11-momentary clash

 The battle between the two shadows could be seen from anywhere in Japan.
 This was because one of the shadows, a girl named Sukuna, had moved into battle without stopping her delivery.
 No, there was no time to stop, and the viewers knew that there was no room for the thought of stopping.

 The difference in status between the two sides was huge.
 At first glance, the battle shown on the screen looked as if Sukuna was being tortured.
 However, even though Aria the Red Wolf's HP gauge had passed the halfway mark and turned yellow, Sukuna's HP had not been reduced.

 One hour.
 That was the amount of time the girls had been fighting now, and the amount of time it had taken for Sukuna to bring the Red Wolf's HP down to the red gauge.

"Are you really human?

 One of the listeners commented.

 Sukuna's fighting style was quite simple.
 Counter after counter.
 His avatar maneuvers were so precise and accurate that he was able to exploit the slightest of gaps.
 With his divine reading and reflexes, he slices through them and thrusts a sword in return.

 It's easy to say.
 It is undoubtedly the most effective means of overcoming the status difference.

 However, no matter how specialized the demon race is in melee combat, with this level of difference, a single clean hit will kill you, and a hit to the vitals will kill you instantly.
 And that's for an hour. What's more, the expression on his face is not one of fatigue, but one of joy.
 With a concentration like threading a thread through a needle, the player called Sukuna was toying with a monster of overwhelming superiority.

 Even though yesterday's broadcast of "Rinne" had made him a household name, the number of viewers for "Sukuna", Nana of "Heroes", was less than 100 at the start of the broadcast.
 That's to be expected. Some of the first group of viewers had their own favorites, and the second group of viewers, who had just arrived yesterday, were also famous.
 In fact, I'm grateful that so many listeners were watching even though it was early in the morning.

 However, the current number of concurrent listeners for the Skuna broadcast was over 10,000.

 Named boss monsters usually became a topic of conversation on their own, since their appearance itself was rare.
 At first, there was a report on the board that Sukuna had encountered Aria the Red Wolf.
 Seeing her endure for a few minutes, the URL of the distribution spread.
 The URL of the broadcast was spread, and it rose in the ranking of the distribution site, and thanks to that, it was spread even more, and finally 10,000 listeners were watching Sukuna's battle.

 At the end of the battle, the red wolf, which had been reduced to the red gauge, wore a mysterious aura and attacked Sukuna with a speed unmatched until then.
 Sukuna also intercepted the red wolf with a fierce smile on her face.
 All the eyes watching them sensed the approaching time of confrontation.


 With less than 20% HP remaining, the Red Wolf's limbs began to take on a fiery aura.
 The attack cut down the HP gauge, which had been almost unharmed until now.
 The attack itself was only a glancing blow, and the damage was minimal. Still, there was a definite decrease in HP.

 She had tried to react as before, but had failed to do so.
 Sukuna accepted this fact and predicted that the aura's ability was a kind of speed enhancement.
 What is the magnification? The acceleration is so high that it could even double if it's not good enough.

 It was a simple yet powerful effect.


 The claw that was trying to slice through me as I passed it head-on, I barely jumped up with my metal rod.
 You can't kill the momentum, and the claw snatches your arm, taking away about 5% of your HP.
 It's visible. But it was too fast for the avatar to react.

 However, Sukuna saw the demerits and clear weaknesses of the burning aura in just two strikes.
 That would be the only way for her (Sukuna) to break through and devour this powerful enemy (Aria).
 A weakness so fatal that I'm certain of it.

 The opportunity will surely present itself.
 Therefore, the option Sukuna should take is not even a counter, but pure defense.

 From the movement of the red wolf's muscles, from his gaze, and from his past experience in battle, he anticipates the incoming attack.
 Put down a defensive attack before the opponent starts to attack.
 Of course, Sukuna's HP had been reduced by more than a little damage from the mere graze, but there was still room for improvement for her HP, which had remained at 90% until the end of the fight.

I'm not sure what to do.

 Now that he had the hang of it, all he needed was concentration.
 I'm going to make a big spark and pop off the claws that are coming at me.

 Position your attack against the enemy's behavior.
 Instead of hitting the attacker, the attacker will come to hit you.
 To be precise, you're countering the opponent's attack, not the opponent's, but that's beside the point.
 That's what Sukuna was doing now, and it was a suicide mission that would kill him instantly if he failed even once.

 Nevertheless, with heightened concentration and a little luck, Sukuna's actions lead to success.
 Five times, in fact. That was the number of times Sukuna had been able to prevent the Red Wolf's attacks at the cost of about 30% of his HP.

 The moment he managed to succeed in his desperate prediction five times, the opportunity he had been waiting for finally arrived.

 The Red Wolf's HP gauge, which had been emitting a mysterious burning aura.
 The Red Wolf's HP gauge, which had been emitting a mysterious burning aura, had been drained to just one dot, even though Sukuna hadn't done any damage to it.

 This was the first disadvantage that Sukuna had found. That mysterious aura required HP consumption to activate.

 It was a slow speed, but with only 20% of the gauge remaining, that small amount could be fatal.
 The red wolf was now so weak that it could be defeated as long as it generated a clear damage assessment.

 However, it's not all good.
 Currently, Sukuna was only able to prevent the red wolf's attacks, and since she started wearing the aura, she hadn't been able to deal even a dot of damage.

 In addition, when there was only one dot left, the HP reduction disappeared and the aura gained momentum.
 It was like a backwater battle.
 It seemed to be a sign of Aria Red Wolf's will to kill the enemy even if it meant burning her life.

 Aria the Red Wolf moved away to accelerate.
 It will be decided next time.
 They were sure of it.
 They read each other, predicted each other, and instantly constructed the best solution to kill the enemy.
 I felt a thump, thump, thump of my heartbeat that shouldn't be there.

'Here we go!


 Both of them shouted, and the final battle began.

 Aria, the Red Wolf, swelled her muscles in an attempt to kill the enemy in front of her with the maximum speed she could muster.
 It's not enough to just slash and slash as you pass each other.
 She thrusts her claws into the entrails of their hearts with all her might.
 Their speed is like a sound.

 The red cannonball was fired, feeling an explosion of extreme power... and a moment later, Aria perceived a small glimmer in front of her.

 It was a single metal object that Sukuna had kept hooked on his pants belt.
 It was the Throwing Knife, which Sukuna had never used in this battle.
 The red wolf could not dodge the unexpected flying tool from Sukuna, who had been engaged in close combat all along, but only at this moment.

 That was the second weakness Skuna had found.
 The second weakness Skuna found was that the speed at which he was enhanced by this skill was 'uncontrollable' even for his namesake, Aria Red Wolf.

 The official name of the mysterious aura that Red Wolf Aria is generating is the Named Skill "Pride of the Hungry Wolf".

 It is a skill that is forcibly activated when the user has less than 20% HP, and requires an extremely heavy activation condition that involves continuous HP consumption, but has the unparalleled effect of doubling the target's agility at once.

 However, the overwhelmingly strong Aria the Red Wolf has rarely activated this skill.
 This is because she has rarely fallen into a situation where her HP is below 20%.

 Therefore, she could only attack by rushing and using her claws, unable to use the agility she was forced to increase.
 That's why even Skuna, whose status difference was so far apart from the rest, was able to surpass the Red Wolf's attack with the divine feat of 'leaving an attack beforehand'.

 It was a complete surprise attack.
 If it hits you, you die.
 There was no way it could end like that.
 The end of this fight couldn't be that simple!

 A moment of time, less than an instant.
 In his stretched thoughts, Red Wolf thought of the unforgivable ending, and quickly bit down on the knife that flew at him.
 It was an ideal action that he would never be able to take again, even he thought so.

 But even that throw was only a decoy.
 That momentary thought, that split-second gap, was the only time Sukuna wanted.

 A moment of slowed speed.
 That's what made it possible for her to attack in time when she normally wouldn't have been able to.

 The "Striking Weapon" Skill--Arts Name "Finisher".

 As the name implies, this is a finishing blow that can be learned extremely quickly among the [Striking Weapon] skills, but requires an extremely heavy price.

 In exchange for a huge 10-second post-attack dwell time and a tremendous activation condition of 100% weapon durability reduction, what is unleashed is a superb blow that is three times as powerful and fast as a "slam".
 It was the only trump card that Sukuna couldn't use in this battle.


 I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
 In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.

 The impact of the collision created a cloud of dust and wind pressure.

 Something fell noisily far behind Sukuna.

 It was Sukuna's right foot that had been blown off by the gusting wind.
 Ripped almost to the root, it was the result of a final blow from a claw that had been shot off by the metal rod and changed its angle.
 The lone red wolf, whose HP had been wiped out by the 《Finisher》, vanished with a satisfied expression.

 At the end of the fierce battle, even with the loss of one of its legs, the last one standing in the deserted grassland was the black-haired demon tribe.


"Defeated the Named Boss Monster "Aria, the Lone Red Wolf".
You have obtained the title "Pride of the Red Wolf".
You have obtained the title "Named Boss Hunter".
Obtained the title "Challenger of the Strong".
Obtained the accessory "Certificate of the Named Sole Defeater
Gained the "Hungry Wolf" skill.
Gained "First Defeat Bonus: Named Item "The Soul of Aria, the Lonely Red Wolf"
"Leveled up.
You have obtained bonus status points.
"You have obtained a drop item.


'Yay, ta-da ......'

 Realizing the fact that she had lost one of her legs, Sukuna still let out a gentle squeal of joy.

 In the event you're not sure what to do, it's possible that you'll be able to find a way to get rid of it.
 On top of that, at the edge of his flickering vision, he could see his almost empty HP being drained.

 The uninformed Sukuna couldn't understand that it was a bleeding condition caused by loss, but he knew that he was steadily approaching Death.

'Well, that's okay. ......'

 He muttered contentedly, not caring.

 After hearing all the notifications, Skuna suffered the first death of the game, a slip damage of bleeding from missing limbs.