141-after a mini-game

'Huh? What's wrong with everyone?

 When I comfortably hit them with all my bullets, everyone's mouths dropped open.
 No, Himiko was the only one with a very smug look on her face, and her arms were folded. I wonder what she's doing.

'No, ...... sorry, it's just awesome.

'Heh, thank you'.

 The first person to come back from the freeze was the receptionist.
 I thanked him for the compliment, patted the horse that was running steadily, and jumped off the horse.
 The last four pieces were quite interesting. As a player, that kind of thing makes my heart dance.

 In the end, I followed Rin's example and tried to "charm" her a bit.
 I really didn't need to shoot two at once.
 But when I measured the wind with my hands, I could see a wind path that would work with two shots. Lin says you do it well, so I should at least show you what I'm good at, right?

 It had been a long time since I had used a bow, since I had gone to the archery range with Rin in junior high school.
 However, the bow I was lent was very straightforward, so I was able to enjoy yabusame without feeling any stress.
 It's fun to play with a bow that has its own quirks, but for this kind of game, it's better to have a bow that draws a straight line of fire.
 It is a very simple wooden bow, but I think the maker has a good skill.

'Even that Kuroyosama only got 820 points. ......'

'Wow, ...... Kuroyos do this kind of thing too.'

'She's a serious person, but she's also surprisingly easygoing. You've met Kuroyosama before, haven't you, little girl?

'Yes, I tried to enter the village, but was stopped.

'Hahahaha, that's right, they'll stop anyone who's affected by such an evil looking curse.

 I couldn't help but smile as the old man opened his big mouth and laughed.
 He's as cheerful as he looks. Thanks to him, the other people who had been frozen in place lost their expressions and the yabusame field became filled with a friendly atmosphere.

'Anyway, I'll give you this one. It's the 'Tsukihibana' reward for getting 500 points.

'Wow, ......, that's a big flower, isn't it?

 What the uncle took out of his inventory was a huge flower with petals that looked to be about 30 centimeters in diameter alone. I wonder how many centimeters in diameter it is ......?
 The petals were a transparent yellow, and the shape was flat and large like Rafflesia.
 However, there was a beautiful jewel-like object buried in the center of the flower, and it did not emit an odor like Rafflesia.

The jewel in the middle can be used as a material for armor. But my recommendation is to process it into ornaments. You can use the petals for ornaments. It has a weak moonlight attribute. If you don't know, items with the moonlight attribute can suppress curses.

'I know about the moonlight attribute, but I only knew it was a sacred attribute. So it has an overall effect against curses.

That's what I'm talking about. That curse is really nasty, isn't it? If you can suppress it at all, you should.

'Thank you. I'll take good care of it.

 It seems that it was through the kindness of my uncle that I was given this moonflower.
 Personally, I wanted the fire and water crystals that could make attribute weapons, but this seemed rare enough, so I'll take it.

'Next is the 750-point reward. This is awesome.

 Oh, they're rewarding me with pretty detailed points.
 What I saw in front of me was a huge ...... corpse of a boar with metallic hair, about three meters tall.
 It's a big corpse. It probably weighed more than a ton.
 Normally, when monsters in this game die, they turn into polygon fragments and disappear.
 But if you master the "Dismantling" skill, you can dismantle a whole carcass like this.

'Oh, ......, what's this?

'This is a Metal Demon Boar. I'm giving away a whole boar. His meat is unbelievably delicious. Everything from the liver to the bones is delicious. And the hair and skin can be used for armor. A whole one would cost half a million iss, but I'll give this one to you.

'Oh, thank you. It certainly looks delicious.

'If you bring it to the restaurant in my village, they'll process it perfectly. If you want, you can give some to the restaurant.'

'Nah, I'll take care of it.

 Even with my muscle strength, I can't ...... or maybe not ...... lift this weight.
 You can only lift the front part of it, but the whole thing won't move at all. At best, I could only change its direction.
 You'll be able to get a lot more out of it than you think. ......
 You'll be able to get a lot more out of it than you think.

 I've never had a proper meal in this game, by the way.
 I've had a lot of snacks, though. Cafes and such.
 I've got an appointment with Arthur to eat bug food next time, so exploring such places might be one of the best parts of the game.
 Since we're going out of our way, let's go to the restaurant in Onijin no Sato tomorrow.

 Boom, boom! But the onslaught from my uncle won't stop.
 Yes, there is still a reward for getting a perfect score.

'Well, the reward for 1000 points is ...... Sorry, I can't give it to you right now.


'If it's a high rare item, I can give it to you on the spot. Whenever you're ready, can you come over to that house after seven at night? By that time, the horseback archery will be over.

 Uncle just said 'if it's a high rare item'.
 Could that mean...
 Doesn't that mean you can get items of a rarity higher than High Rare?

 Rarities that can only be obtained from named monsters: There are currently six rarity levels for items in this game, excluding named monsters.
 Common, High Common, Rare, High Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

 Up to High Rare, there are some ways to obtain these items, and the most obvious High Rare items are the attribute crystals.
 Attribute crystals are still a rare item that you have to be prepared to spend hundreds of thousands of Iris on if you want to buy them, even though their distribution has increased somewhat during the event.
 Especially if you want to get the crystal or jewel of the attribute you want, you need to be prepared to spend a million.

 However, items with a rarity level of Epic and above are exceedingly rare.
 In fact, there are only two items with this level of rarity in WLO, which has been in service for about a month and a half.
 One of them is a weapon owned by a certain NPC, and only one player has announced that he has obtained it.
 Of course, it's possible that he has it and just hasn't announced it. Still, if there is only one known owner of this item, it would be an extremely rare item for a player to obtain.
 Legendary items, as the name suggests, are legendary in rarity, and rumor has it that there are Legendary Rare items in the Imperial Treasury.

 I'm curious to know what kind of item it is. I'm really curious, but not at 7pm. I can't just throw away my prearranged plans.

'I'd love to go to ...... today, but I'll see you tomorrow. I have plans later.'

'Oh, any time is fine with me. Besides, you're welcome to join us for yabusame again if you like. I've been doing yabusame here for a long time and even I shuddered when I hit the last four. ...... I can't give you any rare rewards, but I'll at least give you something for your trouble.

'Yeah, I had fun too. Please make it more difficult before the next time, okay?

'Haha, got it. I'll make an advanced course for you.

 The man smiled happily as he left the room.
 Perhaps he was waiting for me to finish our conversation, because as I left, I heard loud cheers and the sound of applause slapping my back.

'Oh, your cheeks are red.

'Hahaha ......, that's a little embarrassing.'

'Hmm, I guess Sukuna has finally regained his human heart.

'What do you mean?

 I popped Himiko's teasing forehead with my finger and left the yabusame field.


'I'm not going to lie.


 While sightseeing in the village of the demons, we chat leisurely with Himiko and listeners.
 In the midst of all this, Himiko suddenly broached the subject in this manner.

'Skuna, you're better at flying than melee, aren't you?

'Well, ...... I guess so.

 I'm not trying to deny Himiko's words.
 Regardless of whether it's in the real world, the virtual world, or a game, I'm good with flying tools to the extent that even that Rin-chan considers me 'abnormal'.

'I already know you're not a cheat or an assistant. If I did, I'd be banned, of course. And on top of that,......, is there any trick to it?


 That was a difficult question to answer.
 To put it bluntly, I can only say that it hits me because it hits me.
 I've never thought too much about it, so it's hard to put into words.

I want to know.
"Isn't it just a real cheat?
"Will the mystery of human moves finally be solved?
I'll cry if you say I have a hunch.
I'll cry if they call it a hunch." "Come on, hurry up and tell me.

 It's hard to keep up with the comments of expectant listeners.

'Ugh ......, it's just a hunch ......'

'It's just a hunch. I'm sorry.
'Haha, that's a relief.
"I'm disappointed.
"I guess it's all about talent. ......
"I'm sad.
"It's so sad.

'I can't help it! I'll take my chances!

"I'm so sad.
"What goes around, comes around.
"That's our Sukuna!
"I love it when you say that.
"Leave the regular people behind.
'Listener, hot flip-flopper. 

'I don't know what the listeners want anymore.

 I cover my face with my hands and a prairie grows in the comments section. You're not trying to comfort me at all!
 Himiko-san laughed happily as she watched me play with the listeners like that.

'Hahaha, you're just as I expected, Sukuna.

'What are your expectations?

'It's a bottomless pit.

'There aren't many people as sensible as me.

"The most out of touch with the norm, period.
"A bludgeoning demon girl who thinks she's a normal person.
I don't know what common sense is.
"Up in the Sukuna... "Must-hit is the norm.
"I'm relatively sensible outside of battle.

It's a total slap in the face. I can't help it.

'Hmm, I feel like crushing something with a metal rod.'

"Forgive me.
You can't do that.

'Oh, no, violence. It's just a little distraction.'

'Oh, no, I've awakened the demon.
"Be still!
"The devil is angry!
"A storm is ...... coming ......


 My darkness is always on the warpath!
 Hmm, I don't think that's a very good expression.

'Well, you look like you're having fun, as I usually do when I watch your feeds.

'After all, ......, it's all in good fun, isn't it?

 I don't know your face, your name, what you look like, I've never even heard your voice.
 I don't know their faces, names, or appearances. I get a lot of responses to my boring ramblings.
 Sometimes the listeners are having fun with each other, and sometimes I make fun of them.
 Sometimes I get teased, sometimes I get played. In fact, I'm probably the one who gets teased quite often, but that's part of the spice of my delivery.

 I think it's because I am now.
 I think that delivering games is fun.
 I distribute games because they are fun, and distributing games makes them more fun.
 For me, who has only seen a very small world up until now, it's a dazzlingly kind place to be.

'Yeah, I'm feeling happy, so I'll explain a little bit about the flying tools.


"Oh, my God, you can do it!
I got you.
"I'm f*cked.
Come on, come on.
"Holy shit!
"I'm so happy, so happy.

'I'm happy, but can we understand that explanation?

'I'm just explaining my way of thinking, so do your best there!

 Since I'm only forcing myself to verbalize what I'm doing mostly with my senses, I'll leave it up to everyone to decide whether they can understand it or not.
 Thus began my little throwing course.