81-in a good mood Nana

 With a buzzing sound, lightning flashed through the narrow dungeon.


 He spins his magic with the sound of whistling, drawing different magic with his left and right hands.
 I wonder how unreasonable what is happening in front of me is for the monsters. I was just overwhelmed by the scene as I joined my hands in prayer to the monsters that were being burned to the ground before I could resist.

 Rin described the skill she had just shown Wolf as 'as good as playing the piano'.
 Lin, who is very good at playing instruments, said that it was easy for her.
 I had no idea what she was talking about, but now that I saw the attack in front of me, I realized that it might indeed be a simple technique.

 Rin is now controlling three spells at the same time while destroying the monsters.

 The uninterrupted chain of magic that fills the gaps in her chanting.
 It was like a storm of death, shimmering like an art.

'...... phew'

'Wow, you're amazing, Rin!

'Heh, is that so? I don't feel bad when Nana praises me.'

 She said this with a loose smile, and with the magic she had been drawing, she wiped out the monster that had been attacking her head-on without a second glance.
 This is different from the simple magic she showed us on the first day. I guess this is what a wizard like Rin really looks like when she fights.

'It's the first time I've shown you how to use all three, you know? I wanted to show it to Nana first.'

'Really? I'm so happy.

 I tell her how I feel, looking embarrassed.
 As we laughed together, I secretly thought.
 Ah, this brings back memories.
 It brought tears to my eyes to see Rin-chan enjoying the game like this, as if she was trying to charm me.

 It's been a long time ago. Rin-chan would play various games with great ingenuity so that I could enjoy them even if I was just watching.
 Some of them were amazing feats that I wouldn't normally be able to pull off, and some of them were super plays that could be called divine.
 On the other hand, we'd find funny plays or weird buggy techniques, and we'd both laugh at them.
 It brings back memories. It was a very happy, nostalgic memory.

'I got a little carried away and used too much MP'.

 I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.
 She had been using three times as much magic as she should have. Perhaps that's why the MP was consumed so quickly.

'Then I guess it's my turn next, huh?

'Hmph. Show me something cool, won't you?

'............ Yes!

 We both miss the current atmosphere.

 It's just a word to get me going. It's the same old thing, the same old thing that Rin says when she gives me permission to be serious.

'You'll see, won't you?

'Yes, of course.

 They exchange words as if they were the two of us in the past.
 My heart feels warm. I can't shake the happy feeling.
 With such a fluffy feeling, I step out in front of Rin-chan.
 It felt really, really good.
 My body was so hot I couldn't stand it.



 With a crunching sound, the Shadow Stitch that Nana wielded crushed the Hydrosnake.
 After the second level, we descended the stairs several times, but the scenery remained the same. Is the first level special, or is it a rare level that only appears occasionally?
 If it was the latter, I might have wasted my time, I thought as I walked behind Nana.

I'm not sure what to make of it.
"Is this the bludgeoning demon girl?
Yes, it is.
You've got an amazing fighting style as usual.
"What do you mean mimicry and surprise attacks don't work?
"That weapon is so cool.
"It's a metal rod, though.
I'm not sure what to make of that.
I'm not sure what to say.

I'm sure I remember the way.

 While responding to the comments, he does not hide the fact that he is bored.
 Earlier I had been in the front, but now Nana was leading the way.

 There are two reasons why I stepped back.
 My multiple spellcasting, a technique so 'amazing' that Nana gave me an honest compliment, is powerful, but has a very obvious drawback.
 It consumes too much MP. The technology requires such heavy MP consumption that even my MP-specialized status does not allow me to use it for a long time.
 That's why you need to fight while taking a rest periodically.
 Magic doesn't have the same post-technique rigidity as arts, and MP doesn't recover as quickly as SP.
 And there is one reason for this.

'Haha, hmmm, hmmm, hmmm'.

 The other reason is that Nana was in a very 'good mood'.

 Wielding a metal rod named Kagewumi, she easily slaughtered the enemies that came at her. With a soft, twisted laugh.
 Nana is in a good mood now. Probably the best it's been in the last two weeks.

 The way she slaughters monsters while humming a song, she's the perfect example of a bludgeoning demon girl.

'No, you can't!

 She throws the arrow back at the goblin archer, who shoots it from behind a fork in the road.
 A small thud echoes, and the goblin archer, pierced through the brain, collapses. His HP was rapidly decreasing, so he would probably die from the slip damage.

'Yes, it's over.

 With a thud, the goblin archer vanished before he could think.

 If I had to describe Nana's emotions right now, I'd say 'happy'.
 She looks happy, which is different from when she's fighting strong enemies or kicking monsters around.
 I don't know what triggered it, or why he's in such a good mood.
 I have an idea, but it's rare to see her express so much emotion.
 However, if it were only unusual, there would be no problem, but of course there is a problem, which is why I am standing here now.

 In this state, Nana's control over her powers is quite weak.
 What this means is that she will no longer be able to limit her motor skills, which she normally suppresses.
 Once the hoops of her emotions are removed, the 'power' that she possesses will run rampant in search of an outlet.

 Once this happens, Nana will not stop until she is satisfied.
 The monsters aren't even stopping him because he's gotten a powerful weapon.
 If this is the case, Nana's extermination will probably continue until he reaches the boss.
 Recently, I've been feeling the frustration of not being able to fight the strongest enemies in the game.
 Having fought Aria, Lowe, and Amber so early on, Nana must have been very frustrated, even if she didn't show it.

 In other words, this was a way to vent.
 There have been no fights with strong opponents recently, and it's not clear from the information we have that this event will satisfy Nana's needs, so we don't want to miss the opportunity to let her vent like this.

 In the event you're not sure what you're looking for, there are a few things you can do.
 It was the sound of Nana slamming a metal bar into the ground in front of a fork in the labyrinth.

What's that?' 'It suddenly cracked.
Did you hit the ground?

 It seemed that the listener's ears were damaged by the roar.
 In contrast to the slightly noisy comments, Nana closed her eyes and listened carefully.

'Hmm, ......? Rin, the left side looks like a continuation, but there's something on the right side...'

 By listening to the echoes of sound with your whole body, you can grasp the space.
 It's a technique based on the same principle as echolocation. I can't do it, but Nana seems to be able to.
 No, only she knows if she can actually do it, but I've never seen her do it wrong.

"What is it?

'It's not a living thing. ......Ummm ......, but it's a big one...'

 Well, that's about as accurate as it gets in practice.
 It doesn't tell you exactly what it looks like, just a rough idea of what it is.
 Even so, if you combine it with the detection skill, you can tell if it's a monster or not, and even if it's not, you can tell if it's moving or not.

'If there's a destination, it's not a boss, it's not a creature, it's a big one. ......'

'Do you want to go there?

'Yeah. We're moving at a good pace, let's check it out.'

'Yes, sir.'

 Nana's expression faltered, and she began to walk down the right side of the corridor with a slightly sluggish gait.

'It's kind of loose.
'It's so loose.
"I like the look on your face right now.
"I clipped it.
"Are you in a good mood?
"Gap Moe: ...... Burning?
"But ruthless.
"That sounded like a thud.
"You're lucky there's no bloodshed in this game.
"But cute.

'You seem to be in an unusually good mood. Give me that clip later.'

"Don't slack off on the editing.
"You love your Nana too much?
"Rin-Nana is precious. ......
"This guy's on the outside of the NG: ......!
"Stop the NG trick.
I'm not a fan.

It's a good thing you're going to be running events for a while.

 From my point of view, Nana now has an attractive expression that is different from her usual unassuming dignity.
 It's impossible to erase the memory of Nana from the folder in my brain, but it's better if I can save it in a medium that can be played over and over again.
 Well, as the listener said, you can just save it yourself.
 However, I rarely edit my own videos. I'll leave it to the team as usual.

'Rin, over here!

I'm sorry, I'm coming.

 Nana called me and I arrived at a large treasure chest sitting at the end of the labyrinth.