79-shadow sewing

'Ohhh ......'

 For the past few days, I've been gathering materials at my base in Fierce, but the place in front of the statue of the hero is noisier than ever.
 That's because a lot of players are crowding into the large gate set up in the fountain square.
 Even though today is a Friday, this is probably the excitement of the first event.

'Wow, it's pretty big.

'Yeah. It's about the size of a large shrine's torii gate.

 I thought to myself as I looked up at the gate with Rin, who had logged in with me.
 The gate seemed to be already open, but all I could see was a strange shimmering inside the gate.
 That must be what we call a warp gate. The actual dungeon seems to be like a different space, and more importantly, I can see the players who lined up early going into the gate one after another.
 Yes, it seems that everyone is lined up properly. The soldiers of the Imperial Army seemed to be keeping them in line to some extent, and there didn't seem to be any trouble at the moment.

'Well, it seems that the servers are pretty well balanced.

'Yes, it does. Servers with fewer people may be more likely to be ranked, but we don't know which servers have more and which servers have less. In the end, we have to choose by feeling, and naturally the bias will diminish.

'We're on Server IV, so we should be equipped with this green mark, right?

'Yes, it looks like it. Some people forgot to equip it earlier and were rejected, so we have to make sure we don't forget.

 In this event, "Labyrinth of Stardust", you can earn points by attacking dungeons and exchange items.
 The ranking is divided into five servers, and the person who earns the most points will be at the top of the ranking.
 You can choose any of the five servers from "I" to "V" in Roman numerals, and we chose the "IV" server.
 We chose server "IV" because Fierce is the fourth city. It's a bit of a cliché, but that's about as good a reason as any for choosing this kind of thing.
 You can tell them apart by the different colored "marks" sent to you by the administration. Each of them has a mark of five different colors (red, blue, yellow, green, and purple) on their favorite spot, so you can tell them apart just by a quick glance.

'Hmm? Well, I'm in a good mood.

'What's the matter?

'Oh, a comment. I wonder if you're in a good enough mood to see it, me.'

'Yes, you are.

 I can't respond to comments from you because I'm streaming on your side today.
 I never paid attention to it when I was streaming myself, but now that I'm looking at it from the side, I realize it's like this.

 I don't know how she usually does it, but at least now she seems to be very natural.
 From my point of view, it's business as usual. We woke up in the morning, ate dinner together, and ...... had the same atmosphere as usual.
 If that's what the listeners mean by a good mood, I'm happy for them. It means that Rin cherishes the time she spends with me.

'Speaking of which, Nana, is that the new equipment you've been preparing?

'Yeah, that's right. It looks like it was completed late last night.'

 Rin looked at the metal rod that Haruru had sent her. Although it was supposed to be metal, it swallowed up light, meaning it was a dark color with no luster, and its overall lack of luster gave it a moist appearance.


Item: Kage Nui
Rarity: Rare, PM
Required Strength: 208
Attack Power: +82
Endurance value: 2005/2005
Category: "Striking Weapon", "One-handed Mace
Even if the blow is dodged, the impact will sew even the shadows shut. A heavy blow that melts in the darkness of night, it is a blow of destruction that can never be withstood.

--We're not going to duck.

 The parameters are as follows.
 This is Haruru's weapon, including the flavour text.

 Its name is "Kage Nui".
 Although the shape itself is almost the same as the metal rod we have used so far, its performance is outstanding.

 It has an attack power of 82, which is beyond the range of the relatively low attack power of the easy-to-settle Kinbou, and is almost double the attack power of the Kinbou Piercing that we have used so far.
 Although there is a difference in attack power as a weapon type, even if that is subtracted, it is still well above "Meteor Impact Zero".
 The unique durability of the metal rod is also not to be underestimated. With a durability of over 2000, it's hard to see how it can be broken.
 And above all, the muscle strength requirement is outrageous. It has finally reached the 200 mark.
 Thanks to this, most of the bonus points I've been pooling since Meteor Impact have been allocated to muscle strength, and I'm steadily becoming a more muscular character.
 It's a good thing I got a little lucky with that.

 The price I'm interested in is 400,000 Iris. It seems that the reason why the price is so high is because of the use of a very valuable item for refining the over-heavy metal.
 After a thorough investigation, I determined that the item was indeed quite rare in its current state, and that the price was reasonable considering its value and the effort involved.
 In addition, I had enough money to slaughter Mysteria Rabi as soon as I found it, so I generously paid for it in a lump sum.

 And while the specs seem to boast a level of quality that is hard to find even in the current front line, I don't know how it feels.
 I don't know how it feels to use it, because, as I mentioned earlier, it arrived late at night. I was sound asleep at the time, and I haven't fought any monsters since I logged in.  
 However, as of yesterday, Haruru had told me in advance that the completion of the game would be last minute.
 It seems that over-heavy metal is very time-consuming to refine and process, and requires a lot of patience.
 Since I had brought the material to Haruru three days ago, I was rather surprised that he could complete the work in the midst of other requests.
 I was looking forward to wielding this weapon, heavier and more powerful than ever before.

'You haven't changed your weapon from before, have you, Lin?

'Yes, this is also a weapon made from the materials of the namesake. However, I didn't use the Soul, so it's not a Named weapon.

'I see, if you think about it, there is such a thing.

 A Named's "soul" is an item that is equivalent to a rare drop from a Named boss monster.
 The souls, which normally drop at a very low rate, will drop at a 100% rate to the first player among all players to defeat the Named, or to the MVP of a party or raid.
 As you can see from my headgear, the Camellia of the Moon Solo, and Lowe the Murderess' Mellow Rapier, armaments that use Souls have tremendous performance.

 However, it goes without saying that the materials used by the Named are more than strong enough even without the Soul.
 In fact, their performance is so much higher than that of monsters in the same band that they can be used in a town or two.
 On top of that, it comes with special effects unique to Named.
 In fact, my "Red Wolf Armor" has "lightness", "speed", and "durability" as well.
 This is probably the reason why Rin has been using weapons made of nomadic materials for the past two weeks.

'I've prepared myself accordingly, so let's do our best for seven days from today.

'By the way, what is your goal?

'About fifteen hours a day.


 I couldn't help but marvel at Rin's words as she said it with a smile.
 That means devoting all but the bare minimum of my time to WLO.


''Yes. Let's just get on with it.

'Yeah, let's go.

 While we were chatting, it was our turn to enter the gate.
 If it's going to be a long journey, there's no point in getting worked up from the start. We walked through the gate to the Labyrinth of Stardust in a relatively relaxed atmosphere.