102-the last blow



 With a burst of energy, their weapons collided with each other.
 The one who won the fight was Gordo, who was supposed to be inferior in strength.
 Sukuna, who had been sure that she would be defeated just before the collision, dared to float her body to kill the impact, and was blown away with the momentum.
 Gordo closes the distance to pursue Sukuna, who lands softly and without a sound, but is blocked by an object that is about to pierce the visor of his helmet.
 The object was a throwing knife that Sukuna had thrown just before landing.
 Sukuna's realm is not limited to melee combat.
 He's a master of a hundred hits.
 Her true value is demonstrated when she mixes in her divine throws.

 He tried to flick away the throwing knife, but it was far heavier than he had imagined, and he was nearly knocked off his sword.
 That's not surprising. The reason why Sukuna threw the throwing knives was because they were the only five knives that Haruru had made out of overheavy metal after Kagehito.
 It was made to specialize only in penetration, abandoning detailed modeling and slashing. This weapon, which is now more like a stick shuriken, can pierce even steel armor if it hits cleanly.

 Although he didn't manage to lose the sword, Sukuna was completely prepared to intercept him.
 It was an opportunity that had been created, but it had to be redeployed.

 They were both on maximum alert for each other.
 But that doesn't mean the two of them are so weak that they can't move together.



 Laughing as they spit at each other, they collide again.
 With a clear intent to kill, in order to defeat their enemy.
 They had already spent more than ten minutes fighting, but after Sukuna's kick, they hadn't taken any clean hits, even though they had both taken damage.
 The balance of the fight had been like crossing on thin ice.

(But I'm the one at a disadvantage.)

 Gordo muttered inwardly.
 The golden aura he activated was a move that could be called a trump card without a doubt.
 The name of the skill was "The Song of the Canary".
 Its effect is to "raise any status to equal the highest value of your status except HP, MP, and SP".

 Gordo devotes most of his stats to Agility, and its maximum value is almost twice as high as Sukuna's original Agility.
 Even taking into account the extra agility from the red wolf costume, Gordo's agility still leaves Sukuna behind.
 The reason why he has a status specialized in agility is simple.
 The reason why he has a special status in agility is simple: since agility is directly related to the 'speed' of all his actions, agility is essential for his swordsmanship of manipulating speed.

 This time, Gordo equated agility with muscle strength in "The Voice of the Golden Fleece". Gordo can say with certainty that he made the right decision.
 He was sure of this because he knew the "Wailing Dance" that Sukuna had activated.

 The 《Song of the Golden Fleece》 that Gordo used was a skill that strengthens you depending on your status, but it is also a skill that is useless for an average status structure.
 It does not have any effect beyond the limits of the original buffs. It is only an effect to adjust one status to the limit.

 However, even with that in mind, "The Song of the Golden Fleece" has its own advantages.

 One is, of course, the pure benefit of having specialized stats that make you more effective.
 The other is the duration of the skill.

 Buffs by nature do not last very long, and for the two types of buffs that have particularly powerful effects or are self-buffed by skills, ten minutes is about as long as you can get.
 Sukuna's "Hungry Wolf" and "Demon's Dance" are also powerful, but their duration is basically set at around 5 minutes, which is not very long.

 On the other hand, 《Kinretsu no Utau》 has a long skill duration of 30 minutes, with an eye on long-term battles.
 That unparalleled skill activation time was given because of Gordo's original role allocation, but it was a time that was indispensable in the present situation.
 So. Why the need for a long buff?
 The answer lies in the skill of the demon who was laughing in front of him.

(How many monsters did you kill (charge)?

 I'm not sure what to make of that.
 As a matter of fact, including the first clean hit, Gordo's attack had hit several times.
 Even if Sukuna's reaction had improved explosively, there was still an unbridgeable gap in level, average status, and skill between her and Gordo.
 In addition to the jumped up attack power, even if it is just a graze, it should be able to inflict a reasonable amount of damage to Sukuna.
 However, as if to ridicule such an accumulation, Sukuna's HP had already recovered to full.

 Yes, that's one of the effects of 《Shiki 4: Weeping Dance》.
 It is an auto-healing that recovers 1% of HP per 10 seconds while activated.

 He knew about this skill because it had been used by an unknown demon that Gordo had fought in the past.
 Of course, he also knew the duration requirements,

 The duration of the Weeping Dance is calculated as follows: Number of creatures killed x 5 seconds.
 That is, 1% per two creatures. The number of all the creatures he had killed while the dance was not active would continue to heal his HP.
 The sorrowful voices of all the monsters Sukuna has killed so far will be her power.

(That's not all. That's the trouble.)

 Yeah. The Wailing Dance's auto-healing is only one of its effects.
 The Wailing Dance has another very annoying effect.

 It strengthens sturdiness.
 More specifically, it strengthens the durability itself.
 When the Wailing Dance is active, it reduces the damage of all attacks against the activator by 10%, and increases the sturdiness value by up to 1.5 times.

 The increase in sturdiness is proportional to the number of creatures you kill.
 The maximum number of creatures you can kill is 500. Each 100 monsters you kill buffs your sturdiness by 0.1x.
 Having destroyed so many monster houses, the current Sukuna was naturally buffed to the maximum defense value.

 It is a technique to wear the grief of the dead and dance forever.
 That's why the fourth style was named "Weeping Dance".
 It is a self-enhancement buff for a succession of battles with an eye on a very long war.

It is a self-enhancement buff for continuous battle.

 I'm not sure what's more fun.
 You'll be able to see the difference.
 I can't believe it. The more you immerse yourself in the wailing, the closer you get to the demon.

 Her eyes flickered and narrowed.

(You're a monster.)

 I'm sure you're not the only one who has a problem with this," he muttered inwardly as he looked into the cold, sweet red eyes that seemed to see through everything.
 The way he held his sword was like a brave knight challenging a demon.
 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.



 'Gee! I'm not sure how many times I've done this before.
 In the face of a scene that had been repeated so many times that she no longer knew how many times it had happened, Sukuna could do nothing but laugh in disbelief.

 A helpless sense of omnipotence, as if everything in the world was in the palm of her hand.
 I can see. I can hear. Feel. I understand.
 It's not just my eyes.
 It's as if all of your senses have been reborn, and the world is flooded with information.

 A refreshing exhilaration, as if the chains that had bound your body had been removed.
 The conviction that I am stronger and sharper.
 It's a joy of liberation I've never experienced since I was born.

-- The time will come when you will understand. The freedom of the virtual world.

 I think I understand a little bit of what Arthur said to me one day.

 Ever since he started this game, Sukuna had only done what he could do.
 Fighting, throwing, and so on.
 What Sukuna could do originally, he just put into this avatar's physical ability.
 There is no emotion there, no joy.
 There was only the slight exhilaration of being able to flail about as he pleased, and the enjoyment of the extraordinary nature of battle.

 For Sukuna, the event of 'disturbance of visual information' was as shocking as a natural cataclysm.
 Because of her good eyesight, she relies on the information she sees for the majority of her perception during battle, and constructs a battle based on that information.
 When the information that made up the majority of her perceptions became unreliable, Sukuna was far more upset and confused than she thought she would be.

 When he was at the mercy of a knight who was stronger than he was, and his skill.
 Sukuna's choice was not to flee or give up, but to grow.
 It was different from the 'zone' he had shown in the Apocalypse battle, where he could catch faster objects by increasing his concentration.
 Sukuna has changed the way we perceive the world visually itself.
 It's as if the first-person perspective has been replaced by a bird's-eye view, a broad and sweeping change in perspective.
 This is not the growth of the past, which was called "rust removal.
 It was now something closer to evolution.

 For the first time, Sukuna had the experience of going beyond the limits.

 It was an inexplicably comfortable feeling for her, as she had been living in shackles since birth.
 Sukuna was smiling happily and joyfully.

 The reason why she used the Weeping Dance was because she wanted to be able to enjoy this fun fight for a long time, like a child at an amusement park.
 Because with the Rapture Dance or the Double-Edged Dance, whoever wins will be 'over soon'.

 Sukuna is now growing more dense with each passing second.
 And yet, the knight Gordo is stronger than Sukuna.
 His skill, his experience. This battle will not end until it has consumed everything.

(Oh, ...... is really strong.)

 It was a very happy time.

 But still, the end time comes.
 Ten minutes, twenty minutes, thirty minutes.
 Finally, Gordo's "Song of the Golden Fleece" disappears.
 This meant that Sukuna had endured the long 30 minutes, and that Gordo had failed to finish her off.

 Although Sukuna's HP was still recovering from the effects of the Weeping Dance, he still had a 30% gap.
 Gordo's HP had been reduced from two HP bars to a single bar, which was also reduced by about 50%.
 Both of them were not fully wounded, but they were not unscathed.

You've got to admit, you've done pretty well with this level of difference.

'...... Is it over already?

You've passed the test. The current you should be able to hold your own with him. It's just that ......

 In the event that you've got any questions about the way to use this site, you can contact us at the web site.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you can do it.

I'm not sure what to say.

 In the event that you've got any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with me, please do not hesitate to contact me.
 However, there are things that must be done before the battle.
 I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've.

I'm not sure what to do. I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.

It's a key, isn't it?

It's not what it looks like that's important.

 After watching him operate the menu card and put away the large key, they each took their weapons at will.
 I'm not going to take you by surprise. If we do that, we'll taint this battle.

'Let's go.


 The final battle began between Gordo, who wore a new silver aura, and Sukuna, who still wore the Wailing Dance.
 The final battle has begun.

(I don't think about what kind of buff that aura is. (I don't think about what kind of buff that aura is, because I can't use any other buffs while using the Wailing Dance.

 It's not the same as the buff to muscle power that Gordo used a while ago, that's all you need to know.
 In the end, Sukuna remained on the receiving end of Gordo's attack with all her might.

 No matter what trump card Gordo plays, Sukuna has only one trump card that she has kept hidden until now.


 The golden knight roared.
 The first to move was Gordo.
 In the space of a single breath, the silver aura on his body moves faster than he can keep up with, closing the gap with Sukuna.

 This much is expected.
 It's nothing to panic about.

 The question is from here.
 How will Gordo come out, and if he misses, he will lose .......
 The moment he thought about it, Skuna realized.

I'm not sure what to do.

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.
 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I think it's a good idea.
 In a way, it was like a replay of his fight with Aria.

 Sukuna, who had planned to read each other just before the intersection, was only slightly behind at that point.
 He would not be able to counter in time. He would have to evade.
 In a world where everything is laughably slow when concentration is at its peak, Sukuna uses his super-fast thinking and reflexes to find a way out of this predicament.

 However, the true potential of the Knight of Illusion began here.
 The moment Sukuna managed to pull himself halfway out of the path of the blade, Gordo's sword came to rest.
 It was just like a video image. The blade, which had been swinging down at high speed, stopped without even a hint of deceleration.

(It's really ......!

 The stopped blade came bouncing through the air, hunting for Sukuna's neck.
 His spirit, his attitude, everything was a trap to lure Sukuna.
 You've come here to hide such a skill.
 You can't avoid it at the last minute.

 He might be able to avoid it just in time.
 However, Sukuna was already in a bad position.
 If there was a second attack, the situation would be hopeless.

 I don't mind giving you a head or two!

I'll make you howl for sure!

 Sukuna completely ignored the approaching blade and cut his own trump card.

 What Sukuna now holds in his hand is not the Shadow Stitch.
 It's a two-handed mace made of pure heavy metal, the Meteor Impact Zero.
 With the advent of the stronger and easier-to-handle Kagewumi, this weapon was thought to have been put in storage, but now it was here to fulfill its original role as Sukuna's spear.

 This is the first time I've ever used a weapon in my life.
 It's the most powerful art given to him by his mastery of the "Strike Weapon" skill.

 What I can say for sure is that it is a blow with enough power to be a literal killing blow.

 Its name is "Meteor Impact".
 It is the final and most powerful blow, bestowed upon those who have raised their proficiency in the [Striking Weapon] skill to 500.

 Its performance is completely upwardly compatible with the 《Finisher》.
 In other words, it is the strongest last attack that can be unleashed without a weapon.
 From its advantages to its disadvantages, everything about it surpassed the 《Finisher》, making it an extreme high-risk, high-reward move.

 This art was undoubtedly the origin of the name of Haruru's "Meteor Impact Zero".
 No, Haruru had forged Meteor Impact Type-0 just to fire this move.
 That's why Sukuna switched to Kagehou. There was a reason, of course, why he switched weapons to Meteor Impact Type-0, which was inferior to Kagewosita in attack power, durability, and required muscle strength.

 That day when Sukuna purchased the Meteor Impact Zero from Haruru.
 As Sukuna struggled to lift the weapon, which he could not even hold, Haruru secretly told him.

--There's one gimmick in that weapon. ....... When you use it, please scatter it in a spectacular way. .......

 The last gimmick that could not be used for a long time.
 There's no time like the present to use it.

(Watch me, Haruru.)

 See the bravery of the weapon you created.

'Meteor Impact'...!

 The moment Sukuna swung his arts with a roar.
 With a deafening roar, the world exploded.