in physics, and the fairy race in magic. Dwarves are good at blacksmithing, dwarves are good at handicraft, and so on.
 The three races with relatively more freedom are the most popular, since the choice of race limits the playing style.
 Although we call them "beastmen", they are treated as different races depending on the type of beast they are, which is the reason why the number of subraces is so large.

 So, what I'm trying to say is this.
 What I'm trying to say is that the demon race is a minority race, accounting for less than 5% of all players.
 With such a small number of players, there are even forums dedicated to the race.

'Oh, ......, I knew it.

 As expected.
 The board for the demon tribe seemed to be in full swing based on the contents of my broadcast.
 The amount of posts has suddenly increased since the time when Amber and I met, so I guess it's getting more exciting.

'Oh, this template is interesting.

 I had never seen a bulletin board before, so I was distracted by the template at the entrance before following the contents, and spent half an hour until I made my first post.