43-a big fight

'Don't do that!

 He dodged the ice ball, which was mainly aimed at his upper body, by turning his upper body like a bridge, and a scream went up behind him.

 I'm surrounded. At first glance, it looks like a pinch.
 However, if there are dozens of monsters in a space that is not so large, there is no way that friendly fire between monsters will not occur.
 The ice ball that was flying towards me seemed to have hit some of the monsters behind me as I evaded it.

 But there was no time to be happy.
 Focusing only on picking up the sound behind me, I went to drop the five Butterfly Magi in front of me, waiting for me to reuse my magic.
 You can't use your arts yet. I don't want to get stiff after a move when I'm surrounded by this many.
 Besides, bare-knuckle fighting is basically designed for one-on-one combat or against large monsters, and there are few effective arts for one-on-many combat.
 In other words, there are only three simple things to do: punch, kick, and throw.

 Hit the Butterfly Magi directly in front of you with a flying kick to blow it up. As soon as he lands, he grabs the feather of the right Butterfly Magi and uses it as a shield against the flying fireball.
 It was probably the same as the one Apocalypse had used, but at least it was a gentler magic than the Gatling-like one.

 The one who shot the fireball at me was Magical Matango. This one is not only as big as the Butterfly Magi, but also has two legs and four arms.
 It looks like a walking shiitake mushroom. It is a monster that is difficult to look at directly, as if it were one meter in size.

 However, even though it has arms and legs, it does not have arms and legs, so its movement speed is slow.
 I knew that it should be considered as a kind of fixed turret.

 I threw the Butterfly Magi, which was being shocked by the fireball in my hand, toward the next flying clod, and slammed the third Butterfly Magi, which was trying to create an ice ball again, into the earth with my right fist.
 The Butterfly Magi is a very fragile monster because of its powerful magic.
 It's only a physically fragile monster if you can see through its erratic movements.

It's not just this one, though!

 In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.
 I hit the goblin mage who was panicking at my sudden speed, grabbed him by the head and kicked him in the knee, then used the wobbling goblin mage as a magic shield that I heard from behind.

 He kicks the dying goblin mage away with friendly fire, thanking him for being a bigger and somewhat harder wall than the butterfly magi.
 Then, just as I stepped out from behind the goblin mage, I threw the two throwing knives I had prepared while he was acting as my magic shield at the many goblin mages that had popped up behind me, stabbing them in the eyes.




 Of the four thrown knives, two gouged out one eye of each goblin mage, another missed its target but stabbed into the neck, and the last one hit a magical matango that was not making a sound.

 The monsters that had been hit by the throwing knives were firing their magic at the surrounding area.
 I avoided the ones that flew at me and swung my fist at the fifth butterfly magi, thanking it for distracting me on its own.

 Five butterfly magi and a goblin mage had attacked me first.
 Although I'd defeated them in less than a minute, I didn't feel like I'd lost any.

 The trouble is that they're all long range, so unless we close the distance, we're outnumbered.
 And since I'm softer than tofu against magic, I don't even have the luxury of saying that I'm running out of steam. One hit and I'm dead, two hits and I'm dead.

'Hmm. ...... All right, let's kill it.

 Still," he said, taking a deep breath, "I'll put pressure on my legs again.
 I'll kill it unharmed. It was the only way to survive.
 He evades five shots of fire, water, and climate magic by jumping up and down.

 This is a forest. The trees are my shield, my weapon, my foothold, and my convenient terrain.
 I jump high, grab a branch, and climb it in the manner of suspension.
 It's not enough to get past the monsters, but it might have been enough to distract them, and their magic cut through the sky.

 After a dozen seconds or so, they began to cast their spells again, activating a wide variety of spells.
 But I used that time to get myself fully prepared.
 Carrying it on my shoulders, I kicked it up with the intention of snapping a branch that was creaking under the weight, and twisted one of the Magical Matangos that had been chanting magic on the ground.

'Just barely, but ......!

 He slowly pulls the weapon from the dead Magical Matango's corpse and carries it on his shoulder.
 The two-handed mace made by Haruru, 《Meteor Impact Type Zero》. A super-heavy two-handed weapon with a required strength value of over 150.
 This weapon is so heavy that you can only carry it after spending all the bonus points you have left over from the Apocalypse battle, as well as the level you just gained.

 Basically, the muscle strength requirement is an additive formula. If you want to actually move around, you have to take into account not only the Meteor Impact Zero, but also the muscle strength requirements of your armor.
 The Red Wolf Armor is a very light piece of equipment with a required strength value of 5, but my current strength is only 147. The exact strength requirement for Meteor Impact Zero is 151, so I'm only 4 short of being able to move around with it.

 So why did I carry a weapon that I can't even move?
 Because it is possible to lift the weapon if you have the required strength.
 In other words, I was not trying to defeat the enemy with this weapon.

I'm just going to throw it on the spot and use it.

 I was going to use it by throwing it on the spot.

 Perhaps unable to react to the unexpected throw, the Meteor Impact Zero flew in a spinning motion, blowing the head off the nearest goblin mage.
 The headless corpse of the goblin mage disappeared after a few seconds, but I could see that the sight of it made my people slightly reluctant.

 While the monsters were momentarily frightened, I picked up the Meteor Impact Zero again and without pausing, threw the black iron hammer into the dense area of monsters.
 This time the throw blew away the Butterfly Magi and the Magical Matango behind them.

 As Haruru said, the weight of a weapon is also important in calculating its damage. This is especially true for striking weapons.
 On the other hand, if it's a sword, there's a different formula for calculating damage, such as sharpness.

 Monsters in the Demon Forest specialize in magic. Just as I am weak against magic, they are not strong against physical attacks.
 In other words, the monsters of this forest and I are each other's natural enemies.
 But they are not as weak against physical attacks as I am. They're just softer than their own kind.
 Perhaps, in a way, this forest is more difficult for wizards like Rin. Because they all have natural magic resistance.

 Now that we know that Meteor Impact Zero is very effective against them, of course we can't just sit back and let them overrun us.
 It takes about ten seconds to complete this loop of picking up, throwing, and retrieving, and you have to somehow avoid the magic that flies at you during that time.

 I jumped over trees and through gaps in the dense monster population, reducing their numbers without rushing.
 I throw them, crush them, punch and kick them to reduce their numbers, and throw them again. This is all I have to do, but it's getting harder and harder.

 In order to throw Meteor Impact Zero, I can't equip a weapon now.
 Bare-handed combat applies a correction to attack power as long as you're not equipped with a weapon, but now I'm supposed to be equipped with Meteor Impact Zero, so that correction doesn't apply.

 In other words, my normal firepower has been reduced. I've been trying to take out throwing weapons and throw them at the enemy to cancel their magic, but the enemies aren't diminishing fast enough.
 While I'm fighting, there are more and more monsters rushing in from elsewhere, so it's like killing 20 and getting 10 more.

 Even though it's faster than beating them normally, I'm running out of time.
 I'm trying to manage my SP carefully, but in this situation where every shot is fatal, if I neglect my evasion, all that awaits me is death.
 In spite of the fact that my SP has practically doubled due to the effects of the Camellia Camellia Solo, my SP has already dropped to less than half due to the lack of time to rest.

 Feeling a clear sense of death, however, I was enjoying this state of what I would call monster panic.

 The number of remaining monsters was about 30. Taking into account the monsters that were gathering, I would need to kill 50 to survive.

'It's too much!

 I thought it was impossible, but...
 I'll just have to keep trying until I can.

 I've gotten used to throwing Meteor Impact Zero, and I can now reap three of them at once, so I feel like there's no way I can get through.