54-at the mercy of

 After the five-minute bonus time was over, I eventually ran out of SP, unable to break through Amber's defenses.

'Regeneration is sneaky ...... sneaky ......'.

'Hahahaha! No, sorry, sorry, I forgot too.'

 In contrast to me, who collapsed due to lack of SP while looking at Amber with bitter eyes, Amber said so with a big smile.

 No, it's not fair. I hid the fact that I have a passive skill with regeneration effect, you know? If the HP is restored every time it is cut down, the firepower that is lacking will be inadequate.

 In contrast to me complaining like that, Amber is in a very good mood.
 I don't know what makes him so happy, but his good mood is like nothing I've ever seen before.
 Well, it's only been two days since Amber and I have been together. That's a short time.

'Wow, ...... has finally recovered. I'll never get used to the feeling of running out of SP. ......'

'Well, it's not a pleasant feeling, that's for sure. It used to happen to me when I was younger.'

'It's an eternal problem: ......'

 The more you level up, the more SP you get, but the stronger you get, the more arts you can use, and the more SP you end up consuming.
 So it's the basic arts that you need to be able to use.
 Moves like the "Slap" of the "Striking Weapon" skill have simple power, but consume very little SP.
 However, in my case, I feel like I'm moving too much. Even though you have double SP, you don't have unlimited SP, so I'd like to think of a more cost-effective way to attack.


'Okay, now it's my turn. Sukuna, stand here.'

'Yes, I understand.'

 Amber said, and took a few dozen meters away.

'I'm going to hit you straight in the face, so dodge well!


 I replied in a loud voice as Amber spoke loudly from a distance.
 This is not a phone punch. Or maybe this is what I should call a phone punch.
 Amber told me exactly what she was going to do, and then took a relaxed stance.


 I don't think Amber was serious, and I don't think she was trying to beat me at all.
 Even so, I felt a chill run down my spine the moment Amber took her stance.
 Focus, focus, focus.
 It's not the friendly demon amber that I'm dealing with now.
 It's a monster with the world's strongest power, with individual firepower of the level of a castle.

I was on my guard.

 I wasn't careless. I was concentrating as hard as I could.

 Still, I could hardly even react to the presence of the amber that had somehow been in front of me.

 The distance between me and the amber was several dozen meters.
 Even in the fight with Aria, I could at least predict her movements from such a distance.

 Just for a moment. From the preliminary movement that I barely caught, I evaded the attack of Amber, who had dived into my bosom at the same speed as the blink of an eye, by jumping sideways with all my might, almost by intuition.
 The sound and impact came late. I was blown to the edge of the arena, unable to withstand the violent pressure from the amber.

 I managed to adjust my stance in midair and evaded the attack of Amber, who was already in a pursuit stance, by kicking the wall of the arena again.
 Amber's fist, which had hit the arena wall because of my evasion, caused radial cracks in what seemed to be a ward covering the entire arena.
 The follow-up attack was not as fast as the first one, so it must have been a purely simple blow that nearly destroyed the protective wards.

'How did you dodge that?

 Amber said, not hiding her admiration as she lowered her fist a little, which could have destroyed the ward.
 It was almost an accident, but I managed to avoid the merciless death. If I had been hit like that, I could have been wiped out.

 You can find a lot of things that you can do to make your life easier.
 I'm slowly recovering, but somehow more than half of Amber's HP is gone.
 I don't think I cut it down, or rather I don't have the means to cut down that much of Amber's HP in the first place, so the only thing I can think of is self-inflicted damage.
 The question is what it was caused by.

 Since we are both demons and Amber's status is all muscle, I can roughly predict Amber's status.
 This is because racial status always grows evenly.
 Even if I raise the predicted level of 200 in the previous fight to 300, the amber's agility without buffs should not be far off from the value after I stack all the buffs.

 However, the speed of the first amber attack was clearly out of the ordinary.
 It was no longer as fast as a warp.
 At the very least, I could not have achieved that speed by any means. So the only thing I can think of is skill, or some kind of technology I don't know about.

 Considering the aftermath of the attack with the shockwave and the explosion, Amber must not have warped at that time, but simply approached and hit him at a very high speed.
 It is said that shock waves are generated when you try to move faster than the sound in reality, right?

 So it could be a skill or an art that allows you to close the distance between you and your opponent very quickly by consuming more than half of your HP?
 This is certainly a useful skill for Amber, who has the firepower to kill with a single blow, but I wonder if there is any skill that requires such a huge amount of HP to close a distance of a few dozen meters.

 Another possibility is that he has a skill that can enhance his agility that I don't know about.
 It's quite possible that Amber has many more skills than I do.
 Some skills, such as regeneration, are always active and can directly enhance your status.
 NPCs cannot add or remove skills, so in that sense it may be more natural to say that this is Amber's real status.
 I don't know if this is true or not.

 However, even if this is the case, there is another point that bothers me.
 That is the position where the amber was standing at first. There was a huge hole in the ground, as if a bomb had exploded there.
 If you look closely, you can see a small hole in the ground where I was standing.

 Hmm, I wonder if that hole was caused by Amber stepping into it.
 I had a wild guess, and I began to think that I might not be wrong.

 After much thought, I came to the conclusion that it was probably self-inflicted damage caused by a reaction.

 The answer to your earlier question about moving fast. It's a 'recoil movement from a ground attack'.

 When I researched the Tenfold Cherry Blossom before, I learned that the recoil damage depends on the sturdiness, or rather, the defense.
 The theory is that the recoil will return if the reaction crosses the barrier between sturdiness and defense, taking into account muscle strength, weapon attack power, and the attack multiplier of the art itself.

 It's not a surprise that Amber's status is overwhelmingly focused on offensive power.
 No matter how high the physical status of the demon race is, there is too much of a gap between muscle strength and sturdiness, that is, between attack power and defense power, in the case of amber.
 In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, please contact us at .......

 This is just a prediction. But if this hypothesis is correct, one important point arises.
 It was too fast for him to react, but he should not have been able to use that move when his HP was low.
 If the second attack is of Amber's original status, she should be able to handle it well enough.
 Isn't this a big chance in a sense?


'Hmm, your face has changed.

 Amber said happily when she saw that I was fired up to take a shot at her this time.

'Well, I'll do it this way.

 He then smiled a little wickedly and stepped on the ground with a thump before running off.

 Fast. Very fast, but still fast enough for the current me to handle.
 Remembering my fight with Aria, I aimed for the counter.
 We were within fist range of each other, and I realized that I was about to strike a blow with all my might while dodging Amber's fist.

 Amber's fist was not aimed at me.

 As soon as Amber smiled at me, I knew I had failed.
 At that moment, with a thud! Amber stomped her foot with a thud.

 The ground in the arena shook with a tremendous impact. It was as if a great earthquake had occurred, and the wards that had barely covered the surroundings completely collapsed, and more importantly, I had difficulty standing up properly as the shaking occurred so close to me.
 In such a shaking earth, only one person, Amber, was moving freely.
 I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
 I'm stuck.

'Don't worry. It's a peak strike.

It's a lie.

 I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, but it's a good idea.