104-Update Event Information

'Welcome home, Nana.

'I'm back. I'm tired. ......'

 I was thrown out of the exit warp zone into the now familiar safe room.
 I leaned my body against Rin-chan, who welcomed me, and she softly accepted me.

'It's been a long time, hasn't it?

'Well, hey ......, but I got this.'

 When I showed Rin the large key I had obtained in the trials, she also took out the same item and smiled.

'That's just great, Rin-chan.

'Mine was so easy. Or rather, Nana's is too difficult.'

'You've been watching?

'Yes, from the middle. I heard about it from a listener.'

'Oh, yes, yes. I was streaming it too.'

 When I looked at the comment section, I saw that there were many comments before I saw them. The number of simultaneous listeners seems to be increasing.

"Precious ......
"Precious ......
"Precious ......

'What is this?

 I'm frightened by the mysterious 'precious' comments.
 The sense of unity is too mysterious. Is this ......?

'You don't have to worry about it.

'You don't?'

'Yeah, it happens all the time.

'Oh, I see. ......'

 It seems that the arms around me are getting stronger ........
 I was so pressured by Rin's words that I stopped trying to get into the broadcast comments any further.
 It's not everyday that I don't understand the comments of listeners.
 I'm not very good at internet slang.
 Please forgive me for being an alcoholic who has been off the net for six years.

'By the way, Nana, the event page has been updated.

'Is it still related to the trials?

'Yes. Take a look here.''

 The official event page was projected holographically by Lin-chan using a menu card.
 At the location pointed to by her finger was a banner with an impressive visual of some kind of monster in shadow puppet form.

☆ Dungeon Event: 《Stardust Labyrinth: The Final Act - The Apostle Defeat Battle 》 ☆

The apostle monsters of the labyrinth are finally awakening.
Defeat them before they descend upon the world and save the city of beginnings from danger!

Period: Immediately after the end of the Labyrinth of Stardust event
Eligibility: Players and NPCs who possess the special item "Great Key of Trials" and are present in the dungeon at the end of the event.

This event will be held after the ranking is calculated. This event will occur after the ranking is calculated.
This event will occur after the rankings have been tallied, and will not be affected by participation or non-participation in the final rankings. The special item "Great Key of Trials" can be obtained by fulfilling certain conditions in the Stardust Labyrinth from today.
The battle against the Apostles will be broadcasted on the official live webcast. For more information, please click here.

The following is a summary of the event.

'Apostle defeat battle ...... official live broadcast?

'Employees of the management company announce updates to the game, invite famous gamers and voice actors, hold small events, and have official players demo new elements.

'Oh, I didn't know there was such a thing.

 Come to think of it, I've never seen anyone other than Lin. I've been so engrossed in the game that I've never thought of watching anyone else play.
 Maybe I'll give it a try next time. Maybe there's something I can learn as a distributor.

'The forums are a mess at the moment because we haven't found out what exactly it takes to get to the trials.

'Oh dear. Well, I can understand how you feel. At the moment, it's all hidden elements.

'That's the problem, isn't it? ...... No, I understand that they probably wanted to make it look like an official distribution of the raid battle in the end. I'm sure you'll be able to find something that works for you.

 I was a little surprised to hear her say that with a rare scowl on her face.

 Rin said.
 First of all, official live broadcasts themselves are not something that can be done spontaneously, as they are planned and timed to a certain degree.

 In other words, this was a plan that was decided in advance before the event.
 By distributing the 'Apostle Defeat Battle' after the event, they were aiming to show off the graphics, system, and other technical aspects of WLO, which they claimed to have gathered the best of technology.

 In addition, we will be unveiling to the game players a raid battle that has never been held since the beta version.
 This is because, based on the information I have obtained from Gordo, the Apostle Defeat Battle will probably be larger than a raid battle.

 In addition, since we're going to go to the trouble of broadcasting it officially, there may be some other new elements that will be implemented in the future.
 This was the purpose of the official live broadcast, as guessed by Rin.

I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will help you out. ...... It's fine to pack hidden elements into an event. I'm sure you'll be able to find something that works for you.


'However, for this Apostle defeat battle, if there is no self-help effort from the players, there could be 'no participants'. I'm sure you'll be able to find something that works for you. ......I can understand that you don't want to put too much control into this world where NPCs live freely. I'm sure you'll be able to find something that works for you.

 Although Rin-chan expresses a harsh opinion, there are many aspects of her argument that I agree with.
 In fact, the message board seems to be in turmoil, and the management's handiwork was poor, not only in this apostle defeat battle, but also in the extension of the event period.

 Well, even so, this is the first event since the service started. It may be inevitable that there would be some sort of ineptitude.
 In any case, as long as we got the "Great Key of Trials", the Apostle Defeat Battle will never be zero players.
 All we can do now is to pray that as many players as possible will obtain the Great Key with as balanced a career structure as possible.


 That's how I've been keeping up with Rin's complaints about the event, but looking at the description of the event, I realized something ridiculous.

'What's wrong?

'This official wording says that if we lose the ...... apostle defeat battle, apostles will appear in the city of beginnings, right?'

'I guess so. It says something about a crisis in the city of beginnings.

'Isn't this dangerous? NPCs don't come back to life after they die, right? And the fourth group of new players just came in yesterday or today, right?

 Since we started inviting new players in 10 day increments, 20,000 of the 4th batch have already landed in the city of beginnings.
 This time, in order to accommodate twice as many players as before, the log-in time has been shifted by half a day for each 10,000 players.
 The number of players will reach 50,000, and I think it's good that the game is gaining momentum.

 However, the apostle defeating battle is clearly for 'advanced players'.
 As I thought when I asked Gordo earlier, what happens if a monster of that level lands in the city of beginnings?
 If a novice player dies, it's okay because the despena is light, but if an NPC is harmed, what should the player who lost the battle do?
 It's just a game. But life is life. It's inevitable that you'll regret that you couldn't protect them.

 This event may be worse than I thought.
 Worst of all, wouldn't it be better to have the top players who can't participate in the apostle defeat battle go to the city of the beginning?
 If you're a fighter, you should be able to get from Fierce to the city of beginnings in two hours.

'Well, all we can do is prepare as much as we can. We can only prepare as much as we can. We have to go through the events and collect items that can be used in the raids and ...... repeat the process.

'So, Lin, can I have the morning free today? I have some things to prepare.'

'Yeah. In any case, you've almost reached your quota for today by clearing the monster floor. I also have some things I want to do, so let's do today's rounds around three o'clock.''

 With Lin's permission, I was able to get some time to prepare for the end of the event in two days.
 Fortunately, Rin seemed to be prepared in some way, so it was probably just as well.

 Once I exchanged my return ticket to leave the labyrinth, I escaped from the safe room before Rin did.