143-an unexpected visitor

'Hmm, the namesake of Onijin no Sato.

 It was 5:30 pm when I left Himiko and logged out.
 I was talking with Rin-chan, who had spent the whole day going to the sixth town (Zeronor), about what had happened today.

'It sounds interesting, but the full moon at WLO is in roughly a week, right?

'I'm pretty sure that's what Shirayo said, too.

'Well, even if it's not a fight for ......, it's going to be a fight for it. You've already distributed it, haven't you?

 I think Rin has a valid concern.
 The demon's village is a place where anyone can go if they follow the steps.
 All you need to do is to complete the requests of a certain NPC in Griffith and obtain a leading stone. Meguru says that the difficulty level is not too high, and there are actually a good number of players in the demon village ....... There are also a few players at the Yabusame field, just because we didn't talk to them.

 However, it seems that the difficulty of the quests to obtain the leading stone varies greatly depending on whether you are a demon or not, so it may not be that many players flock to the demon village.
 In the first place, less than 20% of players are able to reach Griffith.
 Considering the existence of players aiming for the Sixth Town and the limited timing of the full-moon night, I don't think that many players would necessarily aim to defeat Nocturne, the Moon Wolf of the Beyond.

 Shirayou said that he wasn't even sure if there would be a battle in the first place.
 The fundamental purpose of my visit is to have the curse lifted.

 Well, whatever it is, it's a long way off. In the first place, it's no use thinking too much about difficult things now that it's unclear what type of name the moon wolf that bears the name of Nocturne is, what kind of monster it is, and what ...... it is.
 I was introduced to a good teahouse by Himiko, but I couldn't see much of the demon village, and I need to complete some quests to get the Moonlight Pearl.
 I also need to do some quests to get the Moonlight Pearl. I also have some things to do, such as requesting Kittenmaru to strengthen my equipment.

'Oh, by the way, you defeated the Volcano Golem, didn't you? Didn't you get any good drops?

'Nothing rare, I guess. I just got a lot of flare metal?

'Isn't that rare enough?

 Even if you say so, it's a waste of treasure since you don't have the essential attribute crystals.
 Metals named after attributes, such as heat metal and flare metal, are important items needed to make weapons with the corresponding attributes.
 You can make an attribute weapon without them, but if you want to make a more powerful and durable attribute weapon, you should have these attribute metals.

 If you want it, it's a coveted item, but at the moment it's hard to find a good use for it. I used Crimson Jewels when I made the Evening Darkness.
 Incidentally, the current market price for Flare Metal is about 500,000 Iris per ingot. That's more than I can afford, but it's quite expensive for a normal player.

'Anyway, ...... hmm?

'You're finally here. I'll go check the intercom.'

 While we were leisurely talking about WLO, the doorbell rang, announcing a visitor.
 That's right, I had to cut off my delivery in time because I had a visitor coming today.

'...... is here. I'm not lying. I've unlocked the door, so come quick.'

 Rin-chan was talking into the intercom in a very casual way.
 I'm pretty sure I know her. And a very close one at that.
 Hmm, maybe it's because I'm talking over the intercom and it's a long way from the door, but I can't hear her well. The voice sounded vaguely familiar, though.

'Are you a visitor?

'Yes, Nana knows you too.

'Me too? You're not Toka-chan, are you? ......'

 Toka-chan wouldn't have gotten stuck in the auto-lock of the lobby in the first place.
 However, the only person I can think of is one of Rin's relatives.
 However, all of Rin's relatives except for Toka-chan travel around the world. .......

 While I was excitedly wondering who it might be, the intercom of my room rang a few minutes later.

'Let's go.


 The two of us went to the door and greeted the visitor.
 As I was about to go to the door, the doorknob was twisted from the outside.

'Ha-ha-ha! You're in my way!

 The door was thrown open with a bang, echoing with a high-pitched laugh. The person at the other end of the door was definitely a familiar figure.
 White hair and red eyes. He had white hair and red eyes, proof of an albino constitution, which is extremely rare even biologically.
 A woman smaller than me, wearing black-rimmed bottle-bottom glasses.
 Just as Lin had said, I knew her for sure.

'Mr. Long!

'Hey! It's been a while, Nana, Lin!

 The woman smiled dazzlingly at me and Lin with a voice that was very lively, which didn't match her small body.


 Her name is Ryu-Ri Takashou, and she has a very friendly and happy smile on her face.
 I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
 Mr. Ron was the only person whom Rin would not hesitate to say that she respected, and could be described in one word as an open-minded person.

 Ron was like a reliable older sister to me, Rin and Tohka, and she would fly around the world and come back to tell us stories about her travels.
 She was also my benefactor who patiently encouraged me when I was on the verge of breakdown after losing my parents.

 I hadn't seen him since I was taken in by relatives that day, so it had been more than six years since we met.
 I was so surprised that I let my mind wander. As I approached, Mr. Ron pulled Lin and hugged them both together.

'I'm glad you're both doing well! Especially you, Nana, we've been worried about you for a long time.

'Mr. Ron: ......'

'Yeah, yeah, you're getting stronger. It's not the power, it's the heart! You're still as cute as ever, though, aren't you?

'Yeah, ......!

 Mr. Ron said softly as he hugged us.
 It's a warmth I've missed. My heart is so warm.
 It was a different kind of warmth than the one I felt from Lin, one that enveloped me.

'Lin! You haven't seen me in a while, so you should be a little happy!

'I've been calling you all the time, so I don't really appreciate it.

'Kah, you're really happy to see me! Your ears are getting red...'

 Ron stroked Rin's head while teasing her about the difference in height, but it was true that Rin's ears were bright red when being stroked.

 It's no wonder. For Rin, Ron is the only one who can spoil her. ...... It is no exaggeration to say that she is her own sister.
 He is not like me, who supports Rin on an equal footing. It is one of the few people you can rely on when you are in real trouble.

'You're looking at it wrong. Sister Rong, you've got bad eyesight.

'Don't be shy! My favorite sister's back, remember? Nana's the only one here, so there's no point in worrying about the outside world.'

'Oh my god!

 Rin, who was not used to being teased so much, went to her room as if she was pretending to be something she was not.
 Ron cowered at the sight of her and walked off to follow her. ...... Then, suddenly, he collapsed.

'And ......'.

'Mr. Ron, are you okay?

'No, thank God.'

 I was expecting that this would probably happen, so I held Mr. Ron as he was about to fall.

'Haha ...... sorry, I'm so happy and tired, but I got excited.'

'I thought you might have been. You looked so pale.'

'You knew. Well, Europe is a long way from here.'

 I broke Ron's limp body and picked him up and carried him in a princess hug.

 Mr. Ron was born with poor eyesight and a very weak constitution. I don't know if it's because of his peculiar constitution as an albino, but he has always been physically weaker than Rin.
 I have a lot of mental vitality, but my body can't keep up. That's the dilemma I'm facing.
 He is the complete opposite of me in that he is an unusually physically weak person.

 Rin-chan, who had returned to her room earlier, sighed when she saw Ron-san, whom I had brought with me, and then roughly cleaned up the sofa.  

'Sister Rong, I knew you were tired. You're too old to be so excited, you'll collapse.'

'I'm only twenty-eight, you know.

'You're already 28. You're not very strong, so you should take better care of yourself. You're not so careless about yourself, you're not so different from Nana.

'I'm sorry. I just wanted to be strong in front of my cute little sister.

 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.
 I felt as if I had been stabbed in the back for being so sober. I'm sorry for being so careless.

 I'm sorry for being so careless," said Ron, leaning his back against the sofa, his eyes narrowed as if he was feeling very comfortable.

'Hmmm, ...... you're using good material as usual, your sofa.

'It's all about Nana's bed these days. She always sleeps curled up like a cat.'

'Heh, it's so much more comfortable than the floor in the studio where I lived until a while ago. ......'

 Especially lately, I've been mentally tired and unstable, and there are many scenes where I fall asleep quickly, so this sofa has been a great help to me quite a few times.
 When I was living alone, I used to take naps leaning against the wall rather than ...... on the floor.
 As I was accustomed to the hardness of the sofa, the mere fact that it was soft was blissfully comfortable.

 This sofa, on the other hand, came from a very high-class furniture store where a single seat would cost several million yen.
 The sofa itself is probably over 10 million yen. Even if there was a brand fee, it was certain that it was made of the highest quality materials.

'One room. I've never lived in a room like that.

'I've never lived in a house with less than four bedrooms either.

 Mr. Ron looked shocked when he heard about my life, and Lin knew what kind of life I was living.
 Lin is a very rich person. Most people don't live in a house with more than four bedrooms, do they?

 By the way, Ron has traveled around the world and been to many places, so he must have lived in many more places than you have.
 Still, he's a 'falconer's boy' too. I guess that means he's had a much better life than most people.

'They're too special, aren't they? Well, I guess my 6,000 yen a month 3 tatami room was a little too small, but ......'

'Is that really a house? Do you have a loft?

'No, but it was registered as a rental.

'What did you do with all your stuff? It's too small to have a desk, right?

'I could survive with only a wardrobe for clothes, a hanger rack, and a bag for valuables. I rented a bath at my part-time job and did my laundry at a laundromat.

 As long as I could survive. That was my thinking at the time, and I didn't go home much to begin with because I was working part-time all the time to consume my abundant physical strength.
 When I did go home, I would take a nap for an hour and then leave the house.
 I needed a place to live for my part-time job, so I just signed a contract.

 When Mr. Ron heard about my life, he made a shocked face and pressed Lin-chan.

'You're cutting back too much! Lin, why didn't you stop me?'

'I did stop her. But Nana was no good back then.'

'Ah ...... hmmm ...... I'm not in a position to say this, but Nana is really careless about herself.'

'Unlike Ron's sister, she's not too tough. I'm not sure what to make of that. It's too easy for people to notice.

 They both looked at me as if they were looking at something disappointing.
 What? Isn't the point of view that was supposed to be on Ron's face somehow turning on me?
 It's getting a little weird. We need to change the subject somehow.

'Well, that's not the point, Ron-san, how long are you planning to stay here this time?

 I want to see everything the world has to offer.
 Mr. Ron, who travels around the world saying so, has always stayed in Japan for only about a week at most.
 It was not uncommon for him to fly to another country for a night or two if he was not good.
 The only exception was when he took care of me, and even then it must not have been that long because I was taken in by a relative.

 If you are planning to go on a trip again soon, I would like to invite me, Rin and Toka and make plans for us to play together.
 But the answer I got from Ron was unexpected.

'No, I'm not leaving Japan for a while. The only reason I came back to Japan is to play games!


'The one you're playing now, WLO, right? I'm going to visit the virtual world that's just as good as the real one.

 Mr. Ron smiled happily, and I was taken aback.