131-a first-time relationship

'You know that this large cavity we're in right now is a place located in the depths of the ancient ruins of the Flame, don't you?

'It seems like it was written on the map.

'The Ancient Ruins of the Flame is a typical cave type dungeon where you have to dive to the deepest level once and then go to the upper level on the other side again. The dungeon boss "Flame Golem" is waiting near the exit, and it is the first flame boss monster, but it is not very strong. Since the overly long dungeon itself is a test, the bosses here and in the World Tree Cave aren't that strong.


 It's true that it's quite hard to reach the boss after almost five hours of work, but the boss is so strong that you lose and everything is gone.
 There's still a lot more to the world beyond Griffith.

'The Volcano Golem will appear in the deepest, most scorching part of this dungeon.

'Ah, so I'll have to use a more effective potion instead of Tomatton?

''That's right. However, since I've asked you to come with me this time, I've prepared that as well.

 The cold tomatong I've eaten this time doesn't have much of an effect on increasing my resistance to the heat, nor does it last very long.
 When I asked about it, Meguru gave me a more effective medicine for heat resistance.

'Now, as I said before, the attribute of the Volcano Golem is "Hellfire".

'You emphasize that, so it's different from the fire and flame attributes.

'Yes, sir. The Hellfire attribute is a higher attribute of the Fire attribute. It does not have a weakness to water or ice, but nullifies lower attributes and absorbs fire attacks. You can use the same upper attribute attacks to fight them, or you can use pure physical attacks to fight them.

'Ah, ......, I get it. So it's me, huh?

 That's why Meguru chose me.
 It was probably because of my high level, but it was also because I was a player who could unleash a powerful physical attack.
 Even the proto-golems that roamed around the area had slash resistance, so it's hard to believe that the Volcano Golem wouldn't have slash resistance.
 I think the players around Griffith couldn't find a player who could bypass this resistance and generate high firepower.

 Slashing weapons are very popular in WLO.
 Just as most of the attackers in the last raid battle were swordsmen, the current number one weapon in use should have been in the "one-handed sword" category, and the number two should have been in the "two-handed sword" category.
 Of course, this is on a category scale, so the term "one-handed sword" includes all types of one-handed weapons, such as straight swords, curved swords, and fine swords. Two-handed swords similarly include compound weapons such as big swords and swords.
 These two weapon categories are so popular that they are used by 60% of all players, excluding magicians.
 The third most used weapon category, the bow, had another 20% of players, and the rest seemed to be a rivalry of sorts, with people using their favorite weapons as they saw fit.

 If you ask me why swords are so popular, I can give you any number of reasons, such as the fact that they are easy to use with their many attribute attacks, or the fact that there are many users of swords, and thus the template for allocating status to each weapon is quite clear.
 But in the end, I think it's because they're cooler than anything else.
 Some of them have defensive measures, and there are no obvious gaps.
 You can find plenty of instructions on how to deal with bosses, so there's a reason why they're so popular.

 And the usage rate of striking weapons is currently less than 10%. After the bow, the most popular weapon is the spear, and striking weapon users are a minority in all categories, not just one-handed and two-handed.
 Especially for two-handed weapons, there are too many clubs, maces, and other weapons that are difficult to use, and there are so few users that I'd like to say they're more than a minority.
 It seems that my distribution was not very useful for propagation. Sad.

 But in that sense, this might be my first experience today.
 Yes, Meguru-san, to my surprise, is a strike weapon user like me.

'Meguru-san uses striking weapons, right?

'Yes, I got a new one for this event. Would you like to see it?

'By all means!

'Finally, a friend. ......
'First time I've used a blowtorch in a delivery.
It's amazing.
There's so few of you out there.
"Skuna, I'm so happy for you.

I'm so happy for you.

 I'm honestly thrilled. It's nice to see your own new weapons, but it's also fun to see other people's weapons.
 Especially this time it's a striking weapon. It's probably a player-made weapon, not a store-bought one.

 Meguru manipulated the menu and pulled out a one-handed mace with an extremely sleek form.
 Unlike the bat-like form of the metal rod, it is divided into a handle and a handle, and has a very fantastic jasper at its center.
 I wondered what kind of metal was used, and the overall matte metallic blue color was impressive.

The name of the weapon is "Ice Mace Type 3". It is a one-handed mace with ice attribute.

'Ice attribute: ......! But it can't hit weak points, can it?

'Yes, but the attribute damage itself still goes through. I don't have an outstandingly high muscle strength value like Sukuna, and I'm also devoting a certain amount of value to armor. It's more effective to match the attributes up to a certain value.

'Oh, I see. Doesn't that mean that attribute damage itself is nullified?

 Physical damage is the damage calculated by the weapon's pure attack power, and attribute damage is the damage calculated separately.

 For example, suppose you have a weapon that deals 10 physical damage when you hit it normally. If the weapon is given an ice attribute value of 10, it will deal a total of 20 damage.
 Against enemies whose weakness is ice, this ice damage will be twice as powerful, and the total damage will be 30.
 On the other hand, against monsters that are immune to ice, only 10 damage will be dealt since only physical damage is dealt.

 What Meguru said earlier about water and ice not being weaknesses only means that the damage will not be multiplied when the weakness is hit, but water and ice attributes themselves can be hit normally.
 On the other hand, ordinary attributes such as wind and thunder are nullified, so if you want to use an attribute weapon or an attribute attack, you need to prepare water, ice, or a higher attribute.

 Incidentally, the resistance to blows and slashes are related to the calculation of physical damage. They are so-called physical resistance.
 On the other hand, these resistances are not related to attribute attacks, so it is very effective to use attribute attacks against monsters with physical resistances.
 Well, I don't have the means to use attribute attacks, so I have to use my brain.

'Attribute weapon ...... is beautiful'.

'It's a weapon that specializes in attribute values, made from ice metal using attribute crystals. It's a little fragile, but if you don't use it for defense, it won't break in a few battles.

'My Yoigami also has a gravity attribute, but the gravity attribute is only related to the increase or decrease of physical damage. ...... attribute weapons are fresh.'

 The crimson jewels that Menace gave me were used to make the Yoimagi. I've got another water dragon crystal that I got from Trillia, but I haven't had a chance to use it yet.

'The gravity attribute is also unusual. Where did you get an item with that attribute?

'It was a reward from the Monster House event. It's the kind that requires MP to use, and I can't use it right now because of the curse.

 Incidentally, the gimmick of darkness and the gravity attribute are two different things.
 As for the gimmick that Haruru made by using rare materials, it should be useful in the battle against the Volcano Golem.

'I see. ...... Speaking of which, you're heading to the demon village to lift that curse, aren't you?

'I don't know if I can break it, but I guess that's what I'm trying to do.'

 To be honest, the status of MP, magic attack and magic defense are almost nonexistent, so it's not like there are any restrictions due to the curse.
 However, the listeners did mention the appearance, and it's a bit pitiful that I can't bring out the full potential of Yoigami.

'If we can defeat the boss successfully, the demon village will be crowded this time.

'I'm looking forward to meeting everyone, too.

'I'm sure everyone will be waiting for you. Well, then, let's head out soon. Sukuna-san, please take a look at the bottom of the valley.

'The valley?

 As I was talking to Meguru around the bridge, I followed his advice to look at the bottom of the valley and looked down.
 There's nothing special about it except for the magma flowing about 100 meters below. ...... No.

'There's a hole that looks like it could hold something.

'Did you see that? That's the hidden passage that leads to the Volcano Golem.

'I see, this is a nice hidden passage.

 Normally, I wouldn't think to go there, but there's a passage in a place where there's definitely a hint of something. There's a foothold that you can just about land on, so if you can land there, you'll be able to get inside without any problems.
 It's not a gimmick, it's just a hidden passage that a careful person can find.
 This is the kind of thing that excites me.

'By the way, how are we going to get there? At this height, you'll die from falling damage, right?'

'There's an item called "Float Crystal" sold in Griffith. It's a disposable item that nullifies falling damage during non-combat situations, but we'll use it this time.

'That's convenient. It's an effect that could be abused.

 I took the crystal that Meguru-san handed me and looked at the hidden passage beyond my sight.

'Let's go then!

'Let's go kill the boss!

'You don't hesitate.

It's scary.

 After watching Meguru jump into the valley floor without hesitation and land on the foothold of the hidden passage, I also jump into the valley floor.
 Hidden boss, Volcano Golem.
 I smiled, unable to contain my elation at the prospect of being the perfect touchstone for my current(?).